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1300 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Feb 2002 at 8:12 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-22 08:14:00 AM  
Selling what? advertising space ot hosting.
2002-02-22 08:15:51 AM  
i've already sold my body
2002-02-22 08:16:08 AM  
<comments about "Farkers have clicked on the above link %Number% times>

(Somebody want to close this tag later on today?
2002-02-22 08:20:04 AM  
Um... finally cover costs? So the banner advertising and totalfark subscriptions haven't been covering it? How much does it cost to run fark, exactly? And, why hasn't it been sold to OSDN yet so it's all someone else's problem? ;)

J/K. But really, drew. How much does it cost? Or, more like, how close are you? I obviously don't mind fark raising money if it's at a loss, but... what's not working so far?
2002-02-22 08:24:18 AM  
I can't wait for the new sales staff to fill every available Farking space with ads. My dream come true.
2002-02-22 08:25:55 AM  
-----Original Message-----
From: fb- [mailto:fb-­isno­t[nospam-﹫-backwards]k­raf*com]
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 9:14 AM
To: dr­ew­[nospam-﹫-backwards]kra­f­*co­m
Subject: My Resume

I saw your offer Drew and wanted to work for you! I can mow lawns, clean your gutters and impregnate any college-age attractive, disease free women you'd like. Blondes preferred, but not required.

I know this is hastily thrown together, but I wanted to get my resume into you first!

1993 - 1996: High School
1997 - 2000: University of Kentucky
2000 - 2001: 1 year and 3 months in Chino Men's Correctional facility for aggrivated rape and assault.
Feb 2001 - Mar 2001: Tried for but aquitted of Armed robbery.
Mar 2001 - Apr 2001: 2 months at Red Grove detox center.
May 2001 - July 2001: Held over for court ordered psychiatric evaluation at Mountain View home for the criminally insane.
July 2001 - Sept 2001: Severed as chairperson of the Republican National Committee.
Nov 2001 - Sept 2002: My lawer has advised me not to discuss.
2002 - Present: The rest is kinda hazy, I've been on this meth fueled bender for a while now. Hey! Remember that time you and I were in Vegas and you killed that hooker!?!?

In closing, I would like a job. I want to spend as much time on the internet as possible to lure the Olsen twins into my house for sexual gratification and torture. I only hope that working for you in some internet related capacity will only help me in this indevor.

PS, I'm the father.
2002-02-22 08:27:49 AM  
Yeah I'm pretty surprised to hear that they're not covering the costs of running FARK yet. I mean, look how many classified ads alone are posted each week, and I'm sure they've got a decent amount of TotalFark subscriptions, plus all the banner ads now. Doesn't make sense...
2002-02-22 08:29:27 AM  
its not about covering costs.. its about making more money and taking over the world.
2002-02-22 08:29:33 AM  
We need more ads on here.

I still will make the suggestion of having less articles posted. Less articles, less comments, less bandwidth.
2002-02-22 08:39:58 AM  
Feh. Kinda like selling planks off a sinking ship, don't you think?? Yeah, usage is high and growing. Big deal. Content has been "off" for months, and you are absolutely maxxed out in the hardware department. Kudos to Mike's 1337 5KI1Z for keeping it running as well as it is!! You da MAN! Look at the stats on individual user attrition (how many people continue to Fark after 60 days, 90 days, etc.) and the picture will not be so rosy. This is the number that most people want to see before committing money to something. They want a dedicated user-base, not one that changes every month. Speculatively, I bet that number (percentage wise) was a lot higher 2 years ago. Ask your self what changed, fix it, and you will have something marketable. Right now, you got a really fun site and that is about it.
2002-02-22 08:40:52 AM  
Maybe you could start using computers to host stuff.
2002-02-22 08:42:27 AM  
"Commission-only" = Volunteer
2002-02-22 08:46:01 AM  
Stop begging -- it is very unprofessional.
2002-02-22 08:46:15 AM  
Do you guys know that so called 'voulnteers' don't even get paid?!?
2002-02-22 08:54:05 AM  
Grimass, I bet alot of the "user attrition" is due to Drew blocking peoples userID's and IP's for no apparent reason, other than his paties are in a bunch!
2002-02-22 09:04:31 AM  
God forbid someone makes a buck for their work. How bad is it to make a PROFIT on this which we hang and rant on all day long. Start submitting articles to AdBusters if you're so upset about sales on FARK.

What a bunch of friggin whiners.

You may think that FARK is yours, but it's not. It's your invisible friend Drew's house, and he's tired of feeding you for free every day.
2002-02-22 09:07:04 AM  
Funny stuff fb-

Chairman of the rep. party thrown in there. hehehe
2002-02-22 09:08:01 AM  
costs would certainly be met if Drew would stop using the funds for beer money....
2002-02-22 09:15:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-22 09:17:12 AM  
Just give in and host the site off of GeoCities already.
2002-02-22 09:17:38 AM  
Anyone have a link to that bandwidth graph from the past 3 or so months ? Maybe some whiney ass noobs would understand when they see that. I'm 'fairly' new myself, but I 've seen Fark grow tremendously in my 4 months here.
2002-02-22 09:18:09 AM  
Turkish: Memento kicks ass. Is that directed at Drew or at the people on this thread whining at Drew?
2002-02-22 09:18:22 AM  
Turkish , exactly. lol, good one !
2002-02-22 09:19:18 AM  
Here's an idea -

Give people the option to pay $1 per month ($2? whatever) to have their p-shops actually hosted at fark. I know the idea is to REDUCE bandwidth, but if you "marked up" the bandwidth, it'd cover costs somewhere else, right?

