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(Yahoo)   Arizona Diamondbacks hire Wally Backman as their new manager. Not clear how this will effect Backman Turner Overdrive reunion tour next summer   ( divider line
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1561 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Nov 2004 at 5:34 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-11-01 01:49:03 PM  
You didn't even have to RTFA to get it right submitter, all you had to do was RTFHL...
2004-11-01 01:53:31 PM  

On a related note, remember Wally Backman? When is HoJo gonna get a manager position?
2004-11-01 01:53:59 PM  
Arizona... New York... what's the diff?
2004-11-01 01:55:47 PM  
How I wish the submitter's headline was right. *sigh*
2004-11-01 02:01:16 PM  
And I just yelled into my office "The Mets hired Backman!"

Then I RTFA.

Shouted down and embarrassed, all because of this douche-head submitter.
2004-11-01 02:01:29 PM  
"You just aint seen nuthin' yet.... bweer bweer ... b-b-b-b-baby, you just aint seen nuthin' yet."
2004-11-01 02:05:51 PM  
Submitter achieves record depth in cranial-rectal insertion.

Mets need to hire Jaramillo and get his hacking ass out of Texas.
2004-11-01 02:09:27 PM  
Nice f*ckup.

Oh, by the way, I hear the Royals hired Wally Backman.
2004-11-01 02:09:32 PM  
The NY Diamondbacks are my favorite squadron.
2004-11-01 02:10:52 PM  
Ahahaha. Green lighted and everything.

On another note, I read the Mets may trade for Sosa. Please take him!
2004-11-01 02:12:17 PM  
Sosa? I don't know... it seems that the Mets are where hard-hitting OF's come to die.
2004-11-01 02:16:56 PM  
Who is more foolish, the headline writer, or the admin that approved it?

/Obi Wan
2004-11-01 02:21:25 PM  
How the heck was this greenlighted!!?? This is like DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN to Mets fans. I bet one of the admins is a closet Yankees fan who's still smarting.
2004-11-01 02:22:19 PM  
2004-11-01 02:23:07 PM  
They fixed it. Damn. Now I just have the team itself to complain about. ;)
2004-11-01 02:52:11 PM  
Yes, I remember Wally Backman. Good memories of 1988. When the Dodgers beat the Mets in the NLCS.

And original props to Chris Berman for the BTO reference.
2004-11-01 04:34:34 PM  
Haha! Submitter's an idiot! The METS hired Wally Backman!

...seriously, I read it on TotalFark.
2004-11-01 05:39:34 PM  
Well, actually, he's the new Diamondbacks coach, or general manager, whatever the hell they call him. He was the coach for the Single A Lancaster Jethawks. Lancaster, CA is about 45 minutes from here (pointless note).

Either way, Lancaster is the Single A Affiliate for Arizona, so all they did was hire in-house.
2004-11-01 05:41:02 PM  
Now if the mets bring back my favorite manager ever, Bobby V, all will be good in the world.
2004-11-01 05:42:33 PM  
Arizona... New York... what's the diff?

Right now? About 40 degrees...
2004-11-01 05:45:08 PM  
Submitter: Reaching!
2004-11-01 05:46:47 PM  
I used to insist that Tal Bachman was really Overdrive's kid.
2004-11-01 05:48:27 PM  
It's BaCHman Turner Overdrive, people. Let's get our Canadian 70s rock bands straight here.

P.S. Yankees Suck
2004-11-01 05:49:44 PM  
At least they didn't hire Grace. Sure, the chicks would have loved that, but he's never managed anything in his life. Give the 'chise credit for at least ignoring the will of the largely uneducated baseball fans who wanted to see Gracie calling the shots.

we need to blow up Gonzo.

Can't run, won't slide, can't throw (how in the eff do outfielders destroy their elbows to the point where they require Tommy John surgery? go ask Gonz. ) and plays OF as if he's wearing cement shoes. The only thing that piece of shiat can do is hit. Ergo, he should be DH'ing somewhere instead of killing grass in LF.

Unit will be a Yankee by Christmas.

And once Randy makeslike a tree and leaves, do you think Sexson will stick around this chucklefark of a franchise?

dark days ahead, Backs fans....
2004-11-01 05:56:04 PM  
jesus. there's a million great wally backman jokes that could have been used, and you went BTO? sheesh.
2004-11-01 06:06:07 PM  
Methinks submitter KNOWS how to spell BTO properly, and hence the humorous pun.

Good to see Fark hasn't changed over the last few months! Back to San Andreas!
2004-11-01 06:06:51 PM  
Wally would have been an excellent choice as Mets manager, as he would bring the toughness and media savvy needed to take that job.

