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(News Journal)   Crazy Mennonite cyclist turns the other cheek to those who robbed him. "Outside of hitting me, they were nice about it"   ( divider line
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2004-11-21 01:22:19 PM  
NecKromancer- That, as a definition, makes sense. If there was no violence, no one would need to be violent. In real-world situations, however, violence needs to happen in order to stop greater injustices.

Doesn't change the fact that sometimes, maybe a lot of times, violence isn't right and just makes it worse. We should make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of violence and horrific situations in the world.

Again, war is not the best route for anything, but is the most pragmatic route for a few things. Doesn't mean anyone should like it/celebrate it.
2004-11-21 01:22:40 PM  
violence implies a lack of vocabulary
2004-11-21 01:23:24 PM  
mtman900: agreed
2004-11-21 01:24:59 PM  
little something for Gurgus

"How come you can wear shirts with buttons?" somebody at the hardware store wanted to know.

Because Im not Amish.

"Dont you have to wear special secret undergarments?"

I think they were talking about Mormons.

"Isnt it against your religion to live outside your colony?"

That sounds more like the Mennonites.

"Ive never meat a Hutterite before."

You still havent.
2004-11-21 01:25:20 PM  
Well said mtman900.
2004-11-21 01:25:41 PM  
NecKromancer- I fail to follow you... are you claiming that those three people led wars? I was responding to a post that used sarcastic means to imply that pacifism never helped anyone. The point I made was that pacifism, in those three high-profile cases, did make a difference to a lot of people. And I was making a sarcastic commentary using over simplification, as crosshair was, but hoping that the reader had a greater understanding of the situtation so that they would get the undercurrent of what I was trying to say.

This is an internet debate, not a history lesson :P
2004-11-21 01:26:34 PM  
Mennonites aren't Amish,they are a lot less strict.I think Amish broke off from the Mennonite church if I remeber correctly.

They don't have TV's or radios.They have electricty.They can have normal jobs with non-Mennonites.They have phones,cell phones,pagers,computers,internet.They drive in cars.Men can wear designer clothes if they want.The only thing is that Mennonite women are about as submissive as Amish women,they wear handmade dresses and keep quiet and pregnant.They shun vanity so no pictures.

Not a Mennonite but worked for one for 5 years and got to know a lot of them.Normal people really,just without the fancy smancy stuff we have distracting us.
2004-11-21 01:29:21 PM  
mtman900 : I wasn't really sure if you were being saracastic in that way. I thought, at the time, that u actually believed that those displays of pacifism solved those problems.

A bit of a communication problem caused by two reasons:
1. difficult to understand inflection in writing
2. you never know who you're going to find on fark
2004-11-21 01:31:56 PM  
NecKromancer- haha, it's ok. This has been a very lively and fun debate with you. I'm sure we'll do it a lot in the future :-)

Good day to you all, gots to get ready to go to FL for Thanksgiving.
2004-11-21 01:33:07 PM  
So basically, we're saying that every single thread on Fark can now be turned into an insane, no-holds-barred turf battle.

I really used to like it here. (Check my fark account number).
2004-11-21 01:36:09 PM  
2. you never know who you're going to find on fark

2004-11-21 01:37:14 PM  
Hero tag needed. That my friends, is a real Christian. Crazy, perhaps, but he`s read his Bible and figured out what it was saying.

/another crazy Christian pacifist
2004-11-21 01:39:01 PM  
Um... not unless you are the child inside my girlfriends stomach... in which case... uncross you farking legs before the next ultrasound
2004-11-21 01:40:55 PM  
I don't think I am. But if I'm not born yet, things are gonna get pretty weird at work tomorrow.
2004-11-21 01:44:21 PM  
What milo_rules said.

Amish = Mennonite but Mennonite does not necessarily = Amish. Although this cyclist guy could be Amish, what with the only being educated up to the 8th grade in a Mennonite school.

