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18741 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Oct 2004 at 7:00 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-10-28 07:31:28 PM  
"See You In 2090"

Will it take the Yanks that long to get over the worst choke in professional sports history?

2004-10-28 07:34:38 PM  
If anyone deserves a curse now it's the A-1 Evil Empire of professional sports, the NY Yankees. That moon thing has to count for something. Imagine if Arafat, Castro and Steinbrenner all bought it in the same year?
2004-10-28 07:38:49 PM  
The "curse" lasted 86 years. How long will the choke of 04 last? People may still be talking about it a hundred years from now. The Yankees are the antichrist and baseball needs a salary cap.
2004-10-28 07:39:05 PM  
That's sad. I hate the Red Sox, but the NY needs to take their ass-whuppin' like men.
2004-10-28 07:39:25 PM  
sounds like some sour grapes to me.
2004-10-28 07:41:22 PM​all.gif

[image from too old to be available]

- Marlowe -
2004-10-28 07:41:22 PM  
I dont hate the yankees anymore than i hate the minnesota twins. But I agree there should be some kind of salary cap. Not some bullshiat luxury tax addition. It ruins the game. It robs the fans of finding out who the real good managers are. If you can just buy anthing you want, you dont really prove you know the game. Of course the choke of "04 is the perfect refutation of my argument....
2004-10-28 07:42:29 PM  
The only game that EVER counts is the next one. Period.

Maybe that was the problem with the Yankees in the ALCS, they were thinking that 26 World Series wins was somehow a factor in those games.
2004-10-28 07:46:54 PM  
If history repeats, wouldn't the Red Sox win 4 more championships, then we wait the 87 more years?
2004-10-28 07:49:15 PM  
goddamn this is exactly why i said winning would be the worst thing that ever happened to boston. boston fans dont know how to act when their team wins.

no good can come from this.
2004-10-28 07:51:07 PM  
so folowing your logic talking baseball any team that wins the world series bought their championship? Look at the Marlins, angels....OR is it just bitter grapes? Noo ne will argue that the sox spent money, but then so did the did the cards, and the astros. Would you be saying that if the cardinals had won the world series? I doubt it. Money says the words out of your mouth would have to do with that idiotic curse. Nice prediction btw.
2004-10-28 07:52:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-28 07:56:16 PM  
The only thing more tiresome than Yankee bravado is the Red Sox whining. The misery of living in a town with champions in the NFL, NHL and NBA...oh the horror.

Last time I checked, the Bruins haven't won a Stanley Cup in over 30 years. The Celtics haven't won since the 80's.

