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(HousingWire)   G4TechTV dumps "Unscrewed." Fires Alex, Yoshi, Dan and others from "The Screen Savers." Geeks, Nerds and Dweebs surrender   ( divider line
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2004-11-13 08:57:09 AM  

I watched it. I am a geek. I do not own an iPod.

I watched it at times because I found it funny and it opened my eyes to a few random things out there (like some people mentioned Fark).

/stupid trolls
2004-11-13 09:01:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

thought that was funny.
2004-11-13 09:03:41 AM  
The minute they dumped Pat I quit watching. That Alex guy, God, he's an idiot! I am royally pissed that Yoshi was let go, he is the man, and really got me into modding.

Why would Comcast change something that was already SO good?

/dirty rat bastards!
2004-11-13 09:05:11 AM  
Again, USED to watch before the merger.

When I first watched TechTV, it was just that: TechTV. Leo and the other Screen Savers. Adam Sessler, before he became the clueless fall guy of Morgan Webb (not that I dislike her, I just wish Adam had retained his on-air brain.)

When I first heard of G4, I thought "that sounds GREAT! A whole network dedicated to my hobby!" But, since I didn't have Comcast, I never got to see it. Then I started hearing all sorts of things, horrible things, about this poor excuse of a cable channel.

After the merger, of course, I saw what was so, so wrong. Totally brainless hosts spewing out brainless content about things they obviously don't understand. Shows that strive at providing something interesting (Arena, Filter) and never even come a millimeter closer to being even remotely engaging.

The virus spread, unfortunatly, to everything in TechTV. So far, only X-Play has remained realativly untouched (except the continuous network plugs forced upon Adam and Morgan on a constant basis.)

Sad, sad. I have no intrest in even moving up to channel 226 on my dial anymore. I see no point. Nothing but brainless blather to and from insipid wannabe geeks.
2004-11-13 09:10:04 AM  
I finally got digital cable and was really interested in watching Tech tv. Watched each show for 5 minutes and realized it was geared at someone a lot younger. It was like reading tech questions for CNET. "I have a question, How do I get on the internet? What do you mean I need a modem?" Way too sugar coated.
2004-11-13 09:11:30 AM  
um, why would my treo and my ipod detract from my geekiness?

they're sure not getting me laid, that's for sure. on the other hand, what exactly would you suggest are qualifying punchlist items for a true hardcore geek?

/feeling pretty hardcore, but what do i know?

//i liked robot wars, some of the anime, and all of TSS, unscrewed, and even the british sex and military tech shows...
2004-11-13 09:11:46 AM  
What a bummer , this is the second time a network has been ruined by a takeover (anyone remember what Fox did to the FX channel original lineup?) I'll complain to Dish Network how much I don't like paying for something I used to enjoy but has now been ruined,it might not do any good but I'll feel better.
2004-11-13 09:12:55 AM  
I too am one of the folks that learned about this site from watching Leo and Patrick every night on the SS.

This is just sad. I literally spent every night of the week watching call for help w/Leo and then TSS. It's aweful to see Comcast spank that one to death.

Gawd I HATE HATE HATE Comcast!
2004-11-13 09:12:59 AM  
I watched ZDTV/TechTV a lot during the golden age. I knew a TV channel that good was a fluke and couldn't last. I also knew something was terribly wrong around 2003 when they started pimping microsoft products on an infomercial disguised as a real show. TechTV obviously had some kind of serious money problems going on. But it wasn't the shows that were f'ed up, so obviously they weren't drawing in enough viewers. Which only goes to show, viewers are retarded.

Now, if most of what I just said is true, then I think the logic here is that G4 wants to bring in tons of viewers by changing shiat around completely. Even though that means destroying the shows that those of us with a brain actually care about. So does that imply their console game shows actually do draw people in? I have a hard time believing it. But I guess it must be true, or else they're just insane?!

Oh well, like I said, I knew it couldn't last.

