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(CNN)   For all folks giving up on the U.S. and moving to Canada, you've got a long wait ahead of you   ( divider line
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2004-11-04 02:11:06 AM  
I will go for Britain.
2004-11-04 02:17:23 AM  
I think I actually WILL move. My boyfriend already lives in Victoria, BC.

/A socialist, elitist, who thinks anyone who voted for George W. Bush is a moron and PROUD OF IT
2004-11-04 02:46:46 AM  
If any of you asshats whiners need a personal reference to complete the paperwork, think of me. I'll do whatever I can to expedite your departure from this country.

!Adios, y como mierda, mi amigos!

/babelfish doesn't do a great job at interpreting my spanish greeting...
2004-11-04 02:51:12 AM  
"If you stay then you have a shot at changing things, maybe I'll go so far as to meet you half way and start the change."

The average citizen has as much a chance of changing things here as you have a chance of swallowing a SUV in one gulp.

The game's over. The bad guys have won. It's time for the good guys to get their shiat in order and ride out of Dodge while the bad guys are still figuring how much rope it'll take to string us all up.
2004-11-04 03:09:35 AM  

Are you a liberal Jewish Doctor who misses the 60's and have occasional homosexual tendencies?! And.... Because of this Bush and the right wing conspiracy picking on you? Ha!

Well, I am a half-jewish liberal dude raised by evolutionary biologists in the deep south (johnson City, TN. in the 80's) I experinced first hand the kind of society the conservatives like to create.

My little sister and I were REGULARLY beaten by the neighborhood kids because word got out that we didn't go to church. When I turned in a science fair project that discussed evolution, my car was SET on FIRE. Police did sweet bugger all about it. One of my father's collegues, from Tanzania, Couldn't go buy things at the mall, because the storeclerks would sell him anything. because he was BLACK. The unitarian church we eventually went to was BURNED DOWN, because of a 'heathen Idol' (a Budhha) in the front garden.

I swore I was going to survive the South, To get out and never have to look at its smug-pious, hateful face again. But hey! guess what? Johnson City has boiled over, and is RUNNING my COUNTRY.

I know the conservatives number, I know what they are really like, and i know what they want to create. And it SMELLS. They want to create a country in which no-one reminds them that they are in fact, white trash.

a country in which Noone knows more than they do, a country in which no-one has traveled or seen more of the world than they have. A country in which no-one looks or thinks different than them. Beacause they cant STAND the fact that not everyone in the world thinks they are the most noble, holy people on Jesus's green Earth.

So yes, 3-22, the right wing conspiracy HAS picked on me all my life. And ill be DAMNED If i let white trash like that control my life FOREVER. So forgive me if I wish to get my family out of harms way. because if the ENTIRE country is now Johnson City, TN. I want the fark out
2004-11-04 03:25:33 AM  

Huh. My grandma lives in Bristol, which of course is only a few miles away from there. Sweetest old lady in the world and she hates Bush and his cronies as much as a retired old schoolteacher can.
2004-11-04 03:38:02 AM  

Dude. Your grandma sounds cool. Next time im in the area, Ill be happy to help with her yardwork, if she needs any.

But shes sort of an exception that proves the rule. Im not saying that ALL bible-belt Southerners are evil right wing jerks. But a GREAT many are; enough to really torment and persecute those who arent. Certainly most of the rich and powerful people in the south are.

/Ask her about the Sherwood Chevrolet Empire and see if that doesnt get a snort of derision out of 'er.
2004-11-04 03:46:04 AM  
HA! The Sherwood Chevrolet Empire...I see those bloody commercials everytime I go and visit.

Yeah, my grandma's cool. 70-something and we just got her the Internet this year. :) She's learned e-mail incredibly quick and next time I visit I'm going to teach her how to use instant messenger.

She's actually...I don't want to say RICH, but *definitely* upper middle-class. HER mother, my great-grandma, owned a ton of land back in the mountains, about damn HALF of Rocky Top and most of THAT got left to my grandma, so she doesn't have to worry about money and instead is able to do things like volunteer at the hospital's gift shop (I'd LOVE to see Ken Lay do that) or walk around her neighborhood carrying a Kerry/Edwards sign and go to everyone's door. Walks three miles a day. I think she's in about as good shape as I am.
2004-11-04 04:38:52 AM  
A story from a guy who moved from US to here in Finland. Not that I would condone this kind of trend, god forbid that you got the right to fark the vote in here too :)

2004-11-04 04:41:14 AM  
A story from a guy who moved from US to here in Finland.

2004-11-04 05:55:11 AM  
2004-11-04 02:46:46 AM QQue
Adios y como mierda

So, uh...ow does it taste? lol
2004-11-04 05:59:23 AM  
Canada accepting English speaking immigrants?

Sorry folks - that hasn't happened in large numbers since the early 20th Century and will never happen again. There would be cries of bias and racism.

Learn Chinese & get back to us.

/bemused to be not even slightly exaggerating..
2004-11-04 06:00:08 AM  
2004-11-04 03:09:35 AM halfjack

Jeez halfjack, for someone that's supposedly gone through so much you sure do come off pretty hateful & ignorant.
2004-11-04 06:24:41 AM  


Are you insane? I've seen countless American, South American, and English immigrants in Canada.
2004-11-04 07:11:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]

/old news
2004-11-04 08:11:32 AM  
"...We won't need a draft now that Bush is elected because the troops like serving for him. If Kerry had been elected, many would have not re-enlisted, and therefore we would need a draft." -purestock94

Youre about a damn idiot man, most of us hate the guy(BUSH).
2004-11-04 08:30:53 AM  

You can come and stay at my house if you like, but leave your guns at home and learn how to pronounce the "ou" sound. Key's under the mat...
2004-11-04 08:34:13 AM  
Go Kill Yourself
Hello pot meet kettle your black! I don't think you have the right or ability to speak for "most" of us so speak for yourself and don't draw the rest of us into your blanket statements.

