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(Chron)   Clear Channel switches Houston's oldest and only rock station to "Spanglish Top 40"   ( divider line
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14641 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Nov 2004 at 12:39 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-14 02:33:22 AM  
God speed KLOL.. God speeeed! Like there isn't enough shi*ty mexican/hispanic stations out here...crappy ass music.. /IS hispanic
2004-11-14 02:52:35 AM  
Yet more proof that Clear Channel are t3h evail!
2004-11-14 03:35:48 AM  
those dickheads pulled the same crap in northern California - specifically KSJO. Makes sense though. Lessons learned by the overlord class in this country from the way they treated Blacks after importation into the US. Pacify, pacify, pacify.
2004-11-14 11:09:26 AM  
If you think this format switch it is about the general public or the music.
Then please deduct ten points from your score.

If you guessed that they could care less about a station that has been there for decades, because they see a chance to make more money.
Then please add ten points to your score.
2004-11-14 12:08:45 PM  
It's a shame. I've been to loads of KLOL-sponsored events and concerts, met some of the on-air people, and I listened to the station every day. I don't really care about the loss of a music source, as I can always listen to MP3s of the music I like, but I will miss the hometown players. There was a connection between the station and the city that I haven't found on any other Houston radio station.


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2004-11-14 12:14:34 PM  
Police Navidad!
Police Navidad!
Police Navidad,
Yo mayo taco
Polica tada!
2004-11-14 12:19:35 PM  
If this is anything like when 107.5 was going to be "shut down" then Clear Channel is just blowing a bunch of smoke up peoples asses and will have KLOL up and running on a different station in short order. They will also come out and say something along the lines of, "Thanks to overwhelming listener support (i.e. free advertising) we are please to announce that KLOL is being relaunched on 97.2 this coming weekend."

Clear Channel has no problem lying to its listeners.
2004-11-14 12:39:31 PM  
Ditto -

I'm hoping that's the case, but I'm not holding my breath 'till then.
2004-11-14 12:41:52 PM  
Radio is dead; has been for quite some time.

/having sirius installed this month.
2004-11-14 12:43:11 PM  
Clear Channel may be the proof Christians have to convince me that Satan exists!
2004-11-14 12:45:26 PM  
They turned the classic rock station in austin into a variety station. Can't imagine the shock that hit me when I tuned to the station and heard melissa etheridge and sheryl crow. The bastards.
2004-11-14 12:46:25 PM  
yeah. seriously, i only listen in my car. I have... what... 2215 songs on my computer? Soulseek rocks, radio sucks.
2004-11-14 12:46:30 PM  
I suppose this is a loss. I've had KLOL autoprogrammed in my car for ages but rarely if ever stop. I can go with out hearing "You Shook Me All Night Long" for quite awhile. No matter, I'm going to Sirius soon myself. It is a tragedy that radio as medium is dying/dead though.
2004-11-14 12:47:09 PM  
2004-11-14 12:47:18 PM  
while losing 101 is a huge loss, it's also not that big of a deal... 101 really sucked when compared to other rock stations across the state...
When they fired program manager Mark Stevens in 1999, the station improved a million percent, but it still sucked...
2004-11-14 12:47:30 PM  
I farking hate Clear Channel.

/bring back my Howard Stern, you bastards!!!
2004-11-14 12:48:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Aye, No me gusta! Ya tenemos quince estaciones! No mas, por favor! Yo necesito mi "Rock"!
2004-11-14 12:48:30 PM  
radio is as dead as ODB
2004-11-14 12:48:59 PM  
Haven't lived in my hometown of Houston for about 12 years or so, but have fond memories of KLOL. Seems to kinda suck, but what do I know?
2004-11-14 12:49:02 PM  
Wait, did KSJO switch to spanish-format? Man my boss is probably pissed. Shiat, I've been outta the country for too long...

Some hispanic music really does amuse me though. There is REALLY nothing funnier than seeing the stereotype play out every day -- hispanic guy gets out of a lowered pickup with those tiny little wheels, and the truck is absolutely BUMPING this polka shiat with loud bass and all, thru the subs in the truck...

I mean, really. I've been known to like my rap music and all. And I understand that popular music, no matter how stupid, always seems "cool" so it's considered acceptable (if annoying) to bump the bass really loud. But when I see this happen with the hispanic polka music, I literally have to laugh. I really do wonder if anyone thinks it sounds cool or just utterly ridiculous.

