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(   Man saves American flag from burning home, then gets arrested for doing it   ( divider line
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7735 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Feb 2002 at 10:23 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-23 10:28:58 PM  
2002-02-23 10:32:55 PM  
This guy is a hero for putting firefighters in additional danger needlessly?
2002-02-23 10:34:14 PM  
He's definetely a dumbass....not a hero. But still cool IMHO.
2002-02-23 10:35:42 PM  
Complete ass. He deserves to sit in jail.

Losing a house surely has to be catastrophic, but for god's sake, leave the firefighters ALONE.
2002-02-23 10:41:45 PM  
A man was arrested for running into his burning house to save an American flag because he ignored firefighters' warnings to stay away from the fire, officials said.

It is his house, if he wants to mess around till it burns to the ground, that's his choice I would say.

The firefighters should have just let him dick around until he either:

A) Burned to death, with his house.
B) Fell asleep inside the burning structure, at which point hte fireman could decide what to do.
C) Realized he was acting inappropriately and let the fireman do their job.
2002-02-23 10:44:57 PM  
"My granddaddy DIED for that flag!"
"Really? I bought mine. Yeah, you can get 'em at K-Mart and shiat." - Bill Hicks
2002-02-23 10:47:27 PM  
AMerica is all about aresting people. It's amazing the stupid things you can get arested for here
2002-02-23 10:51:48 PM  
He sounds like a complete knob.
2002-02-23 11:02:02 PM  
Well - he was just doing what Ashcroft would have liked him to do.
2002-02-23 11:03:49 PM  
If a man can't run into his OWN burning house to save an american flag then the terrorists have already won!
2002-02-23 11:08:15 PM  
Deraj: Rock on!
Especially with people going to jail for NOT burning a flag
2002-02-23 11:22:57 PM  
It's amazing the stupid things you can get arested for here

It's also amazing the stupid things people do that winds them up in jail.
2002-02-23 11:23:23 PM  
If anything had happened to him while the firefighers were there he could have sued them for not doing their job, regardless of whether or not they were telling him to stay away. Additionally, once the dumbass caught himself on fire I'm sure they would have risked their lives to try to pull him out.
2002-02-23 11:23:40 PM  
Why is this hillbilly clown a hero? His actions could've not only cost him his life, but also the lives of firefighters.
2002-02-23 11:24:19 PM  
We were that close to another Darwin award candidate, damn!
2002-02-23 11:25:07 PM  
I salute that man.
2002-02-23 11:27:00 PM  
Here is the e-mail for the sheriff of that police force...give em hell guys sh­eri­ff[nospam-﹫-backwards]lfe­elf­f­irehs­*org
2002-02-23 11:27:53 PM  
Chesire: I think it's a sarcastic use of the hero's tag...
2002-02-23 11:34:51 PM  
Good, he should get arrested. Firemen are required to go into that building and pull his dumb ass out whether he likes it or not, running in means they run the risk of death just because he's patriotic to the point of stupidity.
2002-02-23 11:36:37 PM  
I predict he will be let off after things quiet down. He needed to be restrained, and was.
2002-02-23 11:37:31 PM  
They didn't notice he was actually using the flag to wrap his porno collection in, which is what he was actually trying to save.
2002-02-24 12:01:33 AM  
"Richard Bennett was charged with obstruction of justice on Friday, the Lee County Sheriff's Office said. He was being held Saturday in the Lee County Jail on $500 bail"

OK, I can understand the sheriff's urges to arrest someone, but on obstruction of Justice??? Did he interfere with the police too?
I can hear the sheriff now:
"let's just make some trumped up charges to arrest him for, he's broken the law, it don't matter what we charge him for"
2002-02-24 12:23:04 AM  
Oh stop whining about the poor firemen. They knew what they were signing up for (fiery death). It's still this guy's house--if the firemen didn't like him being there, they should have just up and left.
2002-02-24 12:24:53 AM  
If he wants to risk his life in his own home, that's his option. Once he's safely outside, and he chooses to reenter the house after being warned by firefighters, then the they have no further responsibility towards him, IMO. If he makes it back out, great. We'll be out here with the hoses. Arresting him was just idiotic. "Obstruction of Justice" my ass. So now firemen drench homes in gallons of justice now?
2002-02-24 12:26:07 AM  
The American flag represents a lot of good things, freedom, honor, heroism and more.
The flag itself is an object, a simple piece of cloth.
Risk your life fighting for the ideals it represents, don't risk your life for a piece of cloth.

