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11101 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Feb 2002 at 7:56 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-22 07:58:37 AM  
And there was me expecting a story about de-forestation or something.
2002-02-22 07:58:52 AM  
Who edited my headline:

it orginally said Fb forced to eat humble pie as whining treehuggers proved correct.
2002-02-22 08:01:53 AM  
Rumsfeld said it was a mistake. So obviously it makes it alright then.
2002-02-22 08:03:09 AM  
treehuggers=!human rights activists
2002-02-22 08:05:22 AM  
but, all of the dead were terrorists, right? Right? Stupid bigoted Fb.

2002-02-22 08:05:37 AM  

Tree-huggers are those enviro-terrorists. You are talking about terrorist-huggers I think. You know, the liberals that do anything in their power to support and protect terrorists and their rights to attack America.
2002-02-22 08:06:51 AM  
No-one here has ever protected or supported terrorists Fb, its a stupid cheap and pointless jibe.

I was going to post the New york times report, couldnt cos of password, her is an excerpt.

"One of the most gruesome descriptions from the raids' aftermath concerned dead Afghans found bound in plastic handcuffs, which prompted some local villagers to question whether the fighters had been executed while in custody.

Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said today that standard procedures during a raid required American troops to handcuff the wounded as the troops advanced through a building, to make sure even injured enemies were unable to grab a weapon. Subsequently, some of the injured may have died of their wounds, he said, "but they certainly weren't shot in their handcuffs."
2002-02-22 08:09:33 AM  

You know I support out Special Forces executing terrorists. Why are you crying to me?!?!
2002-02-22 08:10:49 AM  
What does that have to do with anything, Fb-?

It's obvious that the army farked up here and killed civilians. Killing civilians=no good. End of story.
2002-02-22 08:11:07 AM  
they were not terrorists though Fb, thats the point.
2002-02-22 08:11:55 AM  
After the briefing, Rumsfeld took a moment to address the gathered reporters directly, saying "Bad media! Bad! What have I told you about digging up these kinds of stories? No press leaks for you for 1 week!" After Mr. Rumsfeld slapped each reporter on the wrist with a rolled up newspaper, he was heard to remark, "Well, sometimes you just have to be firm with these reporters. I've told them many times that this is my war, and they'll report what I want them to, but sometimes a few have to ruin it for everyone else. They'll learn." The reporters collectively hung their heads in shame and were sent to their hotel rooms without supper.
2002-02-22 08:13:34 AM  

Yes they were. I don't buy that government propaganda like you do. You believe everything the US government spoon feeds you, you stupid liberal tool. You are a tool of the propaganda machine.

Maybe if you opened your mind a little bit and searched for the truth rather than reading your washington news rag and believing everything they print and everything the government tells you to believe, then you might understand there's a real truth behind this. The government is lying to you. These people were terrorists.
2002-02-22 08:14:32 AM  
Fb, that makes no sense whatsoever. Why would they lie about that? Wouldn't they be proud that they killed terrorists? Why would they lie and say that they killed civvies?
2002-02-22 08:15:35 AM  
You are reaching Fb, perhaps its time to dig up harmoniasmugbot, cos you are losing it big style today.

I know its Friday and you are tired but do make an effort, your fans need you!
2002-02-22 08:17:51 AM  
Wait, Harmonia BELIEVES everything the US Government tells him?

that statement seems wrong.

Why in the hell would 'Ultimate Terrorist Hugger' Harmonia believe the US Government when they say that they didn't kill civilians?

If anybody is a tool of the Propaganda Machine, it's Fb-, Fb- totally snapped after 9/11 and turned into a man with a massive prejudice against any Muslim.

Fb, there is no chance in hell ALL of the dead were Terrorists. It's just not likely.

Then again, with your beliefs on Muslims and Terrorism, you may be thinking Muhammad Ali and Cat Stevens are plotting something devious.

2002-02-22 08:18:40 AM  
Gee, a war with civilian casualties? That's never happened before.
2002-02-22 08:18:56 AM  
Unfortunate and utterly predictable byproduct of war. Relevance to the big picture = 0 Relevance to the deceased, their family and friends = total.

This story is probably most significant for the fact that we were willing to acknowledge the fact that these people were not "bad guys." Would any other superpower be willing to do that? Wait, there are no other superpowers - my bad.
2002-02-22 08:19:33 AM  
Well said, RobbieFal. You get a cookie!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-22 08:19:52 AM  
What kind of cookie is that?
2002-02-22 08:20:13 AM  
Beats me. It's the product of GIS.
2002-02-22 08:21:13 AM  
The headline should have read:

Harmonia baits hook, Fb- swallows.
2002-02-22 08:21:44 AM  
That's not all Fb- swallows.
2002-02-22 08:22:03 AM  
Anyways, before FlameBait- starts up again with blaming the Muslims and calling all of them terrorists, I gotta go.

2002-02-22 08:22:07 AM  
Whats interesting is that I posted this here three weeks ago to the sound of happy daddy et al saying it was "Typical commie propaganda" and that Ananova, which broke the story was an untrustworthy site.

