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(Drudge)   FBI knows the identity of anthrax mailer, but doesn't care   ( divider line
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15652 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Feb 2002 at 12:51 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-20 12:52:11 AM  
tell us
2002-02-20 12:53:16 AM  
Is it the TVC?
2002-02-20 12:54:07 AM  
Take the & sign off the end of the link and it works
2002-02-20 12:54:09 AM  
Why is this a blank article?
2002-02-20 12:54:28 AM​html

My money is on Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, director of the Federation of American Scientists' Chemical and Biological Weapons Program. Or FASCBWP, as we all know it.

2002-02-20 12:54:38 AM  
Must not be getting enough coverage on CNN for them to give a damn.
2002-02-20 12:54:54 AM  
the dumbass that put up the article forgot to include the content
2002-02-20 12:54:55 AM  
Better yet,
2002-02-20 12:57:13 AM  
2002-02-20 12:58:16 AM  
I thought we all agreed it was the Christian Coalition?
2002-02-20 12:58:57 AM  
Can I post?
2002-02-20 12:59:15 AM  
guess the Feds got to it :P
2002-02-20 12:59:41 AM  
Greek: Only if you promise to play nice.
2002-02-20 01:00:09 AM  
very funny no artical listed there.. rofl had me going there for a second.
2002-02-20 01:02:13 AM  
Wasn't this a subplot in The Watchmen?
2002-02-20 01:03:06 AM  
No, it's the Christian Coalition (or rather, the Army of God) that sends anthrax hoaxes to 90 abortion clinics.
2002-02-20 01:06:33 AM  
In other related news, lone wackjobs also say the government knows who killed Kennedy, when aliens have visited us, and the formula for Coke.
2002-02-20 01:10:29 AM  
Chomsky did it. *grabs popcorn*
2002-02-20 01:11:05 AM  

he'll just go bye-bye one day
2002-02-20 01:25:56 AM  
Well, the real reason is:

The more people killed in New Jersey, the better!
2002-02-20 01:29:10 AM  
Christian Coalition What is with you guys? Why would it be them? and how would these lamers get it anyway? Your just as big of a tard as they are.
2002-02-20 01:30:17 AM  
In the story, it mentions the treaty to ban developement of biological weapons which the US refused to sign; does anyone ever wonder why we live in a democracy, and yet things like this we have no control over? I can understand the need for some protections to be in place, dispite their being unpopular. But the developement of biological weapons seems like a black and white issue. Why not put something like that to a vote? The author is right; the US government's refusal can only mean it wants to protect it's own biological weapons arsenal. But I think if the public got to choose, they would decide that they don't want any part of it...
2002-02-20 02:01:19 AM  
They never got Ted Hall either. Of course, he was a lot smarter than they were.
2002-02-20 02:01:37 AM  
Geeez, guys is it that late that no one can post a goddamn link to the story

man, do I have to do everything.......:)
2002-02-20 02:11:42 AM  
This is where I go to get the facts, The Drudge Report.
2002-02-20 02:45:29 AM  
There's no article on the site.
2002-02-20 03:08:09 AM  
JOHNDX thanks for posting that.....geez, I'd seen that hours before.

What makes it "obvious" when you read the story is that the FBI is trying to protect one of its own. Surprising, isn't it?
2002-02-20 03:10:44 AM  
It's Drudge.
2002-02-20 03:17:33 AM  
There's no article on the site.

Yeah, Rackrent but there are geniuses abound.....just trying to help out the less fortunate.
2002-02-20 04:04:39 AM  
Disease !
Disease !
Spreading the Disease !
2002-02-20 04:33:39 AM  
Makes me wanna run out and rent The Omega Man again...
2002-02-20 04:41:53 AM  
A carpet bombing! A carpet bombing!

I assume this will lead to?
2002-02-20 06:12:54 AM  
2002-02-20 06:44:35 AM  
I often wonder how the drudge report gets these big stories, where small inconsequential publications like the Times and CNN dont ..........
2002-02-20 07:20:19 AM  
Nah, this was in the London Metro this morning, which is run by the Evening Standard, which is flagged by the Daily Mail, which is one of the classier UK nationals.

I say "classier" in the way that middle-class pc tossers that still think we have an empire and that it's a good thing are classy.
2002-02-20 07:45:20 AM  
It's probably the Army of God or some other group that Ashcroft is covering for.
2002-02-20 07:49:04 AM  
It's Dan Quayle. I know it.
2002-02-20 08:10:03 AM  
I think the FBI will call these guys for a little Waste Management
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-20 08:22:12 AM  
That it would be the Army of God or some other reasonably organized fringe group like that doesn't make sense. Why, if they already had anthrax, would they have waited until after Sept. 11th? Their agenda has been an issue for much longer and certainly they would have gone after a direct target like an abortion clinic or NIH to make a point.

