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(ABC News)   Gentleman, light your BBQ's - PETA could be deemed terrorist organization   ( divider line
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13210 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Feb 2002 at 2:54 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-26 04:55:10 PM  

Quick! Put down that Asparagus! Stop eating that Tofu! Even the SOY BEAN was alive and enjoying it's bean life.

ONLY DRINK WATER and eat DIRT from now on. Be sure there are no precious worms to be harmed.
2002-02-26 04:56:55 PM  
Phix-it, stop blathering, please.
2002-02-26 04:58:51 PM  
PETA is a buncha bozos, no doubt. But why won't the government move against REAL terrorists like Pat Buchanan and his supporters? Huh? Instead of that we'll see groups like the Sierra Club declared ecoterrorists.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama
2002-02-26 04:59:28 PM  
eat me Dr. Benway.. oh that's right i'm an animal..that's wrong... i never said my post was any more important but i wanted it to stand a chance of getting read... i said nothing NOTHING in direct offense to you so it shows what kind of person you are. Some attempts to make a rational point that may or may not contradict anything you have to say and so we have to start throwing insults.. Hey folks we must have the President of PETA here.. Has the same mentality as the whole lot of them. Well in this whole case I dont give two shiats what anyone has to say. Man had hunted animals since man appeared on earth. Animals had hunted animals aince animals appeared on earth. Maybe you didn't pay attention in school but their is a thing called the food chain. Based on intellect and ability humans are pretty much on top of the food chain, and last time i checked plants were all the way at the bottom... Pardon me for not wanting to step off my thrown as king of all potential food sources and debase myself by eating anything less then juicy bloody succulent mouth watering red meat.

So why dont you take your comments to someone who give a rat's ass Dr. Benway
2002-02-26 05:00:06 PM  
No... I won't stop posting yet.

EarthSave's web site is hosted by Jeff Nelson's "" empire, and its board members overlap heavily with the animal rights activists and dispensers of questionable dietary advice that "VegSource" features daily. A few examples:

Diet book author Dean Ornish, an EarthSave board member, claims that a completely vegan diet can reverse prostate cancer and shrink or eliminate cancerous tumors. Ornish has not published these findings, and no peer review has been conducted, but the claims are presented as fact.

EarthSave member Alan Goldhamer co-authors a medical advice column in which he promotes fasting as a "cure" for high blood pressure. No mention is made of the fact that most physicians consider fasting a horrible idea for individuals who are underweight, pregnant, or nursing, or who suffer from fatigue, mental illness, cardiac arrhythmia, nutritional deficiencies, ulcers, or immunodeficiency problems.

EarthSave board member Dr. Douglas Graham (his degree is in chiropractic) takes veganism one step further, insisting that only completely raw foods are truly good for you. He claims that "it is not possible for cooked foods to supply our needs for either optimum nutrition or ethical integrity." Graham's ethical considerations include the claim that "heat produced from cooking, and from heating water for cleaning pots pans and dishes [sic], contributes significantly to global warming." In an unbelievable leap of logic, Graham goes on to allege that the consumption of cooked food "is linked to almost every eating disorder, many learning disabilities, and practically every disease known to man."
Other EarthSave spokespersons have claimed specific health risks are associated with eating meat, drinking milk, and consuming caffeine.
2002-02-26 05:00:53 PM  
I love animals, I eat animals, but has anyone every considered just experimenting on the ugly ones? I wouldn't want to eat or hurt a dog since I own one, but pigs....ehhhh....torture them till they cough up the cancer cure the farking bacon slices.

