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2004-12-01 10:36:16 PM  
Just another thought: Obesity is correlated with socioeconomic status in this country. Think about it. When you criticize fat people, you probably have an image in your mind of some white trash. When you think of white collar office workers, you think of love handles. It's even worse in the city.

It's a little shortsighted to criticize people based on something that seems to be moderated by skills, income, intelligence, resources, literacy and upbringing. Their being fat may inconvenience you, but it sucks much worse to be them.

Like what's up with how fat people's like jogging pants are always in season, but never any jogging!
2004-12-01 10:39:18 PM  
I just watched Frontline on PBS and it was about dieting and the one expert on the show said that being overweight is becoming a major problem in the UK, they just don't talk about it.
2004-12-01 10:40:41 PM  

Or we could use the fat to make soap...
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-01 10:46:01 PM  
jasperot9l :

I doubt anyone here is expecting you to run for a half hour with your 70 + extra pounds.

I'm been a competitive dancer for 15 years (I'm 18... shad up) and I DEFINATELY would feel like crap after running for a half hour too.

Doing a vigorous workout routine is insanity, but not exercising at all is just rediculous.

Exercise can be taking a walk, bike ride, yoga, pilates, and you can do low weight training at home.

Just because you're not in the position to leave your house now and and run for a half hour and doing long tern aerobic exercise, is no excuse for not laying the ground work of gradual exercise to build yourself and your stamina to a point where you can start running, more and more each week.

Don't you feel like crap, making up these rediculous excuses, and justifying your weight problems?
2004-12-01 10:46:53 PM  
This whole fat thing is getting old. If fat people need special medical equipment, some company will see the demand and produce it. If fat people need it, they'll shell out the money for it. It's that whole supply/demand thing. Cars are very expensive and we could all ride on bikes for much, much less....but people want cars so companys make them and people buy them.

Land of the free and all.

Don't like getting stuck next to a fatty on the airplane then write some letters, don't fly that airline again - demand change. If enough people agree with you then some airline will say 'Hey, look at all these people we could get to fly with us if we could come up with some way of ensuring they had their own space on the plane'.

People have a right to be fat.
People have a right to do drugs.
People have a right to commit suicide (whether it be fast with a gun or slow with weed and donuts).
People have the right be free.

Land of the free and all.

Or no no that's all wrong. We should all jog 10 miles a day because it would cut national healthcosts and it's in the best interest of mother Russia! For Mother Russia!
2004-12-01 10:53:29 PM  
Fatties increase the insurance costs for EVERYONE.
Insult a fatass today.
2004-12-01 11:23:23 PM  

Tie ten pound weights to each etremity and another fify pound bag around your waist. Now try running for a half hour. Or jumping jacks. Or just about anything arobic. Now try telling me that its easy to do.

My only exersize has been WALKING. And noone said this would be easy.


This is the goddamned nightmare called compulsive overeating. It is a disease from which there is no cure, only treatment which may be effective in some cases.

I used to make sandwitches and not realize it until I had the first bite. I dont do that now.

Its really all about motivation and focus. Basically, people who dont do it, dont do it because they dont think they can, or dont want too. The money argument is fairly irrational. You can get more then enough from the 5$ you would pay for a meal at McDs. People just dont know how to cook. A pear is under a buck!

That being said. I GORGED at thanksgiving, and the entire weekend after. Back to more salad~y eating for the next few weeks. :)
2004-12-01 11:52:49 PM  
The problem with fat people is they don't use more soap, so they stink. Oh and jasperot9l Just eat a rice cake then :)
Seriously though I don't see anything wrong with being a few pounds over 'ideal'. It's the people who have to use a specially reinforced cane who are the problem, either that, or the fat bastards who use scooters and sit in the disabled section on the bus. One time while I was dining out with my now-wife, I saw a single woman eat enough food for me (18 and hungry) my wife's father, her 15 year old brother, my wife, and my wife's mom. She occupied two seats, and consumed food with the casual disregard of a longstanding relationship. It reminded me of Mr. Creosote....

'It's waaaafer thin...'
2004-12-01 11:55:06 PM  
>>Believe it or not... the Ambulance Service I work for >>has special equipment, and is even buying a bariatric >>ambulance for this reason.