/straightens facts
2004-10-28 07:57:00 PM  


Watching the games on TV and scowering Baseball message boards I heard a lot about payroll and economics. Every time a Red Sox fan mentioned the Yankees unbelievable payroll, Yankee fans would counter that the Red Sox had the second highest payroll. While this is technically true. It's almost like saying that in a room occupied by myself and Bill Gates I am the second wealthiest man in the room.
The difference between the Sox and Yankees payrolls is 56.7 million dollars. Just to put that in some sort of perspective, The difference between the payrolls of the Sox and Yankees is greater than the per capita GDP of the United States and Germany. Now I'm not a betting man, but if I was wagering on a war between the United States and Germany, I think I'd put my money on Uncle Sam.
For 56.7 million dollars the Sox could have signed the entire roster of another playoff team, the Minnesota Twins. Wouldn't it have been nice to have Johan Santana come in to start game 3 of the ALCS? Also for that kind of money they could have signed the entire Texas Rangers team (post-A-Rod). or they could have cloned Barry Bonds TWICE and had him play all three outfield positions and still have enough money left over to buy every man, woman and child in Chicago, Illinois a dollar shot.
For 56.7 million dollars the Red Sox could have ordered a 1.62 million year membership to the Jose Canseco website or they could have bought 53,090 51 inch HDTV's. Or they could have made 2,836,418 kids very happy with their very own Potty Elmos.
So what is it about these Sox that makes them competitive despite the disparity in payrolls? Perhaps it's something that can't be equated in dollars and can not be broken down by sabermetrics or analyzed by the Billy Beanes of the world-That thing may be heart. How much is Jason Varitek's leadership worth? Or Curt Schilling's heart? While the Yankees have spent and spent on the likes of the Balco Brothers Giambi and Sheffeild, the Sox have put their money into Shilling, Foulke, Reese, Bellhorn and David Ortiz.
In this world of the haves and have-nots where Bono and Gwinneth Paltrow's husband travel the globe in support of free trade, where the Yankees represent everything that is evil about American decadence, how have the Sox, seemingly, become America's team? Is it true that we use sports not as a mirror of society but as an idealistic picture of it? Is this why we expect so much from our athletes? Is this why we're so appalled when one of them runs afoul of the law?
So watching this year's ALCS I was astounded by the thrilling comeback the Sox pulled off. Against any other team, this would have been a story-sure. But this was the Yankees. This was the ultimate haves vs have-nots. Not just the money. But the championships, the bragging rights everything. Watching the Sox win was like watching the baseball gods smile on virtue and shun greed and arrogance. When George Steinbrenner said after signing A-Rod that he cared more about his fans than the Red Sox brain trust cared about us, he seemed to have a point. But now, losing to the Sox in an unbelievably heinous manner, those words exemplify everything wrong about the Yankees. And their fans, those arrogant "1918" jibing fans now have to wonder, what if all the money in the world can't buy their Yankees heart? How much does heart cost 200 million-300 million. As long as the YES network exists and George Steinbrenner breathes, the Yankees will continue to try to find out.
2004-10-28 07:57:31 PM  
If there's one thing i've learned from this thread, it's that Yankee fans are sore losers. So quit yer biatchin and better luck next year.

After 86 years I think the Red Sox are entitled to make a little noise.
2004-10-28 07:57:55 PM  
2004-10-28 07:46:54 PM raccoon2k

If history repeats, wouldn't the Red Sox win 4 more championships, then we wait the 87 more years?

See 2004-10-28 07:13:55 PM dgc360
2004-10-28 07:58:18 PM  
anything from New York is like school on saturday.... class.....................
2004-10-28 07:59:37 PM  
HAHAHA! Thats still the funniest thing I've seen in quite a while.

2090 Indeed.
(300 million payroll and still rising...) :p

/Redsox fan from CT. You get a think skin REAL quick around here. 1/2 state is NY fans, 1/2 BoSox fans and Misc. others tossed in.
2004-10-28 08:00:14 PM  
I watched Games 3 & 4 with my friend from Boston.We are very good friends except when it comes to baseball two seconds after Boston won he was sticking it to me.

Red Sox fans are/were obsessed about hating everything to do with the Yankees.
2004-10-28 08:00:57 PM  
I can now forgive the Cincinnati reds for beating up the Redsox in 75.
I can now forgive Billy Buckner for a passed ball in 86.
I will never forgive what the NYY have done to baseball!
2004-10-28 08:07:04 PM  

I can now forgive the Cincinnati reds for beating up the Redsox in 75.
I can now forgive Billy Buckner for a passed ball in 86.
I will never forgive what the NYY have done to baseball!

Holding a grudge that long says something about your mental state.
2004-10-28 08:07:07 PM  
Don't give me this god damn bullshiat about Red Sox chanting Yankee's suck, because Yankees did the SAME DAMN THING! I don't remember which game it was, but one of the last one's in the Division playoff series. They did it for a few good minutes too, and they don't have a reason to hope the Sox lose.
2004-10-28 08:07:43 PM  
Complete the analogy:

Basketball :: L.A. Lakers : Baseball :: ???

The answer is Yankees... looks like you can't always win by just buying the best players.

Go Sox!
2004-10-28 08:08:08 PM  
Yankees fans crack me up.

The Yankees are now in the record books as the biggest choke artists in baseball history and Yankees fans still shiat on
the Sox and their fans.

