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(Village Voice)   Beaver rates this year's best hockey fights.   ( divider line
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3903 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Feb 2002 at 7:56 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-22 07:59:47 AM  
2002-02-22 08:11:36 AM  
yeah! hockey fights!
2002-02-22 08:30:21 AM  
are there really any bad hockey fights?
2002-02-22 08:35:53 AM  
All we need now are some videos!
2002-02-22 08:37:02 AM  
That Matthew Barnaby vs. PJ Stock fight was awesome. I was at that game, and it must have lasted 3 or 4 minutes. It went from the Boston blue line back to center ice, across to the Ranger blue line, back across center ice, and back to the Boston blue line. I score this one for Barnaby. At the end, Barnaby ended up on top.

One they didn't list was Sandy McCarthy vs. Brad Isbister (1/30) McCarthy beat the hell out of Isbister, the linesmen broke it up early, but Isbister kept running his mouth. McCarthy promptly shut it for him, and knocked him on his ass with one punch to the mouth.
2002-02-22 08:37:38 AM  
Bah reading about hockey fights is no fun. Watching videos of them is though.
2002-02-22 09:17:27 AM  
Severin: That's a great site. Been there before. I've seen most of those games too
2002-02-22 09:59:51 AM  
Ahh, hockey fights. I was at the game where Detroit brutalized Colorado after Lemiux crushed Draper's face. It was truly a beautiful night of brutality. I couldn't speak for two days from screaming myself so hoarse. I'd have to say the crowning moment was McCarty dragging a bloddy Lemiux over to the bench to show Draper.
2002-02-22 10:26:23 AM  
My fave this year (saw it on Center Ice) was the Ottawa/Boston no-holds-barred 12 man brawl. *I* was going nuts watching EVERYONE fight...especially the goalies.

There was a Blues game I went to when there was some big mixups and goalies started to skate towards one another, but the linesmen wouldn't let them... boy would that have been fun. :)
2002-02-22 10:29:24 AM  
The author (Mike Beaver... huh huh... Beaver) should try watching some Western confernce games. To see what is happening outside of Beantown, check out These guys have a blow-by-blow description of every fight this season. It impressive.
2002-02-22 10:55:59 AM  
Its nice to see Stock get the attention he deserves - this guy's been kicking ass since he started wearing the Black & Gold.
2002-02-22 11:00:16 AM  
this year: PJ Stock vs Stephen Peat
recent historry: Patrick Roy - Mike Vernon

[image from too old to be available]

the result:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-22 11:02:48 AM  
damn tripod!!!
2002-02-22 11:10:13 AM  
They gotta have the Parker vs. entire Canucks fight. I'll never forget it, best fight ever.
2002-02-22 01:28:29 PM  
Tie Domi.If you re-arrange the letters in his name you can spell "me idiot".Naw,Tie is cool,He fights to fire up his teammates,and to protect sundin and the better players.He doesnt go just cause he a hotheadI wish I could find the video of where the fan jumped him after he squirted him with the water bottle though, I missed it.
2002-02-22 01:38:15 PM  
Reed Low is farking awesome!
Go Blues
2002-02-22 02:00:45 PM  
Robin: No, I don't think they have that one, but they do have a Cloutier vs. Salo fight from when Cloutier was on the Rangers. Who says the Canucks don't have any good fighters?
2002-02-22 03:12:43 PM  
What was the big goalie fight this year? I seem to remember that one... anyone have a video of that?
2002-02-22 03:13:45 PM  
Potvin kicking Hextall's ass a few years ago...

Goalie fight.
2002-02-22 03:21:24 PM  
How can he leave out the Kings - Senators fight? The goalies were fighting!
2002-02-22 04:41:30 PM  
Five best fights I've ever seen:

5. Kevin Sawyer(Ducks) vs. Jim McKenzie (Devils)(This one should have been on the list)

4. P.J. Stock(Canadiens at that time) vs. Peter Worrell(Panthers)

3. Felix Potvin vs. Ron Hextall (Don't know what teams they were on, but I think Potvin was a Canuck)

2. Dale Purinton(Rangers) vs. Sylvain Blouin(Wild)

1. Dan Cloutier(Rangers) beating the shiat out of Tommy Salo(Islanders)
2002-02-22 04:56:53 PM  
Of course, I prefer the top two because they involve Rangers beating the shiat out of players on other teams. GO RANGERS!
2002-02-22 06:07:53 PM  
First of all, let me say that Bob Probert is getting long in tooth but he is still one of the top 5 toughest guys in the N.H.L. EVER ! Not only that but he is a cool guy and always signs autographs after the home 'Hawks games.

Best fight I ever saw was when Probert was on the Red Wings and Al Secord was playing for the 'Hawks. Talk about a fight. They must have punched each other at least in the face alone 50 times each. Unbelievable brawl. Those two hated each other.
2002-02-22 06:40:47 PM  
Does anyone remember Sean Brown of the Oilers pounding the living hell out of Barnaby earlier this season?
2002-02-22 11:24:06 PM  
Quick1: Potvin and Hurme fought.

K.W.S.N.: Potvin was on the Leafs, and I think Hextall was on the Flyers. Potvin would never have done something cool like that for the Canucks :P
2002-02-23 04:20:58 AM  
Albatross that was my favorite hockey game of all time. Ton's of fights and Federov scores the O.T. game winner. I use to live near Flint, MI. They had a IHL team they always had good fights there and half of them were in the stands.
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