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(Yahoo)   Having not dominated all of time and space, Microsoft to launch Windows in the language of the Inca   ( ) divider line
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11445 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Nov 2004 at 10:39 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-11 06:00:25 PM  
You gotta be shiatting me?
2004-11-11 06:02:23 PM  
Bah, Incas are noobs.

/still waiting for hieroglyphics
2004-11-11 06:13:30 PM  
I'll wait for WindTalkerXP TM
2004-11-11 06:15:48 PM  
When will it ever end?!?!?
2004-11-11 06:43:53 PM  
Headline is somewhat misleading - they're releasing it in Quechua, an indiginous Latin American language spoken by many Peruvians of Incan descent.
2004-11-11 07:05:01 PM  
The accompanying picture is priceless...

"Windows? Who'd want to use Windows?"
2004-11-11 07:48:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-11 10:41:55 PM  
You beat me to it F_Dan
2004-11-11 10:42:22 PM  
What is the calender gonna look like?
2004-11-11 10:44:00 PM  
OK, so, help me understand...

M$ can bring Office to the Incas, but it can't to the Hebrews?
2004-11-11 10:44:07 PM  
i thought incan was written out in knotted cords. how are they going to display that?
2004-11-11 10:45:21 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-11 10:46:42 PM  
I wonder what would happen if Marushka Chocobar married a Mr. Goodbar?
2004-11-11 10:46:52 PM  
greta picture. 'who the fark uses windows? we switched our systems to linux years ago'
2004-11-11 10:47:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Not available for comment.
2004-11-11 10:48:32 PM  
Oh great. Windows already shiats out enough. Now MS users have to worry about Montezuma's Revenge.

Or maybe it'll just be one of the included games.

[image from too old to be available]

/It beats Solitare.
2004-11-11 10:48:33 PM  
I tried one of those marushka chocobars the other day. It wasn't nearly as good as the kind with almonds.
2004-11-11 10:48:43 PM  
Pummaba qeyarsy tteasiiopon gerspon frkkin iidiot moronsipcopwe.

/You may not get it, but they're howling in Machu Picchu.

2004-11-11 10:50:01 PM me when they do an Esperanto version.
2004-11-11 10:50:07 PM  
Ahhh.... Montezuma's revenge.

Another sweet Commodore 64 game from my wasted youth.
2004-11-11 10:51:08 PM  
Didn't the Inca invent the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH?
2004-11-11 10:51:32 PM  
Incan? I don't need no stinkin' Incan!
2004-11-11 10:55:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-11 10:56:11 PM  
At least system recovery will be simple.

[image from too old to be available]

/Arise, Windows, arise!
2004-11-11 10:56:31 PM  

great performance by ray liotta on ER
2004-11-11 10:57:48 PM  
I wonder if this language even has a word for "computer", let alone one for "blood-sucking, evil corporation".
2004-11-11 10:58:00 PM  
This marks the first time Microsoft has translated its software to an indigenous language of Latin America, and is aimed at boosting literacy programs largely among the poor.

Windows XP Home ed. price at $199.99.

Great plan, Microsoft.
2004-11-11 10:58:10 PM  
"And now we shall sacrifice this sacred child to ensure good harvest, fertility, fewer crashes, and faster access to pornography."
2004-11-11 10:58:21 PM  
They haven't dominated ALL of time yet, that's for when they launch windows backwards through time and the Shrike rips off your head when you turn on your computer.
2004-11-11 10:59:42 PM  
Speaking of Microsoft-

What happened to the Avril's boob link from yesterday?
2004-11-11 11:00:07 PM  
Damn, linewalker busting out with the Puma Man ref, nice. Or is it Pyuma Man....
2004-11-11 11:08:17 PM  
2004-11-11 10:59:42 PM underdog

Speaking of Microsoft-

What happened to the Avril's boob link from yesterday?

That pic was scrutinized more than the Zapruder film...
2004-11-11 11:08:21 PM  
I wish my name was Chocobar
2004-11-11 11:10:06 PM  

No idea, but thank you for the props. Hell, thank you for getting the reference!
2004-11-11 11:11:04 PM  
Just be sure to watch out for those Spaniards!

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-11 11:12:37 PM  
Speaking of Microsoft-
What happened to the Avril's boob link from yesterday?

Avril boob link? Do share!
2004-11-11 11:12:45 PM  
What about a Klingon version?
2004-11-11 11:15:02 PM  
MS didn't forget Poland either.
2004-11-11 11:15:48 PM  
but the calendar ends in 2012
2004-11-11 11:17:33 PM  
Lumpmoose! I still have that game! No luck getting it to run with Windows XP though...

That was my first CD ROM game ever, though I don't remember where I got it from.
2004-11-11 11:21:14 PM  
NeedlesslyCanadian I've been hearing about that for a day or two, but I have seen nary a link. I didn't think she had enough boob to warrent any kind of attention. Somebody prove me wrong!
2004-11-11 11:23:23 PM  
So why was it removed from the main page?

[NSFW here's the pic NSFW]
2004-11-11 11:28:01 PM  
Hmm....are there any other pics from that event? Excited as I am that I might be looking at Avril's boobies, those could really be anyone's.

(Thanks though =) )
2004-11-11 11:33:06 PM  

Either way, they're nice boobies.
2004-11-11 11:35:15 PM  
Argh. I hate to be the guy who starts yelling "Linux" in a crowded Windows theater, but as I understand it's nowhere near as difficult to obtain Linux in different languages, as it is to obtain Windows in different languages.
2004-11-11 11:43:57 PM  
Yup, that's right, GreenAdder, as long as some huge geek with the necessary language skills has nothing to do on the weekend, Linux will be there.

/Posted close to midnight on a Thursday...
2004-11-11 11:49:43 PM  
Vladimir Putin

I won't argue with that, they are nice boobies =)

Just wondering how anyone can tell they might be Avril's though...
2004-11-11 11:58:52 PM  
nice boobage. is that a big scar running acoss her belly, though?
2004-11-12 12:05:38 AM  

But aren't they *always* howling in Machu Picchu?

On an unrelated note, I always seem to get this unpleasant duty, coming late as I almost always do, to make the pun that is obvious, but has hitherto been missed. Here goes, and hold your noses:

If Microsoft did not put out a version of Windows in the language of the Inca, what, oh what, would the Inca-dinka-do?

\Apologies to "da Schnoz."
2004-11-12 12:13:02 AM  
An Inca from Peru?
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