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(Some Guy)   Farker Aeonite goes insane, redoes entire Ninja Burger site   ( divider line
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63 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2002 at 5:08 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-10-31 05:13:38 AM  
Ninja Burger pwns j00! I love that site..

happy halloween everyone!
2002-10-31 05:22:34 AM  
And remember: There is nothing scarier than a Ninja!
2002-10-31 05:26:15 AM  
I dunno. Who would win out of a ninja and the feeling you get when you've just arrived at your holiday destination and start worrying about whether or not you locked the back door?
2002-10-31 05:37:03 AM  
Mmmmmm....fries of our ancestors.
2002-10-31 05:42:00 AM  
Someone post a link to that sweet, sweet ninja site - the one that tells you how to become a ninja, and make a mask out of a sock or whatever.

2002-10-31 05:45:13 AM  
2002-10-31 05:52:49 AM  
thanks for the link, JOHNDX, you've definately made my night...
2002-10-31 05:58:52 AM  
that midi music made my ears bleed johndx
2002-10-31 05:59:31 AM  
If there was a tax on exclamation marks, that guy would be in trouble!
2002-10-31 06:00:56 AM  
If there was a tax on being a Goatman264, then I'd hide.
2002-10-31 06:05:42 AM  
if there was a tax on Heineken...oh wait..
2002-10-31 06:05:56 AM  
Damn filter cut off all my extraneous exclamation marks in my previous post, thus destroying the irony of the comment.

2002-10-31 06:07:30 AM  


For more ninja fun: Office Ninja
2002-10-31 06:18:14 AM  
You too can be ninja!
House of Ninja
2002-10-31 06:21:32 AM  
Not affiliated, but it sounds like it should be... Sushi Robot!
2002-10-31 06:22:07 AM
2002-10-31 07:39:11 AM  
Nice, Aeonite
2002-10-31 08:09:51 AM  
Is this "Free ad on fark day"? I mean it's only like 8, and 4 out of six links are vanity links! Not picking on the vain, but jeeze, something must be happenning somewhere!

I insist you link to my web site too., because to reject mystical timecube teachings is to deserve the murder law should allow!
2002-10-31 08:36:19 AM  
Ninja Burger sucks. I once got a mean case of the shiats after eating there.

Try washing your hands sometimes, assclowns.
2002-10-31 09:30:49 AM  
i laugh my ass off each time i
remember to visit that site. i wish
i had that much time on my hands to
be that creative.
2002-10-31 09:42:46 AM  
LuckyPierre, Ninja Burger is not a vanity link, I just had my breakfast delivered. A Death Blossom and a Samuri Chicken sandwich, with 2 extra Wasabi (I didn't want to gget mocked:-)
2002-10-31 10:00:21 AM  
I actually bought ninja burger, you get this cool tub of little plastic ninjas.

it's worth it just for that.
2002-10-31 10:05:53 AM  
Am I the only one that doesn't get Ninja Burger? Everyone alway's points to it in their link lists... So I always check it out when someone reminds me about it. Just so I can see what everyone loves so much. All I get is a slight chuckle. Why is this site so popular? Their's countless other sites that are so much more entertaining.
2002-10-31 10:26:28 AM  
No there's two of us that don't get Ninja Burger. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
2002-10-31 10:31:16 AM  
Uh, I think the joke is that it's such a terrible site, that it is funny. Kind of like William Shatner's singing career. He tried so hard, but yet he is so fuggin' bad, that it makes you laugh your ass off. Such is Ninja Burger, they try so hard to be funny, but they're not, so you laugh at them for it. Or something like that...
2002-10-31 10:36:23 AM  
*except Detroit

Up yours, ninja fags.
2002-10-31 10:39:21 AM  
Who on earth submitted this? I'm not done redoing yet, dammit.
2002-10-31 10:50:41 AM  
Um.....I don't get Ninja Burger. I don't hate it. It's KINDA cute....but what's the deal?
2002-10-31 12:26:03 PM  
Aeonite went insane? What was he before?
2002-10-31 12:45:04 PM  
2002-10-31 12:57:50 PM  
Outsane in the membrane.
Ninja's insane, got no brane...
2002-10-31 01:00:33 PM  
Isn't Ninja Burger a roleplaying game?
2002-10-31 01:45:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-31 02:03:57 PM  
aeon: this is gajin midget, your favorite moderator, with a special message. It is as proceeds: I didnt do it.
2002-10-31 03:47:18 PM  
Soy Burgers? Yeech! Hate to sound gullible, but Has anyone actually ever received food from these people?
2002-10-31 05:27:50 PM  
gajin midget, he is guilty. Execute him. The master wishes it.
2002-11-01 03:45:32 AM  
Manzo Hidari -san
2002-11-01 04:18:24 AM  
/salute Aeonite.
2002-11-01 05:18:18 AM  
The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.
2002-11-01 08:32:47 PM  
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