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(Guardian)   Scientists working to create the mother of all stink bombs for use against rioters and protesters.   ( ) divider line
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2978 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Feb 2002 at 1:48 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-25 01:48:59 AM  
Yet ANOTHER repeat. Wow, how many have the admins had? Let's start a pool.
2002-02-25 01:49:50 AM  
I thought they used stink bombs against the WTO protesters? Or maybe it's because they smelled that way to begin with. Dirty hippies!
2002-02-25 01:50:34 AM  
I'm guessing 2 kegs, a 12 pack of Molson (for the Canada hockey win), 4 pints of guiness and a gram of smack.
2002-02-25 01:52:28 AM  
2 grams of smack and only 2 pints of guiness, and it's on!
2002-02-25 01:52:31 AM  
might as well post a dumb link of mine... it'll make it. I can feel it in my bones.
2002-02-25 01:56:49 AM  
They already got the ultimate stink bomb, baby...

It's called the silver in hockey!!!!

Canada rocks :~)
2002-02-25 01:58:05 AM  
BTW: We know it works, 'cause now everyone's leaving Salt Lake!
2002-02-25 02:00:50 AM  
Bah to this!All the cops need are live rounds!
2002-02-25 02:03:11 AM  
Two words: Trained skunks
2002-02-25 02:18:07 AM  
Two words: Dirty Frenchmen
2002-02-25 02:21:59 AM  
Can you bottle Enron?
2002-02-25 02:37:37 AM  
How do they keep the stink from getting into the areas where all the diplomats/delegates are?

On a windy day, couldn't this litterally blow back in their faces?
2002-02-25 02:38:46 AM  
Stink bomb, tear gas, pepper spray. And yet the crowds still gather.
2002-02-25 02:44:35 AM  
"She found that two smells transcended cultural barriers: one is called US Government Standard Bathroom Malodour, a horrendously concentrated stink of human faeces."

Ahh yes, the standard smell of a US Government bathroom really would drive anyone away.
2002-02-25 02:49:05 AM  
Dalton said: 'It's very pungent... more precisely, it smells like shiat, but much, much stronger. It fills your head. It gets to you in ways that are unimaginable. It's not something you are likely to come across in the real world.'

She said that the smell made volunteers scream and curse after just a few seconds of exposure, even though it is quite harmless.

2002-02-25 02:54:24 AM  
That was me. Sorry.
2002-02-25 03:07:34 AM  
smells like ... france
2002-02-25 03:11:46 AM  
What you would say when you smelled this thing: [image from too old to be available]
2002-02-25 03:21:05 AM  
Will it make your nostril hairs fall out ?
Because then you know you got some smelly bombs there if you are able to accomplish that feat.
2002-02-25 03:35:12 AM  
Some comedian once suggested riot cops using shiat on a stick instead of batons. That would scare me away from any protest.
2002-02-25 03:37:19 AM  
So, what. You plug your nose? I don't get it.
2002-02-25 03:58:02 AM  
I read somewhere that British counterintelligence agents sprayed Nazi spies with "putrescene", the chemical that makes dead bodies stink.

Can't remember if it was fact or fiction now, but that's got to suck just a bit.
2002-02-25 04:42:25 AM  
Can't be any worse than tear gas.
2002-02-25 05:22:14 AM  
Oh, yes it can. Tear gas just irritates the tear ducts, sweat glands, and saliva ducts. It's actually a microfractured crystalline substance that annoys the shiat out of anything wet it touches. In the open, it's not that bad, kind of like a really bad allergy attack, without the sneezing.

Pepper spray is an inflamatory. Much worse. Your eyes close all by themselves, and the pain is simply amazing.

I've got up close and personal experience with both of those. No, it's not ex-girlfriends. *grin*

Some of my Army buddies dealt with really bad smells in the Gulf War. Walking through the Valley of Dead Camels put a number of them on their knees for a few minutes. Nausea, vomiting, weakness, etc. Can't imagine what laboratory-produced aromas may do. Having to deal with the smell for a few days afterwards may have an additional threat against civilians.

Incidentally, I don't know what business owners would say about having their business saved from rioting, but smell like a shiathole for a week or so.
2002-02-25 05:36:05 AM  
Just plug your nose and you would be fine.

A surgical mask (which is the best thing against gas anyway) soaked with vineger would do the job too.
2002-02-25 06:45:23 AM  
Oil of Orange on the mask works well; many OR docs do this. A strong dose of vinegar that close to your face might be a bit... intense?
2002-02-25 06:57:59 AM  
they better get MIT to work on an auto-street washer then, because if it's really that bad nobody will be able to "keep it down".
2002-02-25 07:00:08 AM  
Well I tried white wine once MadameX and that worked quite well too.

The French use a mixture of lemon juice and Parrafin but I think you would need to have a bit more experience than me to use that properly.
2002-02-25 07:02:45 AM  
Surgical mask with a liberal dab of Vicks VapoRub is more my style.
2002-02-25 07:04:29 AM  
You haven't smelt my gym shoes!
2002-02-25 07:59:52 AM  
'She said that the smell made volunteers scream and curse after just a few seconds of exposure, even though it is quite harmless.'

A bad smell that makes protesters scream and curse after just a few seconds, will there be any noticable effects on the crowd too (they ARE protesters after all). I can't wait until the first protest to scream and curse against the effect of this gas will be held. That should confuse riot police right into oblivion...
2002-02-25 08:10:57 AM  
Interestingly enough the British cops are talking about demonstrating for higher wages.

