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(Sydney Morning Herald)   Game of 'mud football' sends 25 to hospital with infections and rashes.   ( ) divider line
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2002-02-20 01:29:15 AM  
Mud football? There better have been some chick involved in this.
2002-02-20 01:30:23 AM  
"dirty mud"
2002-02-20 01:30:27 AM  
i just posted pics from my launch retreat up at The Filter: get your hotties there =)
2002-02-20 01:31:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Oooh, mud wrestling.
2002-02-20 01:42:02 AM  
haha, reminds me of a dirtbike track around here that was built on top of an old pig farm. when people get cut up and dirt gets in their wounds, they're farked.
2002-02-20 01:49:44 AM  
You've got your dirty mud, and you've got your clean mud. These guys chose some dirty mud and now regret it.
2002-02-20 01:50:30 AM  
You'd a thought at least one of those crazy Aussies could've maybe smelled something wrong here.

No flame, actually like the Aussies.......

and yeah, female mud wrestling pics, bring them on!
2002-02-20 02:57:01 AM  
Those aren't female mud wrestling pics! Those are clearly two mudwrestling Uruk-Hai.
2002-02-20 02:58:11 AM  
2002-02-20 03:10:47 AM  
Nothing says "amusing" like infections and rashes...
2002-02-20 03:12:09 AM  
where I went to college they had a mud football thing every year (guys only....sad). it kicked ass. it was like Ultimate fighting, only slightly more painful. They banned it the year after I graduated. bah
2002-02-20 03:13:18 AM  
Errr, that ain't mud.
2002-02-20 03:26:59 AM  
Something similar happened a couple of years ago at the university that I attend. During a football game, the fans began enjoying some mud fun and many were infected.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-20 03:46:13 AM  
Those wacky Aussies,doing filth wrestling in between bouts of kangaroo sodomy and choking on those huge Foster's cans(here's a hint,mates:don't try to swallow the whole thing,or use a glass).
2002-02-20 03:53:57 AM  
Too bad chocolate pudding is so expensive...
2002-02-20 04:10:16 AM  

Chocolate pudding wrestling........

[image from too old to be available]

2002-02-20 04:15:19 AM  
MadameX nice pic BTW For some reason I pictured you a lot different looking. Don't ask me why...........
2002-02-20 04:29:03 AM  
At least the Aussies call it football without crying about it like every other country does.
2002-02-20 07:45:56 AM  
the sport that throws the football....the sport that kicks it using their foot...isnt? bah, who cares. What I want to know is how did they get 25+ people to play?! All i could ever get is 4on4, and that sux!
2002-02-20 08:43:01 AM  
At Uni in Cardiff an impromptu game of mud rugby would break out in a local park if there were enough drunk people, if it was pissing down with rain and of course if there was a rugby ball (none of which is ever a problem in Wales). During one of these vicious bouts we'd worn so much of the mud away we started uncovering rocks and stones. We left with at least a dozen people with serious gashes and blood everywhere. I copped a good'un on my knee. I still have the scar. Oh, happy days.
And we did have chicks playing !
2002-02-20 09:19:10 AM  
Aaaahhh..Mud Wrestling
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-20 09:48:18 AM  

Very funny!
2002-02-20 10:07:55 AM  
Gee, why didn't they just use raw sewage.

Sounds like a job for the texas mudmen!

oh, and slayerswine: You got your American football, you got your everybody else football (soccer), you got your rugby, and then you got Aussie Rules football. I'm guessing they were playing Aussie rules (not that it really matters), which is kind of a cross between the prior three and is played on a big ass oval field. It's a pretty bad ass sport. Not that you wanted to know.
2002-02-20 10:11:39 AM  
Here's a link to a photo gallery page about Aussie Rules
Aussie Rules Photos
2002-02-20 02:08:21 PM  
Halloween they bob for turds
2002-02-20 10:26:11 PM  
LordVger: I'm not sure whether or not you're being sincere, but I'm flattered. ^_^
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