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(Some Guy)   Satan will arrive in the form of a UPC code or something   ( divider line
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5848 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Feb 2002 at 11:55 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-21 11:57:44 AM  
668: The neighbour of the beast.
2002-02-21 11:57:54 AM  
Hi I'm Satan.
2002-02-21 11:58:11 AM  
Scott Baio is the antichrist!
2002-02-21 11:58:16 AM  

2002-02-21 11:58:21 AM  
665: not quite a beast.
2002-02-21 11:58:58 AM  
that was...long. well researched though. after all, they did manage to scan an ACTUAL BAR CODE!!!

2002-02-21 11:59:17 AM  
They need more foil in their hats
2002-02-21 11:59:32 AM  
he's on paper?
2002-02-21 11:59:49 AM  
check out the tune S.A.L.T. by the Orb for a musical version of this article, much more entertaining.
i think the vocal clip is from the movie "naked" which is actually not about nudity.
2002-02-21 12:00:17 PM  
People hand me pamphlets like this everyday. They sing crappy music at the square and then call the people actually listening to them "whore mongers".

Asinine Tag if you ask me.
2002-02-21 12:01:01 PM  
How is this guy not (yet) an editor at
2002-02-21 12:01:42 PM  
If you returned Satan, would you get credited with the Sale price or current value?
2002-02-21 12:03:28 PM  
Does any know what the number of the insane is?
2002-02-21 12:03:45 PM  
I kinda thought these M&M's tasted like eternal damnation, looked on the package and sure-enough: THE MARK OF THE BEAST!
2002-02-21 12:04:30 PM  
This guy should hang out with that one that thinks her shoes were not actually squeaking, it was electronic terrorism.
2002-02-21 12:04:36 PM  
Must go, the Black helicopter needs fueled up before I head to mexico to meet the secret UN army thats planning to take over America.

Must remember to sort out the illiminati meeting as well
2002-02-21 12:04:49 PM  
This guy's way off. The number of the beast (which is actually 1712, thank you very much) will appear as a huge waddle, hanging from the neck of the antichrist. It will be horrible and awe-inspiring.
2002-02-21 12:06:05 PM  
anyone ever see that movie Pi?

you can do all kinds of shiat with numbers.

im satan.
2002-02-21 12:06:15 PM  
Cool. Satan is in my Cornflakes...

Also, I saw a bible for sale the other had a barcode on it. Hmmm?
2002-02-21 12:06:21 PM  
Medieval mentality meets modern technology. An ugly little mix.
2002-02-21 12:07:06 PM  
What is the bar code number for lithium?
2002-02-21 12:08:29 PM  
Did you know that the New Jersey Devils are prophets of Satan? DUH!
Oh, and when I took a crap the other day I had three logs that formed the number 666.
2002-02-21 12:08:39 PM  
snopes had a story on this last year.
2002-02-21 12:09:22 PM  
Stonewoodus: Did the Devils make the trade for Miraslov Satan yet?
2002-02-21 12:09:31 PM  
Now this guy worries me
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-21 12:10:14 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-21 12:10:30 PM  
668 - Neighbor of the Beast
2002-02-21 12:10:45 PM  
Satan drinks Pabst? WTF? You would think with all that power and corruption he could afford a better brew.
2002-02-21 12:11:42 PM  
Badger: Unbelievable!
2002-02-21 12:11:45 PM  
Nuts. Now I can't even read the comments. (sorry)
2002-02-21 12:11:49 PM  
The whole religious mentality of any religion is cause for concern.
2002-02-21 12:12:10 PM  
Not UPC...

The "beast" is biometrics mixed with credit cards. The forehead thing is off, it's a face/eye scan system... the mark on the hand is fingerprint scanning.

Enjoy the future.
2002-02-21 12:15:34 PM  
I don't believe in these prophecies, nor do I believe that UPC codes are the mark of the "beast", nor do I believe the crap that is associated with it.

