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(ESPN)   Spurned a-hole athlete Maurice Clarett decides that, because he was treated unfairly, he will throw the Ohio State football program under the bus. Oh yeah, they gave him a bunch of free stuff, too   ( divider line
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2004-11-09 12:53:32 PM  

Remember, the NFL draft is like 12 rounds, plus the supplemental draft. I would consider a 4th or 5th round pick as high.

Sure he needs more experience, but I have no doubt that he'll get his chance - he has proven to have the talent.
2004-11-09 12:54:19 PM  
Anyone who thinks Clarett played only a minor role in the championship season is wrong. Yes, he only played roughly half the season but he was very important in the wins over Washington State (who went to the Rose Bowl), Michigan, and Miami. Those were the three toughest games on the schedule, and the only reason that some other games were as close as they were was that Clarett didn't play. He had the opportunity to be the best RB Ohio State has ever produced, and he threw it away due to stupidity and selfishness.

That being said, he's a demonstrable liar and as far as I can tell there's nothing new in this story that wasn't alleged two years ago, when Clarett was suspended for the season. A full investigation was done and Ohio State was cleared. I expect the same outcome this time around.

2004-11-09 12:56:36 PM  

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the reason the boosters don't face any criminal charges is that all they're doing is breaking NCAA rules, not breaking the law. I'm not sure there is a crime committed when they hand out money to the athlete$. That doesn't make it right, but unfortunately it doesn't make it illegal.
2004-11-09 12:56:58 PM  
The thing is, you don't necessarily have to be lightning fast to be a good RB. It's about following blocks, hitting the holes, breaking tackles, etc...

The only knock I've heard so far is that Clarett isn't that fast. So what?

Kevin Jones last week ran straight into a defender for a big loss because he didn't follow his blocker who opened a huge hole. It doesn't matter how fast you are if you don't know how to play.

Clarett has the talent to be a good NFL RB.
2004-11-09 12:57:13 PM  
I was supposed to teach Freshman English at USC. They wouldn't let me have the athletes because I said I expected that they should be able to read & write coherent sentences.

The football players who don't make the NFL often get hired back as security guards. Considering where USC *is*, they need them.

FWIW, I ended up teaching somewhere else.
2004-11-09 12:57:26 PM  
Yes, but McGahee had a full and productive time at the NCAA level until blowing out his knee at the end of his last college game. Plus, he only missed a year rehabbing it. Clarett has been gone for two years, but prior to that, he played all of a half a season. As a Canadian that only sorta follows college football (and only in the last few years), I can't honestly say that I've seen him play. But from what I can tell, and from my general football knowledge (huge CFL and NFL fan), I gotta say it will be an uphill battle for him to say the least. These days NFL clubs are a lot more wary about a player's background. His attitude could easily poison a locker room. If you notice, most championship teams have a chemistry that rivals the most sanctified brotherhood of monks. I'm not saying Clarett couldn't get along with others at all, just that he may not be welcomed with open arms.
2004-11-09 12:57:34 PM  
Remer: "Alright dude, listen to me carefully. Do you think Shaq got rich playing in Orlando?"
Coop: "No, he got rich playing in college, everybody knows that."
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-09 12:58:46 PM  
For fark's sake, pay the damn players already and shoot all the boosters.

Simple solution to a simple problem.
2004-11-09 01:00:24 PM  
You know, as much as I really hate this guy for being an ass, after working for a DivI school, I *know* this kind of stuff happens. So I wouldn't be at all surprised if this stuff were true.
2004-11-09 01:01:47 PM  
Submitter here.

My first greenlight. I'm so proud.
/wipes away tear
2004-11-09 01:02:53 PM  

The NFL draft is seven rounds. Fourth round is fairly low relatively speaking.

I don't think tOSU has anything to worry about. They can just rat out another school (MIchigan, Iowa, etc.) like Tennessee did to 'Bama.
2004-11-09 01:03:00 PM  

"A free $50,000 education at one of the top universities in the country."

