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(Some Guy)   Arab software company makes new game where players kill Israelis with rocks; claim it's a non-violent game because Israelis are servants of Satan, and not really human.   ( divider line
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2002-02-26 11:04:08 AM  
This isn't surprising.

Can we bomb this software factory now?

2002-02-26 11:05:08 AM  
2002-02-26 11:07:42 AM  
There are plenty of blow up the arab games over here, I don;'t see the difference
2002-02-26 11:08:41 AM  
Yeah but we don't claim it's non-violent because they're spawns of Satan. Even if they are.
2002-02-26 11:08:47 AM  
Terrible, but understandable this way: if someone made a game where you stoned lawyers, it might be a hit here in the states.
2002-02-26 11:09:07 AM  
Holy-farking-delusional! Palastinians are the dogs of the Arab world. The only time in history that Arabs have supported the Palastinians is when Isreal "suppresses" them. And because the Arab states are envious of the freedom and wealth of Isreal, they use this conflict as a rallying cry. Get a grip! If you jackasses really cared about a palastinian state, you'd do something other than preach hate of the Isrealies.
Farking cowards!
2002-02-26 11:09:26 AM  
How do I become a spawn of Satan? What's the benefit package like?
2002-02-26 11:10:25 AM  
arabs kill israelis in video games, israelis kill arabs in real life with weapons paid for by US tax dollars.

sounds fair.
2002-02-26 11:11:47 AM  
So much for wanting peace with Israel.
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Guy Incognito: They lawyer game sounds like a good one. Maybe someone will write it using the Quake engine. I'd buy a copy.
2002-02-26 11:11:54 AM  
Men who are entering history , UNDERASH is the first Arabic 3D game

PC-Game Editor

What a farkin tard
2002-02-26 11:13:09 AM  
Within the last five years, the three dimensional electronic games invaded the programs market and occupied the rank of precedence worthily, but their technology and the bases of their sciences remained highly confiscated and surrounded by a curtain of secrecy and insolvable technical difficulty and the topics they handled were directed in a way which offends us as Muslims and Arabs.

Translation: We couldn't understand the source to Quake, and besides, it's against the Koran to mix C++ and assembly. We had to wait for a pure VB engine.
2002-02-26 11:13:47 AM  
This is a joke right...RIGHT?!
2002-02-26 11:14:51 AM  
Could someone please bablefish this page so I can understand it?
2002-02-26 11:15:09 AM  
Finally ...A funny game and it is in ARABIC

If that doesn't tell you the mindset of these arabs... I don't know what does. (Besides the happy street dancing on 9/11)
2002-02-26 11:17:48 AM  
Er, I posted this last week with a different headline, guess I should start putting some racist attacks in it.

The Palestinians have stones and rifles aginst an army with tanks and helicopters. The Israelis occupy palestine and have for over 30 years.

I know what side I am on.
2002-02-26 11:17:59 AM  
Ah, we come in peace (shoot to kill, shoot to kill, shoot to kill), we come in peace (shoot to kill, shoot to kill, men!)
2002-02-26 11:18:03 AM  
Are you too lame to do it yourself, Skleenar?
2002-02-26 11:18:21 AM  
Can't wait to hear Harmonia explain this one away on "oppression."
2002-02-26 11:18:54 AM  
Hey, it's a game.
I've smashed lots of pimp and prostitute heads in GrandTheftAuto3, nobody'd biatchin' about that.
2002-02-26 11:19:46 AM  

You do know that arabic science books, whether they are biology or math or whatever, have to put Alah as the primary source of why experiments work.

i.e. Allah wills 2 parts Hydrogen and Oxygen to combine into water. Allah be praised!

So of course that's why their science has stagnated since 1000 AD.

Before that they were some good scientists.
2002-02-26 11:20:10 AM  
UnderAsh: Death to American Infidels the new underash expansion coming out this summer!! They tried to make a suicide bomber game but the game was always too short.
2002-02-26 11:20:51 AM  

I highly respect the right of these people to defend themselves. When I start hearing stories of Iraeli soldiers shooting pregnant Palestinian women (because the Palestinian men find it difficult becoming pregnant) I am of the opinion that anything goes and there are no good guys. Israel has been pretty much a pain in the ass since establishment in 1948.
2002-02-26 11:21:09 AM  
there's a reason that the (so called) Palistians are so farked up. they have been KICKED out of Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon because they are terrorists. that's all they know, they have no desire for peace, no future except to die with a bomb straped to their dicks and want ONLY to kill Jews, that's all they know.

until there is a leader that has the brains to WANT peace these fark-nuts are going to contuiue to kill Isralies, because that's all they know to do. they have no morals, no love and no brains.

the average palistinain can't be as stupis as Arafat would have us believe, are they?
2002-02-26 11:22:07 AM  
Did anyone download this? any reviews??? does it contain a virus?
2002-02-26 11:22:38 AM  

Defending themselves does not mean blowing themselves up on a crowded bus.
2002-02-26 11:22:38 AM  
wealth of Isreal

Yeah, that's why they have 20% unemployment.
2002-02-26 11:22:45 AM  
Wow, they sure know how to smooth talk.
2002-02-26 11:23:24 AM  

