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(Carib PR Wire)   Cuba offering six years of medical school free -- including tuition, room and board, books and spending money -- to American students. Cigars still can't come home with you   ( divider line
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2004-10-29 02:30:33 PM  
That's because they're widely regarded to have one of the best health care systems in the world.
2004-10-29 05:11:55 PM  
Not possible, pmegan. If it's not American, it's obviously inferior. *scoff*... idiot.
2004-10-29 05:45:37 PM  
Although a college degree is not required, one year of college level science courses is required. MCAT exams are not required as a prerequisite for inclusion in the program

Interesting...How many hospitals will hire someone without a college degree, even if they graduated from med school?
2004-10-29 06:50:45 PM  
Quick. Somebody copy and paste some Jose Marti poetry in this thread!
2004-10-29 06:50:50 PM  
Cuba has one of the best and most-advanced medical systems in the world. I heard they're years ahead of us in the search for an AIDS cure. Too bad the U.S. wants nothing to do with Cuba.

Also, I'd take them up on their offer if I was in med school.
2004-10-29 06:51:31 PM  
Hi everybody!

/Dr. Nick simpsons impression *OFF*
2004-10-29 06:52:47 PM  
fark history, sign me up!

Vive Cuba!
2004-10-29 06:53:01 PM  
bargirl24 probably quite a few, Cuba is supposed to have one of the best medical infrastructures in the world. And there are plenty of doctors through out the country who got their medical degree from even less wholesome places with weaker requirements.
2004-10-29 06:53:54 PM  
We need the Dr. Nick pic....STAT!!
2004-10-29 06:54:17 PM  
If you have a made-in-Cuba medical degree, can you practice in the U.S. without taking any supplementary tests in the States? Or can you practice in any country that's not Cuba? Not flamin'.... just don't know how that works. I know young doctors trained up here in Canada can, and do, head south just as soon as they can... regardless of how much of their medical school Canadian taxpayers pay for. But I'm not sure if that's just a U.S.-Canada thing, or if it's a medical degrees are good anywhere thing.
2004-10-29 06:56:20 PM  
It's a public relations stunt for Fidel to spread the word on what a wonderful commie utopia he's created.

I don't have time to outline here why the "wonderful-healthcare-why-can't-we-do-that-here" idea is wrongheaded. Y'all will have to do that thinking yourself, but consider this: at what cost has Cuba created this system? Does it really cover _everyone_ in Cuba? Where does the technological R&D originate that makes modern healthcare possible? (hint: it's not Cuba)
2004-10-29 06:56:39 PM  
The internet is making it harder and harder the for American Elite to maintain the illusion that America is the best country in the world for the average working class person. Not that Cuba is better than the USA for the average person, at least not yet....
2004-10-29 06:56:46 PM  
Let me quess, Castro is buying up malpractice insurance companies. He'll soon be more rich than Gates.
2004-10-29 06:57:11 PM  
"One other important criteria, participants must be willing to commit to lifetime service in medically underserved communities, said the African American pastor."

And what happens if you change your mind?
2004-10-29 06:59:46 PM  
If you have a made-in-Cuba medical degree, can you practice in the U.S. without taking any supplementary tests in the States? Or can you practice in any country that's not Cuba?

It depends on the country you're in. The United States requires that anyone practicing medicine have a medical license. Some schools degrees worldwide are considered acceptable for the purposes of granting the license and some are not. I don't know if a Cuban medical school would be considered acceptable by the licensing board here in the US.
2004-10-29 07:00:14 PM  
Wasn't there a bad Steve Guttenberg movie made about this?

/as opposed to a "good" Steve Guttenberg movie.
2004-10-29 07:00:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


I went to Havana upstairs medical school.
2004-10-29 07:00:52 PM  
At what cost? Probably a lot of money. And yes, the average Cuban is very poor, and doesn't have a very good standard of life. Pretty much the same in other Caribbean countries where people are poor. Except for without the decent healthcare.

Access for everyone? Moreso than in the United States. But just like the book says, all animals may be created equal, but some are created more equal than others.

R&D? A lot comes out of the States, a fair bit comes out of Europe, and by all accounts that I've read, Cuba produces an INSANE amount of medical research and development for a country of its size and economic status. If the U.S., or Canada, or the UK, or Germany, or France, or (insert about thirty other countries here) were able to keep up with it in that regard, on a doctor-for-doctor basis, this world would be... well... way more over-populated than it already is. ;-)

But at least we'd be healthy in our 2.5 inches of personal space.
2004-10-29 07:02:39 PM  
I, for one, welcome our new medically trained communist overlords.
2004-10-29 07:03:10 PM  
GlobalThermonuclearWar But I'm not sure if that's just a U.S.-Canada thing, or if it's a medical degrees are good anywhere thing.

Any degree is good where ever you got it from to where ever you go. I had a guy with an masters in EE that he got from some sub saharan african country beat me out for a promotion a couple weeks back. So yeah where ever the piece of paper is from it works where ever.
2004-10-29 07:03:20 PM  
You need supplementary tests in many US states to get a license to practice in the US, if your M.D. is from a foreign country. There are certain bilateral exemptions (California/Canada), but very few.