R.I.P. The Screen Savers. You were the best show I've ever seen.

2004-11-13 09:16:14 AM  
Where did it say Unscrewed was dropped? Sorry, it's still early for me. Is that old news or something?
2004-11-13 09:18:50 AM  
Fark G4 and fark Comc$t, they just raised my bill $30 a month.
2004-11-13 09:19:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-13 09:23:00 AM  
No mention of Jimmy Fox and Luc Robitaille and their hockey informercial? Will their witty scripted banter still be around? Please say yes.
2004-11-13 09:23:32 AM  
peter_hook But who cares? It has always been too technical for newbies and not technical enough for the hardcore demographic. while this is basicly true it made this newbie learn a lot, enough to feel comfortable building his own box.

TechTV was going downhill even before G4 took over but there was still a lot to say for it. enough to still recommend it to folks. when G4 bought TechTV you could see the train wreck coming. i stuck around TSS untill the move to LA and Alex. worse host evar.

unscrewed's best show was the first one.

and obladi6703 me too.
2004-11-13 09:24:58 AM  
oh yeah, just to be fair to G4, they did pick up Laura Foy who was awesome in JudgeCal's High Weirdness.

Now that really is the only good thing i can think of to say about G4 and doesn't even come close to excusing the sheer madness of fully dismantling the nerdy greatness that was ol' skool TechTV...
2004-11-13 09:27:36 AM  
I had watched TechTV since it was still ZDTV. Now, what little shred of the channel was still left alive is dead.

Thank you, Comcast, for farking a good channel up. Couldn't leave things the way they were. And thank you for Paul Allen, for selling the challen in the first place. You must have been really strapped for cash.

[image from too old to be available]
Rest in peace, TechTV.
2004-11-13 09:28:32 AM  
Geez... Unscrewed was just an awful piece of programming. What gamer or computer geek was that directed at? Oh.. right, the sofa lounging, xbox-playing frat boy.
2004-11-13 09:30:16 AM  
challen = channel
2004-11-13 09:30:58 AM  
Uhh, real geek here, and I watch it all the time. There just seems to be a lot of people who like to make themselves feel cooler by saying "I'd never watch that non-mainstream mainstream crap". Yes, on TSS, a lot of the calls were pretty basic, and there was a lot of emphasis on the whole Kevin/Sarah relationship. I miss Leo, but Alex was a very good host. Yoshi was very good, and damnit, shouldn't have been done away with.

Unscrewed was good as mindless television. His personality was a bit grating, but he was an interesting host. The show covered many different off-the-wall topics and web sites that you would never find anywhere else.

Filter gets a lot of crap, but come on, a cute cosplay chick hosting it? Yes, some of us still like that :) It was also a great show that reminded me, or showed me, a lot of non-mainstream games that I had to own.

Comcast, sheesh, can't you just leave well enough alone. You don't know how to run a tech station. Just accept the fact. Leave it to the people that can, and just sit there and pay their salaries like a good little producer. Do you want to just dumb down the demographic focus for the channel? Instead of liberal-thinking IT professionals and gamers, do you want it for teenagers, fanboys, and paper MCSEs?

Quite honestly, there's only four uses for me television. Discovery channel, TechTV, DVDs, and games. Guess which one is not going to be turned to anymore?
2004-11-13 09:34:39 AM  
Jesus Christ, they're keeping Kevin of all people? Lil' twerpy biatch, looks about 12 years old and has the screen presence of a fern?

Good riddance to Alex, though. Sheesh. What a mistake he was.

