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(CNN)   For all folks giving up on the U.S. and moving to Canada, you've got a long wait ahead of you   ( divider line
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2004-11-03 07:37:24 PM  
niroth - I just hope when the "stealth" comets hit they hit us first. We farking deserve it.

Oh, boo-farking-hoo. Get off your damn pity potty and grow up. I can't believe how many whiners like you think that just because GWB got elected that America is the worst country in the world. Get a grip and shut the fark up.
2004-11-03 07:41:14 PM  
As a side note, I'm sick and tired of this "parent's basement" crap.

Aww, go easy on the halfwits. It's not easy for them to come up with new material when one corner of their trailer home is sinking into the mud.
2004-11-03 07:42:50 PM  
ok americans, you can come up here... but you'll have to learn French. Really poor French is ok.

see you soon!
2004-11-03 07:44:08 PM  
Anyone who is strongly opposed to Bush based on moral or idealogical beliefs and is retreating to Canada because Bush won the election is a coward and a hypocrite. What good are you to the millions of Americans that share your beliefs if you move to Canada? Last time I checked Canadians can't vote in America.

If you believe that the war in Iraq is wrong because of the needless loss of life and you move to Canada because you don't want to deal with it anymore from the comfort and safety of your own home you are the biggest type of coward. Our forefathers didn't win our independence by packing up and moving to another country. If they could die for your freedom the least you can do is show your support for your country by living here and working to make it better. Stand up and fight. The best way to change things is from within the system.

/Voted Kerry, expected Bush. Didn't cry about it.
//Been to Canada, nice place.
2004-11-03 07:45:06 PM  
I'm thinking of heading for England in a few years...but mostly because i'll get to proudly cast my vote for the Raving Looney Party of Great Britain. My kinda people.
2004-11-03 07:48:37 PM  
Will everybody please use a different analogy than "Nazi Germany" and Hitler!

To equate Bush with Hitler, and the USA with Nazi Germany is not right. It is an insult to the millions in Europe, Africa, Asia who fought to bring the Nazi's down.

You realize that Hitler's party, National Socialist German Workers Party, never won a majority of the vote in Germany, having only 1/3 of the seats in the German Reichstag.

Hitler burned down the Reichstag, imprisoned/murdered his opposition, then made himself dictator.

Bush would have to:
1. Burn down the US Senate building
2. blame it on the Democrats
3. herd the Democratic Congress members into concentration camps
4. have them killed
5. disband the Supreme Court, and
6. convince moderate Republicans the he (Bush) should be dictator.

Then he would have to have a majority of the USA's armed to be behind him so the military would try to have a take-over.

Then Bush would have to murder 10% of the population or 30,000,000, etc.

Why don't we try to use a different analogy.


2004-11-03 07:49:47 PM  
Canada's socialized health care and extreme taxation is basically what many (not all) use as a model for what they want us to be. I for one am glad to hear them all whine and say they are going to Canada...perhaps y'all will learn something there -- like that we can take care of ourselves better than Uncle Sam can!

Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord splits you!
2004-11-03 07:50:44 PM  

Canada is such a great country that Quebec wanted to secede and the vote was within .7% of passing.

Canada has higer unemployment and taxes than the United States.

The company I work for has a plant in Canada and the United states. We have 8 workers that drive 90 minutes each way to work just to make US dollars.

The dual citizens I work with always choose to use the US health care system because of the insane waits in Canada.

Quebec is different, don't worry about it. Unemployment in Canada is probably ~10%, but then again unemployment/underemployment is probably ~10% here too. I don't know how much longer your Canadian colleagues will want to continue crossing the border daily at the Canadian dollar was worth .65USD when Bush entered office and today is over .80USD. I seriously doubt the Canadian health care system is that bad, especially when Canada's standard of living is usually rated as the best in the world. I won't move to Canada because of this election, but I sure wish that our country would take a clue from Canada.

We had 12 years of Republicans in the 80's, and somehow the country didn't fall apart despite what the Dems said.

2004-11-03 07:51:34 PM  
2004-11-03 05:07:50 PM CaptStubing [TotalFark]

Ever notice how most of us never say we will move to Mexico or South Korea, its always Canada or England? Thats because were elitists and dont want to live among certain people, if you catch my drift.

