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(   Ay caramba, cantante de Menudo ahora oficial de policía lastimó en un accidente de coche   ( divider line
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2004-12-06 08:52:53 AM  
Latino Day on Fark?


"I am el Nino. That's Spanish for.....THE NINO!!!!"
2004-12-06 08:53:53 AM  
uh...can someone translate that for the english/french speakers here?

2004-12-06 08:55:32 AM  
wasnt that ricky martin's old "band"?
2004-12-06 08:58:44 AM  
What's Spanish for trifecta?
2004-12-06 09:01:16 AM  
2004-12-06 09:02:27 AM  
The Google says:

Ay caramba, Slight singer of now police official hurt in a car accident

/loves automatic translators
2004-12-06 09:11:44 AM  
Phear, "hago."

Hago el primer comentario correcto.
2004-12-06 09:11:49 AM  
according to babelfish, the spanish word for "trifecta" is "trifecta".
2004-12-06 09:12:19 AM  
To continue in English, press "1".

2004-12-06 09:12:31 AM  
WTF? i couldn't even read half of that. it took me a while.
2004-12-06 09:13:00 AM  
Que? Oy Gevalt!
2004-12-06 09:14:51 AM  
Sweet, keep up the Espanola headlines, guys! Imm'a get me a senorita! :)

Uh... though, ... ahora oficial de policia...?

Oy, Menudo singer, now a police officer, hurt in car accident...

Is that right?
2004-12-06 09:15:23 AM  
mein leben!
2004-12-06 09:16:43 AM  
Coche = Spain spanish
Carro = Latin American spanish
2004-12-06 09:17:21 AM  
I can't ha letto questo titolo.
2004-12-06 09:19:14 AM  
Oh, and does "Mi diosita" mean what I think it does?
2004-12-06 09:20:13 AM  
Using AltaVista translators to get through the filter can get
confusing at times... Maybe I should start translating in Japanese.
2004-12-06 09:22:05 AM  
So,....Cancel was almost cancelled after he was ejected.
2004-12-06 09:22:23 AM  
Taco! Taco! Taco!
burrito! burrito! burrito!

yaa! yaa! yaa!
2004-12-06 09:23:46 AM  
It's not a story without boobie pictures....
2004-12-06 09:25:34 AM  
choo: What's Spanish for trifecta?

el trifecta
2004-12-06 09:25:43 AM  

Translation = lets get sum!
2004-12-06 09:26:05 AM  
Yeehaw Junction?

Too farkin' much!
2004-12-06 09:26:53 AM  
Kenny, can you tell me what hell is like?

2004-12-06 09:27:49 AM  
That's what he gets for hanging out with a Pagan.

I love that guy's name, Edwin Pagan!
2004-12-06 09:28:06 AM  

Took a minute but Phear got sum!

Yeehaw junction is famous because Elvis slept there.

I'm not kidding.
2004-12-06 09:29:13 AM  
I hope the police officers in the back seat get a ticket for not wearing their seat belts.

And with that said,
Tu' madre es facil en mi cama.
2004-12-06 09:29:21 AM  
Ricky Martin no disponible a comentar?

/he bangs, he bangs
2004-12-06 09:32:22 AM  
Will they replace the injured cop with another younger one and not tell anyone?
2004-12-06 09:33:11 AM  
Ay caramba, cantante de Menudo ahora oficial de polica lastim en un accidente de coche

OK the person that wrote that I think was Mexican - they say Coche also, and Caramba. Cubans say "Supra Mango!!!"

Don't ask why.

My translation - Oh wow! Former Menudo singer now Police Officer in car accident.

But you knew that...
2004-12-06 09:33:14 AM  
singers of Menudo now official of police listed in an accident of car.

Is the title of this thread idiomatically correct? If so, I am officially giving up on Spanish.
2004-12-06 09:33:21 AM  
I have heard both Coche and Carro used by central and south Americans.

Is this Cancel as gay as Ricky?

"You have a right to remain FABULOUS!"
2004-12-06 09:39:32 AM  
Whassis? Two spenish headlines in a day? Ah say it's tahm we took back MERICA for the MERICANS!

(just getting it out of the way, you know)
2004-12-06 09:41:10 AM  
Que dites - vous?
2004-12-06 09:50:09 AM  
lone_marauder -- yes. Spanish (like most romance languages) writes possesives using "of," which sounds cumbersome in English. Of course, there should be some commas in there.
2004-12-06 09:51:10 AM  
Coche means car.

Caro means valuable.

Carro means chariot.
2004-12-06 10:02:21 AM  
carro sgnifica coche en unos partes del mundo, entiendes?

coche shares roots with coach or Kutsche (the one you pull woth horses) in German
carro shares roots with car or Karre (derogative for car) in German

sometimes the meaning shifts, see?
the reason for this might be the word of choice during the time when a certain area was peacefully persuaded to adopt a cetain language. (see the romans in europe or the spaniards in latinoamerica...)

/stranded in South America.
2004-12-06 10:05:17 AM  

singers of Menudo now official of police listed in an accident of car.

Cantante = singer

Cantantiadoros - singers

something like that

Cantanta = Female singer
so its the male singular
2004-12-06 10:07:03 AM  
fark, I knew I should've payed attention in spanish class in high school. Ummm....yo...quiero....english.....

Iliy mozhno po ruskie. Ruskie tojo ponemayo.
2004-12-06 10:10:58 AM  

Cantantes - singers
2004-12-06 10:12:50 AM  

Crap. Ends in e so the plural ads an 's'?

Cantanto a ti
2004-12-06 10:13:11 AM  

An excellent explanation. I use both depending on the context.
2004-12-06 10:22:06 AM  
LMAO, thanks for making it a real 1 st P0S+..... cuz it wasn't before it was 'really' greenlit

and thanks for the correction, Hago.... it's been almost 11 years since i've had spainish class....
2004-12-06 10:25:00 AM  
ok, that headline is talking about me isnt it? it's saying something to make fun of me isnt it?

wish i had taken spanish

and vietnamese, those manicure ladies talk about me too...

2004-12-06 10:30:35 AM  
Okay, since we're in Spanish mode:

Mi verga es la verga del fuego.
2004-12-06 10:31:54 AM  
Plis, dis iz berry sad forr de la-tin american peepoles en Meeami. We lub Ricky Marrrrrrrtiin!!!!!!
/a disafected Colombian
2004-12-06 10:36:26 AM  
Dateline: Yeehaw Junction.

Is that like on the corner of Yee and Haw?

Buck Owens unavailable for comment.
2004-12-06 10:37:03 AM  
Wil a Roy Rossello lo substituya otra vez?
2004-12-06 10:38:09 AM  
Yeehaw Junction reminds me of the standard scene in the Dukes of Hazzard where the sheriff tries to make the same jump, and always ends up wrecking the police car and everyone inside of it.

Oh, wait.

Never mind.
2004-12-06 10:41:06 AM  
Mi verga es la verga del fuego

My verga is the verga of fire?

You mean the author?
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