Ohio State, one of the top universities in the country? Virtually all the top universities in this country are private. There are three exceptions:


Ohio State isn't even the top university in Ohio, Case Western is.
2004-11-09 01:03:41 PM  

I'm not saying Clarett has no talent. And I'm not saying low-round picks never make the draft. I am saying after the second-round the numbers fall way off for percentage of players who stick. And the dude has tons of baggage at this point. He's overestimated his worth at every juncture and his character is questionable. NFL GM's really care about that stuff. Do plenty of dudes with questionable character make it in the league? Hell, yeah they do. But Clarett isn't exceptional enough to get a free pass. He's going to have to earn it and I don't think he's that good. He COULD make it, I just don't think he will. There's too many people looking for his job who are willing to work a lot harder than he is.
2004-11-09 01:04:38 PM  
Remember, the NFL draft is like 12 rounds, plus the supplemental draft. I would consider a 4th or 5th round pick as high.

The NFL draft is only 7 rounds so 4-5th round is pushing towards the bottom
2004-11-09 01:07:29 PM  
Pavia Resistance

The Raiders won't draft him...he isn't over the age of 35.
2004-11-09 01:10:44 PM  
"When you'd leave, [the booster] sets you straight," Clarett told The Magazine. "They say, 'You got any money in your pocket?' They make sure your money's straight."

Oh, thank god. I wouldn't want any of that gay money.
2004-11-09 01:11:45 PM  
hyperdex has much wisdom. Clarett was a phenom, did more in half a season than great backs do a in a year - including ESPN's golden child Peterson. ESPN has a woooody for anything anti-OSU. Bunch of losers.

/Was a Clarett fan, now can't wait to see him get pwned by pro linebackers next year.

//Premonition for sometime-in-November 2005:

"The handoff, Clarett breaks left, OOOHHH!! Ray Lewis just ripped his helmet off!"

"That's not his helmet, Al."

"Oh, yuck."
2004-11-09 01:17:09 PM  
You guys have good points.

If Brock Lessnar, that freak wrestler who never played ANY football, can get a shot with Minnesota, so can Clarett.

Some would argue that Clarett hasn't been given a chance. When he's been healthy, he's been exceptional. There are plenty of low-round RBs that have made it BIG in the NFL.
2004-11-09 01:19:25 PM  
Duke football sucks!
2004-11-09 01:19:43 PM  
ESPN has a woooody for anything anti-OSU. Bunch of losers.

Oh please - ESPN can't slobber enough on the knob of OSU football. Not as bad a Meatchicken, but damn close.
2004-11-09 01:19:58 PM  
He will play on Sunday's, no question... Simply too big and talented as a running back. How long will he last IS the question. I'm not impressed with his decison making ability off the field or his integrity for that matter. He will make his millions though... and Ohio State will be left with this mess and it WILL get uglier as every Ohio State football player who has a grudge against the university will hop on this bandwagon...
2004-11-09 01:21:14 PM  
I guess it all depends on who drafts him and how much help he can get.

(Hypothetically speaking for this season)
For example: If he goes to Miami, his career is over and everyone will be saying I TOLD YOU SO!!!

If he goes to a team like Denver, he'd have a legit chance to be a superstar.
2004-11-09 01:25:14 PM  
I'll agree that Clarett played a big role in the championship season (the strip of Taylor after the INT being the biggest play he made all season), but that was Krenzel's team. HE was the main reason we won it all.

Had he stayed out of trouble, Clarett could have gone down with Cassady, Griffin and George as one of the greatest OSU RBs of all time. Its a bummer (because Ross is a bum, Hall is so-so, and they don't give the ball to Pittman enough), but life goes on.

But as Buckeyes we can move on because of this guy:
[image from too old to be available]
True Freshman Ted Ginn Jr. is electrifying, check him out if you get a chance.
2004-11-09 01:27:43 PM  

The way Denver has been churning out running backs, my grandmother could go there and rush for 1500 yards in a season, and she's dead.

Clarett may or may not be drafted, depending on how well he does in the combines, but he will be picked up by an NFL team, even if it's just as an undrafted free agent. He will spend time on the practice squad, and if he's a hard worker, he'll eventually work his way onto the actual team. If he's a whiny baby that thinks he can slide by without putting in the effort, he'll be cut from the team before the end of training camp.
2004-11-09 01:34:42 PM  
Oddly, the Big Ten is 2nd behind Independents for Football graduation rate. Hmmm...

/Thank you Northwestern.
2004-11-09 01:36:03 PM  
To be honest, I don't think there is any "main" reason that we won it all that year. There were at least three games where the game was almost singlehandedly won by a player (or combination of players).

Washington State. If Clarett isn't in that game, we lose. We had a lackluster first half and Clarett simply took over the second half. Krenzel had little or nothing to do with this win.

