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(CBS2)   Possible seat belt waiver for the obese   ( divider line
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2619 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Feb 2002 at 12:47 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-20 12:49:36 PM  
Can we get an income tax waiver for the cheap?
2002-02-20 12:51:13 PM  
This reminds me of the Simpson's episode where Homer tries to gain weight to become physically disabled.
2002-02-20 12:52:02 PM  
How about simply rejecting their license? If they can't wear a seat belt, they probably outta be on the back of a flatbed anyway.
2002-02-20 12:52:38 PM  
Finally, the gov't has realized what a waste of space these people are and are proactively thinking of ways to thin the herd.

Now, to find a way to get their fat asses through the windshield when they wreck.
2002-02-20 12:53:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-20 12:53:38 PM  
Anybody that's too fat to wear a seatbelt needs to be out jogging, not riding in a car. Damn porkers make me ill.
2002-02-20 12:53:55 PM  
The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, mash the keypad now.
2002-02-20 12:54:11 PM  
That's asinine.

Unless their obesity is metabolic or genetic, they should lay off the Twinkies and be led to Weight Watchers at gunpoint.
2002-02-20 12:56:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-20 12:57:08 PM  
How 'bout a driver's license waiver for the morons?

...farking fat asses. If you are fat and reading this, get up right now and try some lunges or something you disgusting slob.
2002-02-20 12:57:41 PM  
It's like having your own personal airbag deployed at all times.
2002-02-20 12:58:10 PM  
Why is it that the people who have already demonstrated an inability to take care of themselves may be granted the right to decide whether or not to try to save thier lives? I fail to understand why seatbelts are mandatory. If you like the prospect of flying through the windshiled, then by all means, don't wear a seatbelt. Must the government always protect people from their own stupidity? Perhaps they should introduce legislation that allows the state to kidnap anyone applying for the fatass waiver and subject them to a month of fat camp.
2002-02-20 12:59:31 PM  

Because those worthless idiots that don't wear a seatbelt and fly through the windshield raise MY insurance premiums.
2002-02-20 01:02:22 PM  
This story is funny on so many levels.
2002-02-20 01:02:32 PM  
Good point- I forget about those things becasue, in their infinite wisdom, Mass-a-two-shiats sets auto insurance rates for all carriers. Which of course means they're all pulling out of the state. I think you can shose between 3 companies now. (An exageration, but not much)
Remember, though- fat people raise your health care costs and insurance premiaums, too.
2002-02-20 01:04:31 PM  
How about we get some welfare for people who don't feel like working? Oh wait...doh!

Long as we don't give starving people food, i'm fine with whatever laws they pass!
2002-02-20 01:05:25 PM  
WHAT? Why are steaming humongous tubs exempt from everything because they can't look after their own health? I'm a speed addict so I should be able to kick the ass of anyone I please when I have a bad trip. It's not my fault, honest. Too fat for a seatbelt? Take their licence away until they lose some tonnage.
2002-02-20 01:06:02 PM  
So lets see we lose a bunch of fat asses in W.VA......hummm

2002-02-20 01:07:16 PM  
<fat person>

Ohhh waaaaa I'm soooo fat. I have no self respect or will power. Now make special laws for me and give me free things.
</fat person>
2002-02-20 01:07:26 PM  
Not surprisingly, this is in West Virgina too. When was the last time anyone saw a skinny West Virginian?
2002-02-20 01:08:34 PM  
And the people who drown in 6 inches of bath water raise MY insurance rates.

Let's mandate life preserves in the tub.

Let's just infringe on everyones rights to save us all a few pennies a year.
2002-02-20 01:10:23 PM  
I guess thats ok, I doubt they could fly out of the car anyways, if they wreck.
2002-02-20 01:13:09 PM  
I say we deny them licenses all-together and figure out some way of making fossil fuels out of them.
2002-02-20 01:13:31 PM  

I agree, let's mandate nothing! Total anarchy! I want my right to rape women! Don't infringe on that right for pennies!
2002-02-20 01:20:09 PM  
"I've seen individuals have trouble getting under the steering wheel, let alone put a seat belt on," Sen. Mike Ross said Tuesday.

Jeebus... Wouldn't that tell you the person isn't fit to drive in the first place? Revoke licence.
2002-02-20 01:24:20 PM  
I know one skinny west virginian. But just one. He's not only skinny, he's 6' 3", strong as heck, and trains in brazilian jiujitsu (sp?). He's also a vegetarian. Wierd, but true.

Anyway, maybe he doesn't count, cause he lives in North Carolina now.

