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(NBC 30)   Paintball prank goes awry, Texas style   ( divider line
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25697 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Nov 2004 at 2:14 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-01 06:55:12 PM  
paintballs dont come in pellets, they come in balls
/prove me wrong kids, prove me wrong
2004-11-01 06:57:24 PM  
that is definately awry
2004-11-01 07:00:17 PM  
saw this on the news this morning - so stupid. beyond stupid, because if the teens had been wearing their seat belts, no one would have been killed.

they were dumbasses.
the guy who went after them was a dumbass (its a job for the police, sorry dude).

basically, we have a case of double dumbasses.
2004-11-01 07:10:08 PM  
Both parties entirely in the wrong here. Rough way for the teens to learn not to pull bullshiat like firing on vehicles in traffic.. even if it was only paintballs. Wonder if the guy in the pickup was in a position to see the paint, or if he thought he was being fired on by something else? (not much noise from a paintball gun, is there? surely not enough for the guy to think .22? still, he might have thought pellet guns)
The teeners in question were unlucky enough to fire on a guy who went ballistic instead of taking the plates and calling the cops... still, could have been worse if the guy in the pickup had had a gun at hand.

/been fired at in traffic
//thank ghod the schmuck missed
///no, i wasn't playing w/ a painball gun. i german braked him. i don't do that anymore for obvious reasons.
2004-11-01 07:21:31 PM  
That just sucks. Dumbass kids needed to be taught a lesson, but nobody should've gotten hurt like that.
2004-11-01 07:24:38 PM  
kids should be in skateparks. or reading.
2004-11-01 07:25:49 PM  
It really is time for a [Texas] tag, I'm affraid. In so many wonderful ways, Texas is much more deserving than Florida.
2004-11-01 07:33:53 PM  
Asshat-on-asshat crime is on the rise.
2004-11-01 07:38:21 PM  
Ok, what does "german brake" mean?
2004-11-01 07:48:58 PM  
I think it refers to downshifting which slows you without brake lights - or it could be using the handbrake which does the same. Used to teach tailgaters a lesson, though not recommended for the above mentioned reason.
2004-11-01 07:49:47 PM  
Ok, what does "german brake" mean?

I think it somewhere between a Cleveland Steamer, a Angry Pirate, and a Rusty Trombone. will help you find the answers you seek.
2004-11-01 07:59:36 PM  
sorry. "german braking" someone is tapping your brake pedal quickly but hard, because you're tired of them tailgating you.

nowadays, i just take my foot off the gas and let myself slow down 5 mph or so, then hold speed until the tailgater gets tired of it and goes around. this new tactic hasn't gotten me shot at yet, so i'm sticking with it.
2004-11-01 08:01:28 PM  
ack... shoulda read the rest of the thread. yeah, a sharp downshift or a tug on the e-brake, i'm thinking that qualifies too.

hmm, maybe i should check urbandictionary myself, i'd hate to be using slang incorrectly. :)
2004-11-01 08:10:29 PM  

You'd get a ticket for that out here "impeding the flow of traffic".

(thusly preventing speeders from speeding, and cops from catching said speeders and filling their coffers)
2004-11-01 08:23:24 PM  
No Love...

I think German brake means just to slam on your brakes. Or maybe it means to hit the accelerator (because of the autobahns).It would be far more appropriate to call it a 'British Brake' or 'Italian Brake' if it means to slam on the brakes.

/I think it means to haul ass.
2004-11-01 08:24:52 PM  
MBAW - I didn't get any love either - was stuck reading about rusrty trombones and such
2004-11-01 08:26:44 PM  
Hey, Mike_Bolton, I love the profile pic! A skater in Hawaii, huh?

