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(Reuters)   Cleaning woman accidently defuses bomb   ( divider line
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2002-02-19 11:20:11 AM  
Tajikistan? I think we need to merge all these crappy central Asian countries into a Super Mongolia.
2002-02-19 11:20:12 AM  
wheres the hero tag?
2002-02-19 11:20:50 AM  
When the woman moved a package to clean a floor of the nine-story building, a clockwork detonator fell out and the package was found to contain powerful bars of TNT explosive.

This is a somewhat expansive use of the term "defuse," and an equally generous use of the term "bomb" if that's how poorly it was made.
2002-02-19 11:22:54 AM  
she separated the detanation device from the explosives. that's called defusing a bomb
2002-02-19 11:24:04 AM  
wonder if the woman that was unplugging the life support system in order to run her vaccume cleaner
2002-02-19 11:24:18 AM  
Now all you people posting on the Pope/excorsist thing, tell me again how God doesn't exsist!
2002-02-19 11:25:12 AM  
Ya damn right Cliff.

In other news, scientists accidentally cloned a Farker when chemical X was introduced into semen samples. Fb- is sooo not the father.
2002-02-19 11:26:14 AM  
If cleaning women are accidently defusing bombs, then the terrorists have already lost.
2002-02-19 11:26:15 AM  
Oh no, I think I broke it. I better try and fix this thing or I'm going to lose my job.
2002-02-19 11:27:15 AM  
"Tajikistan, a poor mountainous state in Central Asia, remains volatile after a civil war in 1992-97."

Are there any states in that area that aren't volatile after yet another civil war?


Oh grow up and food color your contact lenses or something.
2002-02-19 11:31:34 AM  
hey, I WAS in that building! (I'm from Boulder Co, and Boulder and Dushanbe are sister cities.) I went as part of an exchange.
Guess what they gave us: a teahouse!
2002-02-19 11:33:24 AM  
I bet she had to clean the floor again after she peed herself.
2002-02-19 11:33:37 AM  
Counter-Terrorists win !
2002-02-19 11:33:42 AM  
For some odd reason I think this cleaning lady is gonna out in for a raise up to $0.46 cents an hour. She will have to point out that bomb defusing is not part of her job description!
2002-02-19 11:38:32 AM  
Davide: I sure hope you got them something good and it wasn't one of those awkward, "Thanks for the beautiful, full-size teahouse. We got you this plaque." moments.
2002-02-19 11:43:56 AM  

AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! That's exactly what I was thinking.
2002-02-19 11:45:28 AM  
Aborto? No entienda el Aborto!!!
2002-02-19 11:45:53 AM  
A maid is clumsy and mishandles things. Why is this news.
2002-02-19 11:48:05 AM  
My ass. I bet she was going thru the mail looking for goodies and she 'discovered' the bomb.
2002-02-19 11:53:15 AM  
Thats what happens when you but cheap shiat "hecho en Mexico."

The damn detonators just "fall out."
2002-02-19 11:56:36 AM  
And my plan would have worked, if it wasn't for that meddling cleaning woman...
2002-02-19 11:58:30 AM  
Tajikistan is genuine bandit country. My boss tried to get me to work there. Bastard.
2002-02-19 11:58:34 AM  
Senorita! Nojo on the rojo!!
2002-02-19 11:59:57 AM  

The bustling building in central Dushanbe houses traffic police
and the office of a district prosecutor, as well as a local
information agency and an Internet company.

If this is how they deal with dot-coms in Tajikistan, it's probably good that FARK is based in KY.

2002-02-19 12:00:09 PM  
I hate thing where the hero saves the day because 'the blue wire is to defuse it'.

Who ever came up with this lameness? If the bomb stopped working after she movied it out of the way, it was a pretty crappy bomb.

Hmm, how many ****stan countries are at peace right now? that part of the world seems to be supremely farked up.
2002-02-19 12:06:24 PM  
I accidentally defused a bomb my pants.
2002-02-19 12:13:56 PM  
heheh... whoever made the executive decision to mod "first p*st" posts down to the bottom of the discussion rather than delete them, kudos.

'Tis far better to humiliate than eliminate.
2002-02-19 12:19:34 PM  
curses, foiled again.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-19 12:28:08 PM  
"Ja, I defuse bomb, BUT I DOAN CLEAN NO VINDOWS!"
2002-02-19 12:36:17 PM  
It would be a completely different story if her picking the box up set the bomb off. Then it would be "Pieces of Woman defuses bomb"
2002-02-19 12:39:06 PM  
Ees no my yob.....
2002-02-19 01:03:03 PM  
< rant >
I think this deserves the Hero tag, but to say she defuse the bomb implies she actively tried to defuse it. It was a passive event that "defused" it. So she just showed what a lame-assed Bombmaker the person is. Hey look, I just threw some wires, sparkplugs , tires and other stuff together unnasembled. I HAVE BUILT A CAR !
< /rant >

Must switch coffee. Although I'd rather have her guarding me, lucky maid !
2002-02-19 05:35:02 PM  
Wow... my maid just unplugs everything.
2002-02-19 11:19:45 PM  
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