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(The Sun) Boobies Tara Reid pops out her top... the Sun is there (not safe for work)   ( divider line
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195383 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Nov 2004 at 5:10 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-06 01:03:27 PM  
the hooha tattooo looks to be tinkerbell.
2004-11-06 01:29:39 PM  
i'd only hit it if she kept her top on, or from behind.

boob jobs make me think i'm hitting a doll, not a chick. I think girls with real boobs (or just natural, big or small) tend to be better conversationalists and hotter in bed.

/me wonders if she had labia work done as well
2004-11-06 01:47:55 PM  
Funny, i saw her last night. She almost ran me over in her freakin range rover then parked by a fire hydrant. She was on the cell chatting and completly oblivious.

/wish I had known about this, I would have had something to shout at her as she got out the car.
2004-11-06 01:48:10 PM  
i'd hit it...i just might not look at the titties too much, although during sex i wouldn't really care what they looked like.
2004-11-06 01:52:43 PM  
I'd hit it and so would every single guy on this thread who is not gay.

In fact, I'd hit it twice, just to make sure it was hit.
2004-11-06 01:53:18 PM  
id hit it from behind, but just because im perpetually horny :/
2004-11-06 01:55:06 PM  
i think those are fake....

/got nothin
//would also hit it
2004-11-06 01:58:37 PM  
Well, that fantasy is now dead.

At least I still have Mira Sorvino.
2004-11-06 02:09:46 PM  
I can't wait to see her on Blacks on Blonds.
2004-11-06 02:17:57 PM  
To all anti-fur people, i respect your position on not wearing fur. Is it necessary though to harass other people for doing and wearing what they want? Unless your a true vegetarian and dont own anything in leather, or other animal hide. And hopefully you dont play baseball because a baseball glove is made of leather. I think it is hypocritical for you to tell fur wearers that what they are doing is wrong. Because you dont like it doesnt mean that i dont like it.

Thank you and have a nice day.
2004-11-06 02:37:39 PM  
First off, she should sue who ever did the work, because they look *bad*. And I love boobs. Love 'em. Eat'em all day like chips, I tell ya.

And on that note, if you want to see the whole spread, click here...
2004-11-06 02:39:37 PM  

From the Onion, May 22, 2002

LOS ANGELESTara Reid's agent, publicist, and other members of her management team are working feverishly to avert a potential political awakening in the 26-year-old actress, sources reported Tuesday.

"Thus far, Tara has been blissfully oblivious to world affairs," said Rick Stein, Reid's agent at International Creative Management. "But we must remain ever-vigilant of the possibility that, as her star continues to rise, she will develop a political consciousness like so many others in Hollywood."

"As bad as she is, could you imagine if, during an interview for a new movie, she started going off on saving the animals or ending world hunger or something?" Stein said. "So long as she's my client, I will do everything in my power to ensure that this never happens."

The star of such films as American Pie, Josie And The Pussycats, and National Lampoon's Van Wilder, Reid is a fixture on the L.A. party circuit. She also achieved a measure of notoriety in tabloids and on gossip pages last year following her broken engagement to MTV VJ Carson Daly. Though there is no indication that Reid takes an interest in politics or current events, or is even registered to vote, Stein and his associates are keeping an eye out for telltale signs of nascent awareness of social issues.

"I was having lunch with Tara the other day, and she told me she was thinking of becoming a vegetarian," said Libby Winters, Reid's publicist. "I thought, 'Oh, fark[personal assistant] Kimberly [Braterman] didn't screen Tara's mail thoroughly and let a PETA mass-mailing slip through.' So I casually asked Tara where she got that idea. She said she was at a party with [socialite] Paris Hilton, and Paris told Tara that her boyfriend said her pussy juice tasted better after she quit eating red meat. I can't tell you how relieved I was."

Winters went on to note that while Reid frequently practices yogawidely regarded as a "gateway exercise" to spiritual and political awarenessthe activity has not had any such effect.

Reporting regularly to Reid manager Kevin Adrian, members of the actress' entourage are under strict orders not to expose Reid to politically suggestive material. They have also been instructed to inform Adrian of any action or remark which may indicate an emergent social consciousness on the part of Reid, however embryonic or misdirected.

Reid's hairstylist, Frederic Chukka, recently became alarmed when she asked him if the hairspray he was using was "environmentally friendly."

"At first, I didn't know what to say," Chukka said. "I stammered something about the government banning all that fluorocarbon stuff in the '70s. Tara gave me this look like she didn't quite believe me. I said to myself, 'Think fast, Frederic, if you want to do her hair for next year's Golden Globes.'"

Continued Chukka: "So I said to Tara, 'Even if they didn't ban all that stuff, no one cares besides a couple of ugly, mousy hippie biatches who are just jealous of rock-star babes like you. You deserve to shine, sweetheart. Besides, I can't think of a better product to give you that just-been-farked look.' She just nodded."

