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5135 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Feb 2002 at 11:11 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-18 11:13:47 AM  
Blah, blah, blah. Robocop 1 was the best!
2002-02-18 11:14:53 AM  
Robocop kicked ass!
2002-02-18 11:17:12 AM  
"I am the law!"

Aw, dammit.
2002-02-18 11:17:21 AM  
The moral of the story: Don't watch made-for-TV movies. ESPECIALLY NOT DINOTOPIA.
2002-02-18 11:18:36 AM  
US Empire in decline?!?! I thought we were a Republic? Oh well.. if it is, bring out the lions and christians!!!
2002-02-18 11:19:37 AM  
This human toll was acceptable to the Cold War warriors of 1962, but apparently it was not acceptable to the Kennedys. In spite of their personal ambitions, these two politicians were apparently held back by pangs of conscience - what we sometimes call principles.

BWAHAHAHAHA Kennedys and principles mentioned in the same paragraph.
2002-02-18 11:21:22 AM  
There should be a limit on how long an article can be before it gets posted...
2002-02-18 11:23:20 AM  
OH NO. It's the Dark Ages 2.0

That whole Cuban missile crisis was all kennedy's fault. He could have accepted the soviets offer to remove the cuban missiles if we removed our obsolete missiles from turkey (which is what he eventually did). But Kennedy wanted to look tough so he did the blockade thing and scared the bajebus out of everyone.
2002-02-18 11:24:04 AM  
I didn't know Solomon was American. Another thing to be proud of! ... is that a urine fetish site?
2002-02-18 11:27:47 AM  
That was the worst article ever. I am now dumber for having read it.

Daisy Cutters rule!
2002-02-18 11:27:57 AM  
Interesting article.

Probably too long and with too many concepts for our conservative friends so I will summerise:


There you go, you can all go back to sleep.
2002-02-18 11:30:03 AM  
"Ninety percent of us think that "stabilization" is a noble goal for our foreign policy. The Nazis had a grand scheme for stabilizing Europe. Some Americans of my father's generation, many of whom were motivated by principles, destabilized the Nazi concentration camps. Death, oppression, imprisonment, torture, and the endless repetition of Big Lies are the tools most commonly used by "stabilizing forces." Such forces seek to contain the status quo within blocks of concrete and rolls of razor wire."

Give me a break. Now America is being compared to Nazi Germany. I am really starting to worry about the amount of articles that tear the US to shreads posted on Fark.
2002-02-18 11:30:11 AM  
Hey Harmonia,

Still trying to change the world through better leaflet distribution?
2002-02-18 11:30:19 AM  
Hey Harmonia,

Still trying to change the world through better leaflet distribution?
2002-02-18 11:30:57 AM  
Hey Mayoboy,

Figured out how that add comment key works yet?
2002-02-18 11:31:44 AM  
Yeah, we've gone down hill. Except for the whole standard of living thing. Oh yeah, and the advances in science and medicine. Economicly, yup, better off there. Sorry, you don't like out TV shows or snack treats, that doesn't mean the US is in decline.
2002-02-18 11:33:42 AM  
U.S. Robocop (to world): "Stay... out of... trouble."
2002-02-18 11:42:23 AM  
Lower your weapons. You have twenty seconds to comply.
2002-02-18 11:44:52 AM  
Yellowtimes makes me ashamed to be a liberal. Oh wait, no, it doesn't. But it still sucks.
2002-02-18 11:47:21 AM  
In this respect, we have become the new Taliban.

This is the sentence from which this editorial piece goes downhill. It displays a profound ignorance of the nature of the Taliban regime.
2002-02-18 11:48:45 AM  

That was not an interesting article. The Cold War and the current war on terror are two totally different situations. You just can't compare them fairly.

The Cold War was a chess game based upon the idea that people didn't want to die and therefore the use of nuclear weapons was an effective deterrent. Terrorists do not fear death; therefore we can't threaten to kill them. Instead, we have to destroy the camps where they brainwash young men and turn them into American-hating suicide bombers.

The author tries to make the point that the US has lost much of its moral fortitude. That cooler heads used to prevail. I disagree with that premise - in fact, I find it laughable - because comparing the world arena in the 1960 to the one today just doesn't work.

