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2004-11-06 09:36:11 PM  
For those saying send batteries:

What types would be most appreciated?
2004-11-06 09:36:13 PM  
Why is aren't government supplying this? JESUS CHRIST! They aren't getting batteries?

I forgot! We need to spend billions of dollars on a missile defense system, because the US has gotten hit with so many missiles.
2004-11-06 09:36:54 PM  
How do I know my donation isn't going to go to a non-Christian?

You can't be serious. That better be a crucifix you're sending.
2004-11-06 09:37:14 PM  
Circuit City was doing something where you can record a thank-you and they send it to a soldier(s). Anyone know of anywhere else where you can do this?

And please people, don't feed the troll.
2004-11-06 09:37:30 PM  

I will sponsor any sniper that has a thirst for blood and your home address.
2004-11-06 09:38:48 PM  
For those saying send batteries:

What types would be most appreciated?

My friend told me they need lots of AAs for things like CD players, MP3 players, radios etc.... mostly things to keep them entertained.
2004-11-06 09:39:38 PM  
makthrax, Tenebreux

Soldiers are savage killers because someone has to. Would you like to? We are a nation with enemies and my brothers and I have volunteered to serve to protect you in all your asshattery. With that protection there exists the necessity to kill when non-lethal means will not eliminate the threat. I would strongly disagree that "they kill without a care". Strongly disagree.
2004-11-06 09:41:20 PM  
Dont do the crime if you can't do the time? suck it up boys. And PizzaIDF?! fan-farking tastic! crazy thought, let them take a little of the millions of $ in US grants recieved a DAY and spring for the extra bacon bits and anchovies, hm?
2004-11-06 09:42:03 PM  

The military has always (at least for the 8 years I've been in) supplied just a little less than you need to accomplish the mission in an orderly and relatively safe manner.

It's on you to find (through hook or crook) the final 1% of the supplies you need for the mission.

As I like to say, "A good supply sergeant should always be eligble to have larceny charges brought against him."
2004-11-06 09:43:29 PM  
I say that we raise up some money and buy the fastest available tickets to a trip to Hell for Tenebreux & Makthrax

/Put some money in for lunches too...
//Very Cheap Lunches...
2004-11-06 09:44:34 PM  
I had an idea...

let me know if it is dumb.

I know I cant send the soldiers alcohol of any kind. I'm not even sure if they can buy beer over there.

I was at Fry's the other day and saw a home beer-making kit thingy... it apparently makes about 4 gallons of beer.

If I cant send them alcohol, maybe I could send them a "bread-maker" with some yeast and flavoring?
2004-11-06 09:46:42 PM  

I already pay taxes. I can understand sending things like maybe cd players or some shiat like that. Luxuries. But if they are not getting equipment necessary to meet the goals they are there to do, something is wrong with the government. I am not responsible for trying to get our soldiers body armor and batteries for their rifle scopes.
2004-11-06 09:46:49 PM  
If any of you are in the Fort Wayne area, there is a drive at one of my friend's school. If interested, contact me at this thread. One of my buddies has a son serving over there, so they are organizing this. This is what people would usually send:

Nothing hazardous (i.e., chemical or pressurized), liquid, fragile or perishable. You may include these types of items: personal hygiene items: baby wipes, toothpaste/tooth brushes, solid stick antiperspirants, eye drops (the only liquid product allowed); crackers, candies (no chocolate please ~ as it melts in transit), beef jerky (an all-time favorite), packaged and/or canned nuts, instant (in powder form) drinks, books, magazines, devotional material, home town newspapers, stationery and stamps.

The baby wipes are very helpful, especially in dusty hot climates when their faces gets dirty.
2004-11-06 09:47:23 PM  
Looks like it's time to dig through the closet and see what I can send 'em. I have quite a bit of old toys and such that could make some Iraqi kids happy.