Penn State. This game highlighted the importance of Chris Gamble's emergence as a defensive weapon. Remember that he had started the year as a WR. Gamble made two huge plays in this game (a tackle after a Krenzel fumble and an interception in the end zone) and had either of those gone the other way, we lose.

Purdue. Krenzel's finest moment, and one of my most sublime moments as a Buckeye fan. Holy Buckeye. I needn't say more.

I guess that what I'm saying is that the championship was won by a team and cannot be really attributed to any one player. It was a fun team to watch, even if it probably took a few years off of my life due to increased blood pressure.



PS: I agree with your assessment of Ginn. He's going to be very special.
2004-11-09 01:37:53 PM  
By the way, I do agree that Krenzel was the unquestioned leader of the 2002 team. I think one of the reasons that this year has been such a disappointment for Buckeye fans is the lack of leadership among the captains. In that sense, 2002 and 2003 were definitely Krenzel's teams.

2004-11-09 01:40:33 PM  
everytime I read this I become less of a pro sports fan. I dont give college sports the time of day, but sheesh, what "quality citizens" these colleges birth into the world... no wonder they are all criminals...
2004-11-09 01:41:23 PM  
as someone who put themself through college and saw the football team have special dinner privilegs, among other benefits, all i can say is fark all atheletes - even the pros. most (football) atheletes are one small step above a farking retard. how many college teams would there be if entire teams had to keep good acedemic standing - FOR REAL? and as for paying college atheletes - FARK that. Even pros are a disgrace. the money the make is beyond rediculous. how many teams would there be if there was a salary cap of say... oh... $110,000.? how many pros go on to do anything remotely useful after their careers are over? none- because although they made tons of money they are complete idiots. these people play childrens games for a living. sports are a way to teach children about teamwork, sportsmanship and exercise. thats it. the olympics should be the pinnicle of sports. college/pro football has lost all that is good about sports. fark em all. goddamn shiat like this pisses me off.
2004-11-09 01:49:18 PM  
Excuse any repeats, but didn't have to time to RTFA and all the posts - so I settled for RTFA.

He says members of Tressel's staff also introduced him to boosters who'd slip him thousands of dollars, and the better he played, the more cash he'd receive. He says boosters eventually began inviting him into their homes or would meet him out in the community.

Welcome to Division I college football. This is how it is done. This is how is has always been done.
What we need is another, more reality-based minor league for the NFL, instead of this "student athlete" crap.

Giving diplomas to these "underwater fire prevention" majors is a slap in the face to true student athletes, as well as the thousands of non-athletes who earn degrees every year.
2004-11-09 01:51:02 PM  
as a georgia hoops fan who's still suffering from the passion of tony cole, i have this to offer to my ohio state chums: you. are.

[image from too old to be available]

just hope they don't take that BCS championship away. wait, actually, they should have anyway, considering you had to cheat righteously against illinois that year just to make the fiesta bowl.
2004-11-09 01:51:40 PM  
Free cars, cash, and relaxed enrollment rules -- that's nothing everyone doesn't already know about US college football, is it?

I hope all those athletes are getting an education out of those "basket weaving 101"-type classes. Meantime, nothing to see here...
2004-11-09 01:53:38 PM  
SEC & Big 12 school violations = Probation, scholarship reductions, bowl bans, etc etc

Big Ten, Pac Ten, Notre Dame violations = Taking away two scholarships
2004-11-09 01:53:38 PM  
hyperdex, well put, it was a team effort and we would not have won it all without everyone playing at their best. I misspoke by saying Krenzel "was the main reason", should have just stated that he was the leader of the Bucks. I just get tired of every story about Maurice saying something to the affect of "led the Buckeyes to the National Championship in 2002". He didn't "lead" us anywhere, he was part of the team.

Who do you think will QB next year? Will Boekman be ready? Or will we stick with either Zwick or Smith?
2004-11-09 01:55:49 PM  
All of you saying Clarett had nothing to do with OSU's championship are full of shiat!!! When he wasn't on the field OSU's offense sucked. They barely survived that year because of his injuries. I watched every farking game. I know. OSU's program has slipped under the radar for a while with a lot of weird stuff going on. He's an asshat but he may be telling the truth. TAKE THEIR CHAMPIONSHIP!! It's the only way to get college football back to the fans. By the way, anyone who gets that tore up in college, isn't making it in the NFL.
2004-11-09 02:00:26 PM  
By the way, anyone who gets that tore up in college, isn't making it in the NFL.

that's what I sawying up above. Dude had trouble staying halthy against NCAA talent in 11 games. What do you think 16 games against faster, bigger, hungrier, elite of the elite of the elite NCAA talent, will do to him?
2004-11-09 02:00:52 PM  
Oh please - ESPN can't slobber enough on the knob of OSU football. Not as bad a Meatchicken, but damn close.

