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(Yahoo)   Blast traps 170 mine workers underground in China   ( divider line
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3990 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Nov 2004 at 3:18 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-28 12:28:11 AM  
Holy crap. I hope they're okay...

I'm serious about that.
2004-11-28 12:34:06 AM  
2004-11-28 12:42:01 AM  
it's not in the US or Iraq, so it'll never make the news.
2004-11-28 01:16:29 AM  
The Chinese mining industry = unregulated hell on earth, where life is cheap.

According to China's State Administration of Work Safety, 6,702 died in mining accidents in 2003, but other sources put the number at 7,197.

2004-11-28 03:22:46 AM  
That's terrible. For the sake of themselves and their families, I hope they are ok.
2004-11-28 03:22:50 AM  
No doubt they're waiting for Disney to make them an offer for the TVMovie.
2004-11-28 03:25:25 AM  

(someone will get it)
2004-11-28 03:28:57 AM  
Get 'em out of there!
2004-11-28 03:29:22 AM  
Please, please, please, these are real people. Don't start with the anti-human garbage.
2004-11-28 03:29:50 AM  
Sad, but for every one miner who died, there are probably over a thousand waiting to take their place.
2004-11-28 03:29:52 AM  

All thats missing is the bloated, possessed and rotting cop.
2004-11-28 03:31:42 AM  
Wow this is a surprising show of respect for human non-american life. I'm impressed.
2004-11-28 03:32:15 AM  
Blast traps 170 mine workers underground in China = sad

AsshatDubiousdoc = sadder
2004-11-28 03:33:13 AM  
0.00001417 Percent of China trapped in mine
Quick, someone get Bugs Bunny on the phone, he can dig to China in seconds, I've seen it.

I do hope they get out with only a harrowing story and without a scratch.
2004-11-28 03:34:08 AM  
New recruiting poster:

"Become a miner, have a blast!"

/going to hell
//seriously hopes that they get out, tasteless joke aside
2004-11-28 03:34:09 AM  
Sadly, I fear this was only green lighted to allow mead Chinese "joke"
2004-11-28 03:35:53 AM  
this is truley sad, but if you want to hunt for the positive... this story made it out of the country. i think it shows that chinas moving into the real world.
hold in thier buddies help is coming.
2004-11-28 03:36:51 AM  
You people do realize that by living in a communist state, they are more considered by the government to be property than as living, breathing human beings.

/don't mean to lessen the pain.
//they really need to go capitalist.
2004-11-28 03:37:47 AM  
Surprised they didn't deny it and send it actors escaping from the mine like last time.
2004-11-28 03:38:53 AM  
How many women were down there?

What do you *mean* women aren't miners... If Ally McBeal taught me anything, it's that women can be whatever they want to! Who wouldn't want to crawl down into a hot dark hole digging more holes with the potential to suffocate/asphyxiate or be buried alive looming every second?
2004-11-28 03:39:02 AM  
You couldn't pay me enough to be a miner for a chinese company. It's like going to work in iraq - the danger should be painfully obvious to anyone who does either. So I'm not surprised.
2004-11-28 03:41:41 AM  
WTF? China is not communist!

All the command economies of the world have failed--China is NOT a command economy.
2004-11-28 03:47:37 AM  
It's very well known that China has the most dangerous mining operations on the planet due to the lack of safety enforcement. Give the inspector a few bucks and you'll pass the safety inspection with flying colors without him even setting foot on the property.

I guess this is the modern day version of bone money. It's just goes to show that the disparity between the rich & the poor is the wider than any other place on the planet.
2004-11-28 04:02:23 AM  

So inappropriate, but so funny at the same time...
2004-11-28 04:02:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

OMG city 17!

/too much half life 2.
2004-11-28 04:02:52 AM  
I like chinese,
I like chinese,
They only come up to you knees,
Yet they're always friendly and they're ready to to please.

I like chinese,
I like chinese,
There's nine hundred million of them in the world today,
You'd better learn to like them, that's what I say.

I like chinese,
I like chinese,
They come from a long way overseas,
But they're cute, and they're cuddly, and they're ready to please.