You can't negotiate with terrorists. If we had held talks with the Taliban after the 9/11 attacks, we would have justified their actions. The USSR was wiling to negotiate with us during the Cuban missle crisis BEFORE they fired any weapons. That's why we were able to avoid WWIII in the 1960's.
2002-02-18 11:48:52 AM  
I got about three paragraphs into it and my short attention span couldn't handle any more. Needs a hook.
2002-02-18 11:49:04 AM  
Liberals hate white people, wealthy people, Americans and western culture?!?!

2002-02-18 11:50:33 AM  
we have to destroy the camps where they brainwash young men and turn them into American-hating suicide bombers.

You mean the UK?
2002-02-18 11:53:23 AM  
2002-02-18 11:53:50 AM  
Apparently, ninety percent of Americans are too busy with playground peek-a-boo games to notice any logical disconnect between a crime carried out by nineteen criminals who were mostly Saudi Arabian, and the resulting hellfire of retribution that was unleashed upon thousands of Afghan peasants living under the brutal Taliban government

Those "criminals" were either trained by or in affiliation with members of Al Qaeda, a group of mostly non-Afghanis which had chosen to locate its headquarters in Afghanistan, with the Taliban as its "puppet" government. The Taliban provided cover for Al Qaeda and carried out some of its decrees (sometimes reluctantly, e.g. the destruction of the Buddhist statues), probably in exchange for various pay-offs for top Taliban officials. Bin Laden's group was more or less in control, or could have assumed control if desired. However, they were preoccupied with their own agenda and training. Removing/dismantling Al Qaeda was the real goal of the US response, but it would have been impossible to do so without removing the Taliban (Al Qaeda's foot soldiers) at the same time.
2002-02-18 11:54:25 AM  
No, I think the small American-hating UK contingent (all 3 of them) is represented on Fark. Tony Blair stands for the UK - and he has been right next to President Bush since the attacks. Opposing terrorism and supporting The United States.
2002-02-18 11:56:28 AM  
Of course, the author, while attempting to make intelligent points, swung and missed when it came to facts. Even while the Cold War was in full swing, the Cuban Missile Crisis was not immediately preceded by the deaths of thousands of American civilians. I'm no fan of the Kennedys, but I feel pretty comfortable thinking that had anything resembling the Sept. 11 attacks happened immediately prior to the detection of the Cuban missiles that actions taken would have been much different.

The author also talks about how the US propped up Castro, funded the movement that ultimately led to the Taliban and strengthened Iraq. The author then insinuates that because mistakes were made that we need to simply quit. "Oh, we can't do anything about the Taliban, we put them into power." Poor us. What a load of crap. Mistakes were made and once they are made, you can either hide your head in the sand and pretend they didn't happen or try to fix them.

This administration isn't perfect and America isn't perfect. But I love my country and I think that all things considered, this administration is doing a pretty good job. We won't truly know how well or how poorly this administration is functioning until 5-10-15 years down the line, for better or worse. From my limited perspective right now, I think they're doing about as well as can be expected.
2002-02-18 11:56:53 AM  
labeling foreign trained killers as "terrorists" and calling American trained and financed death squads "a stabilizing force."

Largely agree, except in the first case, civilians are targeted; in the second, political figures.

Am I just wasting my time here? Probably. Kind of trying to provoke you-know-who................

(A-bomb made a bunch of good points)
2002-02-18 11:57:39 AM  
BWAHAHAHAHA Kennedys and principles mentioned in the same paragraph.

Well YellowTimes is a leftwing magazine what else did you expect them to say?
2002-02-18 11:58:05 AM  
So, let me see if I get this right. Liberals hate rich people. They hate western culture. They hate your average, non foaming at the mouth idealist liberal American.

They also think that the best course of action when faced with danger is inaction, pacifism or appeasment. Kinda the, 'if I just give everybody a hug and sacrifice my well being for the benefit of those that hate me, they will be nice to me' kinda thing?!?

2002-02-18 11:58:37 AM  
This week in the time slot that SHOULd belong to Family guy, FUX is premiering "Glutton Bowl" where 34 iof the world's bigggest eaters will come together to...ya know what? Who cares.

First Temptation Island, now Glutton Bowl. Next month will be Slothstock. You say bring on the Lions and Christians, I say FUX has been Coliseum TV for years.