However well intended, the guy's an idiot.
2002-02-24 12:30:18 AM  
Subversive: No they couldn't, they would have been sued by the family. Remember, this is America, the land of lawsuits.
Kat [TotalFark]
2002-02-24 12:34:04 AM  
though i dont think it was the best idea to piss off firefighters...i commend this man for caring about the flag. so mny people dont, and like ive said before that upsets me.
2002-02-24 12:38:21 AM  
Subversive: Its okay to shoot at police officers, because thats what they signed up for? What?
2002-02-24 12:46:16 AM  
Who shot at police officers? And yes, by all means, off the pigs!
2002-02-24 12:53:36 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
tag would have been appropriate here.
2002-02-24 12:58:33 AM  
I never imagined that I would be defending a flag-suckling jackass. I hope I'm not becoming conservative or anything.
2002-02-24 01:00:37 AM  
I admire the guy's respect for the flag, but when HE goes in, the firemen HAVE TO go after him. That's just not good all the way around. Some of my friends are volunteer firemen, and I'd hate to lose them just because someone decided to save the flag. If the flag perishes in the house, it's not like the guy single-handedly destroyed all that's good about America or anything. On scene, do what cops, firemen and EMTs tell you to do. Period.
2002-02-24 01:13:00 AM  
Risk your life for a nylon-cotton blend, good thinking. Enjoy your cell dumbass.
2002-02-24 01:47:01 AM  
Risking his life and the lives of firefighers to save a flag? Amazing how some can mistake stupidity for patriotism.

Running into a burning building to save what the flag stands for (freedom, justice, winning everything at the olympics except hockey, etc)is one thing. Running into a burning building to save a piece of cloth is dumb. Perhaps that's what the ideals of what America was founded on has devolved into.
2002-02-24 02:26:52 AM  
I say leave him the Fark alone. Did anyone get injured going in after him?.. if they did the we would have an argument. But nobody did so big freakin deal.
2002-02-24 02:39:21 AM  
Evenrude: So if I emptied a pistol firing at someone, but they didn't get hit, no big deal, right?
2002-02-24 03:10:46 AM  
uh.. no comparison really. No firefighters on the scene felt it necessary to to jump in and risk their lives to try and save the guy did they? Wether they got there late or just didn't do it is irrelevant. The guy was caught up in the heat of the moment.... no harm no foul.
2002-02-24 03:14:18 AM  
Evenrude - so why not just do away with the whole "Attempted Murder" charge in the legal system? No harm, no foul, right?
2002-02-24 03:15:36 AM  
How do you compare intending to do harm to someone with protecting your own property?
2002-02-24 04:13:16 AM  
Attempted murder? Of who, the imaginary firemen who followed him in (the real ones did not)? Just supposing that he really was attempting to murder such imaginary people, how would that be a crime?
2002-02-24 04:23:38 AM  
This man was making a powerful statement by going back into a burning house to save an American flag. That statement was, "My stuff is more important than my life, or the lives of those who are obligated to come after any old retard who decides to risk his life over a piece of cloth."

Way to go, Captain Dumbass. Apparently nobody told this dickwad he could just buy a new flag for ten bucks.
2002-02-24 05:38:51 AM  
The obstruction of justice charge is probably similar to the one we have in NY, OGA - Obstruction of Governmental Administration which is a catchall to allow the cops to lock up dumbasses like this at a fire scene.
2002-02-24 05:42:36 AM  
hero? farkwit, more like. its only bloody flag...
2002-02-24 06:36:06 AM  
I think I'd rather save my stereo or my cat than a silly flag... dumbass.
2002-02-24 07:25:36 AM  
you know what's really sad...?

you bunch of hypocrites wouldn't of said ONE WORD against this dude, had this happened near the Sep. 11 strike. i personally don't agree with patriotism, but you gotta give the man props for showing a little love for his country. most people NEED this kinda bullshiat to have a little hope in their lives. so, when you think that this guy is a moron, some slew of children might think the guy's a hero.

farking cynics.
2002-02-24 08:23:33 AM  
"Hero?" yeah imagine that poor flag dying in the flames.... only an American would be this stupid.
2002-02-24 08:29:40 AM  
2002-02-24 09:14:54 AM  
Only in America, kiddies...

Only in America would some dumbass do this, and only in America would the media jump all over it as some sort of heroic gesture of patriotism.

Oops, they forgot to mention the dog, cat, and three kids that burned to a crisp, but "Buddy" got his flag out safely...
2002-02-24 10:54:15 AM  
Doesn't this get a "Dumbass" tag? Risking people's lives for scrap of cloth is really retarded.
2002-02-24 12:10:55 PM  
got the flag - dodged the baby.
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