/Mennonite who spends way too much time playing video games, drives a car, etc.
2004-11-21 01:46:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"fill your eyes. . . with double vision"
2004-11-21 02:07:13 PM  
Day 22:
Fell off, near Bromsgrove

/Mr. Pither
2004-11-21 02:08:48 PM  
Yup, Tender, I get the jist of what you are saying. I've read and own the book in question, just being a Farker. Love that Palhniuk. In fact, I'm holding a copy of "Choke" in my hand right now. Good stuff.
2004-11-21 02:11:12 PM  
Also, Tender Branson, did I hear correctly that they are making a movie of Survivor? That would be kick-arse.
2004-11-21 02:15:47 PM  
Violence rules. Don't you watch sports?
2004-11-21 02:16:00 PM  

Didn't you see Star Wars? Total pacifism ultimately results in a society too pathetic to go to war with ANYTHING. Oh yeah, and getting pwned by the Death Star
2004-11-21 02:17:31 PM  
Listen up!
Amish don't drive cars
Mennonites can do whatever the hell they want. Look and act like anybody else. Except when they go to church.
2004-11-21 02:20:31 PM  
I just have to toss my two cents in here...I was raised in a Mennonite church, in the middle of one of the largest Amish communities in the US. There are different "levels", if you will, of both Mennonites and Amish--Old Order, New Order, Conservative, that sort of thing, depending on location. That's not even mentioning the different sects within those levels. There really wasn't a difference (and still isn't) between my church and any other Christian church.

I realize this has nothing to do with the article....just maybe answering a few questions I saw here and there...
2004-11-21 02:31:52 PM  
Dang, I was hoping for a road bike vs. mountain bike flame war instead.

2004-11-21 02:33:26 PM  

gis for "i bet the old bag moaning about nakedness on library computers wouldn't have made such a noise over violence"

err, gis for "violence", i mean

[image from too old to be available]

2004-11-21 02:36:14 PM  

the only script ive ever heard about was by jake paltrow - gwens bother - and from what i heard, it wasnt great. and thats gotta be a few years old now.

but now, the team behind Constantine, which looks pretty damn cool, is supposedly gonna make it their next project.

none of which consoles me from the fact that for about 5 glorious minutes, it was in the hands of david fincher and brad pitt. now that would have been great
2004-11-21 02:40:14 PM  
I for one find this mennonite to be contemptible.

"If there's one thing I don't like, it's an unlocked footlocker!"

If it weren't for pansy ass victims like this, we wouldn't have such trouble with robbers. My god, when will these farkers lean that they only encourage the theieves by giving them success. They aren't going to change any hearts unless they punch holes therein.
2004-11-21 02:40:23 PM  

i'll do what i can ;) i was speaking to a guy the other day who is a second cat roadie i the uk, 1st cats are good amateurs, seconds can ride, third is the rest. anyway, he was saying he was doing a few mtb races too and getting blown right out. i guess there's less of a bunch so nowhere to hide. also completely different cadence.
2004-11-21 02:51:35 PM  
we're all crazy mennonites living in an amish paradise
you prolly think it bites living in an amish paradise
2004-11-21 02:52:34 PM  

Yeah, I think I actually stumbled across that on Chuck P's own website not too long ago. Meh.
2004-11-21 03:03:56 PM  
Are the Mennonites actually Amish, or just Amish lite? I used to work with some Mennonites. Girls couldn't wear pants or cut their hair, or go to movies, but I think I remember them having cars and using electricity.
2004-11-21 03:09:14 PM  
About ineedsleep's comment about Christians/conservatives.....
Christians are not less of a christian because we are not perfect. NO ONE is perfect except Jesus. THAT is why we need to be forgiven and saved. Seems like you have missed the whole point to christianity. You can try all day, every day to be good but in the end you are not. That is where Jesus closed the gap between damnation and salvation with his blood.
BTW that was pretty decent that the guy got his identification back. I would rather lose money than go through the hell of standing in line to replace my SS card, drivers license, etc. Uggg! What a pain.
2004-11-21 03:13:23 PM  