Im looking hard but I dont see any of you conceding that point.

Still as you say it no doubt is all worth it with everything going so well in Afghanistan

">Happy Afghans sing and dance all day
2002-02-22 08:22:46 AM  
Lets try that link again:,7792,654271,00.​html
2002-02-22 08:26:12 AM  

For godsake learn how to use AHREF tag.
2002-02-22 08:27:53 AM  
Fb showed me a while ago (cheers for that BTW) but I made a boo-boo with the "".

*note to self must try harder*

2002-02-22 08:27:58 AM  
"We killed the wrong people, but it wasn't an error."

Uhhh -- let's go through that again.
2002-02-22 08:28:27 AM  
Hazelnut, I think, not walnut.
2002-02-22 08:28:40 AM  
Here's some heretic thinking: maybe what we really need in that region to bring stability to afghanistan is... an alliance with Iran and Pakistan. Then maybe we could get those two to STOP destabalizing the transitional Afghan government just to nudge up their own influence over the territory.

The main problem being, as I see it, Iran's ongoing support of Hizbollah and/or other terrorist organizations... and it really helps win them over to our side when we call them "evil." I mean, really. How else are we to establish a stable state in Afghanistan where terrorists will no longer be harboured?

Oh, wait, I forgot the "nuke 'em all and let god sort 'em out" defense. My bad.
2002-02-22 08:29:31 AM  

Just a minute boiled beef breath. I have never commented on the reliability of Ananova, nor used the phrase "Typical commie propaganda" in my life. Furthermore, I have never commented at all on this story, until today. You have wounded me deeply with your false allegation.

Good morning Harmonia.
2002-02-22 08:31:20 AM  
Harmonia, Robbie,

Just illustrating a point. When the US propaganda machine turns out something that furthers your cause, you buy it hook line and sinker. Anything else you disgard as media bias or outright government propaganda.
2002-02-22 08:40:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hanoi Jane and Ted Turner!
2002-02-22 08:42:20 AM  
"it orginally said Fb forced to eat humble pie as whining treehuggers proved correct."

That's because it's troll posted flame bait.
2002-02-22 08:44:03 AM  
as a newbie to fark,i have a simple question here: is Fb- the guy who called for nuking of all arabs,muslims,etc?
2002-02-22 08:45:43 AM  
I feel so guilty, I think I've done things like this myself. This past summer I murdered 6 ladybugs while destroying a wasp nest in the yard.

Oh well, shiat happens.
2002-02-22 08:45:52 AM  
"I don't think it is an error,"

Yet another error is made!
2002-02-22 08:47:07 AM  
Happy you may not have used that exact phrase but...

Good afternoon to you too!
2002-02-22 08:48:13 AM  
We should have let those Afghans live because maybe they could have killed us someday. Harmonia is a moron.
2002-02-22 08:53:24 AM  
Whether you determine it to be a mistake or not really does depend on how the question was laid out to Rumsfeld. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, we can see now that this was an error in intelligence. However, when you are in a fluid wartime situation, you have to go with the best intelligence that you feel comfortable with. Obviously, they felt good about this piece of information and performed their raid. There were no mistakes in the raid itself (it's not like we went through and ID'd people looking for their Al-Qaida badge).

I'd venture to guess that at no time was that village 100% full of Al-Qaida fighters, but that minutes or hours before US forces got there, the Al-Qaida had moved on, leaving only the villagers. As we learned in both Vietnam and Somalia, to name two, people have learned to hide themselves within civilian populations. If you have intelligence that the enemy is there and you go in, you have to stick with that assumption or US troops come home in boxes.
2002-02-22 08:55:01 AM  

Congratulations to you and your countrymen on the stunning upset in ladies curling. I can only imagine that the streets are still crowded with revelers.
2002-02-22 08:55:41 AM  
They are Afghanis!! Can you honestly say that you really care at all?!?!
2002-02-22 08:56:08 AM  
Hawkifann: very good post. Unfortunately, there are a number of people who would prefer to see U.S. troops come home in those very boxes you mentioned. I'm not one of them.
2002-02-22 08:58:34 AM  
It's a war. Casualties, although tragic, happen. Deal with it. Somehow I don't think the US special forces were ordered to kill all the Afghan civilians they can point a gun at.
2002-02-22 08:59:19 AM  
well someone atleast answer my question? please?
2002-02-22 09:07:28 AM  
Charging somebody with murder in Afghanistan is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500.
2002-02-22 09:09:53 AM  
SomeZool : Yes.
2002-02-22 09:12:55 AM  
SomeZool, be wary of FB. He might try to befriend you with sweets or sugared snacks, but to trod down his path is folly.
Fb has no answers, only contradiction and senseless babble.
2002-02-22 09:14:53 AM  
Fb-: as a muslim and an arabic farker, i'd like to say one thing....

fark you,you 16-year old biatch!

mods: read above to understand
2002-02-22 09:15:48 AM  

You are showing the violent tendecies of your people
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