Who cares if fat people have a higher chance of death in auto accidents? I certainly don't. Give us a week, though, and the next farkticle will be about fat people suing Ford cause they can't fit in an excursion.
2002-02-20 01:27:02 PM  
I made a new diet plan for really fat fuks. It's called...

2002-02-20 01:36:19 PM  
2002-02-20 01:39:58 PM  
Quothe Gma:
Can we get an income tax waiver for the cheap?
That's already been done, Gma
Quothe Rifter
How about we get some welfare for people who don't feel like working? Oh wait...doh!
Plus the fact that if you don't make a certain amount of money, you don't pay taxes, and may even get a refund more than the $0.00 that you didn't pay. What's the alternative? A flat tax?
2002-02-20 01:41:28 PM  
Sea of Fat.

I remember one summer in High School working in a toll booth (it paid 3 times minimum wage in 1989) and every morning this 1984 Chevy Sedan would come through with two of the largest women I've ever seen. The car was literally 4 inches off the ground, and it was like a sea of fat in the front. I couldn't tell where one would start, and the next would finish.


So... I say "NO" to the waivers.
2002-02-20 01:47:16 PM  
What if the fat bastards have a coronary while driving because their crispy creme's caused them to overdose on cholesterol?
Then they are just as dangerous as me driving while I'm drunk. But then, tomorrow it will be safe for me to drive again, because I will eventually sober up. Why protect the stupid people from their obesity. Oh, and lets install larger seats in all the movie theaters because I'm not average.
What a pile of political feces. This is what we pay our legislators to argue about, how about funneling that money down to the local governments and pay our law enforcement offices more. Maybe then they wouldn't do such a crappy job. But then again the more power you give someone the higher the chances are that they will become "Grade A" assholes.
Believe me, I don't like the cops any more than the next person, and the less I have to interact with them the better, but I like them around. They do take allot of losers off the streets, you know, the type of losers who are too lazy to get a job. Instead they just break into our property and steal the shiat we've worked for our whole lives to obtain, and then it gets sold at flea markets for 1/4 the price that I paid for it. These legislators are no better than the fat idiots who complain about the seats being too small. I'm left handed. Should I try to get laws passed so that the levers on toilets are on the left side? No, I adapt. So should everyone else. It is called survival of the fittest. Let the weak die form natural causes and events (i.e. car wrecks that throw them through the windshield). Peace
2002-02-20 01:52:17 PM  
Amen Dgrepo

...nuff said
2002-02-20 01:53:09 PM  
ASININE is right. Shoot, why diet when you can get special favors and stuff for free--like maybe an extra airplane seat? Methinks this only encourages laziness and whatnot. Tell you what, when I was 9 months pregnant with Tyler, I was farking HUGE but I was still able to wear a seat belt in that tiny Festiva I have. Man, these slobs must be REALLY huge!
2002-02-20 01:59:01 PM  
fat people should sue the airlines because they cant fit into any of their seats. so now the airlines are responsible form someones health problems. america may be free, but sometimes i have to stop and think that we really have some idiots running this country. lets just go back to the old days, when the man with the biggest gun wins. period. fat people CAN change! Jared did!
2002-02-20 02:32:15 PM  
For the people who say that fat people should ride in the backs of flatbeds,it should be noted that in an accident,a really fat person in an open flatbed can go flying through the air and smash onto the ground much in the manner of a creme filled Bismarck dropped from ten stories up.It'd be tragically humorous to see,I'm sure,but think of the mess,people,the mess!Bottom line:fat people should not be in flatbeds,unless you tie them down.
2002-02-20 02:39:27 PM  
What's asinine is seatbelt laws in GENERAL. Laws made by insurance companies. NOT for us by us.

2002-02-20 02:48:02 PM  
On an unrelated note, the Health Department earlier today released its plan to turn around the statistics that show the United States as the most grotesquely obese nation in the world.
2002-02-20 02:52:57 PM  
From the oxy-contin capital of the world : West Virginia*

*Home of obesity since 1865

"About 21 percent of West Virginians are considered obese, higher than the national average of 17 percent."
I guess Kentucky didn't get counted. There are SOO many fat people here

i have the perfect pic for this thread if i can find it on google---i'm at work 8-(
2002-02-20 02:59:21 PM  
I can't find this image on google image search--it's picture of this 300+ lbs woman who fell out of a building.
it's about 3 years old

anyone know what i am talking about????
2002-02-20 03:18:27 PM  
Remember when Senator Phil Gramm said, "We are the only nation on Earth where all of the poor people are fat"?
2002-02-20 03:18:44 PM  
I never realized that those sealtbelts the stewerdess uses to explain how to buckle your seatbelt double as extenders for the extremely obese. Until I sat next to one of those gentlemen.