What I DO believe, however (and you can read the coincidences with the prophecies and what I believe in any way you'd like...), is that any kind of National ID, tattooing (sounds like Auschwitz), or microchips IS a fundamental issue that crosses the line of what is privacy and public knowledge. Programs like this are always instituted and said "not to be used for anything else BUT..." and always are. SSN's are NOT supposed to be used as ID, according to US law. Yet they are. It's just the nature of how these things progress.
Similarly, while I think the attached article is hokum at it's worst, I do applaud it for one thing. It is explaining to a group of relatively ignorant people a negative effect of this kind of thing. These people are deeply immersed in their religious beliefs. So, I don't have a problem with their being opposed to this kind of governmental intrusion (should it actually occur), no matter the basis of their opposition.
Already, Larry Ellison of Oracle (a company I admire and think is visionary) has called for National ID cards and a database to monitor the information. This is clearly the first step in the direction outlined in the article. Ellison stated the ID program should be voluntary, but implied that those who didn't take part are not part of the team. I see this as a step toward anyone not taking part as being an "enemy of mankind", if you will.

Never mind that a National ID card or system similar to that would have had no net effect in preventing 9/11 or similar tragedies...these guys just want a fat contract and more business. If that means slipping into your private be it.

So, if anyone wants to read this as some kind of "conspiracy theory" on my part (I abhor those things), or some kind of tacit support of the article (slim support, but for reasons outlined above), be my guest.
But I would say to anyone to be on their guard for the day you are asked to accept a microchip or a tattoo. We all think that it's tinfoil hat talk, but that talk keeps getting louder and louder.
2002-02-21 12:15:38 PM  
Everyone has to believe in something, I believe I'll have another beer.*chug*
2002-02-21 12:16:57 PM  
CheekyMonkey: I'm not sure. I'm not a satan hockey fan. If they do we're all in major trouble! Damn those Devils.
2002-02-21 12:17:12 PM  
12:17 : Press Return
2002-02-21 12:21:30 PM  
alright am I the only one that after reading that is saying simply...huh?
2002-02-21 12:21:49 PM  
Omerta_bk - nice pi reference.
2002-02-21 12:22:29 PM  
rockabillyrebel: yes
2002-02-21 12:28:48 PM  
This sounds just like the guy who wrote the "Bible Code"... If you look hard enough, you'll find whatever you're looking for.....

Gimmie a farking break, a fax number at my old office was 6660....coincidence? I think not!
2002-02-21 12:28:48 PM  
can we start bashing christians yet or what?
2002-02-21 12:29:29 PM  
What does Lego Jeebus have to say about this?
2002-02-21 12:29:42 PM  

"Yes Son?"

"What does regret mean?"

"Well son the funny thing about regret is that its better to regret something you have done than something you haven't done......oh and by the way if you see your mother this weekend be sure to tell her..


hahah had to do it sorry

Butthole Surfers old school
2002-02-21 12:41:53 PM  
this is so geocities
2002-02-21 12:41:54 PM  
I work for Oracle. Although this is highly proprietary, I feel compelled to let you know that National ID Project (code named "Armageddon") is coming along nicely. Please don't resist it - things will get ugly. All praise Larry - false prophet of Satan!
2002-02-21 12:43:25 PM  

Does anyone else find this hysterical?
2002-02-21 12:44:19 PM  
Misterslick: that's exactly what I thought of. Great track.
2002-02-21 12:46:50 PM

^----- The URL of the absolutely batshiat looney insane.
2002-02-21 01:05:48 PM  
No, no, no you fools!! I've figured it out - I know the truth now!!

All these conspiracy theories are actually a product of a secret government conspiracy made to desensitize us to hearing abour conspiracy theories! That way, when the REAL secret conspiracy is detected we'll all just blow it off as another conspiracy theory, but it will actually be the REAL conspiracy.......

I have to stop brain hurts....
2002-02-21 01:10:24 PM  
That's pretty neat.

We'll have a choice between having the mark on our foreheads or on our right hands.

What a great country.

I'll have my mark on my right hand, thanks!
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