There are Conservative Mennonite women who still wear dresses/skirts and head coverings, don't cut their hair, and finish high school. The men pretty much wear whatever they want, although most will not wear shorts. They are not required to have a beard, either. Some even go to college. Yes, they drive cars and have electricity, although most of them do not have televisions. The Amish are an offshoot of the original Mennonite faith, although the main principles are the same. The Amish culture takes the "in the world but not of it" theory a little bit further than most Mennonites.
2004-11-21 03:28:43 PM  
Synaesthesia: It's hard to believe you are from Canada. Or was that supposed to be sarcastic?
2004-11-21 04:09:42 PM  
Wow, practicing what you preach. What a concept.
2004-11-21 04:14:25 PM  
Amish were Mennonites once.They broke off wanting to make a stricter denomination.Girl's are like you would picture a pioneer woman except they talk on the phone a lot=)

Cars.Modern.Just not flashy and the radios are removed
Phones decked out with every feature availible.Cell too
Can wear brand name clothes if you are a guy
Can have nice expensive houses.A lot of them are into contruction and they make these things cheap.
Computers.With internet but the ones I knew had to get approval for business use.Some girls email me sometimes(I had one that liked me and she was really hot too)

Not ok's
TV's/Radios/movies/sometimes internet unless you can prove you need it.
Woman can't buy clothes and must keep their hair up in a bonnet unless at home.
Dating(marriages are approved without a dating process)
Guys don't wear ties with suits(like Amish not wearing flashy things)
Getting up in old age without marrying or having children
Going to public school.They have their own schools and its like a homeschool education.Though a few I heard of were allowed to go to community college.
Taking pictures of yourself or having paintings or other decorative stuff in your house.

They bascially share some of the same things as the Amish but they are more modern and less strict.Of course the young Mennonites bend the rules like everyone else.A few have been knocked up before getting married.Not as serious,they sometiems sneak to the movies or get busted watching TV at Wal-Mart;)
2004-11-21 04:19:08 PM  
Mennoite women are hot. I have yet to see an ugly one, and there are plenty of them here in northern NS.
2004-11-21 04:37:04 PM  
jeez, why doesn't the article writer just MARRY him?!?
2004-11-21 05:19:21 PM  
2004-11-21 01:23:24 PM NecKromancer

mtman900: agreed

NecKromancer & mtman900,
did I just witness a miracle, two people bringing a Fark flamewar to logical, just, and fully compatible conclusion? Kudos to you, and Halelujah to the powers that be (or are, or were...or whatever......)
2004-11-21 05:23:18 PM  
"As the old song goes, "He's been everywhere man. He's been everywhere.''"


I was totin' my pack along the dusty Winnamucca Road
When along came a semi with a high, canvas-covered load
"If you're going to Winnamucca, mac, with me you can ride"
So I climbed into the cab, and then I settled down inside
He asked me if I'd seen a road with so much dust and sand
And I said, "Listen:

I've travelled every road in this here land

I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man
Across the deserts bare, man
I've breathed the mountain air, man
Of travel I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere

I've been to Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota
Buffalo, Toronto, Winslow, Sarasota
Wichita, Tulsa, Ottowa, Oklahoma
Tampa, Panama, Mattawa, La Paloma
Bangor, Baltimore, Salvador, Amarillo
Tocopilla, Baranquilla, and Padilla, I'm a killa

I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man
Across the deserts bare, man
I've breathed the mountain air, man
Of travel I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere

I've been to Boston, Charleston, Dayton, Louisiana
Washington, Houston, Kingston, Texarkana
Monterey, Ferriday, Santa Fe, Tallapoosa
Glen Rock, Black Rock, Little Rock, Oskaloosa
Tennessee, Hennesey, Chicopee, Spirit Lake
Grand Lake, Devil's Lake, Crater Lake for Pete's sake