2004-11-13 09:41:19 AM  
I watched the channel after the merger for a little while. But then the old TechTv shows lost their shimmer. The few episodes of X-play in-between the move from SF to LA were awesome. The show from Adam's apartment, and the send up to the movies were great. The only good thing from G4 is ICONS; I love watching the history of video game stuff, sort of an A&E BIOGRAPHY for geeks. The whole channel/merger lost credibility when they decided not to keep Tech live. Come on, a daily show devoted to Tech news! Why did you even bother adding the TechTV to G4 if you didn't keep Tech Live? The channel is reverting back to plain G4 in March, I can feel it. TSS and X-play will still be on the air, but the channel is going back to all games, all the time. Good luck to all who were and weren't fired.
2004-11-13 09:41:54 AM  
i agree TSS hasn't been as good as it was, but i wouldn't blame the show personalities. cockcast tried to make it into some over produced piece of garbage with a lame audience.

and for the people that are biatching that it isn't geeky enough fark off, people neeed to start some where.
2004-11-13 09:45:19 AM  
Fark it. I'm cancelling my subscription. The only thing left worth watching on that G4 crap is X-Play. Sure, I'll miss Morgan, but you can't have a network with only one show. Stupid people piss me off.
2004-11-13 09:50:06 AM  
To be fair, stupid people aren't to blame. Producers and network heads have a whole new BREED of stupid that gives stupid people a bad name.
2004-11-13 09:55:11 AM  
keeping bullshiat answering Kevin and his no knowledge window tipper GF? those are the 2 worst parts of the show. 1/2 of Kevins answers are for shiat. he must be offering up his GF's services to keep their jobs.
2004-11-13 10:00:34 AM Leo Laport's site, the long time host of the screen savers and call for help.
2004-11-13 10:05:34 AM  
Chalk another one up for "used to watch." I lost nearly all interest when the merger came. I gave the other shows a chance but nearly all of the hosts are just plain terrible. Right now all they have is a few cute gamer girls on and then the ever beautiful Morgan Webb on X-Play.

Of all of the shows on the channel, all I watch is X-Play. Nothing perks my interest anymore...

I agree, just drop the TechTV part of G4TechTV.
2004-11-13 10:05:49 AM  
I've stopped watching The Screen Savers.

It was turned into a silly kids show. It was off the hip before, but now it really really off the hip, it seems like they have a general idea for the show and shoot it.

I can't stand to watch anymore. They struggle to fill in an hour of program time... They didn't used to. It seemed like it was a succesful show before, but just died when g4 tried to make it hip and cool, and killed it. Everyone on the show seems to be trying. Sarah seems more nervous than she used to.

WHICH brings me to Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. It's really the only show left that I watch once in a while (no tivo season pass, but i'll stop on it occasionally).

The REAL problem is that they made all the women on the shows start wearing heavy make-up! Come on, they are mostly geeks, what's with the heavy eye shadow?

TechTV was about tech, on TV, not just games, which G4 was. The people in charge of this mess should to run out of town. What a pitty.
2004-11-13 10:10:11 AM  
Why does it seem like the other video game review show with those two chumps is always reviewing old games? Why can't they make some recent episodes? I too used to enjoy techtv, now its really not worth it. X-play may be alright, but they seriously need to stop acting like idiots on that show. Some lame farking humor, but at least they review up to date games.
2004-11-13 10:13:37 AM  
As if anyone watches this lousy channel for anything other than laura swisher and morgan webb. Oh, sarah and cat, too. Their reviews lack substance, their shows are ill-informed, even when leo was there he was a pud.
2004-11-13 10:14:10 AM  
2004-11-13 09:03:41 AM wotnartd

Why would Comcast change something that was already SO good?

Clearly you are inexperiienced with Comcast, and have never worked there.

They simply do not give a fark about you or anyone who gives them money. And they don't have to. Because you don't have a choice.

