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34938 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Feb 2002 at 12:19 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-21 12:21:03 AM  
Yay for Flash sites!

...or not.
2002-02-21 12:22:04 AM  
Nevermind, it's not entirely Flash, it just to so long to get to the second page that I thought it was.

Still, I hate Flash intros.
2002-02-21 12:22:18 AM  
this should be farked shortly...
2002-02-21 12:22:50 AM  
Ok, she's cute.. who the fark is she?
2002-02-21 12:23:24 AM  
I love slow loading sites
2002-02-21 12:24:02 AM  
It's Mytwocents! (Just kidding honey, legs look just as nice, though)
2002-02-21 12:25:15 AM  
nice. whoever she is.
i don't think this site will be up much longer.
2002-02-21 12:25:46 AM  
Shes a canadian girl,
I remember a while ago she got busted for being in one of those phone sex commercials (you know the ones with the girls on the beach at 3 am) because she was underage, thats not her real last name though. Mmm.. canadian boobies
2002-02-21 12:29:11 AM  
Canada is fast becoming one of my favorite states.
2002-02-21 12:32:28 AM  
Site seems to be farked already. That didn't take long!
2002-02-21 12:34:22 AM  
its always slow,
its run off a toronto server for god sakes, theres probably pigeons stooped on the fibre lines and homeless people sleeping near the heating vents.
2002-02-21 12:36:03 AM  
This girl's pictures like to take thier downloads slow. I like that...kinda kinky.
2002-02-21 12:44:47 AM  
Flash is the internet version of Cancer
2002-02-21 12:46:22 AM  
shiat, man, Canada rocks. Skanks like this, hockey, beer, and stupid, easily manipulated people. Truly the 51st state.
2002-02-21 12:56:38 AM  
Took too long to load, I moved on to the next boobie link.
2002-02-21 01:22:45 AM  
She's a former "Sunshine Girl" (tame Canadian version of England's Page 3 girls), Playboy Cyberclub girl (nice nudies there) and model. I'm not sure if she's the same chick that Ryuuseki talks about, but she's a babe. Having her frolic in a bathing suit on a beach will keep me watching a commercial for hours...
2002-02-21 01:38:39 AM  

Other Katia links, most definitely NSFW.

Google Image Search
Someone's personal gallery (2 pages)
2002-02-21 01:51:32 AM  
haha! I have a little brown washable marker dot on my monitor so I can aim without using the scope with sniper rifles in Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike, and when I scolled over one of the images from the google search, it almost looked like a beauty mark on her face!
2002-02-21 01:52:24 AM  
Longview [image from too old to be available]

2002-02-21 02:58:45 AM  
I'm going to be a pig here for a moment.

If I ever ran into this girl in a bar (and there's a very remote possibility, since she apparently lives in the Toronto area), I would likely lose all self-control right then and there, if you know what I mean.

Fun fact: Her mother was a Sunshine Girl some years ago.
2002-02-21 07:35:09 AM  
canada's infrastructure leaves something to be desired...

2002-02-21 07:57:57 AM  
i love her
2002-02-21 08:54:36 AM  
for such a slow ass site...its somewhat safe for work.

do our admins work in a convent or something...?
2002-02-21 09:03:39 AM  
Where the hell do you people work???

Sesame Street????
2002-02-21 10:54:17 AM  
I'd give her a 10.
2002-02-21 11:09:28 AM  
She is so hot. Too bad the sites farked.
2002-02-21 11:17:06 AM  
Yaaa, my first article! and its boobies which makes it 100% more improved than other posts. Hope you enjoy.
2002-02-21 11:18:24 AM  
OH, and I put NSFW b/c of someo of her friends pics. they are yummy too.
2002-02-21 11:22:04 AM  
Dem Canucks have some serious pieces of ice up there.
2002-02-21 11:22:38 AM  
Since she has model contacts, why don't you guys try and hire her out for the next Fark party?
2002-02-21 11:53:56 AM  
Kristina Sviritkova--she should appear after you click on the right arrow. DAMMMMMNNNNN....She's a gymnast and comes covered in her own plastic.
2002-02-21 12:46:11 PM  
YAY !!!
real remon actually knows a girl that's worthy of a Drew Curtis' FARK submission !!!

Whoopie for me !!!

[She STILL won't touch me, however............[
2002-02-21 01:16:17 PM  
That young lady is very pretty.
2002-02-21 01:30:25 PM  
how come there are no pictures of her without makeup on?
I mean you can do some drastic changes on ppl with A LOT of makeup, for once i would just like to see a beautiful woman showing it off without being covered in gunk.
doesnt even let you see what her face looks like for real,
not that any of you guys were looking at her face :)
2002-02-21 02:21:30 PM  

How come your site doesn't feature non makeup pics?
2002-02-21 02:27:46 PM  
(addendum to shiathead's post)
Or NON-clothes pics?
2002-02-21 02:42:35 PM  
actually shiathead the 2 pics on top are non makeup pics, but we arent talking about me here :)
2002-02-21 03:47:29 PM  
She much more then a canadian . She a Quebecer .:)
2002-02-21 04:37:01 PM  
Not a Quebecer.......

She's from near Toronto [Brampton]
2002-02-21 04:55:00 PM  
Yeah shiathead,
Let's talk behind GirlyGirl's back in FARK chat like we always do.
But not here. She might hear us.
2002-02-21 06:16:28 PM  
Unnnhhhhhh . . .

She's a Quebecer? I surrender.
2002-02-21 06:17:18 PM  
Even if she's not a Quebecer, I surrender . . . unnnnnnhhh . . .
2002-02-21 06:44:50 PM  
I got a little excited about the "Come meet my girlfriends" button. Thought there'd be some girlfriend / girlfriend action.
2002-02-21 08:49:58 PM  
Actually, GirlyGirl Looks a hella better without makeup......

Maybe you don't do makeup well, or maybe it's just my preference, but I like her natural much much better.....

Oh, and is that ink in that belly shot???
2002-02-22 03:21:21 PM  
yea that is ink, and if look closely there is a secret :)
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