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(some girl) Boobies The patriotic bikini page. Complete with annoying MIDI   ( divider line
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23435 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Feb 2002 at 9:12 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-24 09:14:47 PM  
no midi for me...
2002-02-24 09:14:51 PM  
2002-02-24 09:15:13 PM  
boobies.. and Midi!. sweet!
2002-02-24 09:16:41 PM  
Any chance we could get some patriotic pvssy? You know, pubes dyed in red, white, and blue or something asinine like that... I just want some decent snatch shots dammit.
2002-02-24 09:16:41 PM  
I love boobies, but that site just plain sucks (and not in a good way).
2002-02-24 09:17:37 PM  
Ahh! Newbie Boobies.
2002-02-24 09:19:41 PM  
I'm glad they had that accompanying patriotic song. Otherwise, I would've missed the whole theme of the page.
2002-02-24 09:22:16 PM  
I went for the song.

I got nothing.

Can someone link to the MIDI song?
2002-02-24 09:23:01 PM  
My only joy in life is refreshing that page and watching the counter go up from Farkers.
2002-02-24 09:26:12 PM  
fighting for your rights, in your satin tights and for the red white and blue
2002-02-24 09:30:47 PM  
do you guys really depend that much on boobie sites from fark? i mean, i'm sure there's better porn other places on the net.
2002-02-24 09:39:13 PM  
Man...they weren't joking when they said the MIDI was annoying. Consider yourself lucky if it didn't work.
2002-02-24 09:39:32 PM  
Yes, but Boobies are good...
2002-02-24 09:40:40 PM  
OMG that midi is distorted
2002-02-24 09:41:25 PM  
Ahhhh.....but here we can fark AND look at boobies, like having cake and eating it, too.
2002-02-24 09:43:01 PM  
like having cake and eating it

"cake". Is that what you kids call it these days?
2002-02-24 09:45:11 PM  
Crescendo Player popup installer triggers on each page? No thank you. Norton Antivirus flagged some of their page cache as a Trojan? No thank you.

Begone foul creature of satan!
2002-02-24 09:47:30 PM  
wouldn't that be like looking and boobies, and get some action too? ;)
2002-02-24 09:48:49 PM  
I must get "cake" then.
2002-02-24 09:52:04 PM  
Can we get some higher-res boobies please? Those girls look a little pixelated....

If you gonna do a wank site, don't do it half assed!
2002-02-24 10:11:29 PM  
For all you farkers searching for the midi:
2002-02-24 10:11:43 PM
2002-02-24 10:12:46 PM  
I want to say "fags",
but if that were true, the site
would be much better.

Funny, that was a haiku.
2002-02-24 10:13:13 PM  
2002-02-24 10:15:17 PM  
That sucked.


Canada rules the world in hockey !

w00t !
2002-02-24 10:18:47 PM  
2002-02-24 10:33:24 PM  
God bless Amurkuh
2002-02-24 10:39:33 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Isn't this the chick that morphs into a really fat chick? How lame.
2002-02-24 10:50:49 PM  
Wow, lo-res pics, AND the MIDI crashed my browser. Sweet!
2002-02-24 11:02:51 PM  
People who use MIDI files in their pages should be skinned alive and dipped in salt.
2002-02-24 11:23:33 PM  
geebus couldn't she have at least made a frame so the song didn't start over every time you clicked on a link?
2002-02-24 11:26:48 PM  
The sad thing is that I submitted a much better [image from too old to be available] link earlier today, and the mods passed on it to show this crap... blah blah blah biatch biatch biatch.... I guess we needed something to make fun of instead. Oh well, there are much better sources on the internet than Fark for [image from too old to be available].
2002-02-25 12:51:25 AM  
The whole thing really sucks.
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-02-25 01:08:24 AM  
Patriotic boobies? Lo-res junk. The terrorists have won.
2002-02-25 01:30:15 AM  
Crotchrocket Slim:
post your links here then :)
2002-02-25 02:06:14 AM  
2002-02-25 06:11:02 AM  
America sucks ass.
2002-02-25 07:24:21 AM  
Hmmmm, I love those butt floss bikinis... :-) All hail the thong!
2002-02-25 08:18:29 AM  
hey guys whats you fav boobies sites ? I need mucho cakey : D
2002-02-25 08:59:16 AM  
Hamsterchaos: Try this on for size.

best boobies ever
2002-02-25 10:06:16 AM  
Oaksey: actually, I DO post my links here, it's just that they never run them:(

Oh, you just want the link. Here goes. That's the url I submitted. Enjoy!
2002-02-25 10:29:12 AM  
This site wins the award for worst image quality in the history of fark boobies.
2002-02-25 10:38:49 PM  
"Let's run it up the flagpole and see who salutes."
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