Just keep forking over your money and shut up.
2004-11-13 10:21:22 AM  
They lost me when they moved to LA. It turned into a show for people that were too stupid to figure out how to use Google for themselves.
2004-11-13 10:21:49 AM  
G4 Media, Inc.
12312 West Olympic Blvd.
West Los Angeles, CA 90064


G4 is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week television network that is geared to adults (18-34) and teens (13-17). The network is dedicated to creating a lifestyle brand that is the source of entertainment, news and information about the interactive entertainment industry, including video, computer, online and wireless. Focusing on the exploding market of video, computer, online and wireless games, G4 is dedicated to creating and broadcasting original entertainment and informational series featuring everything for gamers and hosted by some fresh, new on-air talent. This Site provides the G4 community with news, features and interactive forums for maximizing your G4 experience.

Charles Hirschhorn
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
A seasoned Hollywood television and motion picture executive, Charles Hirschhorn created G4, the only 24/7 television network devoted to the world of video games and the people who play them. The channel, launched with the mission to offer compelling original programming for the 12-34 age group, has been on the fast-track ever since.

Debra Green
Chief Operating Officer
Debra Green brings more than 20 years of experience in cable television to her post as Chief Operating Officer for G4(R). She is responsible for overseeing all day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning for the network.

Dale Hopkins
Senior Vice President, Affiliate & Advertising Sales
As Senior Vice President, Distribution and Ad Sales of G4, Dale Hopkins brings her expertise in launching successful start-up companies, brand-building, marketing and advertising.

Peter M. Green
Senior Vice President, Programming and Production
Green oversees all aspects of the network's programming, including production, development, talent relations and scheduling. In addition, Green is managing G4techTV's first-look deal with Warner Bros. Pictures to develop movies from video game properties.

Julie Fields
Vice President, Creative
As Vice President, Creative, Julie Fields is responsible for the creative direction and brand identity of G4, on and off the air. This includes brand development, design and production of on-air promotions and graphics, and overseeing the creative direction and execution of the company's marketing materials, corporate and consumer websites, trade and consumer advertising, and sales and corporate identity materials.

Tina Kowalewski
Vice President, Games Editorial
As Vice President of Games Editorial for G4, Tina Kowalewski leads the team responsible for managing relationships with the game publishing and development community. Kowalewski leverages years of experience from within the video game industry to facilitate the development and production of G4's original programming.

Tom Russo
Director, Program Development
As Director of Program Development for G4, Tom Russo is responsible for maintaining G4's relationships with the game publishing and development communities, and working with G4's producers to foster the network's programming relationships.
2004-11-13 10:23:32 AM  
The last year with Leo-Pat seem to be dumbed down and stale before the G4 merger.

I have to credit TSS/Leo for having Drew on to plug Fark and get me (and others I am sure) here.

Those were good times. I still stop by Leoville every so often. It is still a good place.
2004-11-13 10:24:19 AM  
G4TTV is the Club Mario of cable channels.
2004-11-13 10:30:07 AM  
I'm That Guy, I think you forgot someone.

Prince of Darkness, Executive Producer.

Invoked to keep the withering G4 on the air when it was clear no one was watching, and is currently in charge of casting the hosts and greenlighting it's boneheaded shows.

All hail Ol' Scratch, for without him none of this would be possible!
2004-11-13 10:30:54 AM  
Another G4TechTV parting thought from Alex and Kevin...TSS hosts...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-13 10:32:18 AM  
I just went to the Leoville boards. One poster mentioned that the network will be back to just "G4" for a name at the end of the year.

I guess buying out and killing off the competition worked.
2004-11-13 10:32:48 AM  
Ugh... it all started in 2002 when Comcast (at least in my area) completely dropped TechTV and put the Yes! Network on its channel. My little brother flipped out, since it was just before summer break (he was looking forward to uninterrupted 24/7 viewing), and it was Mod Week on TSS. About three months later, G4 premiered on digital cable. Unmitigated crap.

I moved to DirecTV, and all was right with the world. Then came the merger. They cancelled "Call For Help", fired Leo, then Patrick, and threw on all of this usless dreck they call programming. Occasionally I would watch "Unscrewed" (Martin's funny, and kinda cute in a pasty stoner kind of way) but now that's gone, too. There is no reason for me to ever watch that network again.

