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(CBC)   Canada kicks U.S. Butt.   ( divider line
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3024 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Feb 2002 at 11:29 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-24 11:30:56 PM  
i like cheese
2002-02-24 11:31:20 PM  
I'll say it yet again. Congratulations. Well done.
2002-02-24 11:31:42 PM  

Did some Canadian buy Fark-for-a-day????
2002-02-24 11:32:49 PM  
uh, how can the United State's 51th state kick it's own ass? WTF that MAKES NO SENSE!
2002-02-24 11:32:50 PM  
Booooo. Too bad for the US they picked the gold medal game to finally play well together. Bah. At least we beat Russia.
2002-02-24 11:33:08 PM  
did we really need two articles to tell us that canada can beat us at one, there is a shiatload more ice in canada than u.s., so its expected of them...

je me soviens....
2002-02-24 11:33:50 PM  
Hmmm... As I thought... I did put this up, but the fog of alcohol must have made me put the wrong timer on it.
2002-02-24 11:34:05 PM  
Fault: 51th? Do you have a lithp?
2002-02-24 11:34:36 PM  
To this I say Bah....Bah big time
2002-02-24 11:34:52 PM  

We own you
2002-02-24 11:34:56 PM  
ok, DREW, Mike? either of you Canadian ??
2002-02-24 11:35:38 PM  
What? No doo dah doodah?
2002-02-24 11:35:44 PM  
Really now. No need to rub it in, eh?
2002-02-24 11:36:12 PM  
Looks like Jack Daniels rules fark for a day...
2002-02-24 11:36:37 PM  
Chime is Indian just FYI. Nobody owns me! Except of course Ganesha, Hanumana, Rama, Krishna, Shiva, and gazillion other dieties... lol... stand in the line buddy...
2002-02-24 11:36:43 PM  
Drew if your reading maybe you oculd put up the MSNBC link I submited right after the game about this? Pleeeeeeeeease? Ah whatever off to watch Malcom in the Middle...
2002-02-24 11:36:48 PM  
anyone ever post twice?
2002-02-24 11:37:35 PM  
anyone ever post twice???
2002-02-24 11:37:36 PM  
So those hosers know how to play on ice, eh?
2002-02-24 11:38:29 PM  
you don't bury survivors
2002-02-24 11:38:38 PM  
ArmyOfFun: ONLY today? I would have thought it would be everyday.
2002-02-24 11:39:03 PM  
M2C ! I don't care! Let us just bomb the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan just for national safety!

(PS: no bury survivors...)
2002-02-24 11:39:36 PM  
Yick, sorry Chime ! .. I should always click on the little profile, 50 years's been a long time without a gold medal in hockey , go carried away..

Say hello to Shiva..
2002-02-24 11:40:06 PM  
Go Canada !
I was in the mall for the first period. They announced all the goals over the PA. There were people crowded around a TV in a store cheering every move. Sports bars were packed. I can still hear horns honking...

W00t !
2002-02-24 11:40:15 PM  
For those of you who don't care, and didn't watch the game, it was some of the best hockey you'll ever see. The score isn't really indicative of how close the game was. Very exciting.
But don't worry, you 'mericans still got basketball. We'll let you have that.
2002-02-24 11:41:24 PM  
I guess the Canadians ARE good at something!! Blah to them all!!
2002-02-24 11:41:55 PM  
Here's to team USA for a great showing in the tournament!
You made us proud.
2002-02-24 11:42:55 PM  

Very nice response. I'm laughing out loud here.
2002-02-24 11:43:03 PM  
And the US has twice as many medals as Canada. Now your proud Canuck players can come back to the US to play again. How ironic. :-)
2002-02-24 11:43:49 PM  
Ok if you guys try to rub it in I will hate canada.

hehe your jokes are getting worse and worse mytwocents...
survivors aren't dead
2002-02-24 11:44:23 PM  
We burned the White House before and now the American hockey team. Take your women and run to the Appalachians, for all you Yanks got "sweet 'lil mouths".
2002-02-24 11:44:26 PM  

Twice the medals with 10x the population.
2002-02-24 11:46:25 PM  
3x the medals, actually.
2002-02-24 11:46:36 PM  
Trigger happy mods tonight :)
2002-02-24 11:46:49 PM  
People people. Anyone who vists isn't American or Canadian, we're Farkers! Stop the bickering!
2002-02-24 11:48:55 PM  
No Stephenv, just admins that are tired of certain people not getting a hint.
2002-02-24 11:49:54 PM  
Hmmm... Who was modded ?
2002-02-24 11:50:45 PM  
*bows down to Mikey_B* You are Ghandi for a day, man. Not that anyone's going to stop whining, but hey, at least we're not Russia, right? RIGHT?
2002-02-24 11:51:11 PM  
Jeff, that wouldn't have anything to do with the 30 newsflashes about the game, would it?
2002-02-24 11:52:25 PM  
Anything that the Canadians can win isn't a sport...
2002-02-24 11:52:26 PM  
Mohican: And we had fun torching York (Toronto) too... and you're always welcome to keep Quebec.
2002-02-24 11:53:28 PM  

Who's bickering.. oh.. the Americans... It's not often Canada gets to gloat at the US... But now we can :)))))

And guess what.. we are!!!




2002-02-24 11:53:30 PM  
well let's see, look at the talent of the canadian team vs. the talent (or lack thereof) of the american team. obvious was definately the proper tag for this one.
2002-02-24 11:54:30 PM  
"No Stephenv, just admins that are tired of certain people not getting a hint."

maybe ya need that obvious tag.... lol

2002-02-24 11:54:31 PM  
too bad its just hockey
2002-02-24 11:55:12 PM  
We been conquered. Time to work on my enunciation for the noo woorld order.

out... ewt... oot
about... abowyt... aboot
house... heuse... hoose
2002-02-24 11:55:36 PM  
Scree: I'm Canadian too and very happy we won. Just hate it when mud is being flung back and forth.
2002-02-24 11:55:37 PM  
and as an american, i say, you damn well deserved it. you guys had/have a KILLER TEAM! now, if only sundin could have played for ya too *sigh* love those maple leafs :)
2002-02-24 11:55:47 PM  
It was easily one of the most entertaining games I've seen in years regardless of who won.

What say the NHL removes the two line pass like international hockey does? And how about making the ice surface larger?

...oh ya, can't do that. Taking out seats will remove revenues. Oh yeah, and can't get enough of that trap play either...
2002-02-24 11:56:54 PM  

I'm not flinging anything.. just gloating


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