I too am a med student (mad props to DrPsycho). The VA Hospital I worked in replaced their normal wheelchairs with extra wide chairs for all of the gargantuan, self hating, slow-suicide victims in the making. What a waste of health care dollars.
These "chairs" were more like the giant pallets on wheels you use at Home Depot to carry around lumber...Sick.
Considering that almost half the country is overweight now, a mandatory national calesthenics hour needs to be imposed poste haste. Bush doesn't seem to be using the EPA for anything right now. Mabye they could start enforcing the "hour of power".

/Walk >10,000 steps a day and you won't be fat.
/That f*ing simple.
2004-12-02 12:01:53 AM  
I suppose that if I could opt out of paying the increased costs incurred by the obese (and smokers, etc.), then I might agree with the argument that "everyone has a right to be fat".

Of course, people who knowingly do things so detrimental to their health also tend to die younger, thereby eliminating all future health care costs and leaving more of their social security money for the rest of us. Maybe it balances out?

There's a tax on gasoline; part of the reason is so that people who use more, and thereby have greater environmental impact, also pay more. There's a tax on cigarettes, too, for similar reasons.

How about a tax on obesity?

(And yes, I know there is sales tax on food itself, but the consumption of food doesn't really have a negative impact, unless you consider the existence of the human race to be a negative.)
2004-12-02 12:05:20 AM  

Of course, people who knowingly do things so detrimental to their health also tend to die younger, thereby eliminating all future health care costs and leaving more of their social security money for the rest of us. Maybe it balances out?

It may actually more than balance out, I believe smokers are actually cheaper. Fatties could be the same.
2004-12-02 12:08:59 AM  
jasperot9l :

Tie ten pound weights to each etremity and another fify pound bag around your waist. Now try running for a half hour. Or jumping jacks. Or just about anything arobic. Now try telling me that its easy to do.

If I was doing that, I'd be a farking moron. They need to get into light exercise such as walking before really busting a gut.

All that jumping is just going to make their knees worse (if the stress of carrying around their excessive body weight hasn't given them premature arthritis already).

I try running for just ten minuets and I feel like my heart is going to explode. And my doctor has told me specificly that only long term arobic exersise will do anything to get rid of the fat thats allready on me.

Yeah but what do you expect when you haven't gotten off your arse for a decade?
You need to start with a program you can maintain and build upon.

And as for eating less it is proven that obease people 9 times out of ten are lacking the nerve that shuts off hunger.

What? The nerve dies from the cholestrol in their system?

Even after eating a full meal we "Faties" still feal as hungry as if all we ate was a rice craker.

The stomach is a J-shaped pouch that can expand and shrink overtime depending on whether the person overeats consistently. It ain't gonna shrink if you keep eating a full meal (supersized).
2004-12-02 12:19:00 AM  
There is a small percentage of the population that is fat due to a genetic disposition to be fat. Basically, their bodies hold onto every calorie it can and is very stingy in giving one up. We're talking maybe 10 - 15%, and I think that's being generous

But this does not account for the 60% of Americans that are overweight.

I've lost over 20 kilos (over 44 pounds), gone from a size 36 waist to about a 32, gained muscle and most importantly my health has never been better. I work out about 5 times a week, and there are days I have to drag my ass to the gym because I really don't want to go. But 10 minutes into my workout, and I feel energised once again. After my workout, I feel farking great. And I hold onto that feeling for as long as I can as a sort of motivation for next time.

So all you fat farks out there that don't think it can be done, it can. It just takes more determination and discipline than you're able to muster.
2004-12-02 12:23:21 AM  
I'm coming in late, but I have a question:

I plan to start playing Rugby with a local club in March when they resume practicing. Right now I'm really out of shape and can barely manage a mile at 5.5 mph pace. The coaches suggested I get to where I can run 40 minutes at a 6-6.5 mph pace.

Should I increase stick with my 5.5 mph pace until I can run 40 minutes then speed up, or should I run the 6.5 mph pace and work up to 40 minutes from there?
2004-12-02 01:25:06 AM  
I ran track in high school, and I found that it was easier for me to train myself by running faster and building endurance for that speed. Once you get used to only running 5.5 mph, all the time, it's a very difficult barrier to go 6.5, then you'll just have to gain back enough time to go for 40 min. anyway.