The handlers' vigilance has extended into Reid's acting choices. Adrian said he encourages his client to play mainly sexy, lighthearted, apolitical roles. As an added measure, he counts on Reid's personal assistant, Kimberly Braterman, to ensure that the on-set environment is politics-free.

"There was a lot of concern when she was cast in Dr. T And The Women," Braterman said. "[Director Robert] Altman is known for his subversive, countercultural views, and [co-star] Richard Gere is a passionate advocate for Tibetan independence. It was a dangerous situation to put her in, but by keeping Tara's trailer far away from Richard's and by frequently pulling her off the set for premieres, press junkets, and racy pictorials for Stuff magazine and Maxim, we managed to shield her from any potential indoctrination."

One Hollywood celebrity who has openly condemned Reid's handlers is actress Jaime Pressly, star of Joe Dirt and Tomcats.

"It is just so unfair," Pressly said. "Because of her control-freak handlers, Tara will never learn of the joys and rewards of political awareness. Since my own awakening last year, I feel so much more full of knowledge and awareness, and I think celebrities should use their fame to educate the public about important issues. Like, for example, did you know that women in Pakistine have to be buried alive with their dead husbands, whether they want to or not? That is so wrong."

Added Pressly: "Oh, and by the way, milk is nothing but liquid meat."
2004-11-06 02:44:22 PM  
Tara's tits are about three times as big as they used to be. At first I thought it was a publicity stunt a la Janet Jackson. But I can't believe she'd want to show that operation mess.

Why didn't the silly cow wear a bra anyway?
2004-11-06 02:47:42 PM  
This whole thing is making me vomit... How can someone butcher themselves like that??
2004-11-06 02:49:34 PM  
The people who harass others about fur have a lot in common with the fundies who harass others about their behavior. Both think that their way is the right way and that they have a right to impose their beliefs on others. Different ideology but same reprehensible behavior.
2004-11-06 03:08:49 PM  
"Not to threadjack or anything, but Im going to threadjack."
2004-11-06 03:17:45 PM  
Some before plastic pictures

Yeah I think I liked them much better before.
2004-11-06 03:21:40 PM  
FAKE, and not even a good job at that. Put those things away skanky ho!
2004-11-06 03:28:56 PM  
Let this be a lesson, ladies: dignity coupled with little saggy breasts wins out every time.
2004-11-06 03:52:49 PM  
We could use a new disclamer: NSFHome
2004-11-06 03:58:00 PM  
I'd still hit it. Twice actually.
2004-11-06 03:58:34 PM  
heres a bunch more hi-res shots NSFW obviously​#comment s
2004-11-06 03:59:39 PM  
shes still hot, id so do her.
2004-11-06 03:59:49 PM  
Only guys that have never been with a woman, claim they like fake boobs. Guys that have been with women prefer real boobies, whether they be big or small, saggy or firm. So why the hell to girls get fake boobs? I guess they do sort of look better under clothes, but naked, fake boobs look HORRIBLE!
2004-11-06 04:31:11 PM  

I don't entirely agree with you. I have seen a couple sets of falsies that were pretty nice because the augmentation was done right, with the rest of the woman's body kept in mind. Each of these ladies had above-average sized breasts for their bodies, but within the realm of being gifted, not frankentits. I will agree with you in the sense that I have yet to see a woman who I felt needed implants or looked bad as her breasts naturally were. Most women don't need to get them, as what they've got is quite enough to entertain me...
2004-11-06 04:45:42 PM  
That may just be the scariest looking nipple I've ever had the displeasure of seeing.
2004-11-06 05:10:07 PM  
Another nice boobage display...not a scar in sight---- N-S-F-W [image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-06 05:23:08 PM  
Nasty. I would, of course, still hit it. But I think I would have to do the grab-over to cover those nips.
2004-11-06 05:44:43 PM  
BobFarker, at least they use the entire animal. Were the Indians wrong in using the entire body of the buffalo for their needs?

2004-11-06 05:56:07 PM  
Tara Reid's past her expiration date as America's Number Four Fantasy Fark.
2004-11-06 06:19:45 PM  
Did someone order a pepperoni pizza?
2004-11-06 06:23:41 PM  
There is a Trojan Dialer loading from the page SuperDuperTwentyEight linked. At least that's what my AV says.
2004-11-06 06:27:09 PM  
there is no such thing as a 'good' boob job. They stuff foreign objects in your body, how do you expect it to look 'natural'? I have not yet seen a pair of fake tits that looked even close to natural (i am not talking anout heavily airbrushed images - those make the whole girl look fake:)).

and no, I wouldn't hit it. Fakes turn me off big time.