He fell asleep and drooled on my shoulder.
2002-02-20 03:20:21 PM  
As a person of girth (dietetically challenged, weight-impaired, fatticus slobbicus, etc.) I just want to say that these idiot legislators certainly don't speak for all of us.

If you're too fat to fit behind the wheel of your car, that should be telling you something.

If you can't buckle your seatbelt, that should be telling you something.

If you need more than one seat on an airplane, that should be telling you something.

And that "something" is NOT "Pass a law so I feel better about myself", but "Jeez, maybe I need to cut out the bad foods and start working out so I *DON'T* need all these favors done for me."

We're not all looking for handouts, okay? Some of us do take responsibility for our actions. Then again, I don't live in West Virginia. :)
2002-02-20 03:49:14 PM  

Ohhh waaaaa I'm soooo fat. I have no self respect or will power. Now make special laws for me and give me free things.

Wait until they add weight to Title 7 and make it illegal to disciminate based on weight! Quotas for the overweight as movie stars, airline attendants, strip tease artist, pole dancers. Uh, wait, there is a club that have the last two. That is what you get when you don't have a cover charge.

Let's add fat to the Americans with Disability Act! Yea! That is the ticket! "You have to accomodate me by having free Twinkies at the snack bar!"
2002-02-20 03:50:32 PM  
All of you skinny idiots suck! Fark you! I LOVE being fact I prefer the term morbidly obese! I sit around all day watching TV and eating great food! You suck wads are just jealous. I eat any time I want and as often as I want and as much as I want. It is GREAT! I do as little as possible. The only time I leave is to go to a restaurant.

The best thing is I apply for handicap licenses...and get them!!!! HA HA HA you skinny freak puny little jerk-offs! I love the fact that I will soon be able to sue the fark out of McD's and stuff! Then I will be rich, lazy, and fat. AAAHHH HAAAAA! You skinny farks suck.

Tell me why I need self-discipline, or exercise? Why shouldn't I eat everything. What is the big deal? Here is another great thing...soon, and it is coming, the day when it will be PC not to say anything about fat people. Whoo Hooo!

You skinny people don't need all that room on your seat in the plane! You suck, you mal-nourished stick freaks! I love it when a quarter of my massive fat laden body hangs over onto your seat. I know that you feel uncomfortable and I just sit there and laugh to myself! I REALLY like it when my fat rolls touch you and I have that smell that I sometimes get! And you get all sick and disgusted because the warm oily smell of my body is touching you! I almost laugh aloud when you don't want to eat because I disgust you! Inside I'm thinking "Fark you, you freak, gimme your plate, I'll show you what eating is about!"

They will either make seatbelts longer (or larger) or I will sue the fark out of them...AND WIN!!!! AHHHHHH HAAAAAAA! You stupid jealous farking skinny freaks!

Eat well! Eat lots! Move as little as possible!

Fark off you stupid skinny little farkers!

Phillipians 3:19
Their future is eternal destruction. Their god is their appetite, they brag about shameful things, and all they think about is this life here on earth.

You skinny people are all: DI<Kheads!

PS I've got man-tits! Wanna suck them? NO?!?!? Why not? What do you think womens boobies are made of? You stupid idiotic piece of shiat freaky little skinny pus-bags!
2002-02-20 04:12:16 PM  
Being fat=object of pity/abuse+shorter,sorrier life.
Still no reason for special treatment
2002-02-20 04:24:57 PM  
I don't care if they wear a seatbelt or not
2002-02-20 04:32:20 PM  
Crazy_horce: I got what you're lookinh for....unfortunatly I don't know how to post's a link http:/
2002-02-20 04:33:52 PM  
I wash mah-self with a rag onna stick.
2002-02-20 04:34:35 PM  
2002-02-20 04:42:31 PM  
Why is this even an issue? Don't most car dealers offer seatbelt extensions for the morbidly obese?

I fail to understand the logic of the seatbelt law in the first place. Laws should only affect behavior that harms others, not behaviors that result in harm to one's self. Those issues are a matter of personal responsibility.

If you extend the specious logic that seatbelt laws are needed to prevent financial harm to others via insurance premiums, consider: could not that same argument be applied to any other personally-destructive behavior? Why not pass a law to prevent Fb-'s rampant fornication? Or to keep people from eating sweets, or salt? Why not pass laws to force people to exercise every day and get eight hours of sleep? It'd lower insurance premiums, help fight terrorism (somehow), and save children, you must understand.
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