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(Billings Gazette)   Rapper defends flashy jewelry by saying God "don't have no problem with you blinging"   ( divider line
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13051 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Oct 2004 at 7:12 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-31 10:43:48 AM  
wow, im really hoping all those quotes were just taken way out of context, or that guy is like one of the biggest idiots of all time. what the fark is "can i get a dime off a dollar"?
2004-10-31 10:44:09 AM  
God's heavenly abode proves that he's the real king of bling, Ma$e added.

"His gates are pearly, his house is about 10 stadiums big, the streets are gold - you do the budget on that kind of place," said Ma$e, 26.

Hail, Mammon, hail!
2004-10-31 10:52:52 AM  
Ma$e is a retarded idiot. I've known that for years. So obviously God has no problem with retarded idiots either.
2004-10-31 10:57:43 AM  
I assume "can i get a dime off a dollar" refers to tithing, a tenth of your income given to the church. But, whadda I know, I don't sport "bling" OR go to church. I am wicked.
2004-10-31 11:44:48 AM  
Here is some rap from Jesus about wealth:

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.
But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!
No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.

Have fun, and don't forget to render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's.
2004-10-31 12:23:03 PM  
oh great, another step back here at fark for us hip-hop heads. nice!
2004-10-31 12:30:42 PM  
Do angels rap as well as sing
About the worthlessness of bling?
I'd bet that God is unimpressed
By what we own or how we're dressed
After all this M class globe
Is but one sequin on His robe

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-31 01:08:05 PM  
consult the book of rap....

1 And seeing the multitudes, he went up onto the stage: and when he was set, his homies came unto him
2 And he opened his mouth, and began, rapping
3 Blessed are the hoes, for theirs is the bootay
4 Blessed are they that ryde, for they shall inherit the kingdom of DMX
5 Blessed are the gangstas, for they shall take no shiat
6 Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for weed, for they shall be fulfilled
7 You are the light of MTV, for a ghetto that is built on TV cannot be hid
8 Neither shall men put on your CD, and turn the volume down, but crank that biatch as loud as they can; and it giveth thy rap unto a six-block radius
9 Let your rap so blare before men, that they may see your bling, and glorify your father 2Pac who is in heaven
10 For I say unto you, that except your bling shall exceed the bling of P-Diddy and Ludakris, ye shall in no case enter the recording studios of Hollywood
11 I say unto you, whosoever is angry with his homie without a cause shall be in danger of getting a cap in his ass
12 Therefore if thou bring thy bling to the stage, be first reconciled to thy brother, and then bring thy noise to the multitudes
13 And ye have heard an eye for an eye, a Notorious for a 2Pac
14 But I say to you, that ye not resist the driveby; but whosoever shall kick the right ass cheek, turneth to him the other ass cheek as well
15 And if any man (or thy mother) shall sue thee, and take away thy bling, let him have thy diamond-studded limo as well
16 And whosoever shall compel thee to release an album, release another one as well
17 For if ye love only thy homies, what reward have thee?
18 Be ye therefore perfect, as 2Pac in heaven is perfect

2004-10-31 01:27:20 PM  
m0llusk: This calls for a little GOLDEN CALF action!

[image from too old to be available]

Ahh, that's better, isn't it? Ma$e?
2004-10-31 02:36:08 PM  
That whole last paragraph in the article is completely insane. Crack must really burn tons of brain cells. What a nuggethead.
2004-10-31 04:29:39 PM  
Not to evoke antiquated racial epithets or anything, but the current mantra regarding mainstream hip-hop's objects of desire seem remarkably similar to those of raccoons: shiny objects. Platinum, rims, teeth, etc. Then there's the whole Kristal factor, in which things become status symbols merely out of how expensive they are, regardless of the fact they couldn't tell the difference between fine champaigne and Cook's. Oh well, hopefully this trend will collapse on itself soon, when the record companies want their money back.
Just sayin'.
2004-10-31 04:32:45 PM  
It's Ludacris, not Ludakris.

Although in an interesting side note, on Ludacris' first song on a mainstream album, he went by the name Ludachris.
2004-10-31 06:18:15 PM  
I remember seeing tv footage of P-Diddy preparing for one of his fashion shows. There was a shot of one of his yesmen at stageside with a glass of wine in his hand. I attempt quote:

"Yeah, dis dat pinot grigio for dat discerning n----."