I think cosmetic surgery should be reserved for severe cases of disfigurement, burns, etc. Otherwise, it's deception. Imagine marrying a girl who had a nose job, for example - you'll end up with ugly babies!
2004-11-06 06:54:51 PM  
Heres the bio on that second chick Butternuts linked to earlier. Lord she is teh hot.
Definitely NSFW bonerage!!
2004-11-06 07:01:43 PM  
2004-11-06 07:01:45 PM  
Yeah us Brits have rotten teeth, but I'd rather have that than those horrible fake all-American scarred titties - yuck!!!
2004-11-06 07:09:31 PM  
I hate to sound like a cynic, but don't you think by 2004, this kind of '0ops' is known as a publicity stunt, coldly calculated by Whorewood agents?
2004-11-06 07:12:59 PM  
Oh wow, as I stare at that horrible boob exposure I can not help but think of the little rascals pet dig, Petey.
2004-11-06 07:18:52 PM  
Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, gross, uh.............gross.
2004-11-06 07:26:55 PM  
I would hit it like nobody's business, she is an utter fox. And if a girl is down to get farked up and drink with me, so much the better, attention whore or not. She is hot and I am willing to bet that in real life 99.9% of naysaying farkers would probably hit it as well. Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Also, can anyone link to a version of this pic that can be right-clicked? Thx.
2004-11-06 07:28:06 PM  
Someone already said it, but I'm going to repeat it.

She used to be quite the hottie.. now, she's just an overexposed non-acting attention whore trying to maintain celebrity status by hanging with Skank Hilton and showing off a terrible boob job.

Ok, so they didn't say it quite like that, but you get the point.

With all the different ways of breast augmentation, why did she pick the 'slice into the areola' method? Is it because she's broke and busted?
2004-11-06 07:34:48 PM  
BadBatsuMaru-- She has a tattoo on her hoo-haa that you can't even figure out

It's playboy bunny...

txt_eva -- No, not the one on her back, the one on her front that looks like a butterfly peeing on a coffin.
2004-11-06 07:40:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Rat [TotalFark]
2004-11-06 07:43:33 PM  
I don't wanna burst bubbles, but those look like post-op breast biopsy scars. Family history? Anyone? Bueller?

© just saying that's what they look like to my trained eye
2004-11-06 07:44:13 PM  
*coughs* Right, so... Despite the fact we're past this, the unknown tattoo on the HooHaa Lady is a fairy bent all Tinkerbell-like over a mushroom or something.

And she, the lady, has gorgeous eyes, I think. (Sorry, didn't get close enough to see Tinkerbell's...)

As for Tara Reid...The breast, at least, seems to be decently shaped. The nipple, however, looks awful. Was this an accident? I actually think it was...When you're in front of that many flashing lights and an audience, a part of you gets very desensitized due to the rush of adrenaline. (I flashed an entire theater full of people once on accident and didn't know it until someone told me...I was nervous!)

Is it ALWAYS accidental?

Heh heh. Nope.
2004-11-06 08:00:03 PM  
butternut's dialer is also an international dialer, so if you clicked on it & downloaded and you have a telephone line, expect to see calls to great britian, or vanadu islands on your next phone bill, or charges on your phone bill. Work at the phone company and see these charges on people's bills all the time. Americans are perverts!
2004-11-06 08:00:11 PM  
That nipple nearly caused me to close the page before fully inspecting the rest. Good knockers, DISEASED NIPPLES! That's almost enough to make a guy swear off blonde cheerleaders for a awhile. Almost.
2004-11-06 08:00:58 PM  
I'm pretty sure she must have had cancer, or some type of cancer scare. Those are completely rebuilt nips.
2004-11-06 08:29:43 PM  
i was a surgical assistant to a plastic surgeon for two years (so i know what i'm talking about, unlike the rest here who might be making nothing-based opinions) and there's nothing wrong with those scars, they're just fresh (within the last 2-3 months). they will fade in another few months. they do look revised, like she had smaller implants removed and larger ones put in. her nipples were more than likely that size to begin with, also. nipple size is rarely affected unless you were an A to start with and go up to a D or higher.

when will these actresses who insist on boob jobs talk to their doctors about incision sites? if they get the incision in the armpit, would we be having this conversation? my former boss did his augmentations 98% of the time through an axillary incision so no scars would be on the breast. sometimes that would make the implants look like they were riding high behind the muscle where the incision around the nipple makes for a more natural look. of course, if you go too large for your frame, they're going to look unnatural. as someone who assisted on hundreds of these procedures, she actually doesn't look that bad. i've seen bad. depending on what you start out with will be what you get as a result. if you had weird looking tits to begin with, they're still going to be weird, just bigger.
2004-11-06 08:52:36 PM  
So if captain winky accidentally pops out, I need "an assistant" to put him in his place? Cool!
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