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7136 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Feb 2002 at 6:36 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-26 10:29:39 AM  
uh, not the impotence part just the Vodka part :) teehee
2002-02-26 10:30:06 AM  
so, i am still waiting for someone to tell me if this thread is SFW or not. please, anyone?
2002-02-26 10:30:56 AM  
JDX: Is that picture indicative of a problem you are facing?

Hi, Okok. Long time no see.
2002-02-26 10:37:42 AM  
Vtgoddess -- sfw, as far as I can see. Unless drooling and oogling at work isn't permitted ;)
2002-02-26 10:40:13 AM  
2 words - Jordi Vilasuso -

daym i dont even need coffee this morning to wake this gurlfriends ash up - VTgoddess, pretty much safe for work

lot of guys in this post, feelin a bit fresh? LOL
2002-02-26 10:42:34 AM  
thanks Rueyn and Metalstill ... off to check it out ;)
2002-02-26 10:43:00 AM  
Is that picture indicative of a problem you are facing?

I'm from Texas remember :) Impotence will never be a problem
2002-02-26 10:44:40 AM  
JohnDx -- tell that to Dubyah ;)
2002-02-26 10:49:04 AM  
<<<sits and ponders when Slayer is going to bring the much anticipated support.....
2002-02-26 10:49:14 AM  
Metalstill: No, here for the weeners of course. jeeze.
2002-02-26 10:49:56 AM  
living in MST is paying off, too bad all of these guys are gay
2002-02-26 10:52:52 AM  
First time in a weeners thread. This like sitting through Beverly Hills 90210, predictable story but interesting script . . .
2002-02-26 10:58:20 AM  
Wonder if this works yet......
2002-02-26 11:03:49 AM  
Femme-agreed but still nice eye candy
2002-02-26 11:11:11 AM  
Metalstill: Ah-huh - figured I would find you posting in here... :) Did you submit this?
2002-02-26 11:14:08 AM  
mmmmmmm Mr May. Yummy
2002-02-26 11:17:54 AM  
FLA: nope i didn't believe it or not ;) howdya guess I would be here...LOL
2002-02-26 11:34:11 AM  
teehee, strategicly placed sheet. very subtly done.
2002-02-26 11:38:12 AM  
um, try that again...

strategicly placed sheet...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-26 11:39:39 AM  
Jaimeekae: thanks i needed that ;) -
2002-02-26 11:42:32 AM  
Metalstill: some of these guys are serious beasts (um, that's good, i have a feeling it may be an english (and probably local) use of the word), but that pic just made me laugh. They didn't even try to make it look natural.
2002-02-26 11:43:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

look at this guy.
nyhaaaaaa (breathless noise)
2002-02-26 11:55:15 AM  
Jaime: kinda got that idea too but still nice to look at at 9 am LOL
2002-02-26 11:58:58 AM  
Ohhh, Orlando Bloom . . . I'm melting into a puddle right here.
2002-02-26 12:12:32 PM  
What a bunch of pervs, Just joking.
2002-02-26 12:27:15 PM  
*glares at pictures*

There are definitely some bi-bois and gay bois in that crowd. I keep expecting to see Klesko from that 70's Show on the site.

Mme. thanks SO much for the yummy pic! :9
2002-02-26 12:54:37 PM  
What's with the "Is he or isn't he?" questions?


Damn... *pause* ...damn....*drool*

Not that I'm shallow or anything.
2002-02-26 12:59:05 PM  
Finally, a weeners site that doesn't disappoint. The last one I remember was full of gay firemen.

I'm new here. Don't beat me up.
2002-02-26 01:01:08 PM  
Orlando Bloom.

Nice Tuesday treat on fark. Whomever submitted this, a million thank you's!
2002-02-26 01:08:39 PM  
yummy. jonathan rhys-meyers is hot.
2002-02-26 01:43:59 PM  
Sorry but Brad Pitt beats all these guys:

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-26 02:48:57 PM  
The guy with the sheet makes me want to be very naughty!!
2002-02-26 03:12:48 PM  
me like the farkin naughty brad mmmmmmmmmmm
2002-02-26 03:58:07 PM  
oooh yumyum naked brad.

2002-02-26 04:01:19 PM  
JacquiOh, if you are the "b" in subtle, can I be the "Oh" in JacquiOH?
2002-02-26 05:14:31 PM  
Now this is a hunky man.....

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-26 06:08:59 PM  
a little late, but...oh. my. god.
2002-02-26 07:43:32 PM

mmm.. homegrown goodness..
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