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(The Times Leader)   Stolen "Big Boy" statue found years later in student apartment   ( divider line
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9633 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Feb 2002 at 8:11 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-20 08:15:17 AM  
Dr Evil: Frat Boy
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-20 08:15:52 AM  
Frisch's Big Boy for President in 2004!
2002-02-20 08:20:49 AM  
i stole a White Castle once.
2002-02-20 08:21:41 AM  
Healey said crews had a tough time getting the statue out of the building. It couldn't fit through the door, so city workers were called in to cut out the front window.

So, how did the student get the statue INTO his apartment?
2002-02-20 08:25:53 AM  
Alright, my local paper gets a shout out!

I was there when the cops were taking the statue out (I work with the NBC affiliate in the area), and it was funny to see the cops dragging this big-ass statue out of there.

At least it didn't happen at my school (we're right down the street from these guys). All we do is get drunk.
2002-02-20 08:30:12 AM  
It's not suprises that some college kids were more intelligent then the city workers. Unless the cut a whole through the window too...
2002-02-20 08:39:43 AM  
Whatever you do, don't take his donut!!!
2002-02-20 08:47:03 AM  
Raunchola: Sounds like a good Photoshop if you can get us pictures
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-20 08:48:13 AM  
I didn't do it
2002-02-20 08:53:14 AM  
My (almost) home town! WOO HOO
2002-02-20 09:00:13 AM  
I am close to there too!! It is a funny story!! I was laughing very hard when I saw the "Beer" Boy sitting out in front of the building on the news. Good Stuff. It has to be the work of Yuengling Beer!!!
2002-02-20 09:23:15 AM  
"He was lighter than we thought, but he was bulky. He's a tad heavyset in the middle and he has that pompadour," she said with a laugh."

Sounds like Fb-

2002-02-20 09:29:24 AM  

I love the creative renaming of the statue to "Beer Boy."


2002-02-20 09:30:17 AM  
Shouldn't this one have gotten the obvious tag? Who else would steal it?
2002-02-20 09:34:59 AM  
I'm gonna botch this quote completely, cause google can't find the right wording:
Cliff Clavin (following the realization that the Hungry Heifer steam snorting bull statue is the last of it's kind on the east coast):
This is a sad day for restaurant statues everywhere. There's a message out there for the Big Boy, take off those stupid suspenders and get a real job. The only one that's safe is Denny, cause nobody knows what he looks like... I'm sorry, was that out loud?
2002-02-20 09:39:04 AM  
I live in an efficiency. If there was a Bob's Big Boy statue staring at me, I wouldn't be able to sleep, knowing that dude is eyeballing me.
2002-02-20 09:47:25 AM  
Stealing gigantic promotional statues kicks ass
2002-02-20 09:55:12 AM  
"PrintTag Error, Unable to find key: story:BODY "

Anyone else get this?
2002-02-20 09:56:06 AM  
The changed "Big Boy" to say "Beer Boy"! Wow! What will those wacky college students think of next!
2002-02-20 10:00:55 AM  

I thought of that too. Why the hell didn't they just ask the college kid how he got it into the apartment.

It will be strange if they file criminal charges. If that kid ever applies for a job where he has to check off if he's been arrested he's gonna have a hell of a time explaining about the Big Boy--I'm sorry, Beer Boy.
2002-02-20 10:19:26 AM  
I've still got the "g" we swiped off The Black Angus sign
2002-02-20 10:26:20 AM  
I'm stll trying to figure out how to steal the one in front of the Burbank, CA. Bob's. It's a shame that they are open 24 hours a day.... Makes my thievery mighty difficult!
2002-02-20 10:28:26 AM  
Hmm. Maybe the student "inherited" the big-boy. I know a Boston student who "inherited" a post-office drop box (green instead of blue) which is definently not in the same category of petty vandalism...
2002-02-20 11:00:40 AM  
Further info: The Big Boy restuarant in Wilkes-Barre has been closed for almost 2 years now, and their statue has been stolen several times. The fact that this statue had been gone for several years instead of several days is why I didn't use the "Obvious" tag, along with the fact that they weren't looking for it when they found it.

