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10066 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Nov 2004 at 9:26 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-14 09:29:12 PM  
Maybe they really _do_ have a bridge to sell you...

2004-11-14 09:30:20 PM  
My local pawn shop has an 8 ton limit on bridges.
2004-11-14 09:30:34 PM  
Nu-UH. Ain't no way I'm buying no used bridge, no SAH.
2004-11-14 09:30:57 PM  
It looks like Carmen Sandiego had a hand in this.
2004-11-14 09:31:13 PM  
A huge 10-tonne steel railway bridge has been stolen from Darwin's rural area.

Darwin surrenders.
2004-11-14 09:35:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

That bridge really tied the track together.
2004-11-14 09:38:13 PM  
After reading that i feel both weary and small.

/Tears in my eyes

//too obvious?
2004-11-14 09:41:56 PM  
Good 'ol Big Lebowski
Great reference!
2004-11-14 09:41:59 PM  
'Who are the bastards that have flogged our bridge?"

First log floggers and now this ? Whats next ?
2004-11-14 09:43:30 PM  
Man, this is hilarious.
2004-11-14 09:43:51 PM  
Didn't something like this happen a few months ago...

/too lazy to look
2004-11-14 09:43:57 PM  
I'm sure it'll turn up. Probably just fell behind the couch.

It's always the last place you look.
2004-11-14 09:43:58 PM  
its in australia. thats what yah get when you start a country with convicts.
2004-11-14 09:44:43 PM  
Ah, up to your old tricks again, eh Moriarty?

/The game's afoot!
2004-11-14 09:44:51 PM  
It's farked for me.

That's too bad, 'cause I really wanted that bridge(couch).
2004-11-14 09:45:57 PM  
Methodical Mayhem

I think so. Wasn't it a bridge in Russia last time?
2004-11-14 09:46:14 PM  
Sergeant Colon unavailable for comment.
2004-11-14 09:55:41 PM  
Coporal Nobby wanted for questioning.
2004-11-14 09:56:27 PM  
Hey...would anybody like to buy a bridge? I'm offering it to Farkers before I put it on ebay.
2004-11-14 09:59:32 PM  
X-Wing hilarious
2004-11-14 10:02:59 PM  
Looks like frontierpsychiatry and bridgeboy13 have beaten me to it.
2004-11-14 10:04:11 PM  
They have gypsies in Australia too?
2004-11-14 10:11:42 PM  

2004-11-14 10:16:48 PM  
I suggest the police investigate areas with a lot of troubled water.
2004-11-14 10:35:05 PM  
What the heck is a "tonne" and where is it part of the Metric system?

So please use the term "mega-gram" and stop attempting to bastardize the English measurement system. Thank you.
2004-11-14 10:37:11 PM  
PlaidKing, it's sad, been when I read that I think of Star Trek.
2004-11-14 10:41:25 PM  
Texa$: hilarious!
2004-11-14 10:45:28 PM  
They should keep an eye out for rogue municipalities buying black market bridges.
2004-11-14 10:47:49 PM  
"I especially like"

"the way this story ends"

"In a long series of loosely connected"

"Random sentences."

/who flogged our bridge?
2004-11-14 10:52:46 PM  
When they put in the new road here the state DOT was giving away bridges. The steel truss type, very old...all you had to do was move it. Don't know if they got any takers.
2004-11-14 10:58:34 PM  
The headline should have mentioned Carmen Sandiego.
2004-11-14 11:04:04 PM  
This brings up the logical question: "How you do Fence a Bridge?"...
2004-11-14 11:14:28 PM  
Wanted for questioning:
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-14 11:32:56 PM  
I think it was Carmen Sandiego
2004-11-15 12:01:05 AM

Well, there's 3 more stolen bridges off a quick google. Ukraine, Bosnia & Maine. They've actually busted people for this. I guess the scrap metal is worth a pretty penny. So thats what Carmen and her gang are up to...

In related news, the largest antique ever sold is the original london bridge. You can find it in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
2004-11-15 12:05:47 AM  
Maybe they lifted the ten ton bridge with a forty foot rope!

/obscure Sesame Street reference
2004-11-15 12:05:58 AM  

I know exactly why this bridge was stolen. Scrap steel prices have quadrupled over the last few years and they are continuing to rise. I'm not kidding, I heard it from a big ( more than 20 million tons/yr) scrap dealer recently. That bridge has probably already been shredded and sold as scrap bundles.

Keep an eye on your bridges!

2004-11-15 12:07:25 AM  
Forgot to mention, at current scrap prices that bridge was worth $4500. If the bridge was in the middle of nowhere it would be a pretty low risk theft (apart from the risk to people expecting the bridge to be there).
2004-11-15 12:43:19 AM  
I have a 10 ton bridge up for sale on ebay if anyone is interested
2004-11-15 12:44:54 AM  
Listen up Gumshoes we have a mission for you
2004-11-15 01:30:15 AM  
The bridge theft's connection to terrorism remains unclear.
2004-11-15 02:04:18 AM  
Done to the styling and timely lyrics of rockapella...
2004-11-15 02:10:14 AM  
"strings of"
"direct quotations"
"used for"
"reporting a story"
"the baby jebus cry"

/journalism student
2004-11-15 05:48:31 AM  
Unless I'm mistaken, the last time we saw an article like this, it was a few miles of oil pipeline disappearing somewhere in Siberia. I want to say something along the lines of 11 miles maybe? Those screwy super villans... Always clamouring for attention now that we're after the terrorists.
2004-11-15 08:38:20 AM  
2004-11-15 11:11:09 AM  
Wasn't this article posted a while ago?
2004-11-15 02:33:28 PM  
scrap steel prices are about $300 per ton so that would net the criminals about $3300.00 (converted metric tonnes to tons). Why bother?
2004-11-15 07:45:19 PM  
It's a scrap!
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