/well aware that plenty of people say the same thing about the music I listen to...
2004-11-14 12:49:22 PM  
They did the same to one of our rock stations, KSJO, but I stopped listening to it when they bought KSJO and several others in the area and they started playing all the same old shiat.

So, instead of 10 stations all playing the same shiat, now they have 10 stations playing the same shiat in different genres. Sorta like a food court in a mall.

2004-11-14 12:51:01 PM  
I wish you could block radio stations like you can with tv stations. I'd block that one so that if it gets stolen they won't have the satisfaction fo listening to it on their way to the chop shop.

2004-11-14 12:52:16 PM  
Ditto: Why not? Clear Channel loves screwing with stations. A couple of years ago they swapped frequencies of an oldies station and a rock station in my hometown (Youngstown, Ohio). I could never figure why. I think they enjoy messing with listeners because they can.
2004-11-14 12:54:03 PM  
Damn kids and their "downloading".
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2004-11-14 12:54:14 PM  
KLOL was my favorite station when I lived in Houston.
2004-11-14 12:54:52 PM  
This is the e-mail I sent to clear channel when I turned on Rock 101.

Dear Clear Channel,

While I understand that you were trying to open up to the Latino audience, you made a dire mistake replacing Houston's last real rock station. It's not like you couldn't afford another station instead of taking down such a huge part of our city's tradition. I appreciate reggaeton and salsa-club music, but I can never accept it at the expense of Walton & Johnson and Outlaw Dave. Until your empire has a Houston station with the music KLOL gave us for the past 30 years, I will not only boycott your radio stations and urge others to do the same. I will not attend any concert you sponsor. You have made many enemies this week. Luckily, you are a monopoly, and the strangle hold you have on the entire entertainment industry will enable you to fix this unwise decision. Think that over.

Logan Wexler

Houston is quieter now.
A still small voice.
2004-11-14 12:55:56 PM  
What? There are still radio stations in this country?

Doesn't matter what format they play, I'll stick with my CDs. Broadcast radio, especially those owned by CC, suck donkey balls.
2004-11-14 12:56:32 PM  
/waves of racism to follow
2004-11-14 12:56:43 PM  
Read Huntington's The Hispanic Challenge to understand this: . Quite an impressive article, and worth the read. Don't tl;dr.
2004-11-14 12:58:52 PM  
I seem to remember Clear Channel pulling the same thing a few years ago in Arizona. "Due to overwelming listener support K,UNT will now be on 103.9.." or some crap like that. Free advertising and a renewed hate for us mexicans, a twofer!!
2004-11-14 01:00:47 PM  
In Rochester, NY they took the (formerly) successful "modern rock" station and swapped it with their lower-power classic rock station. It was actually a good move, the "modern rock" station sucked and the new classic rock station doesn't have DJ's so they do play quite a bit of actual music without any gimmicks.

//ClearChannel still sucks, though
2004-11-14 01:01:05 PM  
people still listen to the radio?

2004-11-14 01:01:20 PM  
Clear Channels killing KLOL was the straw that broke the camels back! I'm having sat radio installed monday. KLOL with Walton&Johnson was the only FM station I listened to, now their gone and so am I ( I am you demographic audience 38 well employed with money to spend, but not on your advertisments ever again!Clear Channel your manegment is Idiots)
2004-11-14 01:02:13 PM  
they're doing the same crap in Dallas.

we have no rock station here anymore unless you count classic rock, but I can listen to frampton comes alive only so many times.

i rely on 89.3 for any decent, non Howard stern type radio.

i have memories of listening to k101 Houston when I was a kid.
2004-11-14 01:03:05 PM  
They just did this to the classic rock station here in Austin. Now it's called 'World Class Rock' and it completely blows. I'm not a crazy fan of classic rock (grew up after the music was actually being made) but I can always enjoy some Zeppelin/Who/CCR etc. It makes me laugh that they would expect to do better with the new format when the old station was pretty good.
2004-11-14 01:03:40 PM  
Clear Channel sucks!!

They bought out most of the local radio stations and switched the times on a very popular talk show, which used to come on early enough for the working man to enjoy it. In it's place they poked a krappy, wack-jack and crude show out of Orlando and shoved the talk show into an afternoon slot, where most people were finishing up for the day and not having time to listen. The fact that the show, having run on various stations, had been in that time slot for about a decade didn't matter. Nor did it matter that the host had been selected to carry the Olympic torch or that, during Christmas, they got so many toys and donations that local churches and charities were biatching about it.

Well, the Orlando wack-jack program got shut down when they broke the obscenity laws and the local talk show was placed back in it's original slot.