2002-02-22 09:22:17 AM  
I will whine if I want! And I ain't gonna "donate to the beer fund" I ain't gonna pay for "totalfark" and I ain't gonna buy a "classified". If fark can't afford to stay in business, I don't care! You don't see BBspot biatchin' about this stuff. I don't care if Drew makes money, good for him, if some of his profit models are working, great, but I like my internet content FREE.
2002-02-22 09:29:13 AM  
LunaticFringe - that's directed at the people whining at Drew. People like Grimass. The people who keep on coming back, whining about how much everything sucks. The people who continue to inform us of what they aren't going to do, explaining over and over why they don't have to do anything. The boring rebels.
2002-02-22 09:34:55 AM  
lol Turkish, chalk BLOCKEDIP up on that 'whiney lil biatch' list.
2002-02-22 09:36:51 AM  
BlockedIP - You have some sort of internet connection obviously. Whether it is from work, school, or home, you are paying for that connection. Your internet content will never be free.

Oh, and I just wanted to thank for paying for my internet access. It's fun to work for the government. Thanks for paying for me to post to fark. To everyone else, sorry for squandering your money.

Also, BlockedIP how do you live? I mean, with that attitude I could see you saying "I'm not going to shop for groceries, the store doesn't need my money, screw 'em if they can't stay in business".
2002-02-22 09:38:25 AM  
This posting needs the 'Unlikely' or 'Stupid' tag....
2002-02-22 09:40:13 AM  
Real smart thinking there Blocked IP. Sheesh. Maybe if you spent less time biatching, more time thinking, life would be a lil more pleasurable for you.

Other notes, how bad off is fark?!? How is total fark doing!? As long as fark dont give into 7 million pop up ads.........
2002-02-22 09:44:10 AM  
It's hard to believe that you can not get really big sponsers to put ad banners on this site. With the amount of people that come to this site everyday, it should be an easy sell. I guess we need to know what markets you would like to limit yourself too. Would Dell or IBM, for instance, be too big? Are you just looking for smaller companies? And please, not X10.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-22 09:49:04 AM  
Blackvampyr : I said I like my CONTENT FREE, I would like free access too, but obvously net-zeros business model sucked ass..... As to your second comment, internet content is NOT a physical object, so your sorry-ass analogy SUCKS! Get overyour holier-than thou self. I am just being honest, you got a problem with that, suckit!
2002-02-22 09:50:01 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-22 09:52:36 AM  
Your ROCK turkish! ;)
2002-02-22 09:53:07 AM  
And whered you get that picture of me? ;)
2002-02-22 09:54:27 AM  
Turkish Too funny
2002-02-22 09:56:22 AM  
I was only blond like that as a child... My hair is brown now... Attitude is the same though! ;)
2002-02-22 09:57:50 AM  
It's funny that the people who have been hear the shortest amount of time do the most amount of biatching.

If you have a problem, just move the fark on. No one will miss you, I assure you.

Drew does this because it pleases him. This is not a democracy and I greatly doubt he really cares what you think of him or Fark. If you like it and enjoy it, then that is great and I'm sure he will be pleased. If you don't, than piss off.

No one will ever make you purchase a classified ad or subscribe to totalfark. You can ignore the ads if you want to. However, no one is making you spend your time and his bandwidth to post here to biatch about it.
2002-02-22 09:59:22 AM  
I don't know why, but it never ceases to amaze me how a post like this brings the "real intellectuals" out of the woodwork. What entitles anyone here to use a Fark which does not cover its own costs? For that matter, why is Drew not entitled to start making a profit from his hobby? Simply because you have access to a computer with internet access? The argument is stupid to say the least. I don't remember Drew saying anywhere that every user of Fark was going to be required to sell ad space. I don't remember him saying anywhere that you would be required to buy a subscription to TotalFark. So, if this is all too troublesome for your edgy nature, ignore it, go to another thread, and continue biatching about how bad the articles on Fark are these days. If this doesn't work for you, and you still find yourself getting so stressed out by the practices of Drew and company, find another site. It's that simple. If you find your blood pressure and personal happiness are that tied up in a website, you're probably taking things a bit too seriously.
2002-02-22 09:59:29 AM  
what Turkish said....a couple of times...
2002-02-22 10:00:22 AM  
BlockedIP, you sound like you would prefer communism....
2002-02-22 10:02:15 AM  
it's time for the Tommybob "Let's guess his age!"
i say blockedip is 18.
2002-02-22 10:02:35 AM  
Froggy, no they are not making me spend my time here, I enjoy it. One of the best features of FARK, IMHO, is that it's FREE... Actually, Drew banned my IP about a week ago, I used to logon as gr00vey, but he blocked me for saying "Laura Bush needs to use a vibrator". Which I really couldn't figure out, so I started a few new userID's.... (and switched IP's) I have great respect for FARK, but if it isn't free, I doubt it will last... There will ALWAYS be free BBSes on the internet (yes, FARK is just another glorifies BBS) and if you are so gung ho on paying, why don't you stay over on totalfark?
2002-02-22 10:03:30 AM  
33 tommybob and I stand behind my opinion, you are allowed to disgaree... ;)
2002-02-22 10:04:16 AM  
anybody notice...blocke dip? now that's a good Fark user id. kinda reminds me of dash riprock or bolt upright.
2002-02-22 10:04:59 AM  
I agree 100% Javaman, Drew has every right to make money. I never said he didn't, I just said I wasn't going to contribute.
2002-02-22 10:06:08 AM  
very clever, tommybob! You are the epitomy of wit!
2002-02-22 10:06:14 AM  
33 my ass. nobody 33 years old whines like that.
2002-02-22 10:07:49 AM  
Ok, lets play "guess my age"? I wish I was 18! Are you saying only young adults whine? What the fark world do you live in?
2002-02-22 10:08:27 AM  
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