/Go W!
2004-11-04 09:02:36 AM  
Bush will never invade Canada, because we have a secret weapon that even Republicans are afraid of....we call it QUEBEC!
2004-11-04 09:12:08 AM  
I love how on a Canadian Election night, you'd be lucky to find coverage on CBC, and all our American sitcoms going on as usual on our other "Canadian" channels.
2004-11-04 09:15:09 AM  
When I look around me, I can't believe what I see,
It seems as if this country has lost its will to live.
The economy is lousy, we barely have an army,
But we can still stand proudly because Canada's really big!

We're the second largest country on this planet earth
And if Russia keeps on shrinking, then soon we'll be first! (as long as we keep Quebec)

The USA has tanks, and Switzerland has banks
They can keep them thanks, they just don't amount.
Cause when you get down to it, you find out what the truth is,
It isn't what you do with it, it's the size that counts.

Most people will tell you, that France is pretty large,
But you can put fourteen Frances, into this land of ours! (it'd take a lot of work... it'd take a whole lot of work)

We're larger than Malaysia. Almost as big as Asia.
We're bigger than Australia and it's a CONTINENT!
So big we seldom bother, to go see one another,
But we often go to other countries... for vacations.

Our mountains are very pointy. Our prairies are not,
The rest is kinda bumpy... but man do we have a lot! (we've got a lot of land... we've got a whole lot of land)

So stand up and be proud,
And sing it very loud,
We stand out from the crowd,
because Canada's really big.

            - The Arrogant Worms, "Canada Is Really Big"
2004-11-04 09:48:09 AM  
You deomcrats make me laugh, running around like chicken little. the sky is falling the sky is falling. farking laughable.
2004-11-04 11:18:01 AM  
And you Republicans bury your head in the sand. "Nothing is wrong, we don't need to imporove diplomatic relations, we're the king of the world!!!"
2004-11-04 11:53:36 AM  
I'll bet that NOBODY who says they're moving to Canada actually moves there unless they already had those plans for reasons other than politics.

/100% accurate
2004-11-04 12:04:23 PM  
Beernut, get some perspective on unemployment.

7.2 % of 30,000,000 = 2,160,000 unemployed if every single citizen was eliglble to work, which obviously they aren't (kids, elderly, etc...)

5.4 % of 300,000,000 = 16,200,000 unemployed

Our healthcare system may not be perfect but at least we are fixing it. Status quoe for you is working great for the 40,000,000 who cant even afford health care. I bet dollars to doughnuts they would take a long wait to get free health care over nothing at all.
2004-11-04 01:01:17 PM  
It seems that all of these " I'm moving to Canada! " promises coming from the disgruntled left are as hollow as their candidate's campaign promises.
2004-11-04 01:29:13 PM  
MrFurly, don't you think that kids and elderly are already factored out of the equation? If not, then we need to refigure the numbers. I live in Florida and there are a HELL of a lot more elderly here than anywhere else on earth.

/just sayin'
2004-11-04 01:33:47 PM  
Wait, before I move to New Zealand, I've got something for you all you Bushies out there...

Here's my share of the deficit ;)

My kids won't have to pay it off, but it looks like your grandchildren will.
2004-11-04 03:03:07 PM  
Canadian taxes are not that bad. And they pay for a whole lot. When was the last time I had to pay for any healthcare? Never. If I need to go to the doctor I go. The healthcare system is not ailing. Can it be taken advantage of? Of course. People complain but these are the same people who have a standing appointment with their doctor weekly even though nothing is wrong with them just because they don't have to pay for it. Ultimately Canada is an extremely different place to live than the US and our viewpoint that healthcare is the #1 issue is just one of those differences. I would never want to lower my taxes and have the limited services available as those in the US.

Another thing. It is not that cold in Canada! Many of the northern states are further north than our provinces. We have the same weather as NY, PA, Chicago etc. Get over such ridiculous stereotypes.
2004-11-04 03:29:29 PM  
Wow, you mean Canada controls their border better than we do? Whodathunkit? They still take you disserters, though? No worries...
2004-11-04 04:24:53 PM  
I like it here.
2004-11-04 04:37:19 PM  
I can move my residence and still fight hard to unseat this cobbled together coalition of fundamentalists, fear junkies, bigots and don't-tax-on-me neonihilists back home.

So neener neener jingoslingers.
2004-11-04 07:13:06 PM  
Harper's guide to expatriation. Best of luck!
2004-11-04 08:47:03 PM  

Jeez halfjack, for someone that's supposedly gone through so much you sure do come off pretty hateful & ignorant.

Well, sopon, In a way you are right, and in a way you aren't. Its true that i now have anger and hate issues concerning southern culture and rednecks. Im not proud of it, its not healthy and it isnt helpful for me to feel the way i do. Note that it doesnt extend to all individials in the south; I know many cool southerners. My best friend is one.

I do hope to let go of the anger and hate someday. My sister has: she is one of the most wise and caring souls i have ever met; and she went through many more horrible things in Johnson City than I did.

That having been said, my hatred is not based on ignorance. It is based on almost twenty years of living in the south, and trying to live there with a different world-view than the used-car oligarchs.

When i was younger i did not hate anyone- I was raised to respect all people and living things (my folks were a little hippie-ish). It took two decades of alienation, intimidation and outright assault to twist me enough to actually HATE a culture or region. I don't hate easily; Johnson City had to EARN my hatred.
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