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(Fark)   Guess who's back. Fark is back. Back again. Etc., etc. (Short version: VDOT accidently cut fiber to Servint)   ( divider line
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21302 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Nov 2004 at 7:44 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-17 07:49:03 PM  
FARK - farked?
2004-11-17 07:49:15 PM  
I felt like a crack addict dropped off on a desert without food, shelter or most importantly, CRACK!!!

//actually, not that bad, but yeah, I missed ya a little bit.
2004-11-17 07:49:19 PM  
This is the death of teh intarweb as we know it.
2004-11-17 07:49:34 PM  
That's what you getting for drinking beer near the servers again, Drew.

/get some self control
2004-11-17 07:49:45 PM  
I had to wait ages to rant about the Geneva convention! Is there no justice?

If you leave me now
Youll take away the biggest part of me
Oo, oo, oo, no, baby, please dont go...
2004-11-17 07:50:14 PM  
It felt like an eternity. I am glad the madness is over.
2004-11-17 07:50:26 PM  
man, that was brutal. I actually had to work today.......

/glad that's over
2004-11-17 07:50:38 PM  
I was wondering, i wonder what percentage of Canadians shop naked online? There was nowhere to go...
2004-11-17 07:50:54 PM  
bout time
2004-11-17 07:51:01 PM  
For a minute there, I thought my company had blocked Fark at the firewall. Then I realized I'm the administrator. Then I thought maybe I have split personality disorder and I really did it to myself. Then I considered ways to kill this other evil me. Then I argued with myself that even the evil me couldn't live without Fark. Then I contimplated if I could get charged with a murder of my other evil self or it would be like the end of "Fight Club." Then my eyes went crossed. Then you regretted reading this whole post.
2004-11-17 07:51:04 PM  
I thought Fark may have been blown up by terrorists. Oh well, all is well.
2004-11-17 07:51:14 PM  
I even missed the non-totalfarkers!

/snobby bastard
2004-11-17 07:51:37 PM  
I only knew it was bad when I started having mystic visions of the Palmer Cash chick.
2004-11-17 07:51:43 PM  
Is Amazon having trouble, too or is it just me? Can't sign into my acct.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2004-11-17 07:51:53 PM  
I was trapped in a meeting listening to people debate trivial details of a new software feature so I didn't even notice Fark was gone for a few hours.
2004-11-17 07:52:08 PM  
I have to apologize at this point- I had no idea that would work so well.

As it is, wait for tomorrow, when the real fun happens.
2004-11-17 07:52:13 PM  
...and just as suddenly, the DT shivers stopped...
2004-11-17 07:52:13 PM  
UltraFark wasn't down...

2004-11-17 07:52:18 PM  
Why did I just enter a comment into a thread that no longer exists? Now it has been replaced by this thread full of idiots! - just kidding
2004-11-17 07:52:19 PM  
Hmm, Google works fine for me.
2004-11-17 07:52:21 PM  

I shokok and curled myself in a fetal position all afternoon.
2004-11-17 07:53:02 PM  
It felt like the end of civilization
2004-11-17 07:53:17 PM  
Google ain't loadin' for me at the moment, either. Now THAT is disconcerting.
2004-11-17 07:53:19 PM  
But you had your clown suit to keep you company, Argh. And the rubber nose.
2004-11-17 07:53:21 PM  
Silversouth: Yeah, same here. If this keeps up, they will start expecting more output from me at work than this farkette wants to deliver on a daily basis.

I mean, damn.
2004-11-17 07:53:30 PM  
1 out of every 30 million Canadians shop naked online.

/ guess who
2004-11-17 07:53:42 PM  
Argh_Dammit: I even missed the non-totalfarkers!

There are non-totalfarkers?
2004-11-17 07:53:46 PM  
I spent the downtime lying in my bed, drenched in a cold sweat, shaking.
2004-11-17 07:54:11 PM  

I was trapped in a meeting listening to people debate trivial details of a new software feature so I didn't even notice Fark was gone for a few hours.

Sounds like a real life version of Fark.
2004-11-17 07:54:23 PM  
chakalakasp: Google ain't loadin' for me at the moment, either. Now THAT is disconcerting.

s'workin fine for me.
2004-11-17 07:54:23 PM  
Thought they'd banned my IP address.
2004-11-17 07:54:34 PM  
HOLY MOLEY!!!!! i didnt know what to do during the last hour of work...i actually composed a letter at 4:30 p.m.!
2004-11-17 07:54:35 PM  
Fark was unreachable for several hours.

It worked only if I pointed my browser at a US proxy.

I am going to disable the proxy and see if it actually does work now...

/Surrey, BC, Canada
2004-11-17 07:54:55 PM  
I was so....cold....and so alone....
2004-11-17 07:54:57 PM  
Fark went somewhere?
2004-11-17 07:55:12 PM  
I was reduced to reading Google News on the Virgin sandwich.

I figured every headline writer on the web had turned to Google when Fark was down.
2004-11-17 07:55:19 PM  
Can you hear me now?

2004-11-17 07:55:22 PM  
Ah, that explains it. When Fark was down, I couldn't get a domain on them, either. Looks like servint's suffered a meltdown of some sort, from that forum that was linked above.
2004-11-17 07:55:37 PM  
What the fark happened?

Cable meet backhoe. Backhoe win. Servint go bye bye.
2004-11-17 07:55:42 PM  
2004-11-17 07:55:47 PM  
That was at least a half hour. Is everyone ok? What happened?
2004-11-17 07:56:04 PM  
I tried making Admiral Akbar references to my co-workers, but nobody understood me.
2004-11-17 07:56:05 PM  
Why didn't Fark just switch internets?
2004-11-17 07:56:25 PM  

I have my account to ignore the masses of liters and only show me the tfer and tfette posts. best thing since i went to /commented.
2004-11-17 07:56:33 PM  
I had to actually do work today, that's a dangerous precedent to set...
2004-11-17 07:56:39 PM  
I actually felt pretty sad. I just went and ate a can of beans instead of reading fark. The beans told me the news and the news is delicious.
2004-11-17 07:56:53 PM  
closeminded.: There are non-totalfarkers?

ssshhhhhh - they can hear you!!
2004-11-17 07:57:19 PM  
Thank god, my boss almost caught me working.
2004-11-17 07:57:27 PM  
why the fark is fark a fark link?
2004-11-17 07:57:30 PM  
Thanks for making me actually do work at work today. :P
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