That's stupid. I'd love to live in Puerto Vallarta among the Mexican people if it wasn't for their poor government, economy, sanitation, etc...
2004-11-03 07:51:52 PM  
As a dual citizen who returned to Canada from a 12 year Fact finding mission in the retrograde states of Armerica, I say that it is much too cold up here for most of you anyway. Yes yes, our health care system is frighteningly medieval, our beef is tainted, we've barely discovered crank and crack and most of us read at a grade level that would offend the average american. We push our BC bud on you sorry saps, flood your markets with softwoods and potatos, build superguns for iraq and take the wuss's way out by discussing our problems rather than shooting the jap exchange students in the head for walking on our lawns (er snowbanks). We are ruled by the queen, all have SARS and the lowly beaver is our national animal.

No no, we are mere peasants who can only cower in the ghastly shadow of the carrion-eating eagle. Plus if you come up here, who the hell will George use for his cannon-fodder - he's going to use up the poor minorities sometime, you know.

Take it easy eh, and keep employing our comics and actors, it makes us laff.
2004-11-03 07:54:01 PM  
If you can't get into Canada, Amsterdam's a highly liberal place that just might be an alternative oasis.

From what I hear, it's also nearly impossible to legally get into. All I know of the process though, for the most part, is only 'friend of a friend' chatter. Anyone have direct experience with trying to immigrate there?
2004-11-03 07:55:51 PM  
As a Canadian, I welcome people from all countries who wish to relocate and make Canada their permanent home.

I only ask that you behave yourselves: you will be asked to please refrain from attempting to jihad bomb, perform lynch-mob hangings, talk loudly and obnoxiously and ask stupid questions, conduct public beheadings, shuffle slowly and block pedestrian traffic in shopping malls, complain that Canada doesn't have a big enough military, or complain that there is too much cultural diversity and that you want everybody to speak Ameri-uh-Canadian.

Living in any Canadian province is pretty much like living in any US state directly south of the Canada/US border from those provinces. Until you realize you live in a more relaxed, laid-back, compassionate country.

/Canadian for life, lives in a statistically mostly punjabi speaking neighborhood (but speaks only english and a little french)
2004-11-03 07:56:40 PM  
Mexico's definitely a good alternative, just most people don't like moving down there because English isnt the main language.

For those willing to Learn spanish and/or whom are already bilingual, consider this:

The USA is to England as the EUM (Estados Unidos Mexicanos, which translates to "United States of Mexico") is to Spain: They both have extremely similar histories in how they were explored and conquered by their respective mother countries.

Sure: Mexico in comparson to the US is considered by many to be fairly backwater: I know this because my Dad currently lives there, and thus I drive down to visit him every few months. But as his Girlfriend says, "You need the latest in technology to live in the Frontier!" (Which it really is!) I had to chuckle because a friend of mine had mentioned that Florida is a backwater-ish state in some areas, and the thought occurred to me that if you can live in Florida, you can Easily live in Mexico ;)

The Water is Definitely improved down there since the days of lore where "You shouldnt drink the water": It's a Very hard water and thus it has many minerals that most people wouldnt be able to stomach very well for the first few months.

Supermarkets there sell pretty much the same things we've come to enjoy here: Fresh milk, Good OJ, Fresh meats, Tons of breads, all for about half of what one pays for in the US.

Many people complain about the "Moldidas", the crooked cops whom attempt to extort money from you by charging you for something you didnt do: The Police Departments there are working on weeding these people out, letting people know about the "Bilingual Tickets" that they have: You get stopped for something, quietly insist on a written citation, and then go directly to the constable.

Lastly, Mexico is one of the few countries whom ever defeated the US during the early expansion days: Remember the Alamo? Sure: If you look at it from American history books, the Mexicans came in and slaughtered those people whom holed themselves up. If you look at it from the Mexican history books, it was a Successful Rebuff of people trying to take over their land: They only did what any other self-respecting nation would have done if people were trying to take land from them: They gave them several warnings, which were ignored, and thus they took action against the "Terrorists" whom holed themselves up at the Alamo.

Mexico, in the long run, will end up doing better as they have not yet tapped their resources... If things keep on going the way they have been, the US will become an entirely service-oriented nation, while Mexico ends up being built up by all the corporations looking for "Cheap Labor", and eventually we'll have a Spanish version of Japan just south of the border.
2004-11-03 07:56:41 PM  
I don't like the direction this country is headed in, and this will be a very long four years. That being said, my current financial obligations are up in early summer, so come early spring I'll look more seriously for employment in Canada. I have a college degree, and am on my own, I figure it's worth a shot. If I can get a job (and subsequent sponsorship) up there, I'd move in a heartbeat.