And I seriously expected a total prick like Tenebreux to show up sooner, but maybe my opinion of Farkers is just a bit too low. ;) Anyway, he's a total dipshiat, nothing less.
2004-11-06 09:48:30 PM  
Hrm.. I'm tempted to try to cook up something to send, too. I wonder if they have X-Boxes? ('Cause I'd wait until after the 9th to send them something, if they do... :) )

Fark you. I, too, disagree with the motives for going to this war, but seriously, fark you. Way to allow your hate and anger to cause you to treat other humans as things...
2004-11-06 09:49:01 PM  
Baby wipes are really good for cleaning your junk when you haven't showered in three weeks. I hear things are much improved now, though.
2004-11-06 09:49:26 PM  

But if they are not getting equipment necessary to meet the goals they are there to do, something is wrong with the government.

There's a lot wrong with the government, and military logistics is one of the biggies.

I am not responsible for trying to get our soldiers body armor and batteries for their rifle scopes.

No, you're not. Accordingly, nobody is forcing you to send them anything, nor is anyone going to look down upon you if you don't send them anything.

The people that want to send them things will, and those that don't, won't.
2004-11-06 09:49:31 PM  
Durendal brings up a point..

Are their charities to help the Iraqi's? You know the people who REALLY need help?
2004-11-06 09:49:38 PM  
The best care package of all would have been a vote for Kerry/Edwards.
2004-11-06 09:50:07 PM  
Im a gay-loving straight Kerry-voting gun-owning brie-eating Chardonnay-drinking Democrat senting a ton of snacks, lip balm, beef jerky, condoms and back copies of FHM because it's not their fault that they are there. Semper Fi!
2004-11-06 09:50:40 PM  

I dunno, there has already been some people in here guilt tripping.
2004-11-06 09:50:56 PM  
If you dont want to kill you dont join. Its that simple, its voluntary. So if you sign up, you sign up to kill. If you think you are brave, then imagine how brave those Iraqi's are who have to defend themselves for doing nothing wrong.
2004-11-06 09:54:27 PM  

R - Alcoholic Beverages All alcoholic beverages, including those mailable under DMM C021, are prohibited.
R1 - Alcoholic Beverages Materials used in the production of alcoholic beverages (i.e., distilling material, hops, malts, yeast, etc.) are prohibited.

I think I'm going to do this, but does anyone else see a problem when the troops are asking for ARMOR, FOOD and CLOTHING? If the government isn't able to provide these things, we're in trouble.
2004-11-06 09:54:34 PM  
I'm fully gonna do this first thing monday.

btw, i have a ton of ground up shrooms i pack into gelcaps (they look like any generic multivitamin-type thing you'd get at a health food store). Do you think it'd be cool to send a bunch of them over there with a little note about dosage (.5g/gelcap)? Do these things get inspected? And do these guys get enough time to go tripping out in the desert every so often?

I've known guys in the military who've told me they LOVE hallucinogens but actual combat conditions may be a little different, yah?
2004-11-06 09:54:55 PM  

There are people who will guilt trip you for just about anything.

This is a voluntary site. If you don't feel like donating anything, don't. If someone doesn't like it, they can piss off. It's your money that you've earned, and you get to decide what to do with it.
2004-11-06 09:55:16 PM  
It is nice for them to get stuff. Probably really boring at times over there.

I think Halliburton should kick in lots of goodies as well.
2004-11-06 09:56:53 PM  
Also, what sort of DVD players do they have? Do you think they can play VCDs? I'd like to send them that new BBC documetary, "The Power of Nightmares."
2004-11-06 09:57:09 PM  
Prove it's legit.
2004-11-06 09:57:26 PM  
N-word Jim

A good rule of thumb is to not send them anything you wouldn't feel comfortable consuming/using in the middle of a police station.

And, for the record, Acid was the drug of choice when I was on active duty due to the fact that it left your system so quickly.
2004-11-06 09:58:11 PM  
makthrax joins Tenebreux for the total douchebag pedestal. Way to go, you farking prick.

YodaTuna, I'm sure there are, but sending the soldiers things like simple toys is a good way to help too. I don't think soldiers would have a whole lot of fun playing with action figures, but Iraqi kids would, and they know that. Send them kid toys and I'll bet they'll find their way into the hands of Iraqi kids.
2004-11-06 09:58:39 PM  

Nobody here has to prove anything to you. If you don't want to send anything, don't.
2004-11-06 09:58:51 PM  
Cookies package sent.