I think we all know who's suffering from dick size issues (clue: it ain't New Englanders).
2004-10-28 08:10:02 PM  

2004-10-28 08:11:39 PM  
Arguing between the Red Sox and Yankees is just like arguing between Kerry and Bush. Are the Red Sox a "lesser evil" than the Yanks? Yes, but they are still evil.

Go Orioles!
Go Badnarik!

/baseball as an analogy for politics
2004-10-28 08:12:07 PM  
2090, huh? that the next time they think the Yankees will make it? Guess it sucks to be a yankee fan!
2004-10-28 08:12:18 PM  
click click money money..
just like the boobies links and the ifilm links..
2004-10-28 08:13:51 PM  
Red Sox fans are/were obsessed about hating everything to do with the Yankees.

How is this just a one-way street? Didn't Steinbrenner go apeshiat when the Sox acquired Schilling? Didn't they take satisfaction from stealing A-Rod out from under them? Don't the Yankee fans taunt Boston every chance they can, with chants of "Who's Your Daddy?" and "1918"? They had Bucky Dent throw out the first pitch in G7, just to stick it to them some more. The Yankees (and their fans) will be more miserable than ever this winter not just because they lost disastrously, but because they lost disastrously to the Red Sox. It's a great rivalry and they both hate each other.
2004-10-28 08:16:57 PM  
If anyone could explain to me how it's New York's fault that there is no salary cap, I'd be glad to admit that the Yankees are hurting baseball.


Yeah. Chanting "Yankees suck" after you win the series is another example of how Boston fans are a paragon of class.

Seriously, all teams have asshole fans. Not all of a team's fans are that way, though, so try and keep your assumptions in check.


You are reading WAY too much into the whole thing. The Sox are hardly the "have-nots", there is no "America's Team", and your assumption that all Yankee fans are arrogant morons shows your inability to see things in anything other than black and white.


Many Yankee fans have congratulated the Red Sox at every turn, some haven't. Though, I don't see any Yankee fans making condescending dick jokes lately, either...
2004-10-28 08:18:50 PM  
and that picture was funny how?...

Biggest CHOKE in the history of Baseball.

Choke on that NY

2004-10-28 08:23:06 PM  
Old Curse: Curse of the Bambino
New Curse: The Curse of A-Rod

The year after A-Rod left Seattle, the Mariners won a record 116 games.

The year after A-Rod left Texas, the Rangers were contenders, only out of the race in mid-September.

The year A-Rod joins the Yankees, they commit the biggest choke in baseball history.
2004-10-28 08:27:10 PM  
Old Curse: Curse of the Bambino
New Curse: The Curse of A-Rod

The year after A-Rod left Seattle, the Mariners won a record 116 games.

The year after A-Rod left Texas, the Rangers were contenders, only out of the race in mid-September.

The year A-Rod joins the Yankees, they commit the biggest choke in baseball history.

Being a Ranger fam, you do not know how happy that made me
2004-10-28 08:27:50 PM  

The Guy that has a problem seeing things in anything but black and white (pinstripes) is your homeboy STEINBRENNER.
2004-10-28 08:28:55 PM  
Hey everyone: check out TalkingBaseball's profile. Here are some excerpts:

Playoff Predictions, Round 2: World Series
[Boston Red Sox] will lose to [St. Louis Cardinals]
Is 2004 'the year' for the Red Sox?: Nope. Never. Despite what just happened. The Cardinals will win

Bitter, are we?
2004-10-28 08:29:05 PM  
bob from accounting

Don't give away your lack of knowledge about baseball. The Marlins didn't buy their championship. The Marlins had the 11th lowest payroll in baseball. I would hardly call that buying a world championship.

And fiftyfootant, the say that the Red Sox are the have-nots is just a ridiculous statement. The Red Sox are, no matter how you try to spin, the second wealthiest team among 30. It's not the same as putting you and Bill Gates in a room. The have-notes are the Pirates and the Indians and most definitely the Expos. In case you are too stupid to read, this is the THIRD farkING TIME that I've said that the Red Sox have spent their money wisely while the Yankees spent it stupidly. Read, man, it's farking good for you.