What's happened in Bush's first term has set us back at least a decade. It can't get worse, can it?

//used to live 20 minutes from the border
2004-11-03 07:57:06 PM  
600,000 to a million Americans living in Canada, most of them leaning to the left?

I have an idea, split yourself into 3rds, move into the battleground states, and help us fix our farked up country.
2004-11-03 07:59:05 PM  
no need to move to Canada - just send the Pussy to Europe.
2004-11-03 08:00:23 PM  
sorry i meant bush
2004-11-03 08:01:34 PM  
2004-11-03 04:44:29 PM The Nim Elf
I'll drive the bus to get the Democrats out of here.

Ow! Anger Management there..

You're exactly the type of Republican that Democrats want to get away from. With America rid of Democrats and full of people like you, you'll end up eating each other or nuking yourselves! Then, after nature takes it's course, and the nuclear fallout dissipates, the Dem's will move back and start a sane and peaceful New America. Sounds like a good plan! :)

2004-11-03 08:02:26 PM  
And you arrogant republicans who've thrown your lot in with the evangelicals; don't come biatching to us when they start banning video games, porno and Jerry Bruckheimer films. They're the seedy underbelly of your party and you can't win without them (and vice versa). Thanks to you and your boo-ya frat-guy asshole posturing, we're stuck with the Jesus Jumpers running the show.

I voted for Kerry and I am and have been totally fed up with these bible-thumping-paranoid asshats in the US. Part of me wants to jump ship just so I can find someone to hold an intelligent conversation with. The rest of me wants to stay here and make life a living hell for every last one of these morons. I will fight them every step of they way while they try to establish their "faith based state" and piss on everyone's civil rights. I promise I will send Resident Bush a bag of pretzels every week.
I will be a hostile asshole to anyone who tries to
get me to submit to this sick twisted disneyland of
families values.
2004-11-03 08:04:55 PM  
/one of many to boycott America.
//knows ignoring wont stop madmen
///kinda tried that before haven't we?
2004-11-03 08:05:46 PM  

The OBL tape didn't work

Work in what way? The only person that thought the tape might have had some influence in voting out bush is OBL. Even OBL seems smarter than that, though. My guess is that he likes the current president in power just peachy keen.

If you tell Americans they shouldn't do something they'll do it. If the biggest boogeyman in American history says they should get rid of Bush, they ain't gonna get rid of Bush. That tape was one of the most damning things to the Democratic campaign that could have happened.

Looks to me like America was tricked by OBL yet again. As I remarked to my boss this morning, for a real good prank he should have praised the States for not allowing Gay Marriage.
2004-11-03 08:07:03 PM  

Your simplistic, borderline retarded posts are really getting on my nerves. If that's the desired effect, kudos.
2004-11-03 08:07:05 PM  
..but we won WW2! (add more ! if needed)
by bombing a country that didnt needed it.

go Stupids against the World!
2004-11-03 08:07:24 PM  
2004-11-03 07:57:06 PM Woodrodius

600,000 to a million Americans living in Canada, most of them leaning to the left?

I have an idea, split yourself into 3rds, move into the battleground states, and help us fix our farked up country.

Holy crap, that's a brilliant idea!

As a Canadian, however, I can't nominate you for Presidency, unfortunately.
2004-11-03 08:07:34 PM  
2004-11-03 04:39:02 PM KrushR

54% tax? I find that highly disturbing. How in the heck does anyone take anything home? hell with dog wants me to buy him steak out of my meager 23% bracket. Anytime you have to pay 40%+ means you should start looking for another government. Good grief, man.

He doesn't pay 54%. The 50% marginal tax rate applies to income earned above $50,000. All income below that is taxed at different marginal rates. It's actually mathematically impossible to pay 54% income tax in Canada, period. Also, anyone who actually has the skills and intelligence to be employed at a level that would see them reach the marginal tax rate of 50% has long since figured out how to shelter their cash such that they probably pay almost nothing.

Note, marginal tax rate means that you only pay that rate on the income over the marginal amount. So, if you have a $60,000 salary, you pay the 50% rate on $10,000, not on all $60,000.

