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(ABC News)   Larry Flynt turns 62 today. This headline will be funnier in seven years   ( divider line
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2004-11-02 10:31:17 AM  
No, actually... it'll be a different headline.

On November 2, 2011, the headline "Larry Flynt turns 62 today." will be not only incorrect, but still not funny.
2004-11-02 10:35:11 AM  
2004-11-02 10:42:33 AM  
Speaking of good ole Larry, I was at a Wedding a few weeks ago (here in Vegas), and our limo driver seemed frazzled. We asked him what was wrong, and I guess Larry had the limo before us, and was a real jerk to just about everyone he made contract with.
2004-11-02 11:00:19 AM  
Jesus omadon667, I hope you had a few bottles of medical strength disinfectant with you in that limo. There's no telling what was crawling around on those seats.
2004-11-02 11:14:19 AM  
I think in 7 years, Larry Flynt will be dead. That headline will be funny.
d23 [BareFark]
2004-11-02 11:37:53 AM  
today's my dog's birthday. That interests me a lot more...
2004-11-02 01:10:53 PM  
Great headline, even though symphonik is correct.
2004-11-02 01:11:34 PM  
Happy Birthday, Larry!
2004-11-02 01:13:47 PM  
Oh thanks fark...

I like to keep close track of every reprehensible fat old cripple.
2004-11-02 01:14:25 PM  
"Stephen Hawkings is right!"

/Bizzaro Quote Day.
2004-11-02 01:17:08 PM  
i don't get it.
2004-11-02 01:18:58 PM  
How did this guy get a "hero" tag? Nailing his daughter?
2004-11-02 01:19:27 PM  
"Larry Flynt is right!"
2004-11-02 01:20:50 PM  
oh, 69. haha. i get it now. still not teh phunnie.
2004-11-02 01:21:42 PM  
D'oh. That submitter got pr0wned. Or something.

/has no idea why he is talking or why he'll still add the comment anyway
2004-11-02 01:22:04 PM  
I bet he would want to celebrate by having a 21 gun salute.
2004-11-02 01:22:27 PM  
A part in the book they left out of the movie was when he would lay under a glass table and watch girls poop on top of it.
2004-11-02 01:24:41 PM  
Crappy use of the Hero tag.

/Go into gynecology if you want to see that deep inside women.
2004-11-02 01:26:49 PM  
If Larry were prez, there would be beer & pu$$y for everybody!
2004-11-02 01:29:39 PM  
I thought he was already old and decrepit, just like Hugh Hefner. Oh well, at least he lives in Paris or something.
2004-11-02 01:42:03 PM  

/should know, it's mine, Jenny McCarthy and Lyle Lovett's, too.
2004-11-02 01:43:46 PM  
dude, you really need to research some thing before you post them.. Larry Flynt's birthday is Nov. 1st.... how/why I know this... he has the same b-day as me
2004-11-02 01:46:14 PM  

happy b-day to you too!
2004-11-02 01:47:47 PM  
Larry Flynt is a hero. His five-year court battle Hustler v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46, (pops), is the reason that the Daily Show, SNL, editorial cartoons, and other free speech that criticizes public figures is protected today.

Every American owes him a debt of gratitude.
2004-11-02 01:50:21 PM  
PoppaStoppa and orrinbloquy are twins!
2004-11-02 01:55:19 PM  
Say what you want but Larry has done more to expose hypocrites than anyone else in this country. A sleazy pornographer but a great American in my book.
2004-11-02 01:55:36 PM  
Great headline, even though symphonik is a coont.

Happy birthday Larry, belatedly!
2004-11-02 02:09:43 PM  
Symphonik obviously has bigger intellect than most of us. idiot.
2004-11-02 02:11:02 PM  
Happy Birthday Mr. Flynt!!!
2004-11-02 02:12:25 PM  
Is there any way I can tie this in with my wifes bithday (today). A 'scrip to Hustler, perhaps?
2004-11-02 02:14:24 PM  
That headline is only funny if you say it with a Japanese accent...

"...worries about Election."
2004-11-02 02:14:49 PM  
I am shamed, SHAMED, that this chicken-farking, incestuous child-rapist does not feel comfortable living in America, and must stay in France in order to feel secure.

I mourn for my country, I really do.
2004-11-02 02:26:05 PM  
Hopefully he'll be dead way before then, the POS.
2004-11-02 02:31:05 PM  
Ugh. Happy birthday you perverse, fat, masturbating, chair-ridden, tasteless...wait a minute, Flynt must be a Farker!
2004-11-02 02:41:15 PM  
The guy deserve a "Fark Honorific Life Membership".
2004-11-02 02:42:44 PM  
If Larry Flynt is to be involved with a 69 expereience,
a structural and/or mechanical engineer will probably have to be consulted and/or hired.
2004-11-02 03:06:31 PM  
Why live another day if your junk doesn't work any more.
2004-11-02 03:08:03 PM  
I would wager that I am the only Farker wearing a "Larry Flint for President" T-shirt today. I had to wear another shirt over it to vote though.. considered "electioneering" even though he isn't on the ballot.
2004-11-02 03:23:28 PM  
I used to have the Larry Flint for President bumper sticker from the Carter election and the issue it was in. Plus a bunch of old classic Hustlers including the very first issue.

Lost them all in a move.
2004-11-02 03:27:05 PM  
Happy birthday to d23's pooch!
2004-11-02 03:31:28 PM  
I loved him on Cheers.
2004-11-02 03:40:57 PM  
I met him at a book signing a couple months ago. He doesn't seem very intelligent, but you can tell he has bulldog tenacity.
He has dirt on a lot of public people, but he only goes after the hypocrites.
2004-11-02 03:43:34 PM  
Larry Flynt really cares about you. I went to one of his sites, and at the bottom is a little PSA about prostate cancer. His smiling face reminds you to ejaculate at least three times a week. Or die.
2004-11-02 03:54:48 PM  

I'm going to go ahead and give credit to the writers of the US Constitution (Bill of Rights) for free speech.
2004-11-02 04:06:22 PM  
Actually, considering Flynt's condition, the headline will merely be ironic in seven years, as opposed to funny.
2004-11-02 04:07:27 PM  
Shouldn't we have some porn in honor of ol Larry "Roller" Flint?
2004-11-02 04:25:06 PM  
vjp, I think you might be thinking about director Roman Polanski. Larry Flynt still lives in the ol' U.S. of A. Remember that whole recall election in California last year? He participated in that.
2004-11-02 04:29:20 PM  
"Headline will be funnier when he's 69?"
Maybe, but 77 is better than 69 because he'll get ate more
//eight(ate)get it?
2004-11-02 04:31:34 PM  
I respect him both for the stances he has taken on free speech in the country, and for the fine fapping material he churns out.

I love the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Porn.
2004-11-02 04:52:45 PM  
Weird.. I watched the movie about him last night just randomly. I thought that Woody did a great job.

/side note: Maybe this was my subconscious making me support Larry and his Porn empire. God knows my eyes support him every day.
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