On a side note, what's with former Met middle infielders becoming major league managers? Bobby Valentine, Bud Harrelson, Jim Fregosi, Larry Bowa, Ray Knight, Ron Gardenhire, Al Pedrique, now Backman... plus, you know Willie Randolph (1992 - it counts) will get a managing job one of these days.

Who's next? Jason Hardtke? Junior Noboa? Sergio Ferrer?

And not for nothing, seeing a picture of good ol' Wally today makes me feel REALLY OLD:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-01 06:09:50 PM  
I used to be a huge Mets fan, before I knew better and all I could watch on TV was stupid arse Tim McCarver on WOR. Good to see not all the Mets became druggies, HoJo has that hotel thing, Kieth hernandez had Sienfeld, now Wally has this coaching gig. I wonder where Mookie is?
2004-11-01 06:13:00 PM  
Man of Bison, Rey Ordonez is in talks to become the Orioles' player / manager.
2004-11-01 06:14:06 PM  
I think Mook is a first or third base coach for somebody. I know I jsut saw him recently.
2004-11-01 06:14:44 PM  
Whats the word on Rafael Santana?
2004-11-01 06:28:58 PM  

The Arizona Diamondbacks hired Wally Backman to be their next manager. Think Larry Bowa; than take away logic, sanity, and strategical knowledge. Wally Backman is instantly the worst manager in MLB. Well done boys.
2004-11-01 06:31:31 PM  
Wally who? This sucks! Why don't we just get Bill Bidwell involved? Then we'd have "a winner in town"

/bitter D-Backs fan
2004-11-01 06:34:23 PM  
Is it a rule that the Diamondbacks HAVE to hire a prick as a manager? First, Showalter, Brenley, then the guy who filled in for Brenley (I don't know who that guy is, but I'm sure he's a prick anyways), and now Backman. Good Riddance to that dude.

P.S. I stole this comment from somebody else. I think I'll kill myself in shame again.
2004-11-01 06:35:36 PM  
great, now we have a single A manager for our double A team
2004-11-01 06:42:52 PM  
I sure am glad we let Schilling go. He was over the hill. If this asshat gets rid of Johnson, I'll start sucking on an exhaust pipe.
2004-11-01 07:05:46 PM  
That's pretty damn funny in many ways, rickythepenguin.

BTW, Mookie was the Mets' first base coach a couple of seasons ago.

Long live Mookie!
2004-11-01 07:29:55 PM  
The prestige of these managers is consistently dropping:

Buck Showalter
Bob Brenly
Al Pedrique
Wally Backman

All we need now is to give a managerial job to Rob Dibble and the path to doom is complete.

/re-hire Sexson for the LOVE.... OF GOD!!!
//and get some farking starting pitching
2004-11-01 07:36:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/disheartened NL East baseball troll
2004-11-01 07:41:23 PM  
Sonic Death Monkey
2004-11-01 07:56:47 PM  
Tim Teufel was unavailable for comment.
2004-11-01 08:14:58 PM  
Jebus I haven't heard that name since I traded two pages of Oakland A's players for one of his cards.

/ was in 7th grade then
/ regularly got ripped off by guys in my neighborhood
2004-11-01 08:47:29 PM  
Brilliant headline!
2004-11-01 09:28:20 PM  
He was the coach for the Single A Lancaster Jethawks.


[image from too old to be available]
2004-11-01 10:34:12 PM  
Good hire. First thing Wally needs to do is punch Matt Kata and Scott Hairston in their pretty little mouths and teach them how to play second base.
2004-11-01 11:57:22 PM  
Dig that 1986 World Series ring...
2004-11-02 03:26:47 AM  
Howard Johnson was the hitting coach for the 2004 Binghamton Mets (AA)
2004-11-02 04:58:15 AM  
Holy shiat! I worked with him.

Boy can he throw tantrums. He coached our independent league team when we still had them here in SW Washington. My fav story...

He'd been upset with the umpires calls all series. I'm watching the game with an obviously very conservate family in front of me. SECOND BATTER there's a called strike three, Wally comes out, "WHAT THE f*$##$, YOU $%*$ ARE FULL OF $($ WHAT THE %$(#$ ARE YOU $(%$ ($%$ #$)(#'S LOOKING AT? #$%(*$, $#(58 #$%()." Family got up, and left in the top of the bottom of the first.

You Diamondback fans are in for an entertaining season.
2004-11-02 10:53:53 AM  
Wally Backman SUCKS! The only player allowed to run through the dugout to get to first on a bunt single.

/Astros '86 Forever!
2004-11-02 03:11:43 PM  
"I'll bust that little redneck in the face." -Daryl Strawberry
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