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(The Week)   Professor concludes Britney lip-synchs all her concerts   ( divider line
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8623 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Feb 2002 at 1:08 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-21 01:10:09 PM  
2002-02-21 01:10:33 PM  
Shocker, did Milli Vanilli have any comments?
2002-02-21 01:10:46 PM  
Which set of lips are doing the synching?
2002-02-21 01:11:03 PM  
Who cares, I like to look at her boobies... BUSH 2004!
2002-02-21 01:12:42 PM  
Garsh, I'm completely shocked!!

I mean, it's not like she's one of those pre-packaged fake corporate music whores who don't write or sing their own stuff, right?

Right? Uh...guys....?
2002-02-21 01:12:50 PM  
Oh, I am sorry, InLipSync is Britney's boyfriend's band
2002-02-21 01:13:06 PM  
I know Cliff Richard would never lip synch!
2002-02-21 01:13:29 PM  
Who would have guessed, uh just kidding. She can't sing off stage, so why would anyone except her to sing on stage?
2002-02-21 01:14:29 PM  
And in other news, the sky is blue...
2002-02-21 01:14:59 PM  
Say it ain't so! The girl with no talent, lip syncing? Posh!
2002-02-21 01:15:49 PM  
Britney can synch her lips on my..........
2002-02-21 01:16:11 PM  
ShamelessPlug - Milli Vanilli was unavailable for comments.
2002-02-21 01:16:24 PM  
If you just look at her lips while she's singing, either you're gay or have had problems developing during puberty.
2002-02-21 01:16:40 PM  
I wonder if she'll lip synch if I ram a 2 foot long dildo in her ass.
2002-02-21 01:17:37 PM  

Does anyone really go to her concerts to hear her sing?

She's in the entertainment business. If you want to hear a "concert," go to the symphony hall.
2002-02-21 01:17:43 PM  
So, what IS real about this silicone injected, lip-syncin', bad actin', non-virginal excuse for a human being?
2002-02-21 01:18:27 PM  
Now Riverdance fixed - that's obvious. There's no way they'd fit a real river in the theatre.
2002-02-21 01:18:30 PM  

you're old enough to be her great grandad. Why do such things to her?
2002-02-21 01:18:56 PM  
one of my dads friends is a music writer...he wrote some things for britney...her label said the songs wouldnt be used..changed a few lyrics in them and then used them on her album..and didnt give him any credit or money...lawsuits still pending
2002-02-21 01:19:25 PM  
...and Riverdance is taped too?

Oh the humanity!
2002-02-21 01:21:59 PM  
I'll never drink Pepsi again!
2002-02-21 01:22:04 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

Professor who concluded Britney lip-synchs at concerts also has compelling evidence that the sky is blue.
2002-02-21 01:24:12 PM  
Professor concludes Britney lip-synchs all her concerts

Professor Dumbass!
2002-02-21 01:25:45 PM  
She can lip sync all she wants--she has nice boobies and that's the only reason anyone watches in the first place.
2002-02-21 01:27:14 PM  
one of my dad's friends is a plastic surgeon...he did britney's boobs...her label said the boobs wouldn't be used...they covered the boobs with skimpy outfits and then used them...and didn't give him any credit or money...lawsuit still pending
2002-02-21 01:27:23 PM  
The national anthem at baseball games is lip-synched too. I've done a couple Royals games, and we had to send in a tape a couple weeks before the game. The microphone doesn't even have a cord on it. Otherwaise, you get feedback bouncing off the pressbox and you don't hear yourself til about four seconds after you sing something.
2002-02-21 01:30:52 PM  
I bet she blames it on the rain.
2002-02-21 01:32:31 PM  
We need a "DUH" tag.
2002-02-21 01:33:48 PM  
For Jebus' sake, haven't you perverts had enough of talking about Titney's boobs? Like she'd fark any of you in the first place.
2002-02-21 01:34:18 PM  
In other news, Neil Young is rumoured to actually play guitar in concert.

Britney? Tiffany's calling... she wants to know when you're moving in...
2002-02-21 01:34:25 PM  
Who cares?
2002-02-21 01:35:04 PM  
Britney Spheres lip-syncing? I'm shocked, SHOCKED!