Movie Rule #456 = "Remember, never kill the dog. Cats are fair game, but you never kill the dog."
2002-02-26 05:00:54 PM  
if we keep beating this dead horse then the terrorists have already won.

besides, all those in favor of PETA are wrong.

let's all go kick cats.
2002-02-26 05:03:25 PM  
Y'know what would be so much more constructive than arguing over the whole meat/veg issue? Getting educated! Yes, actually reading some real hard facts on where the majority of your food comes from and how the systems being used to bring it to your table ultimately affect you, the environment (that also affects you, in case you didn't know it)and our future. It's called responsibility. Ignorance is no excuse. Many atrocities have been commited throughout history because people have chosen to turn a blind eye to them. If nothing else, PETA and other activist groups try to bring important issues to the forefront of our collective conciousness. Fine, eat your beef- but you should know how it got to your plate. If you let someone else spoon feed you your whole life then how can you form and opinion that wasn't handed to you as well. If you believe what is comfortable for you to believe and are never challenged, the you are nothing more than fodder awaiting your own demise. Just like that boiled frog. Wake Up People!!
2002-02-26 05:04:13 PM  
Hey, Man, I wrote up this long ass post and that little dick Skreech has not bothered to write back. Come on, some one argue with me. Please, I am so bored at work. Ok Ok, If you agree with what I wrote, than lets argue about toothpaste. I like Crest!!!
2002-02-26 05:04:15 PM  
Its not news and its not fark, its flamebait .com!!!

Seriously though, I was raised as a veg and still am. Wasn't that long ago that people got their panties in a bunch if you said you didn't eat meat. Either flat out insulting you and tell you are going to die because you don't have enough protien (obviously not true as I have lived 27 yrs so far) or get all defensive 'I really don't eat that much meat.'
Kids picked on me unmercifully when I started grade but by the time I reached high school classmates were asking advise on cooking tofu and where to find the best veggie burger. I don't care if others eat meat, I don't and that is all.

Why people get so freaked out and defensive about these things is beyind me. Does PETA really threaten your way of life that much? Is there message of not abusing animals really that bad? Mind you, these are rhetorical questions, meant strictly for your consideration and not your schrill and hysterical rantings about something you barely understand.
2002-02-26 05:05:21 PM  
I think we need one PETA article a day.. purely for my own amusement. The threads make me giggle...
2002-02-26 05:06:12 PM  
I want to start an organization name PETV

vegetables endure torture, HAVE YOU SEEN HOW THEY ARE GROWN???? overcrowded in little rows! forced to drink water and absorb chemicals. Sometimes yanked out of the ground, and sometimes barbarically CUT from the land. They are never allowed to grow where ever they please.
We must stand for our brothers the vegetables and the legumes too. Too Long have they suffered silently!

Rise up and be HUMANE! eat nothing that lives or has lived, or even COULD LIVE... rocks pebbles and sand should be all we eat for only those items have NO FEELINGS.
2002-02-26 05:06:12 PM  
Bill Maher needs a good swift kick in the nads.
2002-02-26 05:06:19 PM  
Actually, Dapharmer, I think most PETAites are a bunch of silly twits who fail as a result of pissing off so many more people than they convince. However, I find it awfully presumptious of anyone who thinks their post here is somehow more important and/or more deserving of attention than anyone else's. As if anyone should care a "rat's ass" more about your opinion over what someone else has to say.
2002-02-26 05:06:32 PM  
how does it matter.. it went from a cow to a blade, to a machine to a store to my belly...that's all that matters..dont tell me to open my eyes when you dont even know half the shiat your beloved peta does to other humans... i say priority 1 should be end violence against other humans.. then work on saving the animals.. cause if everyone is throwing their better then thou attitudes around we're all going to hell quicker then that damn frog doesn't matter what we know...
2002-02-26 05:07:07 PM  
Hey, did you hear they caught that cow in Cincinnati?
2002-02-26 05:07:26 PM  
i agree hotdog.
2002-02-26 05:07:38 PM  
Liza: If you eat, you've eaten that shiat.
Don't give me that organically grown crap either. Even organically grown food had been hybridized to the point of not even resembling the origin species.
There are more people alive today than have ever lived. This is due to increased yield per acre, whether it be animal, vegetable, or grain. Someone knows what they're doing.
More food can feed more people.
A cow (Holstein, Herford, or what have you) is as natural looking as the potatoes you eat.
If you wanna see what real potatoes look like go to South America. If you wanna see what a real cow looks like go to Africa.
PETA sounds fundamentally anti-human.
The world existed before you were born and will exist after you die.
2002-02-26 05:08:04 PM  
Yeah, they shot it, I wander if PETA is pissed?
2002-02-26 05:08:24 PM  
I like bunny rabbits
2002-02-26 05:09:02 PM  
2002-02-26 05:10:19 PM  
2002-02-26 05:12:51 PM  
OK if you use the logic that is applied there on PETA then you also have to use it to shutdown Operation Rescue (or what ever it is that they are calling themselves now). They have supported violent acts by their members against abortion clinics and their personell. And you would have to shut down the Klu Klux Klan who have a long history of terrorist action on US soil. And let us not forget Defensive Action who publicly condone the murder of abortion clinic personel.