/surfer in Florida
2004-11-01 08:29:21 PM  

well, could be. if not for impeding flow of traffic, probably for something or other.

but, it was in heavy traffic in a tunnel, traffic flowing freely on the other side but heavy in the tunnel as the claustrophobes invariably slow way down and the timid get scared of having a tunnel wall on one side and a vehicle close on the other. no opportunity to speed... 2 lanes, couldn't change lanes if i wanted to, tunnel wall to my left, vehicle to my right, vehicle dead ahead. that's what made this jerk tailgating me so galling, it's not like i was going slow out of the blue, there were the physical barriers of other vehicles keeping me from doing anything. guess that was my warning that the guy was a tad irrational at the moment, wish i had thought of that at the time.
2004-11-01 08:43:06 PM  
MBAW - surf too, my entire life actually. But just moved off the islands.

/seperated shoulder = no surf for 2 years.
2004-11-01 08:52:30 PM  
Last time I played paintball, it was a smallish field with my girlfriend, my brother, and a friend. I ended up leaving bruises on the inner thighs of all three (there was some team switching every few rounds). I had a pump pistol as a last resort paint supply (12 rounds), and let's just say that it put a lot more force behind a paintball.

Too bad winter's almost here, have to wait until next summer... Any MN farkers near the cities know of some casual groups to play with?
2004-11-01 09:31:07 PM  
Quick1, these groups like casual play. Good Luck!
2004-11-01 09:34:06 PM  
Sweet, thanks!

...Hey, wait a minute... ;)
2004-11-01 10:40:56 PM  
LOL'rs @ doccm9!@!!
2004-11-01 11:18:08 PM  
prolly some newbs with a 'timmy and daddys money.

2004-11-01 11:18:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-02 01:03:44 AM  
Texas paintball massacre!
2004-11-02 02:01:05 AM  
I thought "Texas style" meant big ass gun. So, it could have been even worse.

Just wondering, would that paint wash off easily? Is it really paint or just colored water?

Yeah, they were morons to shoot at cars. Just wondering about the paintball thingy.
2004-11-02 02:17:39 AM  
moonscatter: the guy who went after them was a dumbass (its a job for the police, sorry dude).

I got hit with a paintball gun in a non-paintball venue once, the police mocked me for even reporting it. The whole "it's the police's" job mentality works sometimes, but not always. Sometimes, it's better to take things into your own hands.
2004-11-02 02:19:53 AM  
You'd get a ticket for that out here "impeding the flow of traffic".

For... slowing down?

Wouldn't they have to prove you were in a situation where you were not allowed to slow down?
2004-11-02 02:22:21 AM  
There was a guy up here in Surrey Who's now half blind cause some Jackasses thought it would be fun to shoot other drivers while they were driving. Guy had his window open and they got him in the eye. I don't think the bastard ever got caught either.
2004-11-02 02:25:57 AM  
ya that stuff washes off real easy. really what it is is just colord fish oil. tastes like crap but will wash out of just about anything within 72 hours and wont leave any residue.
2004-11-02 02:31:05 AM  
-This was bound to happen sooner or later. Just lucky the guy wasn't armed. Bet the other peeps who got 'painted' that day aren't bawling their eyes out for that dumb-ass kid...
2004-11-02 02:32:21 AM  
I got hit with a paintball gun in a non-paintball venue once, the police mocked me for even reporting it. The whole "it's the police's" job mentality works sometimes, but not always. Sometimes, it's better to take things into your own hands.

By responding with assult with a deadly weapon?

(Yes, vehicles have been considered deadly weapons in cases such as this.)
2004-11-02 02:32:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-02 02:33:03 AM  
great job to the pickup driver. good riddance to the idiot(s).
2004-11-02 02:33:07 AM  
A couple of years ago me and a buddy of mine were coming back from playing some late night paint ball. As we got near his house a bunch of kids in a newer Volvo station wagon drove up next to us and the passenger mooned us.

I was driving my 77 Suburban, so I told my buddy to jump in back, get his Tippman and teach these punks some respect.

