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(   "Show us your tits" sign lands Australian Army helicopter crew in hot water   ( divider line
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20124 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Nov 2004 at 9:42 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-02 04:53:59 AM  
"This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable and will not be condoned by the Australian Army," the spokesman said.

And yet completely hilarious. Onya boys!
2004-11-02 07:37:25 AM  
It's not like they were forcing people to show their tits. It was just a polite invitation that most people declined and snickered at. BFD.
2004-11-02 07:51:09 AM  
Tater Tits surrender.
2004-11-02 08:35:56 AM  
Come on people, this really only offends women with saggy tata's, or really tiny ones, and last I checked the tiny tittie and gravity brigades were not protected classes.
2004-11-02 08:43:17 AM  

The other offended class is girly-men who don't fly helicopters and don't solicit tit-flashing.
2004-11-02 09:44:56 AM  
Again, what is not to like about Australia?
2004-11-02 09:45:32 AM  
this article is useless without pics
(from the helecopter)
2004-11-02 09:45:58 AM  
And where ARE those pictures from the helicopter...
2004-11-02 09:47:11 AM  
This thread is useless without pics.
2004-11-02 09:48:10 AM  
A helicopter is a good vantage point for viewing the tufted titmouse
2004-11-02 09:49:11 AM  
Pffft. This story is from Australia. Australia isn't a real place, it's entirely fictional.
2004-11-02 09:49:13 AM  
What a tease. Post boobies or die.

/way better than vote or die.
2004-11-02 09:49:18 AM  
2004-11-02 09:50:38 AM  
Why the hell does everyone want to see pics of a helicopter?

I don't get it.
2004-11-02 09:50:51 AM  
The photo attracted a variety of mostly approving comments on the website's forum, including "Onya boys!!!!" and "Now how about the shots taken from the helicopter please?"

i understand the part about asking for pics from the helicopter... but wtf does "Onya Boys!!!" mean?? sounds like something someone yells to warn ppl..... "He's onya boys! The priest is onya boys!!!!"

is it one of those sayings down there down under?? kinda like our "ya'll" down south?

I'm very confused... so i'm going to jibjab to decide who to vote for today
2004-11-02 09:50:56 AM  
The original image - [image from too old to be available]
2004-11-02 09:51:34 AM  
Good use for the [image from too old to be available] tag, IMO
2004-11-02 09:51:42 AM  
GIS for helicopter tits =

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-02 09:52:38 AM  
the sign..

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-02 09:52:50 AM  
Over-horny Farkers still encouraged.
2004-11-02 09:52:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-02 09:53:26 AM  
Australian Army?

WTF, I didn't even know Australia had an army.
2004-11-02 09:54:58 AM  
"An investigation is under way and the crew of the aircraft have been stood down while the investigation is under way."

And did he mention the investigation is under way?

The image ended up on the website of the Professional Pilots Rumour Network.

They have a RUMOUR NETWORK!!! That is so cool! Pilots are girly rumour-mongers.
2004-11-02 09:55:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-02 09:55:29 AM  
hey, farkettes... show ME your tits
2004-11-02 09:55:32 AM  
What? People were offended by the crew's request to see the
Screen display? They needed information on other aircraft in the area.

/PPrune rocks. Great site.
2004-11-02 09:55:53 AM  

This brings back memories of Spring Break in Panama City last year. Eight of us girls decided we would support our troops by flashing the Coastguard helicopters that fly up and down the beach! Just trying to raise their...morale. ;)
2004-11-02 09:56:09 AM  
If they were carrying beads it would have been OK
2004-11-02 09:56:11 AM  
Didn't they know mardi gras is not for a couple more months?

/those crazy aussies
2004-11-02 09:56:53 AM  
Behold the power of Fark. If it's in the news, some farker will find a picture of it.
2004-11-02 09:59:09 AM  
I'd love to see this happen in downtown Baghdad.
2004-11-02 09:59:15 AM  
The boys are keen ornithologists - that much is obvious.

The secondary phrase "and your bush" confirms that they are keen on studying all sorts of wildlife in the outback.
2004-11-02 09:59:27 AM  
When I was in the army, and we would convoy to training areas, there was usually a similar sign on on or more of the vehicles, until somebody complained. Even when there wasn't, there were always a few women who would show their goodies as they passed.
2004-11-02 10:00:34 AM  

2004-11-02 10:04:34 AM  
2004-11-02 10:04:41 AM  
tits and the military don't mix. ditto for helicopters (and tits).
2004-11-02 10:13:21 AM  
Where's the [image from too old to be available] tag???
2004-11-02 10:13:38 AM  
Whip'em Out Whirlybird?
2004-11-02 10:13:58 AM  

"onya" is short for "good on ya" which we would pronouce "good on you" which means essentially "good for you"
2004-11-02 10:19:53 AM  
el oh el
2004-11-02 10:21:45 AM  

I was a helicopter crewman for fourteen years in the Navy. The stories I could tell!

(Will return after a quick check on the statute of limitations...)

2004-11-02 10:22:15 AM  
This is as good a forum as any for female farkers to
SHOW US YOUR TITS!(several more "!"'s, a few "1"'s and two "ones" were premptively edited out in the spirit of good taste
2004-11-02 10:24:13 AM  
(*) (*)
2004-11-02 10:25:01 AM  
Sorry moderators, wardrobe malfunction there ....
2004-11-02 10:34:52 AM  
Geez aggrazel, link to pics like that please! Some of us are at work!
2004-11-02 10:52:22 AM  

2004-11-02 11:14:32 AM  
Funny, I never got in trouble for it (never got caught)
2004-11-02 11:41:52 AM  
This is precisely why we went to war with Australia.

What, you don't think we had a war with Australia? God, not another one! Have you read a history book lately, son?
2004-11-02 11:45:07 AM  
Aggrazel: Fake! How much did those puppies cost? Real ones look like this


Apologize if NSFW
2004-11-02 11:47:26 AM  
Did these guys think they were behind the track at Laconia? I've never been (don't necessarily want to), but I saw pictures of what goes on back there. Suffice it to say, you would rather your daughter stay away from behind the track. One woman challenged a guy holding a "show us your tits" sign to show is package. Not only did the guy oblige, but about 10 others did so as well.
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