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(Yahoo)   Media is asking one of 10 questions after all   ( divider line 21
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9004 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Feb 2002 at 10:23 PM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-23 10:28:00 PM  

There is a picture of reassurance if I have ever seen one...
2002-02-23 10:49:16 PM  
Answer, moron, answer.
2002-02-23 10:51:54 PM  
Thats funny, I dont hear the EPA having any trouble using the word 'safe' when companies like Enron dump 50 kilotons of PCB's into a river near a poor town.

Maybe there is a minimum purchase requirement at the EPA to get particular words used or not used.
2002-02-23 10:55:35 PM  
I live in Nyc.I was supposed to take a test to get into stuyvesant high school.Kids in that school are getting sick and developing rashes,due to their proximity to Ground Zero.I went to see a Knicks game at Madison square Garden and you can smell the scent of ground zero from there. It`s very disgusting.
2002-02-23 10:55:39 PM  
well what the fark do they expect? its a farking disaster zone for cryin' out loud...

geez bunch of whiners...
2002-02-23 11:00:19 PM  
Ten Questions the Media Can't Answer

Media is asking one of 10 questions after all

I thought they were supposed to be answering. It's easy to ask.
2002-02-23 11:11:59 PM  
I remember a DJ a week after 9/11 joking about a list of things the Red Cross were asking for on the radio..."Vicks Vapor Rub!?!? What would they need THAT for?"

I'd like to see him join the clean up effort without it...
2002-02-23 11:56:25 PM  
yea man
2002-02-24 12:11:36 AM  
Nobody on Fark @ the moment ? Hmmm...
2002-02-24 12:15:20 AM  
What needs to be asked is question #11: What is up with the Fark mods today?
2002-02-24 12:16:42 AM  
I submitted a near identical article last week... Bad timing, I guess :D
2002-02-24 12:28:48 AM  
I'm an alumnus of Stuyvesant HS---from what I understand it's really crazy down there right now. Though the school's only 4 blocks away from ground zero, the parents pushed to get the kids back to the building (which is admittedly very nice) as soon as possible, about 5-6 weeks after September 11. Now, of course, they're complaining about the air quality.....can't have your cake and eat it too.
2002-02-24 12:30:53 AM  
Ourobourus: All the admins were out of town.
2002-02-24 12:39:28 AM  
2002-02-24 12:43:03 AM  
Quick1: That explains why there were only four links posted today, but I've had stuff get modded out today that would normally never get modded.
2002-02-24 06:14:01 AM  
2002-02-24 10:14:07 AM  
"`Safe' depends on the level in which a person would respond," he said, adding that a person with a health condition, such as asthma, might be more adversely affected by the air than a healthy person."

you mean *gasp* *gosh* *gee whizz batman* within categories of people aren't all alike? And don't respond to any given situation/circumstance/event in prescribed, identikit ways? What? Not even...Americans?

2002-02-24 10:15:29 AM  
Great point.
2002-02-24 12:49:57 PM  

hey Quick1 got any websites liek the one with the boobies blue screen of death pic?
2002-02-24 03:00:05 PM  
02-23-02 11:11:59 PM Llarken
I remember a DJ a week after 9/11 joking about a list of things the Red Cross were asking for on the radio..."Vicks Vapor Rub!?!? What would they need THAT for?"

I've heard of Vicks Vapor Rub being used at disaster sites to ward off the overpowering stench of burning material, decomposing bodies, etc. Was the DJ joking or just being an ass?
2002-02-24 04:33:12 PM  
Here in Connecticut, there's this guy who has these horrible travel agency commercials named Mario Perillo, and when I saw 'Mary Perillo', I laughed so hard... until I realized it wasn't the same person. I am so unfunny.
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