Also, let's face it, groups like that aren't really very bright. That's why they are only capable of fairly lower-level terrorist acts like hoax letters, small incendiary devices, etc. They can make alot of scary noise, but only small scale mayhem.

IMHO, the "former scientist gone weird" scenario does make sense, although I don't buy the coverup part this woman is advocating. That's just too conspiracy theory for my rational senses. The only other logical theory, the one that everyone thinks is least likely, is the al-Queda related operative willing to die from exposure to the virus by mailing the letters.
2002-02-20 08:56:10 AM  
It kind of makes sense that some Christian fringe group would want to send out anthrax in the wake of September 11th. That's because everybody was immediately suspect of Arabs and Muslims. If they send out anthrax letters, it'll continue to give Islam a bad name. Not exactly a rational reason to poison people, but these aren't exactly rational people.
2002-02-20 09:06:26 AM  
When will little boys realise it's time to grow up and stop playing with bugs? You gotta treat them with respect, or they just come back and bite you on the Derrière.

Anyone for Unit 731?
2002-02-20 09:53:08 AM  
I also think it was some ultra-right militia-style group, and here's my logic. These groups have long believed that the U.S. Government is repressive (especially over gun rights) only inches from declaring martial law and clamping down on the citizenry. They knew the feds were all nervous and twitchy after 9/11 and already enacting some rather, well, stringent new "homeland security" laws.

I theorize the militia types sent the anthrax as an attempt to push the government into full-blown martial-law mode, which would legitimize their beliefs and enable them to do what they've always wanted: fight the man and overthrow the government.

I know it sounds a little kooky, but I don't think they're above such tactics.
2002-02-20 10:22:49 AM  
I'm betting it's a scientist named John who works for a company in Grover's Mill NJ 11138. Laugh while you can, monkey boy!
2002-02-20 10:31:33 AM  
I've never understood why religious groups are so vocal on gun rights. I'm not criticizing gun ownership here, but what in the hell does it have to do with religion? Did I miss some verse in the bible? Was it in Mark that Jesus shot up the Pharisees?
2002-02-20 10:42:11 AM  
ToeKnee: I'm agnostic, and I support gun rights.

I believe it was in Luke that Jesus popped a cap in his ass.
2002-02-20 11:14:03 AM  
Question: if the ruling party discovered who mailed the anthrax to their political enemies, would they do anything about it other than make a few speeches?
2002-02-20 12:48:02 PM  
mother should i trust the government?
2002-02-20 03:04:11 PM  
Close2TheEdge wrote:
IMHO, the "former scientist gone weird" scenario does make sense, although I don't buy the coverup part this woman is advocating. That's just too conspiracy theory for my rational senses.

My Response:

About three weeks ago, the local PBS affiliate showed an episode of "Nova" that described how the Soviets obtained the USA's nuclear weapons secrets during the Manhattan Project in the 1940s (the one that developed, tested, and built the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima).

What was eye-opening about the Nova episode was that the US government *KNEW* that Ethel Rosenberg did not participate in any of her husband Julius's spying activities, but allowed her to be sent to the gas chamber *anyway*. The government spooks were very afraid of having to divulge the existence of their top-secret code breaking operations in a public trial.

In light of what was revealed in the Nova episode, I can completely believe that the FBI/CIA/NSF or whomever would do whatever it took to prevent secret operations or whatever from coming to the attention of the public through a trial, the media, or whatever. If it means that the anthrax mailing mystery is never "solved," then I'm sure they're comfortable with that.....four (or six? I can't remember) deaths are probably considered an "acceptable loss," sorta like killing an innocent woman in the 1950s was an acceptable loss then.

Sometimes, conspiracy theories do have a grain of truth at the center.....unfortunately.
2002-02-20 03:15:28 PM  
This Hatch lady seems to know from what she speaks:​tch_rose n.htm

Btw folks if you're going to bust on something because of its source AND obviously not read the article-- the very least you should do is check the URL and see if the source is as it is labeled. You look like an asshole otherwise. Amusing for me, don't get me wrong but you should be embarrassed.

META- best movie ever!
2002-02-20 03:42:21 PM  
02-20-02 03:04:11 PM NMTurtlelady

Quite agree. How many of you have heard of Unit 731.

Do a google search - see what else was sacrificed for the name of progress. Maybe you'll start thinking that China has deeper routes for it's mistrust of The West?
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