May improve US health care, not that impressed with what I've seen so far... both in terms of accessibility and professionalism.

/got HMO
2004-10-29 07:04:38 PM  
They leave because we (well, our government) treats our doctors like shiate. shiate pay, shiate system, too many patients to one doctor (580, I heard). Ontario needs 1000 new docs, at least - mostly in rural parts, like up north in areas like mine where there are hundreds of little villages and towns and the nearest doctor or specialist may only practice in the city (mostly Toronto), which can be more than three hours away at times.
2004-10-29 07:06:12 PM  
You only have to have a 2 year degree in the states to attend some us schools. for example.......Harvard. Some of the best physicians have extremely diverse backgrounds and levels of experience.
2004-10-29 07:11:14 PM  


Note the difference between *degree* and *license to practice*.

Any degree is good where ever you got it from to where ever you go.

False. This is subject to bilateral agreements between national academic boards. A degree from a non-accredited institute in the US is not recognized as such in the US, and not most other countries. The converse applies.

The international recognition of academic institutions comes from joint boards. Yes, even subsaharan countries can have good EE training, same as north of the Dixie Line staes can have bad EE training.

Regardless, even if a person earns a recognized MD, they still need to qualify to practice. This includes exams and interships (where they practice under supervision, at least in theory).
2004-10-29 07:14:41 PM  
Read it as Cubs, thought wow they really want to win a world series.
2004-10-29 07:15:05 PM  
Actually, I think you can bring cigars with you each time that you come home. Something like a couple boxes each time. Nothing huge, but might make you a little spending money.
2004-10-29 07:15:40 PM  

Steve Guttenbergs' first film (and Phil Silvers'last), was the 1977 "Chicken Chronicles". A "B" movie worth a look.
2004-10-29 07:20:35 PM  
That's a pretty sweet offer Cuba is making. And it makes for a great counterpoint the next time I hear a med student biatching about how much it costs to get an education in medicine.
2004-10-29 07:23:41 PM  
What makes Cuban healthcare so good? Just want to know...
2004-10-29 07:24:41 PM  
site is farked man, nobody home.
2004-10-29 07:26:43 PM  

My wife's father is Cuban, and they return to Cuba once every couple of years to visit the remaining family. And every time they return, they bring back an allowed amount of 1 box o' cigars.

Except for last year, when they filled a suitcase with them. INS checked the first suitcase, full of clothes, and never bothered with the second...
2004-10-29 07:28:39 PM  
To get a license in the US a foreign medical grad has to pass an exam and attend an approved internship/residency program in the US (Canada grads don't and I don't think grads from England do either). Lots of foreign med grads have already completed residency in their home countries, so they are double trained in some cases. Foreign med school grads can also go straight into internship/residency programs in the US if they are qualified and come from good schools.

Don't know how a grad from Cuba would be handled, but they would have to do a residency in the US before they could get a license.
2004-10-29 07:28:49 PM  
It's interesting that so many of the responders here are just taking it for granted that Cuba actually has an advanced medical system. Do they? Advanced... by what standard?

Remember, they're a Communist dictatorship. The first thing that means, for outsiders, is that any and all official pronouncements from their government can not be believed. Communism as a philosophy is based on deception, starting with the self-deception necessary for a person to believe in Communism.

So far I haven't seen anything posted here, or anywhere, to suggest that there is any reason whatsoever to believe that Cuba has anything to offer. Shouldn't that be the first step before getting into other arguments?
2004-10-29 07:31:22 PM  
So when is the next gigantic floating island of inner tubes floating to Cuba full of poor oppressed Americans?

Yeah, Cuba has a great health-care system if you happen to be a tourist, a member of the Communist Party, or an officer in the military. Otherwise it's all a bunch of bullshiat propaganda that anti-globalist choads eat up like organic soy food.
2004-10-29 07:33:01 PM  
Cuba offering six years of medical school free -- including tuition, room and board, books and spending money -- to American students.

They forgot to mention the fact that that you never get to leave Cuba after it's over.

2004-10-29 07:33:32 PM  
Too bad Cuba wasn't bought by America back in the 1850's. It would probably be like Hawaii now
2004-10-29 07:36:23 PM  
Well yeah...The article also forgot to mention that 5-10 citizens get to starve and die because you get to go to med school in Cuba.
2004-10-29 07:43:48 PM  
If the US didn't have ridiculous barriers in place to prevent not only US citizens, but other nations, from trading with Cuba, it could quite possibly be one of the nicest places on Earth to live. It has its share of poverty and senseless communist-style beauracracy, but education, healthcare, law enforcement, and other social services are top notch. If Cuba were allowed to participate openly in the international marketplace, its major problems would disappear within just a few years.
2004-10-29 07:44:11 PM  
How do all you rightwing bots denigrating the state of Cuban medicine know what it really is? You are not even allowed to travel there my our governemt! You cannnot legally go there! I watched a travel show there last week, and it looked pretty damn nice. The travel guy went all over the country and I saw a lot of people enjoying their lives--there was a lot of singing and dancing and drinking going on. Not a lot of consumer goods there, but it looked to me like the people there enjoyed their lives. They sure as heck were not stressed out screaming at each on the freeway. And there were lots of old geezers hanging around, so they sure have some sort of way to keep people around.