In conclusion, if Isuldur is paying anything approaching 50%, he isn't very bright. If he is paying more than 50%, he's a complete village idiot.
2004-11-03 08:07:55 PM  
Oh yeah, Canada. I had forgotten it was still there. Hey Canada...leave, we need the parking.

2004-11-03 08:09:21 PM  
isnt it time to invade more countries in the name of freedom?

pro life
pro death penalty
2004-11-03 08:10:21 PM  
please send Bush to Europe again - he finally convinced me that gun control is wrong!
2004-11-03 08:11:14 PM  
Yeah, Yeah,

Listen up conservatives


You own the country. You win the day. There will never be another democrat elected again, as Rove has discovered the joys of election tampering. Within 40 years, you will elect a king. Fine. Enjoy.

Dont mock us for leaving. You canservatives have expressed in this very 'forum' your desire to round up and kill all those who tweak your insecurities (like Jews, liberals, PhD's, hippies, and homosexuals). People like myself and my family.

You wont let us be, You wont let us live.

Let us go.

IF we cant stay, and we cant leave, we will (reluctantly) Fight you.
2004-11-03 08:11:40 PM  
2004-11-03 04:12:43 PM QudayToYouSir [TotalFark]

I can think of way better places to move to than Canada. It's cold up there. C'mon people, go somewhere warm!

Why do so many Americans think that as soon as they cross northward over the 49th parallel that they'll suddenly hit snow and ice?

Canada's population is mostly located near the US border, where it's the same climate as immediately south of the border!

Vancouver = Seattle, for example. They're less than 3 hours drive from each other!!!

2004-11-03 08:11:40 PM  
Speaking as one of the people who voted for Kerry, let me get a few things straight:

1) Lower taxes are good by me, but I have this quaint notion of paying off my credit cards at the end of every month and my mortgage at double-speed. I expect my government to do the same. Republicans control both houses of Congress and the President has a nifty VETO stamp that can be (and when Clinton was President WAS) used when the Congressional budget doesn't add up. When is this magic point when the budget goes back into balance?

2) Family values are great. I don't have any opinion on how you should keep your family, discipline your children, or go to church that leaves my breakfast table. Please do me a small courteousy and return that favor.

3) Knock it off with the "welfare mothers" bit. I don't take government aid. I know several people who do. Not a single one is a welfare mom, stays at home, or has five kids. Most of them are immigrants who are scrubbing floors at office buildings and taking care of your kids for a pittance so you don't have to do those nasty jobs. They make $6.50/hour in a city where a dump one-bedroom apartment is $700/month.

This gets to a basic economic reality. It would be really cool if everybody had an $80,000/year job where they can sit in a nice air-conditioned office and surf FARK. There aren't enough of those jobs, and a lot of people will never be able to do them. Not because they are lazy, or unmotivated, or any of the above. They just aren't cut out for office work. Dumping on them is disingenuous.

You want to juggle social benefits in such a way that they reward people for working and not for laying around. Conservatives have done some good work with that (see the 1996 Welfare Reform act, which originated with the Republican leadership). But the fact is, the economy needs people who work at box stores stocking shelves, people who babysit kids so that two-income yuppie households can both go to work, people who clean out your nice air-conditioned office, etc. As nice as it would be to think that this is all done by 20 year-olds working through college who will move up to better jobs, it's simply not true.
2004-11-03 08:13:29 PM  
One of the Canadians I work with needed an MRI due to excessive migraine headaches. Almost a two month wait in Canada. Had it done in the States within a week.

Another one needed back surgery because of pain from a slipped disc. It was deemed "elective" in Canada and the wait would have been months. Surgery was done in the States within two weeks.
2004-11-03 08:14:35 PM  
Well. While I don't think things are SO bad for those that dispise George W, I can certainly understand. To be honest I only know of Bush from his dealings with Canada. I can't say I much like the guy.

If a large population moved to Canada over this incident I can assure you that they would not be a drain on Canadian society. If any group of people would uproot themselves over a political situation they view as wrong (But not dangerous) you can be certain that most of them are educated, informed, and goal driven. (Exactly what any country needs).

As for the Piggy Backing off americans. Keep in mind that Canada and the US have not always been as close has they have been for 30 years. We survived fine in 1812 when we were at war with the US and we would do fine today if we suddenly stopped trading. In fact if there was a sudden stop in Canadian Power, Water, Oil, and Wheat (Even for 2 - 3 days) it would bring some of your major cities to their knees. We may enjoy your Military but much of your beloved country NEEDS Canada. (Remember the August 14 2003 blackout, an accident stopped Canadian power from getting to the US. The whole eastern seaboard was shut down.)