I wonder when we will hear on the news Bush declaring war against the terrorists who helped him into office.
2002-02-26 05:14:03 PM  
Dapharmer: no one cares
2002-02-26 05:14:41 PM  
Dapharmer: no one cares
go to anger management class RIGHT NOW oh yeah, lay off the caps lock key
2002-02-26 05:16:22 PM  
Dapharmer- Well that goes to show that you prefer to keep 'em squeezed shut. That is you perogotive. You can't separate humans and the environment. What do you think PETA is doing to humans anyway? And guess what? I'm not a vegetarian and I'm not a member of PETA. I do try to make the most responsible choices I can based on the facts that I discover. I'm also open to changing my views if and when I learn about new information that leads me to making even more responsible choices. Do you bend or are you so stuck in your rhetoric that you are unable to adapt?
2002-02-26 05:17:53 PM  
If we don't eat a rump roast...then the terrorists have already won...
2002-02-26 05:18:18 PM  
I really think most PETA fools have a real problem dealing with the fact that they are at the top of the food chain.

Maybe if they sacrificed themselves it would ease their pain and help them make the ultimate statement!

You know, just open up a vein and jump overboard in San Francisco Bay (sharks need love too), or cover themselves in soy sauce and bean sprouts and jump into the lion cage at the zoo (nice kitty kitty). Maybe rub honey all over themselves and jump onto a large fire ant mound.(ants are people too).
2002-02-26 05:18:39 PM  
Ahh, healthy debate... this whole mess is summed up in this one concept:

"The right for citizens to speak freely is a threat to the safety of America. Free Speech is Terrorism."

We are not there... yet.

But you might as well start practicing by shoving small objects you have lying about the house up your rectums, stretch it a bit for the big things yet to come... because if you hear Ashcroft talk, your rights are certainly a threat.

Corporations would rather go unopposed, your right to speak out against them is seriously undermining their ability to screw you.
2002-02-26 05:19:41 PM  
Right on, <b>Code_Archeologist</b>!

I like how they go first to a group that has never actually killed anyone (am I wrong? ELF and AFL and PETA are certainly fringe, but have they killed like Op Rescue, KKK, etc?) before these other groups that are known to be very dangerous to humans.
2002-02-26 05:21:31 PM  
Chickens are just like you and me, except they're chickens.

Raise your hands, raise your voice,
Give the chickens another choice,
Join with me, set them free,
Brothers and sisters, let the chickens be!

When in doubt, turn to SNL for the answers, folks.

I'm not for or against PETA. All I demand is more monkeys in TV commercials. Hee-Hee. Monkeys.
2002-02-26 05:21:43 PM  
Buckguy:"vegetables endure torture, HAVE YOU SEEN HOW THEY ARE GROWN???? overcrowded in little rows! forced to drink water and absorb chemicals. Sometimes yanked out of the ground, and sometimes barbarically CUT from the land. They are never allowed to grow where ever they please.
We must stand for our brothers the vegetables and the legumes too. Too Long have they suffered silently!"

Finally someone that makes sense and is a caring human being. Where do I sign up?
2002-02-26 05:22:15 PM  

So added security at the airport is somehow infringing on your "rights". If you think that random searching is anything but a effort to prevent terrorism then you are delusional. Also, if you think that your email being monitored is a recent thing you are again, delusional. And I have no idea what you are trying to say with the port scan thing or the WTO comment or how they relate to your "rights" being taken away. I think your idea of "rights" are significantly different than the ones outlined in the constitution.

