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(The Sun) Boobies Tara Reid pops out her top... the Sun is there (not safe for work)   ( divider line
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195380 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Nov 2004 at 5:10 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-05 09:19:15 PM  
Ewwwwwwww. Those boob-job scars around her areola make it look like somebody bit down hard.
2004-11-05 09:19:46 PM  
Whatever you do, don't look at the close-up of the nipple. Breast augmentation is teh suk.
2004-11-05 09:25:24 PM  
What's hilarious is that she claims she was completely sober at the time. Sober for EIGHT seconds, poppin' out as the cameras snapped away. RIIGGGGHT....

*cough*attention whore!*cough*
2004-11-05 09:27:20 PM  
She paid to have her breasts look like that? Also, she so clearly knows it's exposed... "Oh my goodness, my gown slipped off???"
2004-11-05 09:28:47 PM  
Tara Reid is never sober.
2004-11-05 09:29:42 PM  
The hi-rez gallery of photos from this event offered earlier was even more disturbing.
2004-11-05 09:31:30 PM  
she used to be so hot, too
2004-11-05 09:34:40 PM  
nice, sure are some big areolas
2004-11-05 09:36:20 PM  
Co-worker discussion says: No way, do they cut on the nipple anymore, unless it was relocated.
2004-11-05 09:42:20 PM  
I saw some hi-res of these and her nip looks like it was re-made from scar tissue...
2004-11-05 09:43:26 PM  
Yes, the pinkies on her suck. Scary.
2004-11-05 09:44:27 PM  
True story:

Saw her driving through Venice Beach when I first moved here.

Today, back in DC, I saw Tim Russert eating soup in his car in front of the Marvelous Market on 7th Street.

I preferred seeing Russert.
2004-11-05 09:46:26 PM  
I saw some hi-res of these and her nip looks like it was re-made from scar tissue

That, my friend, is way teh funnay!

I'm not sure what's worse, those horrible scars under the tit or areola scars.
2004-11-05 09:46:49 PM  
I guess B-list actresses get B-list doctors for their breast enhancement.
2004-11-05 09:47:15 PM  
God, she looks awful these days. Whatever happened to the cute girl in The Big Lebowski and American Pie 1?
2004-11-05 09:49:02 PM  
She's been nursing a nurse shark.
2004-11-05 09:53:12 PM  
Here is a cropped portion of one of the hi-res shots (pops)NSFW (obviously)
2004-11-05 09:54:29 PM  
Wow, those scar lines are way too sharp. I definently would NOT hit it.
2004-11-05 10:02:57 PM  
She looks more and more like a porn star than the cute girl next door she once was.

Damn you, Hollywood!
2004-11-05 10:03:46 PM  
I'd hit it nine ways to Tuesday.
2004-11-05 10:06:41 PM  

That be some nastay nippage. I demand my 5 cents back!
2004-11-05 10:10:17 PM  
Tara Reid is, I concur, a complete Naked Clown.

2004-11-05 10:10:27 PM  
Co-worker discussion says: No way, do they cut on the nipple anymore, unless it was relocated.

I've seen those plastic surgery reality shows and those docs are always thinking they lost the nipple when they're operating. From those shows I assumed a lot of implants are done through the nipple.
2004-11-05 10:10:54 PM  
2004-11-05 10:10:57 PM  
I did not enjoy that. It brought disappointment after years of giddy imagination.
2004-11-05 10:14:37 PM  
LarsThorwald: Do you suppose if Tara Reid was eating soup in her car when you saw her that it would have helped?
2004-11-05 10:16:02 PM  
Those look like breast reduction scars. Sometimes fantasy IS better than reality.
2004-11-05 10:17:20 PM  
No wonder she can't feel if they're out and wagging or not.
2004-11-05 10:24:23 PM  
I assumed a lot of implants are done through the nipple

From the hi-res, it definitely looks cut. I thought they went thru the bellybutton, under the arm, or under the breast it recent years. Shame.
2004-11-05 10:38:36 PM  
It is hard to remember the fact that she was once the young actress that said the line "I will suck your cock for a thousand dollars."

Oh wait. No it's not.

With that said. I would still lick every inch of her body, and yes I mean every inch, just to give her the best ten seconds of my life.
2004-11-05 11:02:24 PM  
LarsThorwald: I preferred seeing Russert.

At least Russert's tits are real.
2004-11-05 11:05:13 PM  
I'd rather see Sela's horse-nipples 72 times than see that pair once.
2004-11-05 11:32:57 PM  
That poor girl.
2004-11-05 11:56:43 PM  
TR certainly went from the "girl next door look" to the "yesterday's skank look" in no time flat...
2004-11-06 12:19:28 AM  
A plea to Farkettes, and women in general

Don't get your boobs done. They are awesome just the way they are.
2004-11-06 12:27:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-06 12:29:40 AM  
It's not surgery scars. It's teeth imprints from a bite.
2004-11-06 01:09:07 AM  
"Why don't you gimme ape tit for $200?"
2004-11-06 01:50:39 AM  
Now there is a tit only an escaped convict could love.
2004-11-06 01:56:13 AM  
In the immortal words of Yoda, "Big boobs do not a woman make."

2004-11-06 02:19:00 AM  
Her nipple looks like it was stolen from someone with jaundice.

Reminds me of a scene from "Ichi The Killer"
2004-11-06 02:57:46 AM  
2004-11-06 03:04:07 AM  
the only apparent explanation is that her boob job killed off almost all sensation in her nipples and much of her breast tissue, so that she couldn't feel the top slipping off. Because I think you would feel something like that.
2004-11-06 03:10:16 AM  
She's come such a long way since her, "i'll suck your C*ck for $1000" line in the Big Lebowski.

Wait. Nope. No she hasn't.
2004-11-06 04:02:54 AM  
Heffaloo: It's teeth imprints from a bite.

I was wondering that too. Has she been dating Mick Jagger? (Or is she too old for him now?)
2004-11-06 05:02:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

She's a coke whore too!
2004-11-06 05:16:26 AM  
As the first fark-liter to post, I will declare that I'd hit it! But her boobies r gross...

/and I submitted it with a funnier headline
2004-11-06 05:17:46 AM  
Poor thing.
I can't see how that (those?) could help her career unless she just knows all that's left is to spread her beaver out in Playboy, put the money in the bank and marry some old guy.
2004-11-06 05:17:54 AM  
Hey Smookyfufu

What exactly is that? A runny nose? Or discolorization on her face?
2004-11-06 05:18:58 AM  
I always thought Tara Reid looked like Britney of the Chippettes.

/That's all
//Also thought Sandra Bullock looked like the tall, geeky one.
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