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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Man gets out of jail after paying part of child support by selling kidney   ( divider line
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2004-11-03 10:02:22 AM  
Did he get caught by calling police after waking up in a bathtub filled with ice and a message on the bathroom mirror...?
2004-11-03 10:39:56 AM  

And the remaining child support will cost him ... an arm and a leg.

Man, I love settling child support payments using the Snopes method.

2004-11-03 10:40:41 AM  
Sheesh, doesn't anyone read the articles they submit? The bail came from donors, and as for the kidney:

Doctors went ahead with the operation only after the 32-year-old Smitty assured them that he did not profit financially from the organ donation.
2004-11-03 10:41:06 AM  
Bush sucks.
2004-11-03 10:44:06 AM  
most people lead perfectly normal lives with only one kidney

/slightly obscure
2004-11-03 10:49:45 AM  
I'd be pissed.

Well, 1/2 as pissed as with two kidneys, but still.....
2004-11-03 10:51:22 AM  

My brother was born with just one kidney. Urologist told him that a person could lead a normal life with just 10% of one kidney.

/really, really obscure
2004-11-03 10:53:44 AM  
This sounds more like Florida but they would not have locked this guy up for child support in FL.
2004-11-03 10:59:54 AM  
Wow! Two guys donated their kidneys to raise money to pay back child-support within a month. What are the chances of that?

Oh wait, maybe this is a repeat of the same story from a week or two ago.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-03 11:08:29 AM  
Could've been worse. Some other inmates reported overhearing the man exclaim that he'd give his left nut just to get out of jail.
2004-11-03 11:12:13 AM  
This is local for me. He was arrested for child support after he received national attention for donating his kidney for free through a website.
2004-11-03 11:19:28 AM  
it just doesn't pay to be nice anymore
2004-11-03 11:20:45 AM  

too obscure for me...
2004-11-03 11:47:51 AM  
sorry for the threadjack, but does anyone know how I can make fark links appear as new tabs rather than new windows in FireFox ?
2004-11-03 11:55:00 AM  
JimBob1015 - in your preferences, you can set it to middle-click or some key+click or...
2004-11-03 11:56:08 AM  

CTRL +click
2004-11-03 12:03:39 PM  
chianti... Check.
favre beans... Check.
2004-11-03 12:10:21 PM  
Favre Beans?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-03 12:25:42 PM  
$2,650 toward his release
$1,150 Paid child support to get out
$1500.00 left

Ok who took the rest of the money raised??
2004-11-03 01:11:01 PM  
Great google ad at the bottom

Organ Donor for Sale
Discount Organ Donor. Check out the deals now!
2004-11-03 07:21:24 PM  
"He owes child support! Throw him in jail!"

Yeah.. that solves the problem. Women are so stupid.
2004-11-04 03:10:20 AM  
Screw you Dustin
2004-11-04 03:38:18 PM  

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