So, if yall n----s want to be discerning, be sure to pick up a bottle of pinot grigio. It's got real class. Ooh, get a Bentley, too.
2004-10-31 06:48:36 PM  
Mase made great club songs
2004-10-31 07:18:14 PM  
What a freaking moron. This guy IS going to Hell, assuming it does exist
2004-10-31 07:20:23 PM  
"God don't have no problem with you being rich, as long as he can get a dime off a dollar. Any dude you get rich and he can't get you a dime off a dollar, that's a stingy dude," said Ma$e. "If I get you rich, and you can't give me a dime off the dollar I gave you, I wouldn't fool with you."

Word. Now that's philosophy. I'm putting that on my cubicle.

2004-10-31 07:22:01 PM  
God don't have no problem with you blinging? Well, everybody else does, asshat. Fark you. If you've got that much excess money, give to charity or something. Just don't insist we recognize how wealthy you are.
2004-10-31 07:24:52 PM  
God only has a problem with WOMEN blinging:

"In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array" -I Tim 2:9
2004-10-31 07:25:29 PM  
Just once again proving that money cannot buy class.
2004-10-31 07:26:04 PM  
what the fark is "can i get a dime off a dollar"?


anywayz, mase has skills and coulda been awesome, but puff daddy got a hold of him and turned him into a caricature. he quit rapping to "find god" after his boy biggie and tupac got killed. he figured he might be next.

he used to be down with Big L, which in and of itself absolves him of all other sins, past and present, and that's another reason it doesn't really surprise me he's worried about being shot.
2004-10-31 07:26:22 PM  
The rapper is wrong, but no moreso than the typical Christian, who is quite personal wealth focused.
2004-10-31 07:26:25 PM  
We had the same problem ten years or so ago, but now the "kids" are all in jail, or have turned over a new leaf and are productive citizens.

I, for one, am very hep and down with wrap music.
2004-10-31 07:27:45 PM  
all them rappers and homeys in Billings must be awestruck to read the holiness of one who practices their "art?"

/go nuttin' yo.
2004-10-31 07:29:09 PM  
"Ma$e retired from rap in 1999 to follow a religious calling, but returned to hip-hop this summer with the album "Welcome Back," which is free of the cursing, drug references and womanizing that peppered his earlier work. Ma$e continues to preach in the Atlanta area."

Translation: Ma$e's solo career bombed in 1999, and after five years he came back to make some money so he could move out of his parents' basement in Atlanta.

This guy is so dumb that he would probably buy a brimstone ring.
2004-10-31 07:29:09 PM  
I am now more stupider from reading those quotes.

I'm going to try to pound the stupid out on my driveway.

Excuse me.
2004-10-31 07:29:34 PM  
to quote one of my favorite rappers, Vinnie Paz -
"If you serve God for money then you serve the devil."
2004-10-31 07:30:32 PM  
there is no god. quit it with this foolishness.
mase is retarded.
2004-10-31 07:30:45 PM  
Ma$e is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Listen to his song "Jealous Guy" and you'll know what I mean.
2004-10-31 07:31:03 PM  
actually, Mase was continually platinum and sold tons of singles as well.

he has tons of loot.

--i checked on this when i heard of his return (cuz it seemed suspicious tome too)
2004-10-31 07:33:54 PM  
in other news...

babblefish surrenders.

2004-10-31 07:37:40 PM  
before too many more people insult hip-hop in general:

We, hip-hop heads, don't like Mase either. He is a fake little shiat who decided to use religion to make more money. I'm not Christian but it's a damn shame how he just completely abused that entire religion.

Mase should is a tiny fraction of hip-hop, just like Fred Durst is a fraction of rock and roll. Please don't take what Mase says as speaking for all rappers.
2004-10-31 07:38:23 PM  
datdamonfoo, that wasn't interesting at all
2004-10-31 07:43:09 PM  
So I was on a roadtrip with a friend who likes rap a while back and he put in one of 2Pac's CD's. I noticed that we'd be listening to one song talking about how black people need to embrace each other and lift themselves out of poverty, and then it'd switch over to the next song where he'd be yelling about putting a cap in the a$$ of some damn fool n---er.
In conclusion, modern music sucks.
2004-10-31 07:43:33 PM  
Deamnnnn! Where be this fool's rappin' church? I be in ATL and got to get my religion on!