The kid still had his bare azz out the window when my friend rolled down the window and proceeded to fire off about ten shots. Four or five nailed the kid straight on his bare cheeks, the scream he let out was classic. The rest of the paint went all over the dash and inside the windshield.

We were laughing so hard I had to pull off on a side street and stop.

Good times. :)
2004-11-02 02:37:30 AM  
While Ive engaged in paintball hooliganing in my youth (like in 2000), I never shot at people, or where people could see me do it (houses at night and parked cars mostly). These teenagers were dumbasses, but that goes without saying. They guy, instead of just getting their tag or following them to their house, but he has to be a bastard. I remember another case where soem girls toilet papered a house and the dad of the house chased em off the road and some of them died. I think he got manslaughter for that. I would guess this guys gonna get the same. No reason to ram em, and if he tries the whole "i thought it was a real gun" defence, paintball guns arent nearly as loud as real guns, dont look anything like real guns (unless u mod em or get the tippman rifle kits), and $10 says they shot him in the wind shield where he could see the damn paint. My judgement? Fark the guy, but i dont feel much pity for the kids either. I feel for their parents.
2004-11-02 02:46:22 AM  
great job to the pickup driver. good riddance to the idiot(s).

You really ought to stop playing Grand Theft Auto so much. Yes, the kids were asshats, but no, the badass Texan moran with the small penis didn't have to use his truck as a weapon.

/or did he?
2004-11-02 02:47:44 AM  
By responding with assult with a deadly weapon?

No, I'm not agreeing with the driver, just disagreeing with the position that no person should ever interfere with another person committing a crime unless they are a police officer.
2004-11-02 02:49:27 AM  
No serious charges were laid because the cops were too busy high-fiving the guy to do the paperwork.

Die paintballer scum.
2004-11-02 02:50:39 AM  
Asshat-on-asshat crime is on the rise.

Heh, that's the best kind of crime! It's like, Darwinism squared.
2004-11-02 02:54:27 AM  
Alcohol + paintball guns + moving vehicles = all fun and games till somebody dies in the hospital

/think of the paint pellets
2004-11-02 02:55:48 AM  
At least it didn't go down "Boston Style"
2004-11-02 02:58:00 AM  
Looks like everyone involved in the incident was a class "A" assh*le.

Kinda feel sorry for the kids, but kinda don't.
2004-11-02 02:59:58 AM  

"No charges have been filed against the driver of the pickup truck, but he was arrested for possibly driving under the influence of alcohol." -yet

The cops hate the guy just as much as the kids. Thanks to him, theyre scraping a dead teenager off the road and 3 others Ko-ed, instaed of running the tag and picking them up tmrw morning. If its one thing cops dont like, it extra work, and BOY did the truck guy give them extra work.
2004-11-02 03:03:00 AM  
"great job to the pickup driver. good riddance to the idiot(s)."

You must be joking... What he did was anything but great. Now if the guy truely thought he was about to become the next drive-by statistic...I can understand him doing something crazy. Thing is...a bullet would break the windows, spark and make tons of noise, paintballs...definately will not. I'm sure he realized what was going on considering there must have been paint splattered all over the place. And to react like that is just rediculous. I'm sure both the kids (the ones that survived atleast) and truck driver learned their lessons...
2004-11-02 03:03:33 AM  
Happy Halloween dipshiats
2004-11-02 03:04:12 AM  
Ok, we got some kids driving an SUV firing paintballs at a guy driving a pick-up. Pick-up rams SUV, SUV loses control, flips out, ejects its passengers, killing at least one, and gets totaled. Pick-up driver is likely to get charged with manslaughter, thus ensuring he can't drive his pick-up anymore.

End result: 1 SUV off the road, 1 Pick-up off the road.

Looks like a win-win situation.
2004-11-02 03:04:37 AM  
this article makes me wonder how I surived high school. well, and, my early 20's. and my late 20's...
2004-11-02 03:06:03 AM  

/so uncredible
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