Ouroboros, you have been pwned by ESPN if you believe that. Meatchicken, somewhat. Not OSU.

Top five teams that ESPN wears kneepads for (in order): Miami (Fla.), Fla. State, Notre Dame, Meatchicken, USC/Oklahoma (tie). All can do no wrong.

Miami's Rolle beat up a cop and all ESPN talks about is how awesome of player he is. Clarett takes some bonus from a booster, badmouths the coach two years later, and gets a front-page story "with details on today's 6pm SportsCenter and a four-story expose' on his allegations to be posted at 6pm on"

OSU wins like a bajillion games in a row in the nation's toughest conference and all ESPN says is "they're only winning by 6-7 points on average."

ESPN, Miami, Meatchicken, are teh suuuck. And now that I've read your comment & bio, so is Texas.
2004-11-09 02:07:36 PM  

Oddly, the Big Ten is 2nd behind Independents for Football graduation rate. Hmmm...

/Thank you Northwestern.

Thank Penn State as well. They were second to Northwestern in the Big Ten, and well above the national average. Too bad we don't win games anymore. See link below (pops).
2004-11-09 02:08:26 PM  
WTF is Meatchicken?

I don't follow college sports.
2004-11-09 02:09:36 PM  

Why wouldn't ESPN make a big deal of the star player of a national championship team coming forward with these allegations? OSU has a ton of little scandels that the media ignore. (See in the article about the kid that transferred to Maryland and the problem with his credits?). Their tight end just dropped to div 1AA with another player because of fights and drugs. This stuff happens all the time. ESPN should turn the light on this. OSU has a dirty program. Face it. I live in Ohio and I know it. Their championship is tainted. They were the weakest NCAA champ in my lifetime anyway. If Clarett wouldn't have been able to limp out there 20 minutes every game, they wouldn't get a first down. They sucked outside of defense and Clarett. Bottom line.
2004-11-09 02:11:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-09 02:13:00 PM  

To be honest, I have no idea who will be starting QB for the first game next year. Right now, the job is Smith's to lose at least until the end of this season. I have heard that Boeckman has been impressive in practice, so he might step in next year. Also don't forget that we have an elite 11 QB, Rob Schoenheft (sp?) coming in next year. He'll probably redshirt, but if he performs well he could be worked into the mix.

2004-11-09 02:14:38 PM  
Ya know the worst part about the whole thing isint the money or the cars or the free tuition. Its the fact that they get to schedule a month give or take before the rest of us.

/schedules this week
/goes to OSU
/thinks Michigan sucks
2004-11-09 02:18:32 PM  
Future Raiders star? They need someone to replace Garner...
2004-11-09 02:18:40 PM  
Clarett is a tool though. A friend of mine met him once and said that he is the biggest ass he's ever met.
2004-11-09 02:22:42 PM  
Gee only 87 STUDENTS signed up to receive college credit for Varsity Football.

I hope those exams aren't too tough in Tressel town. (image link incase only OSU IPs can access the master schedule)

2004-11-09 02:25:04 PM  
"as a georgia hoops fan who's still suffering from the passion of tony cole"

Yeah, they oughta make up a "Tony Cole Award" to give to Clarett (or any NCAA Scholar/Athlete who pulls a stunt like this).

/The U still rules
2004-11-09 02:28:11 PM  
Fark him. I'm not an OSU fan but if you're a student athlete you have the chance to do really great things even if you don't go pro. This guy wanted to play the role of campus mack-daddy and to show for it he got exactly what he deserves - nothing.

Hope you saved all that booster cash Clarinet, you're going to need it.
2004-11-09 02:33:15 PM  
This isnt news
This happens at every major football program in every university
Why do you think us Florida state students call FSU Free Shoes University. Players get special treatment and loads of cash.
/nobody cares
2004-11-09 02:41:31 PM  
I had to Google "Meatchicken"

What's up widdat?
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