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(ABC News)   Garbage truck driver accidentally hits dump button at 65 mph. Hilarity ensues   ( divider line
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12529 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Nov 2004 at 11:43 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-23 10:37:27 PM  
Eastern Pennsylvania. It's not like they don't have trash all over the ground there anyways.
2004-11-23 11:45:58 PM  
This King of Prussia is going to have his hands full.

/got nothing
2004-11-23 11:46:07 PM  
How the fark can you name a town King of Prussia???
2004-11-23 11:47:51 PM  
This is a good time to remind everyone not to forget to tip your lowly trash trolls this Holiday Season.
2004-11-23 11:48:35 PM  
Am I missing something? Where does it say anything about 65 MPH or the driver hitting the dump button?

Or hilarity ensuing, for that matter.
2004-11-23 11:49:30 PM  
Why do news sites put small crappy ass pictures? What's the point if you can't make out anything?

They have the image and the bandwidth, put something of resonable size up!
2004-11-23 11:49:38 PM  
Officials have claimed that the accident caused thousands of dollars in improvements.
2004-11-23 11:51:28 PM  
Highway spill, automatic Fark greenlight.
2004-11-23 11:52:23 PM  
When ya gotta dump, ya gotta dump
2004-11-23 11:54:42 PM  
Why do news sites put small crappy ass pictures? What's the point if you can't make out anything?

No kidding it is like some reported was taking a picture from a hot air baloon with an insta matic camera. Come on guys I want to see bodies!
2004-11-23 11:56:33 PM  
There's no injuries reported so far.

I are a gooder writer then this asshat.
2004-11-23 11:59:23 PM  
I live near there, Priapulid and that is a question I have been asking all of my adult life. You can surely name a town after a King and many have, but to name a town after the concept of regional kingship is just demented.
2004-11-23 11:59:50 PM  
I hope I didn't miss any of the updates in the past 16 hours.
2004-11-24 12:01:35 AM  
A couple of years ago I came upon a long strip of crushed recycled aluminum cans that had fallen from a truck. Very slippery in a car, glad I wasn't on a motorcycle.
2004-11-24 12:01:40 AM  
Bismarck surrenders.
2004-11-24 12:02:19 AM  
I've always dreamt of taking a dump at 65 mph, but I thought I'd have to be on the Maddencruiser or something ...
2004-11-24 12:06:59 AM  
2004-11-24 12:23:25 AM  
What you don't see is the footage of Terrell Owens waving around a pair of trash bags as a celebration of the 12th TD he has scored on Dallas in the last 8 days.
2004-11-24 12:23:35 AM  
looking at the pictures it seems the guy took the corner to fast and tipped the load and smashed into the barrier/wall along the road and dumped some garbage over to the side.

misleading headline!
2004-11-24 12:23:49 AM  
Bah, Baltimore did better back in June:

2004-11-24 12:29:13 AM  
There are slightly better pics if you click on the "Images" link, btw.

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

I did say slightly...
2004-11-24 01:16:49 AM  
Headline submitter being creative with the headline, as usual.

It wasn't your standard "garbage truck" - it was just a hauler that turned over.

Garbage trucks have to in park or under a certain MPH for the dump button to activate. Standard safety precautions.
2004-11-24 09:53:46 AM  

I think on older drucks you would only need engage the Power Take off, and you can do this while moving.
2004-11-24 10:05:55 AM  
ChairmanKaga Many years ago, I worked for the FLorida D.O.T. One of our drivers did that. He forgot to disengage the PTO and hit the dump switch by accident. Since the tailgate was locked, when the load shifted the truck pivoted on the rear axle. The front wheels were about 10 ft in the air. Fortunately, he was not moving very fast.
2004-11-24 12:17:49 PM  
I used to live in King of Prussia, and aside from being a nasty little suburban wasteland, it was named after one of George Washington's minions who was a member of the Prussian royal family.

2004-11-24 04:47:24 PM  
Here we have another fine example of the average trucker out there on the road.

They must have to take some sort of stupidity test. Where do the trucking companies come up with these idiots.

Truckers have been showing their true colors this week, especially with that trucker in Wisconsin who murdered 6 other hunters in cold blood.
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