Get your facts right, she was shot after ramming through a check point. I'd shoot at you too if (and this is true) the last car that did that had a bomb in it that killed 5 Israelies. What wouls you have the solders do to a car that rams a border, toss flowers at them?
2002-02-26 11:24:24 AM  
i'm getting tired of this crap. can we hurry up and bomb the hell out of these morons? Can we lob a bunch at israel to remind them to quit acting like children?

fakring idiots.

never trust a culture that wipes their asses with their bare hands.
2002-02-26 11:25:06 AM  
In other news, Pat Robertson applied for the US licensing rights...
2002-02-26 11:26:58 AM  
A nation in Palestine is being uprooted: its house to be to be to devastate, its establishment to be to be to destroy, its track to be to be to occupy, its tree to be to be to remove, its characteristic to be to be to confiscate, its city to be to be to surround, its school to be to be closed, its sanctuary to be to be to violate, its sacred structure to be to be to make allow, its boy to be to be to beat, his hand to be to be to break, its bone to be to be to crush and to be to jail, to torture and to kill.

That's better!
2002-02-26 11:27:39 AM  
Can someone get me some baby powder? I think I have an UndeRash!
2002-02-26 11:27:57 AM  
If Mr. Bush calls the Palistinians terrorists (and he has) and we are at war against all terrorists (and we are) then why the hell isn't the US bombing the shiat out of the west bank or gaza?

2002-02-26 11:28:53 AM  
Im not a jew but im a servant of satan.
2002-02-26 11:29:42 AM  
The Palestinians have stones and rifles aginst an army with tanks and helicopters. The Israelis occupy palestine and have for over 30 years.

I know what side I am on.

Pssst... a side's lack of weaponry doesn't necessarily make their stance any more valid.

"Hey look... the KKK doesn't have tanks. I guess they're right!"
2002-02-26 11:29:44 AM  
Java_Drinker: because Israel is bombing the shiat out of the west bank and gaze.

It would be redundant.
2002-02-26 11:31:13 AM  
They used this same argument to excuse slavery. "It's not really slavery because Africans are sub-human." Disgusting. When is Farkistan going to secede from the planet?
2002-02-26 11:31:15 AM  
I too am a Jew and I have 2 questions:
1. Where the hell is this Jewish conspiracy? I want to join. I've been a Jew for 32 years and never met anyone in a conspiracy.
2. Who is this Satan guy I'm supposed to know so well?
2002-02-26 11:31:27 AM  
But how is the gameplay? I just spent last night shooting up american Gi's in Day of Defeat..
2002-02-26 11:32:29 AM  

There were 3 shootings of pregnant women in 2 days.
Only one involved 3 people travelling in an automobile.
They did not "ram" a checkpoint, the woman was in labor.
He husband was killed.

You know, I have no idea what it is like to live my entire life with war, but it seems to me that what I would have you do is try to imagine what it is like for the people who have to call that home, and to have to live your life like that.

Here is the story:

Get YOUR facts straight:
2002-02-26 11:32:37 AM  
Nice flamebait guys.

NOw go back and shovel that pile of elephant dung out of view
2002-02-26 11:33:10 AM  
Can you deathmatch with this and that "Ethnic Cleansing" nazi game we saw last week? That would be l33t.
2002-02-26 11:33:28 AM  
This is absolutely horrible.

I find the Israelis to be arrogant pricks like their leader, farking Sharon, but this is unacceptable.
2002-02-26 11:34:36 AM  
Israel can't get the job done becasuse the rest of the world won't support it. If the Americans do it it's called justifiable, right?

They're all farked up, I (personnally) don't support the bombing of anyone, but as long as Arafat supports the bomb wearing whack-o's I've got to side with Israel. At least Isreal is willing to TALK about peace, the Palistinans don't wnat peace, it would take them out of the news rotations.
2002-02-26 11:37:19 AM  
UndeRash...isn't that something cows get? What a stupid name..

'Course this will have to do until Duke Nukem Forever comes out...
2002-02-26 11:37:44 AM  
This week's matchup: Rocks guys vs. tanks guys. I'll give you the rocks guys and three touchdowns. Takers?
2002-02-26 11:37:51 AM  
But arrogant Sharon and his cabal of assholes in the Israeli Cabinet won't talk to the PLO to broker the Saudi plan for peace.
2002-02-26 11:38:08 AM  
Here are some more "facts":

I do not think it is fair to say that the Iraelis are any more justified than the Palestinians. You are just mad at "Arabs" because some Islamic Extremists destroyed some of our buildings.

maybe if we did not meddle as much as we do, people would not have to occasionally push us back.
2002-02-26 11:40:23 AM  
I lived in Isreal from 1988-1992 and let me tell you something you arogant, ignorant prick. The Palistinans have no desire for peace. If there was peace between them and Isreal so one would feel sorry for them any more.

And what can I say about a group of terrorists that have been kicked out of 4 other "Brotherly Arab" states!!! The reason that these countries want the terrorists to have their own country is because they bomb ANYONE who won't listen to them (kinda sounds like Mr. Bush huh?)
2002-02-26 11:40:28 AM  
Java_drinker :

Your right Arafat doesn't want peace ...That why he already receive Nobel Peace . ( dont know how to spell it in english )
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