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22016 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Nov 2004 at 2:25 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-18 07:57:35 AM  
Hey, maybe he was a sex ed teacher. How many teachers are willing to take the time to properly teach our young people today on their own time!
2004-11-18 08:02:03 AM  
somebody is gonna get canned for that.
2004-11-18 08:17:34 AM  
You mean like S&M? That's one farked up contest they got going on there.
2004-11-18 08:44:24 AM  
Mary Kay Latourno?
2004-11-18 08:58:09 AM  
"He really moved me in a way no teacher before had ever been able to...up and down, and up and down, and up and down..."
2004-11-18 09:08:00 AM  
and he was a coach, too. I'm shocked.
2004-11-18 09:09:34 AM  
Maybe they should change the name of that book to "Who's doing who among american teachers"
2004-11-18 01:17:24 PM  
Fix said that for privacy reasons, he can't reveal the student who nominated Bugbee. He said his publication doesn't run background checks on each nominee.

I wonder if it was his victim who nominated or if it was someone else who did it as a joke. Does the company who makes the list actually do any research or do they just include everyone who was nominated on the list? If so, that's a pretty crappy list.
2004-11-18 02:28:52 PM  
Dude's name is Richard Bugbee.

Anyone else notice the strategically-targeted ad on the page?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-18 02:28:53 PM  
Have you seen Junior's grades?

/old school VH
2004-11-18 02:28:54 PM  
Aren't the Who's Who books basically a list of whoever is dumb enough to pay to get their names in the book?
2004-11-18 02:29:30 PM  
I'm pretty sure this is more scary than amusing.
2004-11-18 02:29:54 PM  
In other news, a list of the nation's best sex offenders includes one teacher.

/got nothin'
2004-11-18 02:30:44 PM  
Dude, this is America...some of our nation's best presidents were sex offenders...
2004-11-18 02:30:50 PM  
Is this the same outfit that publishes Who's Who Among American Highschool Students? If so, how will they ever recover from this blow to their credibility?
2004-11-18 02:30:52 PM  
No, those are the books for the ones I was in.

2004-11-18 02:31:13 PM  
She was 13 but going on 15.
2004-11-18 02:31:15 PM  
The most important question is clearly "was she hot?". 'Cause if she was, then what's the big deal?
2004-11-18 02:33:04 PM  

And at this point here is the obligatory female teacher sleeps with student.

I'd hit it ... with a three-point shot ! Swish !
[image from too old to be available]

2004-11-18 02:33:08 PM  
"(What if he was a great teacher?) He should be a great teacher in jail," said Phil Dessureau, of Essex.

2004-11-18 02:33:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-18 02:34:01 PM  

I was listed, too. That's how I know that they have no credibility. ;)
2004-11-18 02:35:25 PM  
it's a farking listing in "who's who among american teachers." those books are a scam to get the people listed in the book to buy the book. i knew a guy in high school who was a c+ student, and he was invited to be included, along with pretty much the rest of my class. his stupid mom paid the money and bought the book.
2004-11-18 02:35:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-18 02:35:42 PM  
A boy comes home from school one day and says to his mother, "I had sex with my teacher today" His mom sends him to his room and says "Your father will talk to you when he gets home". So the Dad walks in and says, "I know I'm supposed to be mad at you and all, but I'm actually proud. Some people never even have sex and you're only 10! I'm gonna buy you the best bicycle there is." So he takes him to a toy store and buys him the best bike he can find. When they're walking home the Dad asks, "Aren't you going to ride your bike?" and the Kid replies, "No, my ass still hurts."
2004-11-18 02:35:43 PM  
simpsons did it!
2004-11-18 02:36:04 PM  
Our president is an alcoholic, big deal. Is Bush beyond that problem? Seems so. Maybe this guy is over his. The point is 60 million Americans just affirmed the fact that people can change and turn over a new leaf. So don't blame the teacher blame the 60 million.
2004-11-18 02:36:56 PM  
"But if I had to choose a jam, and I do, I'd say that number six was just the tiniest bit better than the rest."

*crowd gasps*


/KitHfan boredom =P
2004-11-18 02:38:36 PM  
He truly understands what is going on inside of a child.
2004-11-18 02:38:54 PM  
Thanks to asshats putting people who don't belong onto the "sex offender" lists, they have lost credibility with me, unless I know the specific law they were convicted of breaking. In some states, you can wind up a "sex offender" for stumbling drunk out of a bar and peeing on the wall.
2004-11-18 02:39:40 PM  
"Amusing" tag, I think not...more like "sick"
2004-11-18 02:39:54 PM  

Thanks. You just made my work day a little better.
2004-11-18 02:40:32 PM  

Thread's over. You win.
2004-11-18 02:40:48 PM  
Just because he had sex with a student doesn't mean he can't also be a good teacher.

Some of the best priests out there......
2004-11-18 02:42:33 PM  
Who's Who Among America's Sex Offenders
2004-11-18 02:42:58 PM  
To quote one of my favorite web ranters:

My only complaint about teachers molesting students is that I didn't get molested when I was in middle school and high school. Now if some pervert teacher was trying to screw my daughter then I would take issue, but I have to be honest, if some woman wants to make the day go by faster by giving my son head behind the gym lockers every day I know I wouldnt be as concerned.

I'm sorry I just wouldnt.

But before you blame my attitude towards female sexual predators you might have better luck blaming my memory. I just remember all too well how horny I was as a middle school/high school student. Maybe I just remember all too well how both my math and language arts teachers in my middle school would have had to have a breast reduction to get down to a DD cup.

2004-11-18 02:43:11 PM  
Replace Teacher with Preacher and the odd one out would be the non-sex offender. And yet we turn to them for spiritual guidance?

/got nothin
2004-11-18 02:44:13 PM  
Without sarcasm, being a sex offender and being a great teacher are not mutually exclusive.

As a parent, many people probably wouldn't want their child around a sex offender even if he was a great teacher, but it doesn't change the fact he still is a great teacher.
2004-11-18 02:44:40 PM  
That is amusing. You know my 9th grade english teacher Mr. Cobb was great. He gave all the girls who flirted with him an A. I done good in English every since.
2004-11-18 02:44:57 PM  
"As a parent" != me

/Bring on the ladies
2004-11-18 02:45:45 PM  
2004-11-18 02:45:50 PM  
Is thirteen really all that young?

/one ticket
2004-11-18 02:48:59 PM  
I remember an episode of Highway to Heaven where Michael Landon played a substitute teacher at a high school. One of the male teachers was about to cross the line with one of his femail students. Fortunately, Michael was there to save the day and got the teacher to see the error of his plan.

I suggest we put angels in all the schools to remind the teachers that it is not socially acceptable to become romantically or sexually involved with students.
2004-11-18 02:50:19 PM  

Isn't that already Bush's education policy?
2004-11-18 02:51:17 PM  
Hey, it was an honest mistake... coulda happened to anyone!
2004-11-18 02:52:20 PM  
Do you know the difference between being involved and being committed?

Think about a plate of ham and eggs. The chicken was involved, the pig was committed.
2004-11-18 02:57:19 PM  
2004-11-18 02:57:44 PM  
"Got it made, got it made, got it made ... I'm hot for teacher!"
2004-11-18 02:57:57 PM  
Was he a priest?

Oh, it was with a girl, never mind.
2004-11-18 02:58:49 PM  
What if the student is so horny that the only way to get them to learn is sex?
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