Hope they find them safe and sound....

2004-11-06 10:02:00 PM  
N-word Jim

That would be awesome. Except you know the soldiers would have no idea what they were, and some people who didn't want them could end up taking them. And then it could end their military career.

Don't be dumb.
2004-11-06 10:04:17 PM  
I've send a lot of packages from home to family in iraq (have a brother in the marines, and a uncle who is ex-army and a contracter for the military). I think i'm going to send one through this site too.

And for the record, I'm AGAINST this war. And I've never voted Republican in my life. Their policies that got us into this mess can go to hell. But please, whatever you do, support our troops!
2004-11-06 10:04:23 PM  
I hate beef jerkey myself, what is tasty and won't make you poop liquid, etc? Speaking of which, maybe pepto-bismol tablets would be good in case they eat something local that doesn't agree with them. Kleenex? Are you excluded from the military if you have bad allergies? What about rechargeable batteries that go in those solar rechargers?
2004-11-06 10:07:23 PM  
Thanks so much for posting this. I just donated. I only wish they could all come home.

Of course, it's criminal how Bush shortchanges the brave folks over there so they have to be sent essential equipment, body armor, and have ineffective plywood strapped to their vehicles. sigh
2004-11-06 10:07:30 PM  
I was actually wondering about the VCD thing too. I, um, have a friend who has a lot of backup copies of dvds laying around. If I, I mean he, sent them would they get through?
2004-11-06 10:08:22 PM  
Even if you're lazy, paypal them $5, and don't go out for lunch on Monday.

/you don't need it anyway fatty.
2004-11-06 10:08:41 PM  
lovehate, the military food rations that they get are designed to stop up bowel movements. my ROTC friends said they stop you up for over a week, heh. so i guess the beef jerky helps in those ways too?
/never eaten it
2004-11-06 10:09:04 PM  
kill kill kill

//middle america
2004-11-06 10:09:18 PM  
Yoda, it seemed dumb to me too but fark it, I had to ask. and btw, of course I would include a note explaining it. That;s why I asked if the packages are inspected.
2004-11-06 10:13:02 PM  
Way cool. I will send something.

/Not a Bush suporter
//Against the war
///Vet who cares about our folks in uniform
2004-11-06 10:13:22 PM  
How about we send them a plane ticket home instead?
2004-11-06 10:13:51 PM  
Im gonna donate a political map so those guys know whos
killing them for Halliburton.
2004-11-06 10:14:39 PM  
There was a drive at one time for gently used sporting equipment to hand out to the kids, I sent frisbees and soccer balls(soccer is huge over there). Included a real football too so the soldiers could teach the kids OUR football. : )
2004-11-06 10:15:00 PM  
You know what else I think would go over well? Comedy CDs!

Bill Hicks is going to Iraq!
2004-11-06 10:16:11 PM  
/makes her way through the links
//passes links on to other family members
///is completely against Bush
////wants them home ASAP
//daughter of a USAF officer
2004-11-06 10:16:36 PM  
if I have the cash i'd ship them a couple half barrels and a tap. too bad i can't ship ice.
2004-11-06 10:17:52 PM  
bbqpope, dayum shame they couldn't drink it if you sent it! Just buy a soldier a beer next time you see one in a pub, he'll appreciate it.
2004-11-06 10:17:58 PM  
A huge number of us already do and half for the last 18 months. What have YOU done for them this week?


Good one. Really, it is. If that were true soldiers wouldn't be paying $1 for bootlegged videos and DVD's, and paying rediculously high amounts for shots of cheap whiskey from those who have family and friends who care.

My cousin was making a killing selling shots. His girlfriend in Germany would send it, and he'd sell it.

We sent him a portable DVD player and asked if he needed DVD's. He said he'd rather just buy the bootlegs, and then he could give them away to someone else later. I would make him CD's...and when he got sick of them, he'd give them away.

There are a lot of men and women over there who get NOTHING. If 'a huge number' of the Republicans (like you say) have been wouldn't be a problem. My cousin would give out his stuff and let everyone use his things...because they didn't have anything.

It's really sickening. No matter what you think of the war, our soldiers shouldn't suffer.
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