And your argument with regard to having money thus receiving more airtime equating to free speech is so flawed I am not sure where to begin. Airtime does not equal free speech. Nader had the right to say anything he wanted, just because he could not reach as many people does not mean his rights where taken away. Just a PETA will be allowed to say whatever they want, funding or not. Hopefully, they will now be held responsible for terrorist acts they support or fund. How is this a bad thing?
2002-02-26 05:23:11 PM  
god forgive us for the cruelty. when i think of all the baby carrots i've eaten i weep.
2002-02-26 05:23:42 PM  
By the way, a lot of animal rights activists are humanists that believe that one cannot have true compassion and end violence between huamans if we don't respect other forms of life and animals rights. That is also the reasoning behind not making animals objects of ridicule etc- if we don't respect living creatures then the violence we live with is bound to be perpetuated.
2002-02-26 05:24:19 PM  
Personally, I'd rather see everyone have the right to speak out, including people I think are completely scary, just so that every viewpoint can be expressed.

As for the funding of groups that do advocate terrorism, I can bend to that as long as it's a real and viable threat and not just trying to shut down opposing viewpoints.

Again, though, I wonder how they highlighted PETA before the many other, much more dangerous groups out there??? Hidden agenda? You betcha.
2002-02-26 05:24:21 PM  
I'm sorry, to me the only one left on this thread with any sense is Zaago. I'll go and you can all pat each other on the backs and rant about how much hate you have for anyone who disagrees with you. I don't hate any of you I just am trying to spread a message of RESPECT for all living things. Look up the word respect.
2002-02-26 05:25:24 PM  

Right. As opposed to everyone else's posts. Your logic has more holes in it than your head --l earn to think, how about that? But do post again, it's fun to watch how far exactly you're willing to go in making a complete fool of yourself. I'll bet you spit when you talk, don't you?
2002-02-26 05:26:58 PM  
PETA should be considered a terror orgainization because the are so preachy and self-righteous. Hippie moochers.
2002-02-26 05:28:12 PM  
OOps I take that back, there are still a few of you caring individuals on this thread, but I can't take the ignorance anymore. I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall.
2002-02-26 05:29:32 PM  
just a tip: you guys aren't nearly as funny as you think you are
2002-02-26 05:30:04 PM  
Whoaaaaa! Lowering the bar still further, are we, North? We need only be "preachy and self-righteous" to be considered a terror organization? Better build some more prisons and make it snappy!
2002-02-26 05:30:26 PM  

"I'll bet you spit when you talk, don't you?"

I don't know about him, but I nearly lost my Tim Tam over that one...
2002-02-26 05:30:35 PM  
taking bets at 50-1 that dapharmer is

Did you just get the internet yesterday? I skipped your post, because it was in all caps and I've never seen a cojent thought in a post like that. STFU moron
2002-02-26 05:31:17 PM  
Now I will conceed that ELF is quite a bit more out there than PETA is but they have never done anything with the intent of ending a human life. Operation Rescue and the KKK have done things with every intent of ending a human life.

So WHY is PETA being considered as a domestic terrorist organiztion and Operation Rescue and the KKK are not? If you are going to rid our nation of domestic terrorist groups start with the ones who are dangerous and work your way down. Of course with the same logic that is being used in the war on terror the ACLU and Christian Coalition would also be guilty of aiding terrorist organizations. The Christian Coalition for supporting Operation Rescue with money, and the ACLU for giving legal advice and assistance.
2002-02-26 05:32:16 PM  
Can you believe the shiat that PETA ram down childrens' throats? Stuff like this: (from

[image from too old to be available]

Mind you, it's probably no worst then the shiat children ram down their own throats at McDonalds.
2002-02-26 05:33:49 PM  
(no worse even)
2002-02-26 05:34:24 PM  
mmmmmmm.... Tim Tam!
2002-02-26 05:35:16 PM  
let all go away. then comeback on another thread this now officially sucks.
2002-02-26 05:37:49 PM  
we should put all those hippie fagits in prison, so they can be the "fresh meat".
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