Just something to think about. Canada and the US at this point are IN IT TOGETHER. We share so much that we cant just cut ourselves off. (No matter how much we want to.)
2004-11-03 08:15:30 PM  
I wouldn't mind going to Europe for a few years til things cool out over here. Weren't they looking for computer and telecom folks at one point?

//pays 35% in taxes + plus a crapload for health insurance
2004-11-03 08:16:26 PM  

How about you think for two seconds before you kneejerk and type a nonsensical tirade at someone?

I am saying we are a society that is bent on seeing deferences and turning a blind eye to the bullshiat from both sides to realize that we are all on the same ball of mud and that we should all focus on working together than building fences.
2004-11-03 08:16:49 PM  
keep defending wrong please.

we all know americans voted republican because thinking is hard.
2004-11-03 08:17:07 PM  
Mmm... seams that this Democrat as not droped the towel yet.

In my opinion it's a good idea to reorganize the Democratic forces right away!

I just registered to the mailing list.

//Never give up, Never surrender!
2004-11-03 08:18:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-03 08:19:10 PM  
US unemployment rate 5.4
Canadian unemployment 7.2

Wow Canada rocks!
2004-11-03 08:20:17 PM  
2004-11-03 05:17:55 PM jebert

Keep your fourteen soldiers. They're useless. And the fact that you didn't help is laughable. The reason your country enjoys the prosperity it does, is because you're piggy backing on the most powerful country in the world. And you know damn well that if you idiots ever got into any kind of trouble, we'd be the first country you'd be crying to. Not France. Not Germany. Not any of the other nations who bailed on Iraq. It'd be us. And you know what? This country would do whatever it takes to help you out. That's what makes us great. And why you suck.

I can't really decide if you're a troll or just stupid. I'm inclined to stupid, but only because the taunts are so amateurish that a decent troll would be ashamed to use them.
2004-11-03 08:21:01 PM  
/me laughs at someone mentioning 'FAMILY VALUES' ..and you voted for pussy? Halliburton pwnz America.
2004-11-03 08:21:57 PM  
Don't move to Canada, do something more productive...

Collect signatures to get a referendum on the ballot annexing your state to canada ^_^

(Secret negotiations with the Canadian government should come first though, otherwise you get all sorts of ackwardness)
2004-11-03 08:22:45 PM  

1. I don't think you've got your facts straight. Any sort of serious back surgery certainly isn't elective.

2. There are private clinics in Canada where you can pay to get an MRI if you want it done quickly.

3. The states has an excellent health care system, as long as you can pay for it. I can't even imagine what it must be like to live some place where you could be in the hospital for a month and have to pay thousands of dollars for it...
2004-11-03 08:25:38 PM  

Hey, you might want to learn about how the numbers are calculated before using them.
2004-11-03 08:26:45 PM  
can't we just close America - like the GWB website banning people from outside the US?

i'm now boycotting american products - and working on making my friends to do so too.

please ban US IP's too.

...stupid and alone with nukes? damn america SHOULD hook up with North Korea.
2004-11-03 08:28:37 PM  
while you're still american, go out and buy a couple assault weapons, take out a loan and buy yerself a private jet/boat (whatever you fancy), talk some dumb broad into boosting for you at a jewelry store, rig some C4 at the house of that old cranky dude who used to spray the hose at you when you shortcut though his yard on your way home from school, knock up a dozen or so biatches, then casually waltz into your local affluent neighborhood bank branch, waltz out with a few hundy thou, hop that sucker jet down to Cayman Islands, home free!

/oh. Was the CIA listening? ooops.
2004-11-03 08:28:40 PM  

Secretary: ""Mr. Martin, it's South Dakota on the phone calling about being annexed by Canada."

Martin: "North Dakota! Alright!"

Secretary: "No sir. SOUTH Dakota."

Martin: "Oh. South Dakota. Tell them I'm out of the office."
2004-11-03 08:29:08 PM  
/me knows he wont persuade america - after all.. reading all those words is hard.

thinking is evil. vote stupid.
2004-11-03 08:31:00 PM  
never mind.

please send GWB to europe - you know you got friends here..

2004-11-03 08:33:12 PM  
please. please. please. please. please.

because voting republican equals making friends.
voting Kerry is voting for terrorists.
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