But your argument of the Red Sox being the have-nots just won't fly. Try talking to Pirates' fans. They will feel no sympathy at all for your "plight" of having "only" $125 million to throw around.
2004-10-28 08:30:11 PM  
I guess what they say is true...

Success is like a fart - you can only stand your own.

Oh yeah...Yankees and NY Daily News still suck
2004-10-28 08:30:31 PM  
Ooh Prude_Hawkeye, you got me. I wasn't rooting for the Red Sox. Ouch. Your words hurt me are moronic.
2004-10-28 08:31:48 PM  
My words? Sweetheart, you're the one who wrote em'
2004-10-28 08:33:19 PM  
Don't give me that sweetheart line. I'm not hiding my utter disgust with the Red Sox. I hate them. Always have, always will. Of course, I hate people like you more.
2004-10-28 08:34:03 PM  
Aw, poor wittle New Yorkers.

They're acting like somebody just blew up another one of their pwecious little buildings.
2004-10-28 08:35:48 PM  
Wow StevieB

You just won the award for Least Appropriate Comment ever. fark you, asshole. It's REALLY funny to make fun of the 9/11 attacks.
2004-10-28 08:37:43 PM  
P.S. Daily News...

Curses (unlike quality writing) don't take a year off.

They either continue or are broken.

If I were one of the editors at your paper, I would continue searching for that elusive quality writing you consistently fail to utilize.
2004-10-28 08:39:03 PM  
No, it's really funny to watch New Yorkers get bent out of shape.
2004-10-28 08:39:37 PM  

take a page out of your own book and "read, man. It's farking good for you."
The comparison was between the Sox and Yanks, in this case the Yankees are the haves and the Sox are the have-nots.
2004-10-28 08:42:11 PM  
Actually TalkingBaseball - suddenly I think your hatred of me has been eclipsed by our mutual hatred of StevieB

Hey StevieB, you dipshiat: 9/11 affected us ALL. I live next to a freakin' cornfield and I wept at the sights I saw on the TV.

Don't comments like that deserve bannination??
2004-10-28 08:43:39 PM  

I've only read the the posts you wrote that were directly addressed to me. I have better things to do, like remember how the Yankees pulled off the greatest choke in baseball history and how sweet it was watching my Sox win the World Series last night.

2004-10-28 08:43:53 PM  
Jango Fett

I'd like to point out that your joke was stolen from my comments an hour earlier, in the same thread:

2004-10-27 11:55:08 PM jack_schitt

Now begins the curse of A-Rod.

Yankees win in 2090.

/ not that you nor IXI Jim IXI will be back to this thread.
2004-10-28 08:44:41 PM  
Wow. Still so many bitter Yankee fans. I can't wait until April 11th of next year when the Red Sox raise their 'World Champions' banner with the Yankees standing on the field.

I figure by then I'll need some new computer wallpaper. This will be a bit old:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-10-28 08:45:02 PM  
Boston - You are acting like a bunch of Farking idiots!

As a native Bostonian who lives in NY, I find the "in your face" politics that you are so consumed with to be rediculous. Please don't take anything that the Post prints seriously, its like listening to the shiat in the Herald! Actually, most of us New Yorkers fully respect and realize that the Sox deserved the win they had this year, they outplayed the Yanks by far in the post season. The Empire would like to extend a hearty congratulations to you!!!

So shut up and quit your whining, because we really don't care all that much! And by the way, we here think that your 86 year "choke" was a little bit more severe than the one that we had this season. It happens, we were defeated, we can admit it. Just don't get used to it please.

Please learn to appreciate that a win is not an opportunity to hate the Yanks even more. We New Yorkers have more important things to do than sit there and yell shiat like "red sox suck." Learn to be a real fan, cheer for your boys, they deserve it!
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