2004-11-13 10:35:37 AM  
I used to have ZDTV on ALL DAY LONG. I mean, it was sick, but hell, Im a geek and what could be better for a geek to watch than 24 hours of other geeks try and teach me how to instal Linux? I learned how to do many a thing from Leo and the gang.

After the change of hands, and the namechange, things went downhill so fast it want funny. I quit watching at just about the same time that twit from lockergnome started hosting CFH, and couldnt answer 60% of the questions that were asked off the wall, that hadnt been screened for him.

And by the way, Unscrewed was the STUPIDEST, most WORTHLESS show probably on any channel ever. I mean, ok, this guy knows his way around a computer, and he had co-hosted many shows and was pretty good at adding a bit of zing sometimes. But he is not a talented host, or comedian. Making a show with him playing both rolls is just idiotic.

Isnt it funny how allmost everyone from G4 is perfect looking? Its like they rounded up every porn star girl, and underwear modle guy, and made a show not because any of them had any intrest in games, just because there is a market for shows about games.

Maybe the next takeover will be better than the last two, as G4 wont last 6 months on its own with no real name behind it.
2004-11-13 10:37:13 AM  
the G4 computer game channel, brought to you by [whoever], makers of [lastest games], and by [whoever2], fine suppliers of gaming hardware....
2004-11-13 10:38:16 AM  

Yeah, rumours are heavy that the channel will relaunch in a few months as just somethin like G4TV. It seems the "merger" was more of a "buy them out to have their audience and then kill every trace of them." Truly sad. I love games and the idea of a channel all about games had gotten my interest, but now I've lost all respect for them. It'll probably end up as a plug channel, or even more of one than now anyway.

2004-11-13 10:46:07 AM  
Here's the low-down from an ex-employ. They pretty much bought TechTV for viewership as most of you already knew. I forget the actual number, but they bought G4 into a LOT more homes then they were in originally. I believe the name G4TechTV was made simply to fufill contractual obligations with companies or something. Finally, I'm pretty sure it will be G4 again by Jan.
2004-11-13 10:51:03 AM  
I am a Tivo owner and have no idea what any of you are talking about because G4 is not among the few programs I record.
2004-11-13 10:51:08 AM  
To all those who say Comcast sucks but you have no choice: You do have a choice, it is called Satellite and it is spectacular.
2004-11-13 10:52:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

/quick and dirty...kinda like the merger
2004-11-13 10:54:47 AM  
Well now you know the truth. The merger had nothing to do with strengthening two struggling stations and was actually about eliminating competition.

Buy 'em up. Gut 'em. Now roll your 24-hour infomercial.
2004-11-13 10:55:43 AM  
Those are the guys that told me about Fark... *sigh*
2004-11-13 10:56:44 AM  
Charles Hirschhorn > idiot

Debra Green > idiot, "and long-term strategic planning for the network." - she must be a student of strategery, I bet she voted for Bush

Dale Hopkins > idiot, "expertise in launching successful" - notice how many people are now into *launching* things instead of making them valuable for the long haul... idiot.

Peter M. Green > idiot, "talent relations" - easy job when you get rid of all of the talent. Idiot.

Julie Fields > idiot, "corporate identity materials." - that's what's really important here, "corporate identity" - oh wait, they have none... Idiot.

The United States is being ruined by college "educated" idiots who do not have any sense of the dynamic of what they are participating in outside of a book-sense fashion. Didn't we all think this was probably inevitable? Is this not the way of everything these days, buy out a market to gain the legitimacy, only to destroy it later out of greed?

G4 is a cornball kiddie show.
2004-11-13 10:59:38 AM  
It also seems like the following:

"We were rounded up today at 11am and told to be out of the office at 3pm... very smooth... "

..seems to be SOP for corporations as well.

/glad to be self-employed and not yet part of the slave class
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