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(   Forcing your 12 year old to do yard work nude might be a bad parenting choice   ( divider line
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46598 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Nov 2004 at 1:48 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-18 06:47:15 AM  
The Day Mom Snapped...
2004-11-18 06:52:24 AM  
Ya think..?
2004-11-18 07:05:47 AM  
Not in my neighbourhood....

2004-11-18 07:15:59 AM  
DAMNIT Da Cricket!, You stole my thought.
2004-11-18 07:18:05 AM  
Well, you shouldn't leave those things laying around ya know? ;o)
2004-11-18 08:20:27 AM  
You know, 100 years ago people would have thought nothing of this.

Of course, 100 years ago you could beat your kids and your mule when they were insolent.
2004-11-18 09:19:43 AM  
100 years ago most people didn't know squat about much more than week old election news about anyone more than 10 miles from their house.

/just saying
2004-11-18 09:31:04 AM  
This article is usel....wait, that's just farked up.
2004-11-18 09:52:09 AM  
I have a query:

What if the mother forced the child to wear a ridiculous clothings instead of being naked?

Still child cruelty?
2004-11-18 11:52:41 AM  
HumbleGod made me laugh (again)...

Is this a bad thing? (again)
2004-11-18 01:09:59 PM  
A friend of my girlfriend's family jokingly says a "bad parenting decision" made him gay.

He and his brother were fist-fighting.. as punishment, his parents made he and his brother stand naked holding hands in front of their bay window for 2 hours.
2004-11-18 01:52:31 PM  
Of course, if said offspring is a 20 yr old female home from college, you just might have a profitable Internet site on your hands.
2004-11-18 01:52:45 PM  
Isn't this like a year old? sorry, didn't RTA
2004-11-18 01:53:27 PM  
Well, I turned out ok.

/statistical rebuttal
2004-11-18 01:53:48 PM  
The 12-year-old boy had aggravated his mother by continuing to get in trouble at school, and the mother responded by sending him outside that evening to rake leaves naked.

WTF is wrong with people?
2004-11-18 01:55:02 PM  

2004-11-18 08:20:27 AM theflyingdutchman

You know, 100 years ago people would have thought nothing of this.

Of course, 100 years ago you could beat your kids and your mule when they were insolent.

What I can't beat my mule? So what good are boobies links then?
2004-11-18 01:55:25 PM  
It would have been a lot easier just to beat him with the rake.
2004-11-18 01:55:32 PM  
Gotta be careful with that lawn mower! Yeeesh!
2004-11-18 01:57:19 PM  
this thread better not acquire any related NSFW links...
2004-11-18 01:58:10 PM  
this article would have been much hotter if it was a 12 year old girl.

ok, i'll be quiet now. back to the bangbus thread....
2004-11-18 01:58:32 PM  
Michael Jackson is shaking leaves off of his trees as we speak.
2004-11-18 01:58:38 PM  
You never know...I know that the kid is only twelve, but might get him some dates.
2004-11-18 01:59:12 PM  
Was he hot?

/please don't kill me...
2004-11-18 01:59:27 PM  
my parents used to threaten to pull down my pants and spank me in front of my friends if i was bad...

is that weird? :)
2004-11-18 01:59:36 PM  
There's nothing like two hours of cold, forced, public nudity to make you feel like your parents care about you.

I hope a crack team of child psychologists converged on that house. That kid's going to have a complex.
2004-11-18 01:59:40 PM  
no seriously...where are the pics?

/please don't kill me either
2004-11-18 02:00:01 PM  
What's the problem? I am nude right now.
2004-11-18 02:00:20 PM  
If at any point any of your discipline methods involve your child stripping naked, you need serious help.
2004-11-18 02:00:23 PM  
Overheard from priest passing by: "This must be my birthday."
2004-11-18 02:01:02 PM  
when i was 12 and had to rake leaves, my mom used to make me put clothes on.


2004-11-18 02:02:33 PM  
...Mary LeTorneau seen cruising the neighborhood.
2004-11-18 02:03:05 PM  
Last year's story.
2004-11-18 02:03:06 PM  
i think that lorena bobbit should travel around the country performing her famous act on all these sick farkers.
2004-11-18 02:04:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/use your imagination
2004-11-18 02:04:23 PM  
sounds like an episode of Desperate Housewives to me. "Are ya ready for some yardwork???"
2004-11-18 02:04:33 PM  
This thread is heading downhill fast...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-18 02:04:37 PM  
In other news, Michael Jackson is looking to buy a home in Mayfield.
2004-11-18 02:05:45 PM  
Now that's a story we can relate to!
2004-11-18 02:06:03 PM  
"At that time, Scott could impose the guilty plea, find the woman guilty of a lesser...."

Um, forgive me if I'm wrong, but since when can a judge impose a plea for a defendant???
2004-11-18 02:06:44 PM  
Damn, fark threw out my image and now my comment don't make no sense atall!
2004-11-18 02:07:13 PM  

When I catch my kids holding hands naked in front of the bay window, I make them fist fight.
2004-11-18 02:07:17 PM  
Wow. What people come up with for punishment. Should have had him pick up the leaves one by one by hand. Probably would have worked better.
2004-11-18 02:07:44 PM  
It wouldn't have made much a difference to me as a kid. We didn't have any neighbors for miles and you couldn't see our house from the (dirt) road.
2004-11-18 02:08:27 PM  

I have a query:

What if the mother forced the child to wear a ridiculous clothings instead of being naked?

Still child cruelty?

Well, in Texas it might be if he were forced to wear wimmin's clothing. Cuz that would lead him down the "homosexual agenda" path.
2004-11-18 02:08:51 PM  
Really? Are you serious? That's a bad choice?

/consulting my "Parenting 123" book just to make sure.
2004-11-18 02:09:09 PM  
I hope he breaks the rake off in her vagina and stabs her through the eye with the other half.
2004-11-18 02:09:20 PM  
Surpised no one blamed this on Jesus, Right-wingers, red states, or Dubya yet...

/still in waiting
2004-11-18 02:09:34 PM  
Frednecks. Figures.
2004-11-18 02:11:59 PM  
"and at this time, are doing much better."

Did anyone else read that line and think of the "Bring out your dead" bit from The Holy Grail?
2004-11-18 02:12:13 PM  
Who rakes leaves in April? Aren't they just coming back then?
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