I think Nemisonic has the right idea--I'm pretty sure that Beer Boy was passed down from student to student at that residence over the years. Pretty cool of the landlord to keep quiet about it.
2002-02-20 11:09:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available] A buddy of mine and I took 2 of these. Damn hard to fit both of them into a '79 corolla, considering they are about 5' tall each. Best part was getting drunk and climbing in, then having soda wars.

Not too comfortable to sleep in, though.
2002-02-20 11:13:38 AM  
that's nothing. I once woke up with a bicycle stand i my bed.
2002-02-20 11:34:38 AM  
Beer Boy that is cool, some guys in my brothers frat have a Ronald McDonald statue, it is cool.
2002-02-20 11:42:05 AM  
Anyone remember the Murphy Brown tv episode where she buys one of the statues at an auction. It gets stolen from her car and she blames George Will for it, but we find out at the end that Bill Clinton was the thief as the statue ends up in the White House.
2002-02-20 12:17:44 PM  
Damn kids, stories like this make me miss college.
2002-02-20 12:37:10 PM  
Wow, I would never think this many people are from "Da Valley".

Were the students attending Wilkes University or Kings College?
2002-02-20 12:50:42 PM  
Big Boy has a little peepee.
FLA Chickie told me.
2002-02-20 01:22:15 PM  
When I was in highschool someone stole one of these and put on the roof of the school. How they got it up there, in the middle of the night, I don't know.
2002-02-20 01:23:53 PM  
Some kids at my high school stole a Big Boy once, they hid it in one kid's shed and then left it on a church lawn during the night before Easter Sunday. Those zany kids.
2002-02-20 02:27:36 PM  
So, how did the student get the statue INTO his apartment?

You'd be amazed. Drunk college students can move things that no sober professional could ever do by thinking about it, in the dead of night, without being seen. MIT is famous for this, looks like other schools are getting in the act.

Somebody who knows Pennsylvania--which college would this be?
2002-02-20 02:36:42 PM  
It would either be Wilkes Or Kings College
2002-02-20 03:31:20 PM  
Bob's Big Boy rocks. I like Father Guido Sarducci's idea: Line up about a hundred Big Boys near Ventura all facing the ocean. Then, in about a thousand years, archaeologists will puzzle over it. Sort of like Easter Island.
2002-02-20 04:36:42 PM  
That reminds me - has anyone seen the "Olympic Tonight Show" segments with Ross the intern? To coin a phrase, he is "definately TEH GEY".

Last night, he did a segment with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, and it got brought up about how Ross has more than a passing resemblance to the Big Boy statues.

Katie also gave Ross some career advice, like for him to maintain his "boyish enthusiasm". Matt said something half under his breath about Ross not being "boyish" in the first place. They also discussed previous jobs they had worked - Ross in Lane Bryant (a clothing store for, shall we say, real-sized women). Matt mentioned that he had worked for a mens' clothes store, emphasizing the mens' part of it.

I guess I rambled on to say that this was, unfortunately, the humorous highlight of the last year or so of the Tonight Show. To top it off, I've got to wait until next week to see if Triumph even got into the Westminster Dog Show this year - he's been unceremoniously booted the last two or three.
2002-02-20 05:29:48 PM  
In my town, some guys stole one, and then sent back body parts one by one with ransom notes, saying things like "Big Boy is dead". But then again, I live in Toledo.... it was the Big News Story for weeks.
2002-02-20 06:53:52 PM  
I knew someone who stole a statue of Colonel Sanders and put it in his apartment...
2002-02-20 08:01:52 PM  
I think that Big Boy in Burbank is one of the few remaning, though I do know one off of I-10 near BFE Banning, CA.
2002-02-21 12:07:29 AM  
That's right!!! there is a Bob's near Banning! I have driven by that one on several occasions.

Humbly stalking off to dream of a new theft target.
2002-02-21 03:31:25 PM  
There is another Bob's Big Boy near the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. Fond memories of eating there as a little kid and then going to the movies next door. Anybody remember the Big Boy comic/puzzle books they gave out? Me and my brother used to devour those things before our food came.
2002-02-21 07:03:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Trying to learn, please ignore this...or don't
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