As a note about how people get fat, I will admit that I am, at the moment, quite heavy. I've been losing weight, but I've got a while to go. It went a little something like this:

Mon-Fri: Wake up at 6:00 AM, grab some reasonably clean clothes and pull them on without being awake enough to notice how they fit or look on you. out the door for class at 6:30. Break around 12:15 from BIO class, drink a diet Cola and eat some crackers. 2:00, class ends. Grab something at the drive thru, eat it on the way to work. Clock in at 2:20, scan groceries for a few hours. sometime in the evening, have a break and drink a diet Coke from the machine. 11:00-midnight, clock out and go home. 12:15, arrive home ravenous because I haven't eaten for 9-10 hours, get a piece of toast or a glass of milk, go to bed. Repeat 3-4 times in the week. It catches up. One morning, wake up, pants don't fit. Put on "fat pants" and resolve to do better, repeat ad nauseum. Not looking for pity, just trying to show how someone can become fat without realizing what's happening until it's too late.
2004-12-02 01:41:06 AM  

It's scary how many nurses I've met or even treated with serious lower back pain problems. Being a human forklift, sadly, ends up being part of many nurse's job descriptions...

Well, since I'm sitting here right now with a heating pad pressed against my lower back, I'm going to have to agree with you on that one.
2004-12-02 02:38:45 AM  
If you eat a proper variety of raw produce and WHOLE grains (boiled or steamed and not "whole grain" bread), you won't feel hungry due to a controlled rise in blood sugar, and will benefit tremendously.

"Carbohydrates are long chains of sugars, and only single sugars can be absorbed from your intestines into your bloodstream. The foods that cause rapid rise in blood sugar are those that are digested most quickly; the worst offenders are sugar and anything made from flour. When you eat whole grains (seeds), it takes a long time to break apart the capsule, separate the carbohydrates from the fiber, and completely digest each grain. Your blood sugar rises slowly, stays slightly elevated for a long time (so you don't feel hungry again soon after eating) and never reaches the high levels that come from sugar or flour."

(Quoted from here [click])

It's not necessary to do that all the time, eating healthy 80% of the time and "treating" yourself the other 20% is acceptable. A regimen like the one mentioned above is a blessing in that the person doesn't have to fight willpower if there is no hunger in the first place.
2004-12-02 05:34:18 AM  
Heh this is something thats right up my field. I'm going to school for diagnostic ultrasound and obese patients is one topic we have to cover from time to time.

Basically, the way it works is that the transducer (the thing that shoots out the sound waves) has an adjustable frequency. The deeper you have to go, the lower the frequency has to be. Unfortunately this lowers the quality of image that we see. This means that if you have serious health problems, we aren't going to be able to produce a quality image and that means it's going to be harder to catch minute, small problems that would otherwise be seen on a normal sized individuals.

Our teachers tell us horror stories of 500 pound patients needing gallbladder imaging. Good lord. I can't wait...
2004-12-02 06:36:58 AM  
Sucks for us kids that grew up with McDonald's being cool. We now know how bad that shiat is for our bodies. My dad, as a single father, basically raised us on that crap. I have been overweight since I was 10. I am now not fat, yet, not skinny either. It is up to parents to educate their children on how to eat properly. Sad that McDonald's and all the other fast food companies have so much freakin money that they can advertise EVERYWHERE, and influence people so much. It is a choice, and I choose NO. But, it is easy, fast, cheap, and those who are lazy and uneducated will choose to go there and feed themselves and their children. Maybe someday we will rise up and put those farkers out of business. Doubt it though. Our way of life is getting more fast-paced as we speak, and therefore, more will choose the easier, cheaper way to feed themselves. God, that was long, sorry!
2004-12-02 08:02:42 AM  

At this point, most scientists agree that consumption of meat has no negative affect on health when it is consumed in moderation. These days, the belief that dietary consumption of cholesterol affects blood levels of cholesterol has been proven absolutely false. Further, the connection between cholesterol and heart disease is even being questioned. Cholesterol is actually a necessary substance in your body, all cell membranes are made of the stuff. It is the primary component of your brain after water, and human breast milk contains 10x as much cholesterol as protein, and is on average 15% cholesterol. Except for cholesterol, the biochemical components of meat is in fact not that different from plants. The only reason plants don't use cholesterol is plants don't have cell membranes, they have cell walls.