No matter how you slice it and dice it and spin it, lip-syncing has absolutely no place at shows where you pay and expect your money to see the actual singing. Britney is (debatably) a singer on CDs, I expect her to actually sing during live performances. Otherwise, the whole concert industry is one big scam!
2002-02-21 01:36:53 PM  
one of my dad's friends is a pervert...he did britney...her label said the her virginity wouldn't be used...changed a few outfits and then used virginity as a marketing tool...and didn't give him any credit or money...lawsuit still pending
2002-02-21 01:37:22 PM  

Ahem ... of course she would!
2002-02-21 01:38:12 PM  
"I believe we have to have some kind of truth in advertising when it comes to live entertainment" says Professor Richard Barnett, who recently wrote a book on ethics in the music industry...

I've decided to include the full text of Prof. Barnett's book below:

Ethics in music industry? None.

Pre-orders are available for Prof. Barnett's next book, Honesty in Politics.

2002-02-21 01:40:58 PM  
I knew about Britney and Janet. But Riverdance?
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-21 01:41:46 PM  
What has happened to the beloved institution of the Rock Concert.

Charting music today is sinking to the standards of the abyss-like 1987-1989 (Jody Whatley, MC Scat Cat, KNOTB). Please buy albums by the Avalanches, New Pornographers, White Stripes, Basement Jaxx, Talib Kweli and Dan Nakamura and make the major lables believe that good music is worth producing.

Either that or download it for free and ruin the whole system (definitly not a bad thing...). Your choice.
2002-02-21 01:41:48 PM  

I expect her to actually sing during live performances.


Otherwise, the whole concert industry is one big scam!

So is organized religion. That hasn't stopped anyone yet.

I suppose you think Cleo can really see your future.
2002-02-21 01:42:14 PM  
So I'm proposing a multi-million dollar grant to prove that Britney is, in fact, female (I figure that's what I'll need to be worth see what's in her pants).
2002-02-21 01:42:15 PM  
Rob Pilatus killed himself, so any comments would have to come from just Milli.
2002-02-21 01:50:16 PM  
Kanamit: do attenders of live Britney concerts really expect anything else? I bet they would prefer to see her lipsync and have the ability to jump around stage jiggly those breasts (or showing off those crazy "moves" the kids like), rather than listen to her mediocre voice and non-moving assets.

I think they're getting exactly what they pay for.
2002-02-21 01:56:39 PM  
Whirljack: exactly. Brittney people aren't exactly music fans, they're spectacle lovers. Music is incidental. It's only a promotional item so that people can sell merchandise and blah blah blah, capitalist pigs!

Makes you miss ABBA, doesn't it? I miss *good* pop.
2002-02-21 01:56:43 PM  
im glad everyone is mocking my comments..makes me feel important
2002-02-21 01:57:49 PM  
If I pay to see a concert, I am paying for the performer to PERFORM, not to lipsynch. Fans are getting the shaft, and should sue. Of course, Britney isn't real music anyway.
2002-02-21 02:01:38 PM  
"I think they're getting exactly what they pay for."

Not exactly.
If you wanted to see a moderately attractive girl (she's not as hot as most make her out to be) jiggling her breasts and shaking her ass, just rent a porno. It'll save you 80 bucks.

The fact that she's a talentless whore shouldn't surprise anybody. If it does, then revel in your naivete.
2002-02-21 02:03:03 PM  
BTW, I'm one of those polled on this top as a contributor to discussion on ProSoundWeb.

Inside Edition is television's version of the National Enquirer. I doubt any of the people quoted in the article actually exist.

Here's the original discussion on prosoundweb.
2002-02-21 02:05:43 PM  
The thing is that Milli Vanilli didn't even record their own voices.
2002-02-21 02:07:25 PM  
Not that it matters to me, since I listen to OLD people who write their own songs and actually SING at their concerts; but why would anyone go to one of BS's concerts anyway? I know BS is hot and all, but you can just videotape one of her videos on Empty-V and have the exact same sound quality and better shots of her tits than you will get at a concert.
2002-02-21 02:13:34 PM  
Well, I must start off by saying that using Britney in this discussion is a bad example. It would be fair to say that I would allow more fluff in a show such as hers or any other "hot" star of the moment because much of today's generation expects that in their exposure through MTV and whatnot.

However, if the show was say Frank Sinatra, or any other singer highly regarded by peers and reviewers, and one who spanned generations, then I would be going to his show expecting a 100% lip-sync-free show.

Mainly the difference lies in the expected audience: For Britney, you probably have music listeners that are not very sophisticated and knowledgable in the fact that she does not write much of her own material. For Frank, one expects his reputation and durability to bring a musically-attuned crowd, and therefore a higher expectation and focus on his singing.
2002-02-21 02:20:34 PM  
Kanamit... uhh... I hate to tell you this, but Frank is dead. :(
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