/sorry if I offended any true fans of Ma$e (do we have to use a dollar sign? is that like a Prince thing?), I did my best with the hep cat lingo.
2004-10-31 07:43:51 PM  
Ma$e "...obviously hasn't watched Mel Gibson's the Passion. If he did he wouldn't know that the Jews are to blame for killing Jesus." - Eric Cartman
2004-10-31 07:44:46 PM  
DazedCouple ur correct he is speaking of tithing. One should give back 10 percent of his earnings! I liked Ma$e b4 he wnet to God,now him rapping seems a bit awkward...
oh well one day he'll have to face the "music".
2004-10-31 07:46:22 PM  
Yes Indeed....

forget the whole passion on vanity as well

Mase, Your a farking Moron....thank you thank you
2004-10-31 07:47:37 PM  
Mase is a moronic dinosaur. Hip Hop needs some major innovations, fast. Frankly they are starting to remind me of the way the hair bands behaved in the late 80's: "Look at us, we rule the charts and are completely invincible, and nothing will ever change!" Then the Grunge thing comes along, and BOOM, C.C. DeVille works at Home Depot. The Roots and Outkast are great, but most of what I see is the same stuff Dre and Snoop were doing in 93 in a new package, or stuff that Jay Z did in 98. Tick tock, tick tock Mase, you untalented Farkwad.
2004-10-31 07:47:48 PM  
Ma$e? WTF is Ma$e? How the fark do you pronounce that? Mace? Madollarayse? Maydollarsignayce?
2004-10-31 07:50:03 PM  
funny. you get a really good idea of who the old, white, hick men are when a hiphop related thread gets posted. thats how I picture many of them, anyway (usually wearing plaid button up shirts with suspenders and wrangler jeans too).
2004-10-31 07:51:14 PM  
i think this comments thread clearly shows the type of people who have come to saturate fark: asshats.

i'm not familiar with mase's work, but it's clear to me that many of the people who also aren't familiar with it are making assumptions about this guy based on the fact that he is a rapper (or black?)...

anyway, he obviously believes that the source of his riches is the christian god, and is apparently thankful and wants to give back to the institution that he feels has enriched his life.

by the way, if you can't figure out what "a dime off a dollar" means, then maybe you're the moron.
2004-10-31 07:58:52 PM  
oh great, another step back here at fark for us hip-hop heads. nice!

Don't worry, we metalheads have it just as bad, if not worse, every time an article about a Mayhem or Gorgoroth concert is posted...
2004-10-31 08:07:16 PM  
SmokeBreak: I was basing my assumptions on his apparent lack of the ability to speak English, and the complete lack of class that is usually apparent in having to show the bling.

But, I could be wrong on him. Maybe when not in front of the public he speaks the Queen's English and has taste. Hence the "Ma$e" thing is just a public persona to sucker money from the masses.

But I doubt it.
2004-10-31 08:11:39 PM  
Well, I'm no churchyologist, but it seems that vanity, or pride fits the Ma$e man just fine. "An excessive belief in one's own abilities" yeah that's the one. Fifth deadly sin and punishable by... being broken on "The wheel", whatever that is.

Oh well, keep blingin' homeboy, God ain't no playa hatin' biatch!
2004-10-31 08:17:57 PM  
"God don't have no problem with you being rich, as long as he can get a dime off a dollar. Any dude you get rich and he can't get you a dime off a dollar, that's a stingy dude," said Ma$e. "If I get you rich, and you can't give me a dime off the dollar I gave you, I wouldn't fool with you."

So is that his way of saying he's at the same time to the left and to the right? He should quit music and become a professional spin doctor.

By the way, his precious bible specifically said that you need to rid yourself of earthly possessions to enter paradise and be one with God or some crap.
2004-10-31 08:18:28 PM  
isn't Mase that lisping, slurring idiot who used to do Puff Daddy videos? You know, the one no one can understand because he can't speak (minus the slang....he just can't talk right)?

I don't really have a point, I'm just trying to sort out which annoying rapper we're talking about.
2004-10-31 08:20:07 PM  
Some indepth investigative reporting from that cultural mecca of Hip Hop journalism, the Billings Gazette.
2004-10-31 08:27:05 PM  
2004-10-31 07:50:03 PM Download-This

Yep. The same people who think the ebonics parody gets funnier every time. I'd really like to know if anyone bashing rap knows anything about it or just hears a few songs on the radio and (correctly) pronounces them shiatty. Seriously, people, we don't like the top 40 stuff any more than you do.
2004-10-31 08:27:33 PM  
Black people who make some money and get uppity sure are annoying! Don't forget whose country this is! what some of you are saying.

However, as a hip hop fan, I don't care for this guy at all anyway. But so what if he's rich and religious. He's not the first one.
2004-10-31 08:30:49 PM  
Pardon me while I try to get a camel through the eye of a needle.
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