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(   Man so tired of waiting in hospital waiting room decided to hang himself.   ( divider line
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4324 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Feb 2002 at 9:39 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-23 09:43:20 PM  
Maybe he just found out that his insurance wouldn't cover it instead...
2002-02-23 09:43:35 PM  
In other news: Farkers hang themselves waiting in desperation for new links.
2002-02-23 09:43:37 PM  
1st time that's happened on their post
2002-02-23 10:07:46 PM  
Yeah, I heard he hung himself waiting for someone to explain why Fark hasn't updated all day.
2002-02-23 10:21:25 PM  
I don't see Meek around anymore... where oh where you...

I think that I can see how it could happen... some hospitals are really horrible... I only once went to an ER becasue of some bad flu... but they stripped me down and made me wait in a damn ice-cold AC-ed waiting room for hours... and finally I met some doc who only asked me a few questions then prescribed farking peptobismol for my stomach pain. I waited hours and the doc was there only for a minute or so.

I left the hospital in even worse condition - i never went back to goddamn a*s*to*ria community hospital...
2002-02-24 12:07:18 AM  
What a dumbass.
2002-02-24 12:24:26 AM  
i almost died in a waiting room too. for real.
2002-02-24 01:10:27 AM  
I dont blame him after I had knee sugery I spent 3 hours in the waiting for a routine check up....
2002-02-24 01:57:04 AM  
I had to wait with my brother in ER waiting room, while he puked blood for 2 hours.

Parkland, Dallas
2002-02-24 08:14:23 AM  
Doesn't surprise me at all. I went to the hospital with tachycardia, under a doctor's orders to get an EKG and make sure I wasn't actually having a heart attack.

I spent five hours in chairs. Once I was admitted, I spent another hour and a half sitting in the bed without ever seeing a single human being, no tests run, nothing.

I gave up and went home; I figured if it hadn't killed me in six and a half hours, it must be OK. Went to my doctor the next day instead.

The guy in the curtain next to me had a pulse of 140; he went home untreated too, after being ignored for a long time.

The guy who was sitting next to me in chairs was still waiting when I was leaving. He was a diabetic, his blood sugar count was about double what it typically is at that time of day, and he was in abdominal pain. After over six hours in chairs, he left untreated too.

But I still had to pay my insurance co-pay for a hospital visit, because they charged me $50 for the triage nurse taking my temperate and blood pressure.

Florida Hospital in Altamonte Springs, Florida, folks. Don't go there, if you have to walk to a better hospital or just go see a dentist or veterinarian.
2002-02-24 01:36:35 PM  
That'll show 'em for being slow.
Make the hospital staff clean the crap outta the pants on your corpse.
2002-02-24 09:07:46 PM  
I'm sure this is too late, but what actualy happened is that the guy hung himself and then was taken to the ER, where they ignored him for an hour, in which, he died.

Really, learn to read.
2002-02-24 10:47:41 PM  
Another happy customer! I hate when patients play the pity card!
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