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(NYPost)   Court to allow widow of drunk driver to sue Volkswagen for contributing to husband's death.   (nypost.com) divider line 58
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2002-02-20 02:44:08 PM
Again, biatch don't wanna work. What about the life insurance he should have been carrying either through work or personally? (I'm worth more dead than alive)

What about accidental death coverage from car insurance or through work?

Plan ahead people! I pay around $200 a month for car insurance and 250,000K plus life insurance apiece on me and my wife.....Worth it in the long run.
2002-02-20 02:49:54 PM
*shakes his head*

yet another entry in the "My loved one was STUPID, but because he died (ab)using your product, I'm going to sue you."

Personal responsibility? Doesn't exist. Not as long as there's a buck to be made.

Say, what I'd like to see is for somebody to compile a list of all these "frivolous lawsuits" and their outcome. After all, instigating a suit is not the same as WINNING a suit. Sure, McDonald's Hot Coffee Lady got her millions, but how many frivolous suits were read by the judge, who promptly announced, "This is so stupid, I'm not going to hear it. Case dismissed." Or that went through, but the jury then said, "We find the defendant innocent, and the plaintiff a money grubbing Darwin award candidate."

People picked up for DUI/DWI should be charged with attempted murder and premeditated murder and executed (if convicted) if they actually kill somone
Mmm, high profile DUI case around here just wrapped up, guilty of manslaughter (high profile because the defendant was a 50 year old cop, the deceased a 19 year old girl, and there were reports of preferential treatment. The defense attorney was an idiot, his main defense was that the defendant was NOT drunk, even though a local bar had security camera videotape of him raising the wrist there all day and blew a .06 when they finally gave him the test...hours later. And a LONG history of being a boozer. He even intimated, pulling it right out of his ass, that the deceased was on Ecstasy. No toxicology report, no history of it, just opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it. I'm hoping the drunkard gets the maximum, 20 year sentence. There will be an uproar if he doesn't!)
2002-02-20 02:51:48 PM
DarkOne, Leave it to Odietamo

Not ALL evil, you cheese eatin' surrender monkey. Just most of it. The truth can be a painful thing. Sorry.

I'm not changing what the thread is about. It's about a frivolous lawsuit. And the reason why she thinks she can pull off such a suit matters. The reason why is the precedent I cited. Therefore, same subject.
2002-02-20 02:54:46 PM
Oh, and I forgot, DarkOne, lest you fail to notice, this is about something happening in the United States. I understand you have country-envy and all but until we let you become our fifty-first state why does your weighing in on a topic in New York matter at all?
2002-02-20 03:21:07 PM
Odietamo, I'm a Libertarian and generally think limiting personal freedoms is wrong but it's the old saying "your right to swing your fist ends where my nose starts". Even 1 drink affects you ability to drive even if not noticible but I have a higher (?) right to be safe from reckless drivers whatever the cause (cell phones, yapping kids, whiny dogs). Since it's unrealistic to pre-test every licensed driver for his/her personal limit then a generic limit must be set. I'd rather see a 0.00 BAC tolerance than even the 0.08 BAC because it is somewhat arbitrary and some can drive very well with a BAC of 0.15 (I once saw a 4'10", 80# girl drink 13 tequila kamikazes in less than 2 hours and not even slur her speech or stumble when walking) while others are passing out at 0.04.

In any case, it's unlikely mom talking on a cell phone with 11 screaming soccer kids in the back is going think she's doing anything wrong (and in this case I think I'd take the drunk driver) because she's probably the president of the local MADD and it's far easier to do the PC thing about DUI/DWI. But that's really neither here nor there. In reference to this particular story, the guy was twice legal and killed himself because he was drunk, it wasn't the car maker's fault.
2002-02-20 04:39:22 PM
As seems to be my signature post in lawyer related threads:

Old Willie was right.
Kill all the lawyers, kill them tonight.

--Don Henley, the Eagles
2002-02-20 05:30:51 PM
I went to work drunk today and got fired, so my lawyer advised me to sue Heineken, because their tasty (HAHAHA ) beer lured me to drink before work !

I'm in the money, I'm in the money , I got alot of what it takes to retain a lawyer !
2002-02-21 12:16:21 PM
Walkman, while I understand your point, we won't come to an agreement on this. That you _might_ get hurt shouldn't be reason enough. Many things people do _may_ hurt someone else (cell phone use while driving) or risk the loss of their freedom in a broad sense. Taking freedoms away from people "for their own good" or "just in case" is the Democrat/liberal way, leading inevitably to socialism. I don't feel that fits well into a Libertarian frame of mind, which I, for the most part, have much respect for.

That having been said, I expected to be in the minority here. As you pointed out, it's easy (PC) to attack drinking and driving. Your second paragraph, BTW, was very well said and I am in complete agreement.

As to the article, yes, I know the facts of it. My statement was in regard to DUI in general. I had already addressed my opinion as to this suit in particular earlier on in the thread: "You can thank the liberal lawyers vs Big Tobacco for this and the coming fast food suits. Once the precedent was set that personal responsibility was no longer a factor, there was a mass ejaculation among liberal lawyers across the country. Enjoy the nation you've created."
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