Yes, I agree that the cuban medical system is probably overrated by the cuban propaganda system--but so is OUR American medical system. I have done some research into comparing medical healthcare in different countries, and from my perspective, western european haelthcare beats our healthcare all to heck.

You seem to think the propaganda is all onesided. People, we Americans are HIGHLY propagandized.
2004-10-29 07:46:00 PM  

Cuba ranks higher than the US in the WHO annual report. So the ranking is based not on Cuban statements, but on the assessment of a 3rd party.

Granted, that asessment is based both on accessibility to health care (# of hospital beds, number of practitioners per pop,, drug costs, care costs etc), and on prefessionalism (morbidity & mortalily, infant death ratio, life expectancy, etc.)

The US ranks high on most professional scales (infant death is still high for an industrialized country), but low on most accessibility points (40,000,000 Americans without medical insurance).
2004-10-29 07:48:51 PM  
God Damnit. It would be so awesome if all you people praising Cuba had to go live there. It would make a great reality show. Like Survivor, except the participants are only idealogically retarded.
2004-10-29 07:49:02 PM  

Cuba used to be a US possession. We granted their independence. Uh....
2004-10-29 07:51:56 PM  

Your political statement, of the superiority of the Cuban health care system, is based on a travelogue?

2004-10-29 07:57:03 PM  
What a bunch of retards. Basically the Cuba is broke. After 35 years of 3x market price subsidies on sugar from the CCCP dried up the entire country went broke.

Castro routinely imprisons teachers, writers and intellectuals.

You can't buy a car or a household appliance there ergo the 'quaint' 50's era American steel.

There medical system is crap, oh I'm sure they give out free vaccinations and have all sorts of preventive care but heart surgery? AIDS or cancer treatments? High tech CAT scans...

Gee you idiots have spent too much time in a Howard Zinn People's History 101 class. You are painfully stupid and ill informed.
2004-10-29 08:00:46 PM  
doesn't Cuba front-load their medical system towards neonatal care at the expense of elderly care?
2004-10-29 08:03:45 PM  

I've already had experience with foreign trained doctors. Either they have an attitude where they think they're gods (especially those from India, where they are in the elite of society) or they don't have the training US doctors have.

Some treat mainly poor patients and poke them in the hospital for any reason and delay their stay so they can charge $50 + for walking past their rooms and nodding to them.

British medical personnel, from nurses to doctors have an attitude problem. While not argumentative, they have a cut and dried way of treating a person. Basically 'do as I say and no discussion' type of thing.

As for Cuba having 'one of the most advanced and best medical systems in the world' I think not. Just drop in on Miami, Florida for a bit and see for yourself. (It's 90% Cuban now.) They might have a more affordable one, because they don't have patients suing for millions every time the Doctor farts wrong or lawyers encouraging patients to sue and then throwing a list of possibilities on the TV screens.

If Cuba was all that good, we still wouldn't be getting hundreds of refugees from there every month. (Especially on nights with no moon. Makes it harder to spot them.)
2004-10-29 08:06:09 PM  
I agree with Elvis Nixon.
2004-10-29 08:06:21 PM  
education and intelligence aren't the problem in cuba, its the access to medicinces and modern technologies they have problems with AND GUESS WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT
2004-10-29 08:08:24 PM  
Cuba ranks higher than the US in the WHO annual report.

Isn't the WHO an arm of the UN? So basically, the same organization that put Iraq on the Disarmament committee and Sudan (land of slavery) on the Human farking rights committee puts Cuba high on the list of countries with great healthcare. Great.

The truth is, Cuba is a communist country. Websites like Fark are illegal in Cuba. It is illegal to question the government or say anything bad about Fidel Castro. I mean, people in political flamewars around here like to put up funny photoshop posters for the homeland security department with slogans like, "Don't question the government." Ha Ha. That's really funny. It's not true though. We can come to fark and say whatever the hell we want. We can talk bad about the Bush admin if we want to. As a side effect of that, we can also tell the truth. Cuba on the other hand is the real deal. You cannot tell the truth if telling the truth means talking bad about the government. So why should you believe anything they say? Why is it so hard to understand that the WHO people were shown hospitals that only cater to the political elite?

I know how liberals must feel when Bush does something stupid and conservatives defend him. That's how I feel when liberals believe the lies of dictators.
2004-10-29 08:16:33 PM  

Amen to that. It's funny how some people aren't quite grounded in reality, or only care to see what they want. "Oh, but it's the US's fault things are that way!" Maybe, maybe not, when you're talking about technology, economy, etc. But Castro's oppressive government? Yeah right. And I don't care about how we supported Castro back then, so don't bother bringing that up.
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