Krappy cable company ComCast has started including Spanish and Latino stations/programs in it's lineup. In fact, they now out number the African-American-specific channels.
2004-11-14 01:04:11 PM  
Clear Channel took our alternative Rock station and changed it to RAP. They also took a sports AM station and turned it to Progressive AIR America...a liberal station now. All of this is weird cuz Clear Channel is the most conservative company in america. Sounds like a monopoly.

/luvin al franken
2004-11-14 01:06:06 PM  
If you think this is bad, Houston's KRTS, the only REAL classical music station, was ALSO replaced by something in Spanish.

What's worse is, none of these Spanish stations play anything that's worth listening. There is tons of good Spanish pop, rock, etc, but it doesn't get any play. All that gets airtime is all this stupid dance/ranchero/norteno/salsa/cumbia/ music written for a bunch of idiots....

That and the random La Oreja De Van Gogh song..but one overplayed song from one good band doesn't make up for 10000000000 bad songs

I miss KLOL and KRTS.
2004-11-14 01:06:36 PM  
I seriously almost hit a lightpole when I switched to 101.1 on Friday and heard that....that...obscenely irritating crap coming through my speakers.

Kent Charles was on talk radio later that day, claiming that they're now serving an "unserved" market in Houston, despite having 16 other Spanish stations. He then proceeded to say the only people who will miss 101 are those who drive Camaros and still sport a mullet and jean jacket with sleeves cut off to show their bad tattoos.

fark Clear Channel, and fark everyone involved in this decision.
2004-11-14 01:06:46 PM  
Rrrrock 101, i will miss thee.

Ironically enough, the one non-Clear Channel station in Houston (104.1 KRBE) plays top 40.
2004-11-14 01:07:09 PM  
I grew up in H-Town and lived there till I was 18. I find this pretty sad.

Those crazy mexicans are taking over everything!

/hated H-Town for the most part.
2004-11-14 01:07:25 PM  
It's all I ever listened to on the way to work when I lived in Houston. RIP KLOL 101 FM :"(

/dont miss 610 traffic,I-10 traffic,45,290,288,59,1960 yadda yadda yadda
2004-11-14 01:07:58 PM  
This is a frightening trend, phasing out rock and replacing it with Spanish oldies. I believe they did the same thing in Salinas, in addition to KSJO in San Jose and KLOL in Houston.

One of the reasons they shut KSJO down was because nobody was listening to it, due mainly to Clear Channel meddling. In less than a year, they dropped from 8th to 22nd in the Bay Area after losing their popular morning show, Lamont and Tonelli, and replacing it with some syndicated crap out of Nebraska or something. Morning shows and local feel are very important to ratings. Clear Channel doesn't understand this. They want to save money by basically having all their stations simulcast, but doing so causes a huge ratings hit. They don't seem to comprehend the correlation.

Say adios to local radio, as it's headed the way of the dinosaur.
2004-11-14 01:08:42 PM  
Oh, I forgot to say RIP to KRTS! "You're listening to kay-arts..." :(
2004-11-14 01:08:48 PM  
Maybe they'll play this.

2004-11-14 01:08:50 PM  
I grew up on KLOL, and my mom loved KRTS...sad day for anyone who still listens to radio...
2004-11-14 01:09:00 PM  
101.1... Is that like "FM". I'd heard about it, but my dial only as "AM". And what is this "rock" you people speak of? Rock radio is dead. Limp Bizcoont and the "new" Ozzy killed it.

I liked 100.7 - Orbita - a lot more than this retarded radio - my clock radio was set to Walton & Johnson because they were the only ones who could wake me up anymore. This morning, some chick woke me up shrieking about "Gas-o-leeeeeeena!!!!". I thought we were under attack or something. Gimmie bachata, Gimmie Mana, but I don't need a dance-club-in-a-house at 8am!!!
2004-11-14 01:09:48 PM  
clear channel did that to the radio here in springfield, only its EVERY station. now we're subject to top 40 ashlee simpson drek.

my apologies in advance if you actually like that kind of music.
2004-11-14 01:09:50 PM  
AHHHHHHHHH! Clear Channel! The organization run by infiltrated affluent Christians out to clean up the American airwaves of self perceived Satan's music, one station at a time! If it is rock, then eventually will be crushed under the boot of regulations from a higher source

"Praise the Lord! Crush Evil! Let us force the hellspawn that pollute the air with Satan's evil bile and venom and reclaim the lands from his influence." ----- Administered by the Moralistic Children of God
2004-11-14 01:10:11 PM  
i heart my xm radio.
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