I like chinese food,
The waiters never are rude,
Think the many things they've done to impress,
There's maoism, taoism, eging and chess.

I like chinese,
I like chinese,
I like their tiny little trees,
Their zen, their ping-pong, their ying and yang-eze.
2004-11-28 04:07:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Group photo of the trapped taken just days before...
2004-11-28 04:09:13 AM  
then came that day at the bottom of the mine
when a timber cracked, and men started crying
commanders were praying and hearts beat fast
everybody thought they'd breathed their last
except Chan
Big Chan
2004-11-28 04:10:41 AM  
Reminds me of US working conditions at the turn of the last century. Human death was taken into account before the project was started. Companies just chalked it up to "the cost of doing business". This is why their people can be paid $0.37/hour and be grateful.

Sad to say, but those miners are dead men.
2004-11-28 04:15:33 AM  
Coming soon to a coal mine near you: Ventilation Vents! Brought to you by the Redundancy Department of Redundancy... Department.
2004-11-28 04:23:00 AM  
The bad thing about Chinese mine workers being trapped is 2 hours later you feel like trapping some more.
2004-11-28 04:44:41 AM  
Only Wal-Mart can save them now.
2004-11-28 04:48:37 AM  
F. Scott Fitzpanarchy

Ouch, but pretty funny anyway. made me laugh.

seriously though, this is pretty scary stuff. their chances of surivial sound pretty slim.
2004-11-28 04:48:51 AM  
My heart goes out to their familys.
I hope it all works out with good news all around.
2004-11-28 05:07:32 AM  
Archie Goodwin:
Sad, but for every one miner who died, there are probably over a thousand waiting to take their place.

Sounds like the outsourcing, offshoring mantra.
2004-11-28 05:57:42 AM  

There's maoism, taoism, eging and chess.

That's "i ching".
2004-11-28 06:27:55 AM  
I should have kept digging that hole when I was a kid.
2004-11-28 06:49:46 AM  
why are we all still awake?

[image from too old to be available] ??
2004-11-28 07:03:06 AM  

nasty fingernails there, dude.
2004-11-28 07:03:53 AM  
not my fingers man, but i kinda wish they were
2004-11-28 07:04:07 AM  
i thought these things only happened in greedy capitalist countries.

2004-11-28 07:06:31 AM  
HAHAHAHHAHA filters! Before the comma in my post above, i said "I-n S-o-v-i-e-t R-u-s-s-i-a"
2004-11-28 07:22:16 AM  
Here's hoping everything goes well to get them out safely.
2004-11-28 07:54:11 AM  
They're mining (likely for coal? didn't RTFA) to supply all the products we're importing. This is why all those manufacturing plants have been closed down - corporations would rather pay less for safety even if it kills people.

Motorola, Boeing, lots of US corporations in China. Communist? sheesh.

Yes, I hope they survive. And then overthrow their f'ing government so they can improve their conditions. Then they'd have enough salary to actually buy US products, and blood wouldn't be an ingredient on the ones we import from them. Imagine all the peeee-pul,
2004-11-28 08:03:23 AM  
being China and all, the government is probably WAY more concerned about getting the equipment back safe and sound so they can resume mining operations... the people down there? meh.

enjoy your cheap Chinese made shiat umerkka.
2004-11-28 08:24:03 AM  
Can Tah!!

About threehundred million posts later, but I DID get it.
2004-11-28 08:48:50 AM  
2004-11-28 04:02:52 AM

Actually there are about 1.4 Billion people in China. This is a very old piece of information.
2004-11-28 09:12:02 AM  
If they are trying to dig their way to America, it serves them rigth. If not, then I admit its a tragedy...

/when the feelings gone...
2004-11-28 09:16:25 AM  

Man those books sucked. Both of them. Had to re-read "The Gunslinger" before I dared spend more money on another King book.
2004-11-28 09:18:38 AM  
To quote Patty (or was it Selma),

"There's plenty more where that came from"

/refering to the workers killed in the construction of the Duff Beeramid

Seriously though, I do hope they make it out ok.
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