Hogs are one of the oldest known livestock animals, and they have been a staple of human civilization since it began. Only amongst fanatical Jews who enjoy slaughtering other animals as well as genital mutilation is pork considered bad, so lets hope your not reflecting the ideology of that sick religion.

Now, its time to fry me up some bacon.
2004-12-02 09:05:27 AM  
Finally a sure fire way to tell if you are too fat!!!
2004-12-02 09:10:21 AM  
Only amongst fanatical Jews who enjoy slaughtering other animals as well as genital mutilation is pork considered bad, so lets hope your not reflecting the ideology of that sick religion.

Woah dude. Back off a bit. Sure, some of us are whackos, but there are whackos in every religion. Christians burning books, Islam blowing up children, Buddhists(?) setting themselves on fire.. etc

I like being jewish. The social pressure within the jewish community to be intelligent, sucessful, and motivated is a GOOD thing. IMO.

Also, the laws of kashrit (kosher) are not held in high regard these days by many jews, as the original purpose was for heath reasons, and most of these are no longer an issue in modern society. (well, they are, but keeping kosher wont protect you from them)

That being said, I loves me some carnitas. Here piggy piggy.
2004-12-02 09:56:07 AM  
Thankfully, I'm tall (6'4") and my weight spreads around nicely. Although as I age (34) I note that the middle is getting a spare tire. At 225lbs now, but I gotta be careful.

Also thankfully, many, many fatties are all over the place to remind me what things could be like if I let myself go.

/exercise makes you feel better
2004-12-02 11:16:08 AM  
I've been noticing this for years. Equipment for all kinds of stuff doesn't accomodate the fatties.

For example, blood pressure cuffs. It is not effective to use a small blood pressure cuff for a big person, because it will give a wrong reading. So lots of places have two sizes, regular and large.

/thinks large products for large people is a good idea
2004-12-02 11:55:22 AM  
Well, since we're all sharing today...
Had a spinal fusion at age 15. No more football after that, I'll tell you. Spent some quality time in wheelchairs, walkers, braces, etc. Two years recoup time, I was an unhealthy 210 at 17.
Took up running at 20 because of agonizing arthritis pain in the lower back. Had to do it by myself because school wouldn't let me participate in anything. Eventually dropped to 135 by about 21. Was not a pretty sight either.
Last year, at 27 or so, the knees and lower back all screamed "no more running" so I started trying to transfer all that activity to nautilus and cybex machines. Feel like I'm juuuust getting the hang of it. Am up to a healthy 175. Motivated by fear that if I ever stop, the knifing pains will return to my lower back again.

Never dieted. I love food too much for that. I have noticed, though, that most people, even regular gym attendees, have no idea what it takes to burn fat or build muscle.
2004-12-02 12:06:48 PM  
Actually, the things are too darned small! I am *not* fat (6"1' tall, 200-205 lbs) and I can barely fit because my shoulders are too broad.

No, really. I have to hunch my shoulders as they slide me in and get sorta' squished in there.
2004-12-02 12:22:12 PM  
you aren't born fat

Judging from the baby pics i've seen, i would say au contraire.
2004-12-02 12:41:09 PM  
I am beginning to understand that an overwhelming amount of people want healthcare to only be available for people who are already healthy.

But if you smoke and get sick, it's your own fault, no healthcare for you!

You get fat, it's your own fault, no healthcare for you!

You jump out of a plane and your parachute malfunctions, it's your own fault, no healthcare for you!

Yearly a helluva lot more patients are seen for an issue that can be defined as self-inflicted than are seen for random uncontrollable issues.

I really don't see how people can allow medical treatment for the "disease" of alcoholism or drug addiction, but holy crap! if someone is fat, no way! those lazy farkers! it's their own doing! No way I'm gonna pay for that!!