I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man
Across the deserts bare, man
I've breathed the mountain air, man
Of travel I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere

I've been to Louisville, Nashville, Knoxville, Ombabika
Schefferville, Jacksonville, Waterville, Costa Rica
Pittsfield, Springfield, Bakersfield, Shreveport
Hackensack, Caddilac, Fond du Lac, Davenport
Idaho, Jellico, Argentina, Diamondtina
Pasadena, Catalena, see what I mean-a

I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man
Across the deserts bare, man
I've breathed the mountain air, man
Of travel I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere

I've been to Pittsburgh, Parkersburg, Gravelburg, Colorado
Ellensburg, Rexburg, Vicksburg, El Dorado
Larimore, Atmore, Haverstraw, Chatanika
Chaska, Nebraska, Alaska, Opalika
Baraboo, Waterloo, Kalamazoo, Kansas City
Sioux City, Cedar City, Dodge City, what a pity

I've been everywhere, man
I've been everywhere, man
Across the deserts bare, man
I've breathed the mountain air, man
Of travel I've had my share, man
I've been everywhere

I've been everywhere.
2004-11-21 05:53:31 PM  


Except for the little fact that all of those things still exist.
2004-11-21 06:17:22 PM  

Yes there are some that are totally hot and that's without makeup!I had one to admit she had a crush on me after we stopped working together and wish I were Mennonite so we could marry.

Ohhhhhh I wish I were Mennonite and not addicted to these worldy things!!!!!She's HOT.Almost enough to give up TV,radio,smoking,...ect=)Maybe it would be worth trying to make her leave ;)
2004-11-21 07:00:52 PM  
I believe you can live by the rules of the Bible - I do - thankfully there's nothing in it banning lap dances, tequila and operating a crystal meth lab.
2004-11-21 07:06:34 PM  
Nazism,Slavery,Communism,Fascism still exist, but it depends on your definition of defeated. If by defeated you mean eradicated, then you would be correct. However if by defeated you mean knocking most of the teeth out of some sort of predator, then I think the statement holds some merit. Those "evils" are for the most part a minimal threat.

Weakened- not eradicated

/clear as mud?
2004-11-21 09:44:58 PM  
Mennonites are not like Hutterites ro at all like the Amish.

2004-11-21 09:57:35 PM  
Isn't Floyd Landis, one of Lance Armstrong's teammates, a Mennonite?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-21 09:59:24 PM  
Can you pre-emptively turn the other cheek?
2004-11-22 12:16:31 AM  
an army of poets : Crime should be reduced through social programs. What are the most common causes for property related crime: I think it might be related to socioeconomic status, mental health, or drug addiction. All of which can be reduced through social programs.

I can tell you don't live in Baltimore City pal....

2004-11-22 12:37:20 AM  
Let's clear one thing up here:

Mennonites are not the Amish

Go ahead, educate your self.
What is a Mennonite

I have no personal connection to the Amish, but I am Mennonite and know that these two religions/cultures (take your pick) are extremely different.
2004-11-22 03:52:25 AM  
I have never before seen such a crazy, mixed up discussions on Mennonites before and, being a Mennonite, I have heard some crazy, mixed up discussions about Mennonites.

As has been said many times before, Mennonites are not Amish and did not break off from the Amish church. The Amish broke off of the Mennonite church. The thing that makes someone Mennonite is not the shunning of all things technological or the wearing of certain clothes. Instead, it is a set of beliefs founded in the Bible about how we are to react to the world around us. Included in these beliefs is pascifism, that is the Biblical practice of non-violent conflict resolution. The Mennonite Confession of Faith (, a document that describes what Mennonites are, includes a great section on just this topic. Check it out if you are interested:

Anyway... gotta love the Fark-style discussions going on around here! So many assumptions! It is amazing.

/Appreciates a Mennonite reference once in a while :)
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