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(NewsOK)   If you purchased any Tropicana products at Sam's Club, its probably being recalled.   ( divider line
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2002-02-23 09:49:03 PM  
Juice maker Tropicana Products is recalling 100,000 gallon-size jugs of orange juice sold at Sam's Club stores nationwide because some may have been tainted with a cleaning solution.

Not to worry.. The largest size Tropicana they sell around here is in 1 gallon jugs..

A 100,000 gallon jug must go bad before you can finish half of it. That is, unless you are quenching the thirst of the troops in Salt Lake City.
2002-02-23 09:51:10 PM  
:D boomslang....

but, it is sams...
2002-02-23 09:56:40 PM  
Also known to cause mouth discomfort:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-23 10:13:26 PM  
This is freaky... I drink Tropicana calcium gallon-sized jugs from Sam's Club all the time... :(
2002-02-23 10:17:28 PM  
That explains the discounted price :)
2002-02-23 10:22:04 PM  
hah i almost bought that but ended up buying the cheaper stuff. being a cheapskate pays off sometimes...
2002-02-23 10:33:56 PM  
2002-02-23 11:14:46 PM  
Nice tabs ya got there, Optimus.
2002-02-24 09:13:43 AM  
IT'S probably being recalled!! IT'S!! IT'S!!

El Bulbil, apostrophe maven
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