C'mon, stop being so manipulated by the media and pop culture. Either genetics and brain chemistry matter in all addictive situations, or they don't. Can't pick and choose because at least drug addicts tend to be skinny.
2004-12-02 12:55:35 PM  
Many of you are assuming that all fat people have health problems, and you're wrong.

Every "fat" person who I know who has lost weight does so because they have been pressured into thinking that thin is beautiful. Of course, I hear about the super obese folks who have to lose weight because they developed some kinda weight related health problem.

I think people who constantly worry about their weight have been brainwashed by mainstream media and need to get a reality check, unless they have some kind of health issue. The point of life is to be happy and have fun, not constantly worry about your self image. Just MHO.
2004-12-02 01:21:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"The first rule of Fat Club is you don't talk about the first rule of Fat Club."

Home Movies 4 lyfe.

/more obscure than it should be, dammit
2004-12-02 03:12:25 PM  
MMug - home movies rocks.

"alright....this is pizza let;s eat pizza.."
2004-12-02 03:43:12 PM  
MoriyaMug: Home Movies 4 lyfe.

/more obscure than it should be, dammit

So true and so sad (Note my screen name for obscure Home Movies ref)
2004-12-02 03:53:50 PM  
It can be tricky to image large people with radiation. The basic idea behind diagnostic radiology is to pass just enough radiation through a body part to differentiate high density tissues (bone) from low density tissues (muscle and fat) But as you increase size it take more radition to get get a good image, so you end up losing image contrast and it looks bad. Most medical equipment is rated up to pretty high weights, but we are seeing more people pushing the upper limits.

Radiography and CT Technologist
2004-12-02 07:57:09 PM  
Re: you have to eat, you don't have to drink or do drugs.

Right. Speaking as someone who has BEEN THERE but managed to stop before having to buy tents instead of pants--
(peaked at 250 lbs, now down to 195 on a 5'8" half-Asian frame.)

You DO need to eat. Yes, that's true.

You DON'T need to eat fried foods, pastries and beverages laden with pure sugar.

Before fried foods and pastries, there were fruits, vegetables, and grains. Meats, cooked over an open flame. Before soda, there was water, juice, tea.

You also DON'T need to eat until you are positively stuffed at every meal. Gluttony is as much a dysfunction as refusal to eat at all. (yes, I do think that those "Paris Models"--jeezus, somebody get those women a SAMMITCH! I want to look at a woman, not a breathing clothes hanger!)

I have a friend who is ballooning like that too, it's just sad, I tell you...
2004-12-02 08:12:25 PM  
I try running for just ten minuets and I feel like my heart is going to explode. And my doctor has told me specificly that only long term arobic exersise will do anything to get rid of the fat thats allready on me.

Yeah but what do you expect when you haven't gotten off your arse for a decade?

Ayuh. Keep at it, it'll get better. I was the same way when I got off my ass and started working out.

Try walking on a treadmill, preferably with a grade set. Running is harder than walking against a grade, but walking uphill will still burn calories like a mofo.

Here's the trick: distraction. Don't THINK "Oh, gods, exercise, here we step, two steps, three steps...fark it's a long way to the checkpoint..." If you can get some sort of distraction going on, like a TV set, do it, that will take your mind away from your legs. There's no damned drill sergeant standing over you demanding that you run faster, don't act like there is.

3.5 miles per hour on a 10 percent grade to start, if you're doing treadmill. And walk for the entire length of the show. If you start tiring, don't stop--just decrease the speed and keep going.

(don't be a dumbass and start the DVD of Aliens on your first day. Put on some nice half-hour-long entertainment. Nothing that makes you laugh your ass off either--you'll lose your stride and go rolling off the back.)

Look down. You've just walked over one and a half miles. Ta-da!

Repeat every day the show is on.

IMHO, from how the machines at my gym read out, the treadmill is king, followed shortly by the Stairmaster. Forget the stationary bikes, they're useless.

Of course, I am not a physical trainer. I am not a medical professional. I just know what worked for me.
2004-12-02 08:21:36 PM  
The only thing that pisses me off about this thread is that people are STILL on this whole fallicy about how fat people whine all the time..Where in the hell are you seeing these people? Cuz I know a few fatties and none of them biatch about the shiat you guys accuse them of.

/recovering fatty.
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