You never know they might call us protestors in to deal with them
2002-02-25 08:33:41 AM  
I don't need no stinking science.
I just need some kidney beans.
2002-02-25 08:33:52 AM  
"us protestors"

That explains alot.

Anyone ever see the 'wave'gun....can't find anything on it, saw it on 20/20 or 48 hrs once.... it uses sound waves that disturb the "objects" insides, causing nausea, vommiting, and basicly puts people to their knees for a few mins. Just long ebough to be handcuffed....

hmmm, must get on for the bedroom

2002-02-25 08:35:04 AM  
Anyone ever see my keyboard?? it's missing a 'n' and an 'e' too......
2002-02-25 08:39:03 AM  
"We are looking at a whole range of non-lethal weapons including malodorants"

What was wrong with machine guns?
2002-02-25 09:02:07 AM  
All they've got to do is get J Lo's musky hallibut odor d'twat as a weapon. Of course, this will not work on feminist protesters as they tend to just salivate heavily...
2002-02-25 09:03:51 AM  
A poem which sums many of you non-protestors up

He was found by the Bureau of Statistics to be
One against whom there was no official complaint,
And all the reports on his conduct agree
That, in the modern sense of an old-fashioned word, he was a
For in everything he did he served the Greater Community.
Except for the War till the day he retired
He worked in a factory and never got fired,
But satisfied his employers, Fudge Motors Inc.
Yet he wasn't a scab or odd in his views,
For his Union reports that he paid his dues,
(Our report on his Union shows it was sound)
And our Social Psychology workers found
That he was popular with his mates and liked a drink.
The Press are convinced that he bought a paper every day
And that his reactions to advertisements were normal in every way.
Policies taken out in his name prove that he was fully insured,
And his Health-card shows he was once in a hospital but left it cured.
Both Producers Research and High-Grade Living declare
He was fully sensible to the advantages of the Instalment Plan
And had everything necessary to the Modern Man,
A phonograph, a radio, a car and a frigidaire.
Our researchers into Public Opinion are content
That he held the proper opinions for the time of year;
When there was peace, he was for peace: when there was war, he went.
He was married and added five children to the population,
Which our Eugenist says was the right number for a parent of his
And our teachers report that he never interfered with their
Was he free? Was he happy? The question is absurd:
Had anything been wrong, we should certainly have heard.

From Another Time by W. H. Auden, 1940
2002-02-25 09:25:56 AM  
"I didn't know it was against the law to protest globalization."

Lobbing malatov cocktails,tearing down fences and defacing public property, yes, that's legal. Apparently.
2002-02-25 09:29:43 AM  
At genoa we were attacked while protesting and defended ourselves.

Self defence is no offence.

BTW a malatov cocktail, whats that when its at home?
2002-02-25 09:31:44 AM  
You were attacked for no apparent reason? It looked like everyone there was well prepared for a violent protest.
2002-02-25 09:34:16 AM  
I wouldn't call it prepared, more like people who planned on a violent protest. I would call that pre-meditated.
2002-02-25 09:42:40 AM  
Just mix this stink bomb with that sound the Swiss discovered that makes everyone vomit, and you could have *SO* much fun.
2002-02-25 09:46:36 AM  
Fj, you saw it? or did you watch it on CNN.

There a a few German Anarchists who go tooled up, and most people carry scarves to protect themselves form tear gas, but the vast majority of people were not prepared for anything.

I saw 4 bhuddist monks getting battered by riot police, and some people from drop the debt ran onto a beach to get away and were smashed while they sat with their hands in teh air.

Still I was only there, you watched it on TV so your the expert?
2002-02-25 09:54:49 AM  
You were there, so you could only see a small portion of it. Kind of like being there to watch the bobsled competition, you don't get the whole race, you see something zip by.

Personally, I think they should have opened fire on all of you.
2002-02-25 09:56:41 AM  
Harmonia, I understand people's right to protest but every one of these things is a warzone. Any point protesters could hope to make is lost in the smoke and flying debris. A few months back here in Toronto a group called Ontario Coalition Against Poverty held an unapproved protest downtown. They spraypainted buildings, burned the US flag off a building and ran through the streets with one purpose; to cause as much damage as possible. All that does is turn people from their cause.

If you're there for a peaceful protest and I'm not suggesting otherwise, when the weapons and chaos break out, why stand around and be a victim of it? Or, why not report/take down anybody starting such violence? (I do understand the chaos is mostly caused by anarchists, who IMO, should be shot dead with the first object they throw)
2002-02-25 09:59:21 AM  
As an enviromentalist I will protest the use of stink bombs.

I feel the only to discourage protest are live rounds, wave after wave of pitbulls, and lots and lots of billy clubs. If that doesn't work we can launch the homeless at them with giant slingshots.
2002-02-25 09:59:42 AM  
Pitbulls? Good idea, at least dogshiat is biodegradeable.
2002-02-25 10:03:46 AM  
So Fj if you ever feel the need to protest would you feel the same way,

FYI they did kill one of us in Genoa, it just made the protests bigger and angrier.

I dont believe in smashing up buildings, and violence is only justified in self defence.
2002-02-25 10:07:08 AM  
Well this will work until rioters start wearing nose plugs.
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