In related news, the Doomsday clock nears 12....
2002-02-18 11:58:41 AM  
"Yellow" Times indeed.
2002-02-18 12:00:42 PM  
Wonder if theres any soft porn on Skinamax...
2002-02-18 12:00:43 PM  
Liberals hate white people, wealthy people, Americans and western culture?!?!

2002-02-18 12:05:11 PM  
YELLOW times. That is appropriate on so many levels...cowardice... the color of the pissing that goes along with the moaning...the color of the hammer and sickle on the communist banner...the stains in their underwear after receiving their draft notices...the color of the lines on the highway they took out of the country on the way to Canada...socialists/communists make me want to puke. Hey...puke...possibly another shade of yellow
I think I'll go raise my flag, get in my SUV drive out to woods and use my rifle to kill some dinner.
2002-02-18 12:05:37 PM  
I'd like to see George Lewandowski locked in a cage with a dozen of the guys down at Camp X-ray. Let him explain how principled they are compared to those filthy Americans. Then we can send a few marines with shovels by to get what's left when they're done...
2002-02-18 12:06:47 PM  

You are a true American hero. God bless you.
2002-02-18 12:06:50 PM  
I gotta say, this article sucked. I understand that us bombing the Taliban was a bit of a Giliath stomping David thing, but to imply that the Taliban were somehow some sort of innocents in this? They were a repressive regime who harbored a group of people who posed a massive threat to our people. Does this guy think that if we were still seeking a "diplomatic" resolution from the Taliban we would have gotten anywhere by now?
2002-02-18 12:09:27 PM  
Keep dogging the heels of the power brokers with your unauthorized thought. LOL
2002-02-18 12:13:20 PM  
the Taliban posed a massive threat to our people? please tell me you are an afghani woman, otherwise the taliban didn't do shiat to you.
2002-02-18 12:14:33 PM  
still reading...
2002-02-18 12:15:07 PM  
Hmmm... by backing an anti USA terrorist organization, thats not being a threat to US interests?
2002-02-18 12:17:39 PM  
A-bomb - It is hard to believe that you are dumber for having read anything.

It was clear that Lewandowski was commenting on moral capacity of leaders and not specific historical circumstances.

Did anyone else actually read this before commenting, or were you all trying to prove Lewandowski's point?
2002-02-18 12:18:00 PM  
Were the Afghans really better off when American tax money "stabilized" them under the Taliban regime?

Were they better off when the ultra-leftist Soviets invaded and leveled their cities?
2002-02-18 12:20:36 PM  
this guy is a wanna-be Noam Chomski without the brains and knowledge

I do like the idea of considering what would have happened if any of the last few presidents were in office durring the Cuban Missle thingy;

probably would have carpet bombed Cuba and Nuked Russia?

that would suck because I recently saw the AfroCuban Allstars play a great show. It was a religious experience. What a crime it would have been....
2002-02-18 12:20:39 PM  
So Fb, you actually read the article?

Im just glad Im not a Liberal, who could deal with your flaming wrath directed against them

2002-02-18 12:21:21 PM  
America is no longer governed by men with the conscience of the dead Kennedys

You leave Jello Biafra out of this!
2002-02-18 12:21:29 PM  
I quote from the article:

The new movers and shakers are not content to slap flag decals on their SUVs. They are dogging the heels of the world's power brokers as they crisscross the globe. These are the youngsters whom America dismisses as "activists," "extremists," "radicals," and "protestors." Without any help from us, they are demanding to be treated like real citizens of the world.

translation: Waah! We are marginalized! We hope America gets sick and dies cause it didn't accept our moral leadership! Radicalism is the way to go because unthinking passions=moral vigor.

This punk styles himself as Tacitus to a new late Rome, but he's more like Alarik the Goth. His brand of thought is a new breed of barbarism: useless pedantry, relentless moralization, self-imposed impotency. Somebody hand me a gladius.
2002-02-18 12:25:13 PM  
Of course, ninety percent of Americans have little patience for such "women's work." Our push button gladiators are already heading over the hill to cross swords with the Axis of Evil.

The US pledged a substantial amount of $ to rebuilding, but is staying out so that we can't be accused of installing our own "puppet government"? You can't have it both ways.

Also amusing to call it "women's work", considering up until a couple months ago, Afghani women weren't ALLOWED to work.
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